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1989978-1-85418-010-0Brian PearsonRealizing the Value of a Business: A Buyers and Sellers Guide
1994978-1-85418-015-5Neil ThomasPlaying Popular Piano & Keyboards: A Quick & Effective Method of Learning: A Quick and Effective Method of Learning to Play the Piano and Electronic Keyboards - Now (2nd Edition)
1993978-1-85418-021-6Tim BoyceSuccessful Contract Negotiation
1997978-1-85418-027-8Brian HoldenOn Trust: Making Pensions Governance Work
  ''978-1-85418-032-2Fred CollinsLegal Liabilities for Insurers
1994978-1-85418-036-0Des Wilson · Leighton AndrewsCampaigning: The A to Z of Public Advocacy
1999978-1-85418-068-1Peter HaddonMastering Personal and Interpersonal Skills: Key Techniques for Effective Decision-Making & Personal Success (Masters)
1998978-1-85418-110-7Robert BondNegotiating Tactics and Techniques for Software and Hi-tech Agreements (Thorogood Reports)
  ''978-1-85418-131-2David M. MartinThe Company Director's Desktop Guide (Desktop Guide S.)
  ''978-1-85418-135-0Roger MasonThe Credit Controller's Desktop Guide (Desktop Guide S.)
2000978-1-85418-152-7Julie LewthwaiteEverything You Need for an NVQ in Management
  ''978-1-85418-153-4   ''Negotiate to Succeed
1999978-1-85418-157-2David IrwinEffective Business Communications (Business Action Pocketbooks)
1999978-1-85418-168-8Fred CollinsEmployer's Liability and Industrial Diseases (Hawksmere Report S.)
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2004978-1-85418-209-8Robert LeaderIn Search of Secret Suffolk: A Souvenir and Guide to Suffolk
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2003978-1-85418-213-5Nicholas WebleyA Taste of Wartime Britain
2002978-1-85418-216-6Michael KuhnOne Hundred Films and a Funeral: The Life and Death of Polygram Films
2003978-1-85418-218-0Neil ThomasConcise Adair on Leadership
2004978-1-85418-219-7Geoffrey EllisI Should Have Known Better: A Life in Pop Management: A Life in Pop Management - "The Beatles", "Brian Epstein" and "Elton John"
2002978-1-85418-221-0Betty ArmitageBetty's Wartime Diary 1939-1945
2003978-1-85418-223-4John Eric Adair · Melanie AllenThe Concise Time Management and Personal Development
2004978-1-85418-224-1Ian Hunter · Jane SaundersThe Future of HR and the Need For Change (Thorogood Reports)
2005978-1-85418-226-5Robert RibeiroDamages and Other Remedies for Breach of Commercial Contracts (Thorogood Report)
2003978-1-85418-227-2Roger MasonThe Complete Guide to Debt Recovery
  ''978-1-85418-228-9Neil ThomasThe Concise Adair on Communication and Presentation Skills
2004978-1-85418-229-6Sultan KermallyDeveloping and Managing Talent: A Blueprint for Business Survival
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2002978-1-85418-246-3Keith SkipperConfessions of a Country Boy
2003978-1-85418-247-0Ian PatersonA Dictionary of Colour: A Lexicon of the Language of Colour
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2004978-1-85418-268-5John AdairConcise Adair on Teambuilding and Motivation
2005978-1-85418-271-5Robert RibeiroCommercial Contracts: Drafting Techniques and Precedents (Thorogood Professional Insights)
2004978-1-85418-273-9John AdairConcise Adair on Creativity and Innovation
  ''978-1-85418-279-1Ralph Tiffin · David W. YoungThe Complete Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards
2004978-1-85418-284-5Roger MasonThe Company Secretary's Desktop Guide
2002978-1-85418-286-9Rebecca AttreeInternational Commercial Agreements (Thorogood Professional Insights) (Thorogood Professional Insights S.)
2004978-1-85418-294-4David M. MartinThe Company Director's Desktop Guide
  ''978-1-85418-299-9Roger MasonThe Credit Controller's Desktop Guide
2005978-1-85418-307-1Tim BussVAT Liability and the Implications of Commercial Property Transactions (Thorogood Reports)
2007978-1-85418-309-5Ralph TiffinThe Finance and Accounting Desktop Guide
2005978-1-85418-311-8Ian Ruskin-BrownMarketing Your Service Business
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2006978-1-85418-332-3Julie LewthwaiteManaging People for the First Time: Gaining Committment and Improving Performance: Gaining Commitment and Improving Performance
  ''978-1-85418-333-0Sabine Dembkowski · Fiona Eldridge · Ian HunterThe 7 steps of Effective Executive Coaching
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2005978-1-85418-337-8Ralph Tiffin · David W. YoungThe Complete Guide to International Financial Reporting Standards: Including IAS and Interpretation
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2006978-1-85418-351-4Mark A. ThomasGurus on Leadership: A Guide to the World's Thought-Leaders in Leadership
2007978-1-85418-353-8Chris PopeNavigating Health and Safety Law (Thorogood Reports)
  ''978-1-85418-358-3Tim BoyceThe Commercial Manager
  ''978-1-85418-364-4Emma LeverOnce More with Feeling
  ''978-1-85418-369-9Barry Tomalin · Michael NicksWorld's Business Cultures: And How to Unlock Them
2006978-1-85418-372-9Robert LeaderIn Search of Secret Norfolk: A Souvenir and Guide to Norfolk
2007978-1-85418-374-3Ian Ruskin-BrownPractical Pricing for Results
2004978-1-85418-375-0Ian PatersonA Dictionary of Colour: A Lexicon of the Language of Colour
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2006978-1-85418-382-8Jeremy W. StranksThe A-Z of Health and Safety
2007978-1-85418-384-2Jeremy StranksThe A-Z of Food Safety
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2007978-1-85418-415-3   ''The A-Z of Environment
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2010978-1-85418-628-7   ''Speak the Culture: Italy (Speak the Culture) (Speak the Culture)
2008978-1-85418-637-9Martin DavidThe A-Z of Employment Practice
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  ''978-1-85418-704-8Julie LewthwaiteEverything you need for an NVQ in Management
  ''978-1-85418-744-4David MartinThe A-Z of Facilities and Property Management
2011978-1-85418-772-7David MartinThe A-Z of Facilities and Property Management
2012978-1-85418-790-1Brian MooneyA Long Way for a Pizza
2015978-1-85418-869-4Kevin UphillNavigating the Rivers of Cash: A Leadership and Strategy Book to Arm Ambitious Business Leaders with Inspiration, to Accelerate Growth, Shareholder ... Creating a Sustainable Purpose in Society.
2017978-1-85418-885-4Julian ClayDigital Marketing for Business Growth
  ''978-1-85418-886-1   ''Digita Digital Marketing for Business Growth
2018978-1-85418-900-4David MartinThe Instant Company Secretary: An A-Z Guide to Duties and Responsibilities of the Company Secretary
2018978-1-85418-903-5David MartinThe A-Z of Employment Practice