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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-85371-010-0Thomas GallagherPaddy's Lament: Ireland, 1846-47 - Prelude to Hatred
1989978-1-85371-013-1Eoin NeesonThe Civil War, 1922-23
  ''978-1-85371-028-5Eoghan CorryKingdom come: [a biography of the Kerry football team 1975-1988]
  ''978-1-85371-037-7Fergal BowersThe Work: An Investigation into the History of Opus Dei and How It Operates in Ireland Today
  ''978-1-85371-041-4Meda RyanThe Day Michael Collins Was Shot
  ''978-1-85371-042-1Alan ShatterLaura: A Novel You Will Never Forget
978-1-85371-063-6Eoghan CorryCatch and Kick
1992978-1-85371-072-8Patricia ScanlanCity Girl
1990978-1-85371-073-5Jack WhaleyGardens of Ireland: A Visitor's Guide
1991978-1-85371-079-7Ann HenningThe Connemara Whirlwind (Young Poolbeg)
1990978-1-85371-085-8Corry EoghanViva!: Ireland Goes to Italy, 1990
1990978-1-85371-086-5J. Bowyer BellIrish Republican Army Tactics and Targets: Analysis of the Tactical Aspects of the Armed Struggle, 1969-89
  ''978-1-85371-090-2Chris MullinErrror of Judgement
1991978-1-85371-106-0Art Byrne · Sean McMahonGreat Northerners
  ''978-1-85371-121-3T. Ryle DwyerDe Valera: The Man and the Myths
  ''978-1-85371-132-9Vincent BanvilleHennessy
  ''978-1-85371-136-7Patricia ScanlanApartment 3b
1991978-1-85371-158-9Ann HenningThe Connemara Stallion (Young Poolbeg)
1992978-1-85371-186-2Patricia ScanlanFinishing Touches
1993978-1-85371-257-9J. Bowyer BellIRA Tactics and Targets
1995978-1-85371-263-0Holland · McDonaldInla: Deadly Divisions
1999978-1-85371-276-0Patricia ScanlanCity Woman
1994978-1-85371-300-2Rose Doyle · Jane Mitchell · Michael Mullen · Michael ScottShiver!
  ''978-1-85371-323-1Hugh Callaghan · Sally MulreadyCruel Fate: One Man's Triumph Over Injustice
  ''978-1-85371-325-5Anne DunlopThe Dolly Holiday
  ''978-1-85371-335-4Ann HenningThe Connemara Champion (Young Poolbeg)
  ''978-1-85371-346-0Padraic StandunA Woman's Love
1997978-1-85371-365-1Chris MullinErrror of Judgement
1994978-1-85371-404-7Anne DunlopA Soft Touch
1995978-1-85371-423-8John WatersEvery Day Like Sunday?
1997978-1-85371-440-5Anne DunlopKissing the Frog
1995978-1-85371-446-7Patricia ScanlanForeign Affairs
1995978-1-85371-453-5Gabriel FitzmauriceBut Dad!
2000978-1-85371-495-5Clare DowlingFast Forward
1995978-1-85371-512-9Chris Lynch · Maeve Friel · Cormac Macraois · Michael ScottChiller
  ''978-1-85371-531-0Maeve BinchyDear Maeve
1997978-1-85371-603-4J. Bowyer BellIRA Tactics and Targets
1996978-1-85371-621-8Michael CarrollShe Fades Away (Dark Shadows)
  ''978-1-85371-623-2Marian KeyesWatermelon
1998978-1-85371-632-4J H Brennan · Maeve Friel · Chris Lynch · Michael ScottNightmares
1997978-1-85371-673-7Remember ME: Poster
1999978-1-85371-678-2Michael CarsonHubbies
1996978-1-85371-681-2Ann CarrollRosie's Troubles
  ''978-1-85371-682-9Julian MadiganThe Agony of Ecstasy
1997978-1-85371-684-3Sheila O'FlanaganDreaming of a Stranger
  ''978-1-85371-687-4Henry McDonald · Jim CusackUVF
1997978-1-85371-689-8Sheila BarrettA View to Die for
1999978-1-85371-693-5Colette CaddleToo Little, Too Late
1996978-1-85371-695-9Patricia ScanlanSecond Chance
1997978-1-85371-707-9Mary DorceyBiography of Desire
  ''978-1-85371-713-0Maeve FrielHere Lies: Guide to Irish Graves
  ''978-1-85371-731-4Michael WilliamsMediation: A User's Guide
2001978-1-85371-736-9Patricia ScanlanPromises, Promises
1998978-1-85371-738-3Meda RyanThe Day Michael Collins Was Shot
1997978-1-85371-762-8Robert DunbarFirst Times
  ''978-1-85371-796-3Cathy KellyWoman to Woman
1998978-1-85371-813-7J. Bowyer BellThe Secret Army: IRA
  ''978-1-85371-817-5Michael CarsonDying in Style
1998978-1-85371-819-9Fionnuala BrennanOn a Greek Island: A Personal Experience
  ''978-1-85371-822-9Sheila O'FlanaganCaroline's Sister
1999978-1-85371-832-8Patricia ScanlanMirror Mirror
  ''978-1-85371-837-3Nicholas. EckertFatal Encounter: The Story of the Gibraltar Killings
  ''978-1-85371-864-9Virtually Maria: Limited Edition 3-D Effect Poster
1998978-1-85371-867-0Seamus MartinDuggan's Destiny
  ''978-1-85371-872-4Maura RichardsSingle Issue
1998978-1-85371-878-6VariousScream!: From Ireland's Leading Storytellers
1997978-1-85371-886-1Sheila Rauch KennedyShattered Faith
1999978-1-85371-887-8Maeve BinchyAches and Pains
  ''978-1-85371-894-6Only a Paper Moon A2 Poster
1998978-1-85371-896-0Marian KeyesRachel's Holiday
2000978-1-85371-903-5Deborah WrightOlivia's Bliss
1999978-1-85371-915-8Mary MC Carthy-48 Cpy D/Bin
  ''978-1-85371-945-5Tina ReillyFlipside
  ''978-1-85371-947-9Conor Cruise O'BrienMemoir: My Life and Themes
2000978-1-85371-956-1Mcdonald H - Cusack JUVF 2nd Edition
2002978-1-85371-958-5Colette CaddleShaken and Stirred
2000978-1-85371-962-2Cathy KellyNever Too Late
1999978-1-85371-980-6Ann CarrollAmazing Grace
2000978-1-85371-981-3Clare DowlingFast Forward
  ''978-1-85371-982-0Marian KeyesLast Chance Saloon