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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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  ''978-1-85409-056-0Alfred PriceSpitfire: Fighter Supreme
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1992978-1-85409-126-0Brian MacdermottShips without Names: Story of the Royal Navy's Tank Landing Ships of World War Two
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1993978-1-85409-130-7Paul KempConvoy!: Drama in Arctic Waters
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1993978-1-85409-139-0Joachim Dressel · Manfred GriehlFighters of the Luftwaffe
1994978-1-85409-140-6   ''Bombers of the Luftwaffe
1991978-1-85409-144-4Stephen TurnbullThe Lone Samurai and the Martial Arts
1992978-1-85409-145-1Stefan TerzibaschitschSubmarines of the US Navy
1993978-1-85409-148-2Tim LamingThe Vulcan Story (Aviation story series)
1992978-1-85409-151-2Richard FullerShokan: Hirohito's Samurai
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1992978-1-85409-172-7Alfred PriceThe Spitfire Story
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