Dalton Watson Fine Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-85443-136-3Bernard L. KingBentley Motors: On the Road
  ''978-1-85443-137-0John ReynoldsEighty Years of Citroen in the United Kingdom from 1923 to 2003: Including the History of the Citroen Works at Slough from 1926 to 1966
  ''978-1-85443-201-8Robert DevlinPebble Beach Concours D'Elegance: The Art of the Poster
  ''978-1-85443-204-9Richard S. AdattoDelage Styling and Design: La Belle Voiture Francaise
  ''978-1-85443-208-7Lawrence DaltonRolls-Royce: The Classic Elegance
2005978-1-85443-213-1Karl LudvigsenFerrari by Mailander
2009978-1-85443-215-5Philippe DefechereuxJames Dean: From Passion for Speed to Immortality
2005978-1-85443-216-2Malcolm TuckerThe Goodwood Phantom: Dawn of a New Era.
2009978-1-85443-217-9Richard BakerRed Arrows
2009978-1-85443-218-6Gilles Fournier · David Burgess WiseAmilcar
  ''978-1-85443-219-3Daniel Cabart · Claude Rouxel · David Burgess-WiseDelage: France's Finest Car
2008978-1-85443-220-9Martin BennettRolls-Royce: The Post-war Phantoms IV, V, VI.
2006978-1-85443-221-6Richard S. Adatto · Diana E. MeredithDelahaye Styling and Design
2009978-1-85443-223-0Karl LudvigsenThe Incredible Blitzen Benz
  ''978-1-85443-225-4Malcolm TuckerRust in Peace
2006978-1-85443-226-1Barbara McQueen · Marshall TerrillSteve McQueen: The Last Mile
2009978-1-85443-227-8Barbara McQueen · Marshall TerrillSteve McQueen: The Last Mile
2008978-1-85443-231-5Al SatterwhiteTitans: Muhammad Ali and Arnold Schwarzenegger
  ''978-1-85443-232-2Walter BaeumerThe Maserati 300s
2009978-1-85443-237-7David BedfordLiddypool: Birthplace of the "Beatles"
2010978-1-85443-240-7Marshall TerrillSteve McQueen: A Tribute to the King of Cool
  ''978-1-85443-241-4Karl LudvigsonBentley's Great Eight
2010978-1-85443-243-8Marshall TerrillSteve McQueen: A Tribute to the King of Cool
2011978-1-85443-244-5Karl LudvigsenPorsche by Mailander
  ''978-1-85443-246-9Willem OosthoekSports Car Racing in the South: Florida to Texas, 1957-1958
  ''978-1-85443-248-3David BedfordLiddypool: Birthplace of the "Beatles"
  ''978-1-85443-250-6Patrick LesueurConcours D'Elegance
  ''978-1-85443-253-7Andrew Antoniades · Mike SiegelSteve McQueen: The Actor and His Films
2012978-1-85443-254-4David CrossInside the Paddock: Racing Car Transporters at Work
2012978-1-85443-255-1Barbara McQueen · Marshall TerrillSteve McQueen, the Last Mile... Revisited
2013978-1-85443-264-3David BedfordFab One Hundred and Four: The Evolution of The Beatles
  ''978-1-85443-268-1Terry O'NeilBahamas Speed Weeks: Revised Edition Including the Revival Meetings
2020978-1-85443-271-1Marshall TerrillSteve McQueen: In His Own Words
2016978-1-85443-278-0Daniele PozziDe Tomaso: From Buenos Aires to Modena, the History of an Automotive Visionary
2017978-1-85443-282-7Wolfgang Scheller · Thomas PollakRudolf Uhlenhaut: Engineer and Gentleman
  ''978-1-85443-284-1Thomas F. Haddock · Michael C. MuellerJaguar E-Type Six-Cylinder Originality Guide
  ''978-1-85443-288-9Martin BennettThe Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith: Celebrating 70 Years of the First Post-War Rolls-Royce
2018978-1-85443-291-9Peter M. Larsen · Ben EricksonThe Kellner Affair: Matters of Life and Death
  ''978-1-85443-293-3Gautam Sen · Michael RobinsonThe Bertone Collection
2019978-1-85443-297-1Walter BaumerMaserati 300S plus the Factory Team Cars
2020978-1-85443-309-1Gautam Sen · Nanette ScharfBugatti Eb110: Project 035: The Story of the Italian Bugatti