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1995978-1-85411-001-5Gwyn ThomasSelected Short Stories (Seren)
  ''978-1-85411-002-2Christine EvansCometary Phases
  ''978-1-85411-009-1Emyr HumphreysA Toy Epic
  ''978-1-85411-010-7Jonah JonesThe Gallipoli Diary
  ''978-1-85411-027-5Stewart BrownThe Art of Derek Walcott
1995978-1-85411-028-2Neil CorcoranThe Chosen Ground: Essays on the Contemporary Poetry of Northern Ireland
  ''978-1-85411-029-9Sheenagh PughSheenagh Pugh: Selected Poems (Border Lines)
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1995978-1-85411-075-6Robert MinhinnickWatching the Fire Eater
  ''978-1-85411-079-4Nicholas MurrayBruce Chatwin (Border Lines)
  ''978-1-85411-080-0Nicholas MurrayBruce Chatwin (Border Lines)
  ''978-1-85411-093-0M. Wynn ThomasThe Page's Drift: R.S. Thomas at Eighty
  ''978-1-85411-116-6Deryn Rees-JonesThe Memory Tray
1999978-1-85411-125-8David SmithWales: A Question for History
1995978-1-85411-126-5Mark ValentineArthur Machen (Border Lines S.)
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1995978-1-85411-143-2Stevie DaviesHenry Vaughan (Border Lines S.)
  ''978-1-85411-146-3Michael ParnellLaughter from the Dark: A Life of Gwyn Thomas
1996978-1-85411-166-1Jonah JonesClough Williams-Ellis: The Architect of Portmeirion
1997978-1-85411-195-1Saunders LewisMonica
  ''978-1-85411-199-9Christopher MeredithShifts (Seren Classics)
  ''978-1-85411-201-9Dannie AbseWelsh Retrospective
  ''978-1-85411-206-4Paul FlynnCommons Knowledge: How to be a Backbencher
1997978-1-85411-214-9Jonah JonesClough Williams-Ellis: The Architect of Portmeirion
1998978-1-85411-215-6Kate BinghamCohabitation
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1999978-1-85411-232-3Paul SpicerHerbert Howells (Border Lines)
1998978-1-85411-233-0Paul SpicerHerbert Howells (Border Lines)
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  ''978-1-85411-241-5Deryn Rees-JonesSigns Round a Dead Body
2000978-1-85411-248-4Steve BlandfordWales on Screen
2001978-1-85411-252-1John Powell WardThe Poetry of R.S. Thomas
2000978-1-85411-256-9Tony CurtisThe Art of Seamus Heaney
1999978-1-85411-259-0Mervyn MatthewsMila and Mervuysa
2003978-1-85411-260-6Lawrence NormandW.H. Davies (Border Lines S.)
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1999978-1-85411-262-0David Parry-JonesPrince Gwyn: Gwyn Nicholls and the First Golden Era of Welsh Rugby
1999978-1-85411-271-2Grahame LloydC'mon City! A Hundred Years of the Bluebirds
2000978-1-85411-277-4Owen SheersThe Blue Book
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2001978-1-85411-285-9David NashTwmps
2000978-1-85411-287-3Richard John EvansEntertainment
2001978-1-85411-297-2Fiona SampsonFolding the Real
2002978-1-85411-302-3Gary LeyStrange Tunnels Disappearing
2001978-1-85411-305-4Pascale PetitThe Zoo Father
2002978-1-85411-308-5Caradoc EvansCapel Sion (Seren Classics)
  ''978-1-85411-309-2Grahame DaviesThe Chosen People: Wales and the Jews
2007978-1-85411-316-0Alun LewisAlun Lewis: Collected Poems
2002978-1-85411-320-7Kate Roberts · Wynn GriffithTea in the Heather
  ''978-1-85411-321-4Kate RobertsFeet in Chains
  ''978-1-85411-323-8Paul HenryThe Slipped Leash
2004978-1-85411-334-4Christine EvansSelected Poems: Christine Evans
2003978-1-85411-337-5Nicholas MurrayRemembering Carmen
2003978-1-85411-339-9David HurnLiving in Wales
2004978-1-85411-344-3Barry NeedleThe River Wye
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  ''978-1-85411-401-3Robert MinhinnickTo Babel and Back
2005978-1-85411-403-7Owen SheersSkirrid Hill
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