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1994978-1-85328-268-3Alison Baigent · Peter Burbidge · Ray Snow · David HopkinSolicitors and the European Union: Making EC Law Work for Your Client
1996978-1-85328-456-4Eric ShepherdPolice Station Skills for Legal Advisers (Book & 2 cassettes)
2008978-1-85328-503-5Craig WardLasting Powers of Attorney: A Practical Guide
2009978-1-85328-534-9Caroline Bielanska · Martin TerrellElderly Client Handbook
2006978-1-85328-553-0T. Angus · A. Clarke · P. Hewitt · P. ReedInheritance Act Claims: A Practical Guide
  ''978-1-85328-558-5Frances SilvermanConveyancing Handbook
2008978-1-85328-564-6Margaret ObiPrison Law: A Practical Guide
2007978-1-85328-568-4Gary Scanlan · et al.Companies Act 2006: A Guide to the New Law
2009978-1-85328-589-9Claire BessantInformation Sharing Handbook
2007978-1-85328-593-6Peter CampSolicitors and Money Laundering: A Compliance Handbook
2008978-1-85328-594-3Stewart Roomemail: Law, Practice and Compliance
1999978-1-85328-596-7Frances SilvermanThe Law Society's Conveyancing Handbook: 1999
2007978-1-85328-598-1Andrew OtterburnProfitability and Law Firm Management
2011978-1-85328-602-5Craig WardLasting Powers of Attorney: A Practical Guide
2007978-1-85328-603-2Frances Silverman · Annette Goss · Peter D. ReekieConveyancing Handbook
2009978-1-85328-608-7Andrew Newbury · Shona Alexander · Ann CorriganAncillary Relief: Practice and Precedents
2007978-1-85328-628-5Vernon DennisInsolvency Law Handbook
1999978-1-85328-645-2Law SocietyThe Guide to the Professional Conduct of Solicitors 1999
2008978-1-85328-648-3Gill SteelTrust Practitioner's Handbook
  ''978-1-85328-653-7Peter Levaggi · David Marsden · Peter MooneyEnforcement and Debt Recovery: A Guide to the New Law
  ''978-1-85328-654-4Peter Carey · Marcus TurleFreedom of Information Handbook
2007978-1-85328-668-1SRASolicitors' Code of Conduct 2007: Including Solicitors' Recognised Bodies Regulations 2007
2008978-1-85328-674-2Henry Scrope · Daniel BarnettEmployment Law Handbook
2000978-1-85328-681-0Roger Ede · Eric ShepherdActive Defence: Lawyer's Guide to Police and Defence Investigation and Prosecution and Defence Disclosure in Criminal Cases
2008978-1-85328-689-6Angela Burns · Nikki WalshCriminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008: A Guide to the New Law
  ''978-1-85328-713-8Frances SilvermanConveyancing Handbook
2001978-1-85328-715-2Matthew MooreQuality Management for Law Firms
2008978-1-85328-718-3Anthony EdwardsFixed Fees in the Criminal Courts: A Survival Guide
2008978-1-85328-733-6Law SocietyThe Law Society's Directory of Solicitors and Barristers 2008-2009
2009978-1-85328-739-8Frances SilvermanConveyancing Handbook
  ''978-1-85328-749-7Frances Silverman · Russell HewitsonConveyancing Checklists
2004978-1-85328-757-2Eric ShepherdPolice Station Skills Kit: Accreditation Manual: Accreditation Manual and Practical Reference
2009978-1-85328-758-9Nick Jarrett-KerrStrategy for Law Firms: After the Legal Services Act 2007
2012978-1-85328-774-9Paul Gausden · Lesley King · Robin RiddettWill Draftsman's Handbook (Book & CD Rom)
2008978-1-85328-783-1Andrew William KeoghCriminal Procedure Rules: A Guide to the New Law (Legislation Guides)
2009978-1-85328-794-7Andrew Otterburn · Sarah WilkinsonFrom Recession to Upturn: Financial Management and Strategy for Law Firms
2004978-1-85328-796-1Eric ShepherdPolice Station Skills for Legal Advisers: Police Station Skills Kit v. 1: Accreditation Manual
2009978-1-85328-799-2Peter CampSolicitors and the Accounts Rules: A Compliance Handbook
  ''978-1-85328-808-1Solicitors Regulation AuthoritySolicitors' Accounts Manual
  ''978-1-85328-813-5   ''Solicitors' Code of Conduct 2007 June 2009: Including the SRA Recognised Bodies Regulations 2009
2010978-1-85328-814-2Lesley KingProbate Practitioner's Handbook
2003978-1-85328-821-0Lynne Townley · Roger EdeForensic Practice in Criminal Cases
  ''978-1-85328-827-2Sara Leslie · Sue Hastings · Jo MorrisEqual Pay: A Practical Guide to the Law
2002978-1-85328-830-2Roger Ede · Anthony EdwardsCriminal Defence: Good Practice in the Criminal Courts
2002978-1-85328-856-2Andrew William KeoghThe CLSA Duty Solicitors' Handbook
2004978-1-85328-877-7   ''Criminal Justice Act 2003: A Guide to the New Law (Legislation Guides)
2010978-1-85328-879-1Law SocietyGood Practice in Child Care Cases
2005978-1-85328-903-3Nicola Greaney · Fennella Morris · Beverley TaylorMental Capacity Act 2005: A Guide to the New Law
2003978-1-85328-905-7Law SocietyThe Law Society's Directory of Solicitors and Barristers 2003/2004 (Law Society's Directory of Solicitors & Barristers)
2004978-1-85328-907-1   ''Solicitors' Accounts Manual (Law Society)
2011978-1-85328-912-5   ''Lexcel Risk Management Toolkit (Law Society)
2006978-1-85328-918-7Kenneth Carr · Frank Lockhart · Patrick MustersRoad Traffic Offences Handbook
2005978-1-85328-925-5Stephen Tromans · Martin Edwards · Richard Harwood · Justine ThorntonPlanning and Compulsory Purchase Act 2004: A Guide to the New Law
  ''978-1-85328-926-2Julian HickeyUnderstanding Private Client Taxation
2006978-1-85328-929-3Daniel Barnett · Henry ScropeEmployment Law Handbook
  ''978-1-85328-934-7Lesley KingProbate Practitioner's Handbook
2019978-1-85328-936-1Neil AddisonCivil Orders in the Criminal Courts
2009978-1-85328-938-5Annette Goss · Lorraine Richardson · Michael TaylorConveyancing Forms and Procedures
2006978-1-85328-939-2Peter CampSolicitors and the Accounts Rules: A Compliance Handbook
2005978-1-85328-945-3Gill Steel · Robert Mowbray · Charles ChristianTrust Practitioner's Handbook
2004978-1-85328-946-0Frances SilvermanConveyancing Handbook
2006978-1-85328-948-4Rosie BrennanImmigration Advice at the Police Station
2019978-1-85328-950-7Malcolm Davis-White · Rosalin Nicholson · Paul GreenwoodCompanies Court Practice and Procedure
2005978-1-85328-957-6Clive ThomasFatal Accidents: Law and Practice
2004978-1-85328-965-1Paul LewisSexual Offences Act 2003: A Guide to the New Law (Legislation Guides)
  ''978-1-85328-970-5Daniel Barnett · Henry ScropeEmployment Law Handbook
2008978-1-85328-974-3Clive ThomasClinical Negligence: Law and Practice
2006978-1-85328-983-5Frances Silverman · Russell HewitsonConveyancing Checklists
  ''978-1-85328-984-2Law SocietyFamily Law Protocol
2006978-1-85328-985-9Mark AdlerClarity for Lawyers: Effective Legal Writing
  ''978-1-85328-987-3Andrew William Keogh · Brian CraigCriminal Contracting: A Compliance Guide
  ''978-1-85328-992-7Gordon WignallConditional Fees: A Guide to CFAs and Litigation Funding
2005978-1-85328-997-2Law SocietyA Guide to the National Conveyancing Protocol: TransAction 2004
2007978-1-85328-999-6Christopher SykesLeasehold Enfranchisement and the Right to Manage: A Practical Guide