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  ''978-1-85414-102-6David JenkinsonLondon and Birmingham: A Railway of Consequence
1989978-1-85414-104-0Brian HardyParis Metro Handbook
  ''978-1-85414-107-1A.M. WittonEastern Coach Works Buses and Coaches
1990978-1-85414-129-3David Brown · Alan A. JacksonNetwork Southeast Handbook
1991978-1-85414-131-6Ken BlackerRoutemaster: vol. 1: 1954-1969
1992978-1-85414-142-2Ken BlackerRoutemaster: v. 2: 1970-1989
1993978-1-85414-151-4Alan A. Jackson · Desmond F. CroomeRails Through the Clay: A History of London's Tube Railways
1994978-1-85414-155-2Hugh TaylorLondon Trolleybus Routes
  ''978-1-85414-160-6David LawrenceUnderground Architecture
1995978-1-85414-164-4London Underground Rolling Stock
1994978-1-85414-168-2Ken GarlandMr. Beck's Underground Map
1995978-1-85414-178-1Ken BlackerRoutemaster: v. 1
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1996978-1-85414-184-2Brian HardyThe Berlin U-Bahn
1996978-1-85414-186-6J. Graeme Bruce · Desmond F. CroomeThe Twopenny Tube: The Story of The Central Line
1997978-1-85414-190-3John Wright · Ian MacLeanCircles Under the Clyde - A History of the Glasgow Underground
  ''978-1-85414-191-0Paul E. GarbuttWorld Metro Systems
1998978-1-85414-192-7Desmond CroomeThe Piccadilly Line (Illustrated History)
  ''978-1-85414-195-8Brian PerrenTGV Handbook including Eurostar
  ''978-1-85414-199-6Nicholas KingLondon Bus Handbook 1998
  ''978-1-85414-200-9Jonathan RiddellPleasure Trips by Underground
1998978-1-85414-201-6Ken GlazierLondon Bus File 1950-54
  ''978-1-85414-202-3Michael WelchSussex Steam: Scenes from the Fifties and Sixties
  ''978-1-85414-207-8Ken GlazierLondon Bus File 1946-49
1999978-1-85414-208-5Mike Horne · Bob BaymanThe Northern Line: An Illustrated History
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1999978-1-85414-212-2Brian HardyParis Metro Handbook
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2007978-1-85414-219-1Douglas RoseThe London Underground: A Diagrammatic History
1999978-1-85414-220-7M.A.C. HorneThe Jubilee Line (Illustrated History)
2000978-1-85414-226-9Paul MossUnderground Movement
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1999978-1-85414-229-0Michael WelchHampshire Steam: Scenes from the 1950s and 1960s
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2001978-1-85414-242-9Robert SchwandlMetros in Spain
  ''978-1-85414-243-6David TaylorNew Architecture for the Underground: Planning for the Future
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2002978-1-85414-255-9David LeboffThe Underground Stations of Leslie Green
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2010978-1-85414-336-5Michael WelchThe Bluebell Railway: Five Decades of Achievement
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