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2005978-1-85375-586-6D C Thomson · Nina MyskowThe Best of Jackie Magazine - The Seventies (Prion Edition)
2006978-1-85375-587-3Victor Harris · et al.Swords and Hilt Weapons
  ''978-1-85375-589-7Des MacHaleThe Original Wit
  ''978-1-85375-592-7Allison Vale · Alison RattleWrinklies Wit and Wisdom Forever: Humorous Quotes About Getting On A Bit
  ''978-1-85375-594-1S.J. PerelmanThe World of SJ Perelman
  ''978-1-85375-596-5Trevor BakerPsycho Pets: Just When You Thought It Was Safe to Go Home
2006978-1-85375-600-9Tracey TurnerThe 1970s: The Decade Style Forgot
  ''978-1-85375-603-0Lorna RussellJackie's Dear Cathy and Claire - The Best of Your Favourite Problem Page
  ''978-1-85375-605-4Charles Peattie · Russell F. TaylorThe Best of Alex 2006
  ''978-1-85375-607-8Rosemarie JarskiThe Illustrated Wrinklies' Wit and Wisdom: Humorous Quotations on Getting on a Bit
  ''978-1-85375-608-5Sandy Monks · D C ThomsonThe Best of Jackie Annual (No. 1)
2006978-1-85375-611-5DC ComicsThe Best of Girl: Sister Paper to Eagle
2007978-1-85375-612-2Des MacHaleLovers' Wit
  ''978-1-85375-614-6Allison Vale · Alison RattleMothers' Wit: Humorous Quotes on Mums and Motherhood
  ''978-1-85375-615-3David OgilvyOgilvy on Advertising
  ''978-1-85375-616-0W. E. JohnsBiggles' Big Adventures - Biggles in the Baltic + Biggles Sees It Through + Biggles Flies North + Biggles in the Jungle
  ''978-1-85375-617-7ONBEKENDMother Tells You How: Essential Life Skills for Modern Young Women - "Girl" 1951-1960 (Girl)
2007978-1-85375-621-4League of GentlemenThe "League of Gentlemen"'s Book of Precious Things
  ''978-1-85375-622-1Graham Kibble-White"Look-in": The Best of the Seventies
  ''978-1-85375-624-5Lorna RussellCharm School - How to Make the Best of Yourself: "Girl" 1951-1960
  ''978-1-85375-625-2unknownThe Best of "June" and "Schoolfriend" (Best of)
  ''978-1-85375-626-9Lorna Russell · D C ThomsonMore of The Best of Jackie Annual: All Your Favourites (No. 2)
2007978-1-85375-629-0Steve HollandWar Picture Library: Unleash Hell
  ''978-1-85375-630-6Steve Holland"Battle Picture Library": Death or Glory
  ''978-1-85375-631-3Russell TaylorThe Best of Alex 2007
  ''978-1-85375-633-7David RoachAarrgghh!! It's War: The Best War Comic Cover Art from "War", "Battle", "Air Ace" and "War at Sea" Picture Libraries
2008978-1-85375-635-1Karen HomerThings a Woman Should Know About Shoes
2007978-1-85375-636-8Steven ApplebyLiterally... Laugh Your Head Off
2008978-1-85375-641-2Karen HomerThings a Woman Should Know About Beauty
  ''978-1-85375-642-9Aubrey MaloneHollywood Trivia: Over 300 Curious Lists from Tinseltown
2008978-1-85375-643-6Aubrey MaloneLiterary Trivia: Over 300 Curious Lists for Bookworms
2007978-1-85375-644-3Raymond DelauneyThe Raymond Delauney Emails
2008978-1-85375-646-7Des MacHaleQuick Wit
  ''978-1-85375-647-4   ''Sparkling Wit
  ''978-1-85375-656-6Dave BesleyThe Retrosexual Manual: How to Be a Real Man
  ''978-1-85375-657-3Mike Haskins · Clive WhichelowWrinklies' Joke Book: The Old Ones Are The Best
  ''978-1-85375-659-7John WhiteThe Olympic Games Miscellany
2008978-1-85375-660-3Rudyard Kipling · G. A. Henty · H. Rider HaggardBritish Empire Adventure Stories: Three Stirring Tales of Heroism from the Age of Empire
  ''978-1-85375-661-0Steve Holland"War Picture Library": Against All Odds
  ''978-1-85375-662-7David RoachThe Art of War: More of the Best Cover Art from War, Battle, Air Ace and War at Sea Picture Libraries
  ''978-1-85375-663-4W. E. JohnsBiggles' Dangerous Missions
  ''978-1-85375-667-2D C ThomsonThe Biggest Jackie Annual Ever!: The Best Thing for Girls - Next to Boys (No. 3)
2008978-1-85375-668-9Tharg The MightyThe Best of 2000AD
  ''978-1-85375-671-9Steve HollandBattle Picture Library: Let 'em Have It
  ''978-1-85375-672-6   ''High Noon: "Wild West Picture Library"
  ''978-1-85375-673-3   ''Rick Random: Space Detective: 10 of the Best Space Adventure Picture Library Comic Books Ever!
  ''978-1-85375-676-4John WhiteThe Premiership Football Miscellany
2008978-1-85375-677-1Ian ValentineFootball Managers: The Lives and Half-times
  ''978-1-85375-678-8David Southwell · Matt Adams1001 Ridiculous Ways to Die
  ''978-1-85375-679-5Helen WalasekThe Best of PUNCH Cartoons
  ''978-1-85375-682-5Arthur Conan DoyleSherlock Holmes - the Novels
  ''978-1-85375-683-2Wayne Williams · Darren AllanThe Crap Old Days
2008978-1-85375-686-3Graham Kibble-WhiteLook-in the Best of the Eighties
  ''978-1-85375-687-0Mike MosedaleCat Nav: A Mad Moggy's Road Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland
  ''978-1-85375-689-4Charles Peattie · Russell F. TaylorThe Best of Alex 2008
  ''978-1-85375-692-4Simon Morley · David FriendPuppetry of the Penis
2009978-1-85375-694-8Nicky WrightThe Classic Era of American Comics
  ''978-1-85375-698-6Steve Holland"War Picture Library": Up and at 'em!: 10 of the Most Battle-Scarred War Picture Library Comic Books Ever! (War Picture Library)
2009978-1-85375-699-3Robert E. HowardConan the Barbarian: The Original, Unabridged Adventures
  ''978-1-85375-700-6Edgar Allan PoeThe Best of Edgar Allan Poe: All of His Macabre Tales Complete and Unabridged
  ''978-1-85375-703-7Steve HollandAces High: The 10 Best Air Ace Picture Library Comic Books Ever!
2008978-1-85375-704-4Arthur Conan DoyleSherlock Holmes: The Short Stories
2009978-1-85375-706-8Zane GreyThe Best of Zane Grey
  ''978-1-85375-708-2Gina McKinnon1001 Ridiculous Sexual Misadventures
  ''978-1-85375-710-5Geoff TibballsListed!
2009978-1-85375-711-2Des MacHaleWit - the Final Word
  ''978-1-85375-713-6   ''Wit Wit Wit
2010978-1-85375-715-0Helen WalasekThe Best of "Punch" Cartoons
2009978-1-85375-716-7Helen WalasekAll Creatures Great and Small: 150 Classic "Punch" Cartoons
  ''978-1-85375-717-4   ''All in the Game: 150 Classic Punch Cartoons
  ''978-1-85375-718-1n/aThe Best of "Judge Dredd"
  ''978-1-85375-719-8Geoff TibballsThe Mini Miscellany: Fifty Years of Facts, Figures, Stories and Oddities Featuring the World's Greatest Little Car
  ''978-1-85375-720-4Mark KnowlerBrooke Bond: The Classic Tea Card Collections
2009978-1-85375-722-8Rose AddersThe Still Bored @ Work Doodle Book
  ''978-1-85375-724-2Anthony BuckeridgeThe Best of Jennings: Four Utterly Wizard Adventures All Jolly Well Complete and Unabridged
  ''978-1-85375-727-3Tim HunkinTim Hunkin's the Rudiments of Wisdom: An A-z of Random, Peculiar and Fascinating Facts
  ''978-1-85375-729-7Kier LuffFootball Doodles (Doodle Book)
  ''978-1-85375-730-3Carole HaymanLadies of Letters
2009978-1-85375-738-9Nuts MagazineBiggest "Nuts" Joke Book
  ''978-1-85375-740-2Mats & EnzoHow to Poo at Work
  ''978-1-85375-741-9Jim MurrayThe Classic Whisky Guide
  ''978-1-85375-742-6Wayne Williams · Darren Allan1001 Ridiculous Ways to Lose a Fortune
  ''978-1-85375-743-3Rickard FuchsHave a Nicer Day
2009978-1-85375-744-0W.E. JohnsBiggles' Secret Assignments (Biggles Omnibus 2)
  ''978-1-85375-745-7Charles Peattie · Russell F. TaylorThe Best of Alex 2009
  ''978-1-85375-750-1Mitch Benn · Jon HolmesThe History of the World Through Twitter
2010978-1-85375-758-7Steve HollandWings of Death: Six Fantastic Flying Adventures from "Air Ace Picture Library" (Six of the Best)
  ''978-1-85375-759-4   ''Hit the Dirt!: Six Heroic Combat Adventures from "Battle Picture Library" (Six of the Best)
  ''978-1-85375-760-0   ''No Surrender!: Six Action-packed Adventures from "War Picture Library" (Six of the Best)
2010978-1-85375-768-6W.E. JohnsGimlet Goes to War
  ''978-1-85375-769-3Helen Walasek · Griff Rhys JonesPunch Goes to War: 1939 - 1945
  ''978-1-85375-770-9Mr BeanMr Bean's Diary
2014978-1-85375-782-2Mats & EnzoHow to Poo on a Date: The Lovers Guide to Toilet Etiquette
2010978-1-85375-783-9Charles Peattie · Russell TaylorThe Best of Alex 2010
2011978-1-85375-790-7Dennis WheatleyThe Best of Dennis Wheatley
2010978-1-85375-793-8W. E. JohnsThe Big Box of Biggles: "Biggles' Big Adventures", "Biggles' Dangerous Missions", "Biggles' Secret Assignment"
  ''978-1-85375-796-9David Southwell1001 Ridiculous Ways to Die
  ''978-1-85375-798-3Wings IllustrationWhere's Willy?
2010978-1-85375-799-0Mats & EnzoHow to Bonk at Work
  ''978-1-85375-800-3Andy McNabThe Best of the Victor: The Top Boys' Paper for War, Sport and Adventure!
  ''978-1-85375-801-0Nina MyskowJackie, the Best of
  ''978-1-85375-802-7Robert E. HowardConan the Barbarian
  ''978-1-85375-806-5Twigs WayNation of Gardeners
2011978-1-85375-811-9Mats & EnzoHow to Poo on Holiday
2011978-1-85375-814-0Kasey EdwardsOMG! That's Not My Baby
  ''978-1-85375-815-7Kasey EdwardsOMG! That's Not My Husband
  ''978-1-85375-817-1Mats · EnzoHow to Bonk in Public
  ''978-1-85375-818-8Morris Heggie · Andy McNabThe Best of the Victor Book for Boys
  ''978-1-85375-827-0Russell TaylorBest of Alex 2011
2012978-1-85375-859-1Charles Peattie and Russell TaylorThe Best of Alex 2012
2012978-1-85375-861-4Morris HeggieVictor the Best of Alf Tupper the Tough of the Track: Britain's Favourite Comic-book Athlete (Victory)
  ''978-1-85375-877-5Karen HomerA Well-Dressed Lady's Pocket Guide
  ''978-1-85375-880-5Charles RayEverybody's Book of Knowledge: A Giant Compendium of Yesteryear's Facts
2013978-1-85375-888-1Arthur Conan DoyleSherlock Holmes: The Novels: The Complete and Unabridged Novels
  ''978-1-85375-889-8   ''Sherlock Holmes: The Short Stories: 24 Classic Story Adventures
  ''978-1-85375-892-8Calum LairdCommando: Airborne Assault (Commando for Action and Adventure)
2013978-1-85375-893-5Calum LairdCommando: Tank Attack (Commando for Action and Adventure)
2013978-1-85375-894-2Calum LairdCommando: Weapons of Vengeance (Commando for Action and Adventure)
  ''978-1-85375-897-3George LowCommando: Deadly Seas: Six of the Best Commando Navy Books Ever! (Commando for Action and Adventure)
  ''978-1-85375-898-0George LowCommando: Rampaging Raiders!: Six of the Best Commando Mission Comic Books Ever! (Commando for Action and Adventure)
  ''978-1-85375-899-7   ''Commando: Heroes Fly High!: Six of the Best Commando RAF Books Ever! (Commando for Action and Adventure)
  ''978-1-85375-902-4Russell TaylorBest of Alex 2013
2015978-1-85375-929-1Adrian BesleyThe Most Incredible Youtube Videos Ever!
2015978-1-85375-932-1Jon Holmes · Mitch BennThe Twitter History of the World
  ''978-1-85375-935-2Charles PeattieThe Best of Alex 2015
2016978-1-85375-964-2Mats · EnzoHow to Poo Your Way to the Top