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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-1-85339-038-8Andrew Coburn · Eric Dudley · Robin SpenceGypsum Plaster: Its manufacture and use
1988978-1-85339-060-9Nicolas HallThatching: A handbook
1993978-1-85339-103-3Adam HarveyMicro-Hydro Design Manual: A guide to small-scale water power schemes: Guide to Small-scale Water Schemes
1992978-1-85339-173-6Aaron MooreHow to Make Carpentry Tools: An Illustrated Manual
1995978-1-85339-182-8Andrew Coburn · R.J.S. Spence · Antonios Pomonis · Robin Spence · Richard HughesTechnical Principles of Building for Safety
1994978-1-85339-193-4Hugo Houben · Hubert GuillardEarth Construction: A comprehensive guide (Encyclopaedia of Earth Construction)
1993978-1-85339-194-1Robert ChambersChallenging the Professions: Frontiers for rural development
  ''978-1-85339-195-8David Harries · Bernhard HeerBasic Blacksmithing: An introduction to toolmaking
1996978-1-85339-197-2Steve HurstMetal Casting: Appropriate technology in the small foundry
1995978-1-85339-203-0Jules J.A. JanssenBuilding with Bamboo: A handbook
  ''978-1-85339-233-7John PickfordLow-Cost Sanitation: A survey of practical experience
  ''978-1-85339-235-1Ian ScoonesLiving with Uncertainty: New Directions in Pastoral Development in Africa
  ''978-1-85339-241-2Nici Nelson · Susan WrightPower and Participatory Development: Theory and Practice
1994978-1-85339-250-4Ian Scoones · John ThompsonBeyond Farmer First: New directions in pastoral development in Africa: Rural People's Knowledge, Agricultural Research and Extension Practice
1995978-1-85339-268-9Bevill PackerAppropriate Paper-based Technology (APT): A manual
1996978-1-85339-282-5MamsillaDesastres:Modelo Para Armar
1995978-1-85339-292-4Nabeel HamdiHousing Without Houses: Participation, Flexibility, Enablement
1996978-1-85339-313-6Asher ShadmonStone: An introduction
1996978-1-85339-341-9Miges BaumannThe Life Industry: Biodiversity, people and profits
  ''978-1-85339-350-1Julian KeableRammed Earth Structures: A Code of Practice
1984978-1-85339-353-2Anne Hope · Sally TimmelTraining for Transformation: A handbook for community workers Books 1-3: Bk. 1-3
1985978-1-85339-359-4Anton KruftIntermediate Technology in Indonesia (ITDG Occasional Papers)
1997978-1-85339-386-0Robert ChambersWhose Reality Counts?: Putting the First Last
1999978-1-85339-394-5Darrell Addison PoseyCultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity
  ''978-1-85339-397-6Darrell PoseyCultural and Spiritual Values of Biodiversity
1997978-1-85339-399-0Anthony DaviesManaging for a Change: How to run community development projects: Guide to the Management of Development Projects
  ''978-1-85339-406-5Aaron Moore · Musaemura SitholeHow to Make Carpentry Tools: An illustrated manual
2000978-1-85339-407-2George BathieBaking for Profit: Starting a small bakery
1998978-1-85339-419-5Jeremy Holland · James BlackburnWhose Voice?: Participatory research and policy change (Intermediate Technology Publications in Participation)
  ''978-1-85339-421-8Irene Guijt · Meera Kaul ShahMyth of Community: Gender issues in participatory development (Intermediate Technology Publications in Participation)
1998978-1-85339-434-8Carol MillerMissionaries and Mandarins: Feminist engagement with development institutions
1999978-1-85339-456-0Erik Nissen-Petersen · John GouldRainwater Catchment Systems for Domestic Supply: Design, Construction and Implementation
2000978-1-85339-460-7Jeremy ThakeMicro-hydro Pelton Turbine Manual: Design, manufacture and installation for small-scale hydropower
1999978-1-85339-461-4Anne Hope · Sally TimmelTraining for Transformation (IV): A handbook for community workers Book 4: Bk. 4
  ''978-1-85339-464-5Dorothy Myers · Sue StoltonOrganic Cotton: From field to final product
  ''978-1-85339-465-2Kelvin MasonSmall Scale Vertical Shaft Lime Kiln: A practical guide to design, construction and operation
  ''978-1-85339-469-0Marisol EstrellaLearning from Change: Issues and experiences in participatory monitoring and evaluation (IT Publications Participation in Development)
  ''978-1-85339-503-1Ilse Kohler-Rollefson · Evelyn Mathias · Paul MundyA Field Manual of Camel Diseases: Traditional and modern veterinary care for the dromedary
2003978-1-85339-504-8Peter Fellows · Sue Azam-AliSmall-Scale Food Processing: A directory of equipment and methods.: A Guide to Appropriate Equipment
2000978-1-85339-507-9Ian SmillieMastering the Machine Revisited: Poverty, aid and technology
2002978-1-85339-521-5Robert Lambert · Jan DavisEngineering in Emergencies: A practical guide for relief workers
2001978-1-85339-522-2Marina Martin · Constance M. McCorkle · Evelyn MathiasEthnoveterinary Medicine: An Annotated Bibliography of Community Animal Healthcare (It Studies in Indigenous Knowledge and Development)
2003978-1-85339-540-6Brian SkinnerSmall-Scale Water Supply: A review of technologies
1999978-1-85339-544-4Geoffrey PayneLand, Rights and Innovation: Improving tenure for the urban poor: Improving Tenure Security for the Urban Poor (Urban Management)
2002978-1-85339-545-1Robert Lambert · Jan DavisEngineering in Emergencies: A practical guide for relief workers
2002978-1-85339-547-5Stafford Holmes · Michael WingateBuilding with Lime: A practical introduction
2003978-1-85339-554-3Somesh KumarMethods for Community Participation: A Complete Guide for Practitioners
1999978-1-85339-555-0Smail Khennas · Hugh Piggott · Simon DunnettSmall Wind Systems for Rural Energy Services
  ''978-1-85339-559-8Michael P. Richards · Gil Yaron · Jonathan DaviesStakeholder Incentives in Participatory Forest Management: A manual for economic analysis
  ''978-1-85339-561-1Malcolm HarperMicrofinance: Evolution, achievement and challenges (Key Writings on Microfinance)
  ''978-1-85339-563-5Malcolm HarperPractical Microfinance: A training manual
  ''978-1-85339-565-9Archie HinchcliffeChildren with Cerebral Palsy: A Manual for Therapists, Parents and Community Workers
1999978-1-85339-567-3Arthur B. WilliamsPumps as Turbines: A users guide
  ''978-1-85339-569-7Andrea Cornwall · Garett PrattPathways to Participation: Reflections on PRA
2005978-1-85339-571-0Paul Sillitoe · Peter Dixon · Julian BarrIndigenous Knowledge Inquiries: A methodologies manual for development programmes and projects (Indigenous Knowledge & Development)
  ''978-1-85339-572-7John R. Campbell · Jeremy HollandMethods in Development Research: Combining qualitative and quantitative approaches
1999978-1-85339-575-8Sally Timmel · Anne HopeTraining for Transformation: Bk. 4: A Handbook for Community Workers
2005978-1-85339-590-1Malcolm Harper · Jim TanburnMapping the Shift in Business Development Services: Making markets work for the poor
1999978-1-85339-593-2Margie OrfordClimate Change and the Kyoto Protocols Clean Development Mechanism: Stories from the developing world
  ''978-1-85339-594-9Stephen Thomas · Iromi Ruana RajepakseTurning off the Lights: The threat to community electricity in Sri Lanka
2006978-1-85339-595-6Ed Wethli · Hans Askov JensenChickens for Profit: Starting a Small Poultry Business
2005978-1-85339-596-3Alan MacDonald · Jeff Davies · Roger Calow · John ChiltonDeveloping Groundwater: A guide for rural water supply
  ''978-1-85339-597-0Jo BeallFunding Local Governance: Small grants for democracy and development (Urban Management)
1999978-1-85339-599-4Nabeel HamdiUrban Futures: Economic growth and poverty reduction (Urban Management)
1999978-1-85339-601-4John EhrenreichThe Humanitarian Companion: A guide for international aid, development and human rights workers
  ''978-1-85339-603-8Julius CourtBridging Research and Policy in Development: Evidence and the change process
2005978-1-85339-606-9Jane SamuelsRemoving Unfreedoms: Citizens as Agents of Change in Urban Development
1999978-1-85339-608-3Malcolm HarperSmall Customers, Big Market: Commercial Banks in Microfinance
2005978-1-85339-610-6Michael Windfuhr · Jennie JonsenFood Sovereignty: Towards Democracy in Localized Food Systems (ITDG Working Papers)
1999978-1-85339-611-3Louise TunbridgeSaving Lives and Livelihoods: Ten Years of Community-based Animal Healthcare in Sudan
2005978-1-85339-616-8Otto RuskulisBuilding Bridges with the Grassroots: Scaling Up Through Knowledge Sharing
  ''978-1-85339-617-5Matthew LockwoodThe State They're in: An Agenda for International Action on Poverty in Africa (Viewpoints S.)
1999978-1-85339-618-2Sanjaya Lall · Erika Kraemer-MbulaIndustrial Competitiveness in Africa: Lessons from East Asia (Viewpoints)
2007978-1-85339-626-7Tina Wallace · Lisa Bornstein · Jennifer ChapmanThe Aid Chain: Coercion and Commitment in Development NGOs: Coercion and Committment in Development NGOs
2006978-1-85339-632-8Jonathan GoodhandAiding Peace?: The Role of NGOs in Armed Conflict
  ''978-1-85339-644-1Lisa VeneKlasen · Valerie MillerA New Weave of Power, People and Politics: The Action Guide for Advocacy and Citizen Participation
1999978-1-85339-645-8Nigel SmithMotors as Generators for Micro-hydro Power
2011978-1-85339-646-5Luis Rodriguez · Teodoro SanchezDesigning and Building Mini and Micro Hydro Power Schemes: A Practical Guide
2007978-1-85339-667-0Thomas Dichter · Malcolm HarperWhat's Wrong with Microfinance?
2008978-1-85339-669-4Eric JamesManaging Humanitarian Relief: An Operational Guide for NGOs
2007978-1-85339-670-0Ian CapewellThe Sustainability Handbook for Design & Technology Teachers
2008978-1-85339-673-1Alison Mathie · Gordon CunninghamFrom Clients to Citizens: Communities Changing the Course of Their Own Development
  ''978-1-85339-682-3Ian Scoones · John ThompsonFarmer First Revisited: Innovation for agricultural research and development
2009978-1-85339-683-0Jonathan Ensor · Rachel BergerUnderstanding Climate Change Adaptation: Lessons from community-based approaches
2009978-1-85339-688-5Stuart Rutherford · Sukhwinder Singh AroraThe Poor and their Money: Microfinance from a Twenty-first Century Consumer's Perspective
2010978-1-85339-702-8Calvin Miller · Linda JonesAgricultural Value Chain Finance: Tools and Lessons
  ''978-1-85339-706-6Andrea Cornwall · Deborah EadeDeconstructing Development Discourse: Buzzwords and Fuzzwords
2009978-1-85339-708-0Ian CapewellSustainability Matters in Design and Technology
2010978-1-85339-709-7Marielle Dubbelling · Henk de Zeeuw · Rene van VeenhuizenCities, Poverty and Food: Multi-Stakeholder Policy and Planning in Urban Agriculture
2011978-1-85339-721-9Robert AleyCandlemaking for Profit: A practical guide for small-scale producers
  ''978-1-85339-727-1Julian Keable · Rowland KeableRammed Earth Structures: A Code of Practice
2015978-1-85339-813-1Ton Schouten · Stef SmitsFrom Infrastructure to Services: Trends in monitoring sustainable water, sanitation and hygiene services
2014978-1-85339-829-2Barbara Van Koppen · Stef Smits · Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio · John ThomasScaling Up Multiple Use Water Services: Accountability in the Water Sector
  ''978-1-85339-830-8Barbara Van Koppen · Stef Smits · Cristina Rumbaitis del Rio · John ThomasScaling Up Multiple Use Water Services: Accountability in the Water Sector
  ''978-1-85339-839-1Theo Schilderman · Eleanor ParkerStill Standing?: Looking back at reconstruction and disaster risk reduction in housing
2014978-1-85339-840-7Theo Schilderman · Eleanor ParkerStill Standing?: Looking back at reconstruction and disaster risk reduction in housing
  ''978-1-85339-861-2LEGSLivestock Emergency Guidelines and Standards 2nd Edition (Bulk Pack x 24)
2016978-1-85339-892-6Alice WelbournStepping Stones and Stepping Stones Plus: A training package on gender, generation, HIV, communication and relationship skills
  ''978-1-85339-894-0Gill GordonStepping Stones with Children: A transformative training for children affected by HIV and their caregivers
2017978-1-85339-945-9Robert ChambersCan We Know Better?: Reflections for development
2018978-1-85339-953-4Eric James · Abigail TaylorManaging Humanitarian Innovation: The cutting edge of aid
  ''978-1-85339-954-1Eric JamesManaging Humanitarian Innovation: The cutting edge of aid