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1998978-1-85273-000-0Belinda QuireyMay I Have the Pleasure?: Story of Popular Dancing
1988978-1-85273-003-1Janet Adshead · Valerie A. Briginshaw · Pauline Hodgens · Michael HuxleyDance Analysis: Theory and Practice
2000978-1-85273-009-3Lynne Anne Blom and L. Tarin Chaplin · L.Tarin ChaplinThe Moment of Movement: Dance Improvisation.
2010978-1-85273-010-9Lynne Anne BlomThe Intimate Act of Choreography
1989978-1-85273-013-0Bent Schonberg · Peter Brinson · Christina SchonbergWorld Ballet and Dance, 1989 - 1990: An International Yearbook (World Ballet & Dance, 1989-1990)
2010978-1-85273-016-1Valerie Preston-Dunlop · Susanne LahusenSchrifttanz: View of Dance in the Weimar Republic
1994978-1-85273-022-2Robin D. Chmelar · Sally Sevey FittDiet: Complete Guide to Nutrition and Weight Control for the Dancer
2008978-1-85273-024-6Sophia Golovkina · Joan LawsonLessons in Classical Dance
1990978-1-85273-027-7Bent Schonberg · Jann Parry · Cristina SchonbergWorld Ballet and Dance: An International Yearbook: Vol 2 (World Ballet and Dance)
1991978-1-85273-031-4Bent Schonberg · Liz Charman · Cristina SchonbergWorld Ballet and Dance, Volume 3, 1991 - 1992: An International Yearbook: 003 (World Ballet & Dance, 1991-1992)
2000978-1-85273-032-1Stephanie JordanStriding Out: Aspects of Contemporary and New Dance in Britain
2008978-1-85273-035-2Knud Arne Jurgensen · Vivi FlindtBournonville Ballet Technique
1992978-1-85273-038-3Judith MackrellOut of Line: The Story of British New Dance
1999978-1-85273-039-0Simon SelmonLet's Lindy: Illustrated Guide to Dancing the Lindy Hop
2014978-1-85273-041-3Miranda Tufnell · Chris CrickmayBody Space Image
1992978-1-85273-042-0Bent Schonberg · Liz Charman · Cristina SchonbergWorld Ballet and Dance, Volume 4, 1992 - 1993: An International Yearbook: 004
1997978-1-85273-043-7Valerie GriegInside Ballet Technique: Separating Anatomical Fact from Fiction in the Ballet Class
2011978-1-85273-044-4V. S. Kostroviktlskakila · Alexei PisarevSchool of Classical Dance: Textbook of the Vaganova Choreographic School
2000978-1-85273-047-5Ashton ConferenceFollowing Sir Fred's Steps: Ashton's Legacy
2010978-1-85273-048-2Eivind Thomasen · Rachel A. RistAnatomy and Kinesiology for Ballet Teachers
1996978-1-85273-049-9Ivor GuestThe Ballet of the Enlightenment: Establishment of the Ballet d'Action in France, 1770-93
2010978-1-85273-050-5Cyril N. BeaumontMichel Fokine and His Ballets
1997978-1-85273-052-9Mabel Elsworth ToddThe Thinking Body
  ''978-1-85273-053-6Doris HumphreyThe Art of Making Dances
2011978-1-85273-054-3Jack AndersonArt without Boundaries - the world of Modern Dance
2017978-1-85273-055-0Knud Arne JurgensenThe Bournonville Tradition vol. I: Vol 1
2010978-1-85273-059-8Allen J. Ryan · Allan J. Ryan · Robert E. StephensThe Dancer's Complete Guide to Healthcare and a Long Career
1998978-1-85273-060-4Valerie Preston-DunlopRudolf Laban: An Extraordinary Life
  ''978-1-85273-061-1Kathrine Sorley WalkerNinette De Valois: An Idealist without Illusions
1999978-1-85273-062-8David Vaughan CBEFrederick Ashton and His Ballets
2009978-1-85273-064-2Janet Adshead-LansdaleDancing Texts: Intertextuality in Interpretation
2010978-1-85273-066-6Mary Kent HarrisonHow to Dress Dancers
  ''978-1-85273-067-3Sondra Horton FraleighResearching Dance: Evolving Modes of Inquiry: Evolving Modes of Enquiry (Dance books)
2000978-1-85273-070-3Marion GoughKnowing Dance: A Guide to Creative Teaching
  ''978-1-85273-073-4August BournonvilleLetters on Dance and Choreography
2000978-1-85273-074-1Julia BuckroydThe Student Dancer: Emotional Aspects of the Teaching and Learning of Dance
2010978-1-85273-079-6Stephanie JordanPreservation Politics: Dance Revived, Reconstructed, Remade - Proceedings of the Conference at the University of Surrey Roehampton, November 1997
2013978-1-85273-080-2Richard GlasstoneClassical Ballet Terms, an illustrated dictionary.
2002978-1-85273-081-9Marina GrutThe Bolero School: An Illustrated History of the Bolero, the Seguidillas and the Escuela Bolera
  ''978-1-85273-082-6Ivor GuestBallet under Napoleon
2016978-1-85273-084-0Leah Bartal · Nira Ne'emanMovement Awareness and Creativity
2015978-1-85273-088-8Anya Peterson RoyceThe Anthropology of Dance
2003978-1-85273-089-5Maria FayMaria Fay's Floor Barre
2015978-1-85273-096-3Miranda Tufnell · Chris CrickmayA Widening Field: Journeys in Body and Imagination
2003978-1-85273-099-4Barbara NewmanGrace Under Pressure: Passing Dance Through Time
2010978-1-85273-100-7Jean-Georges NoverreLetters on Dancing and Ballets
2011978-1-85273-101-4Ross McKimThe Essential Inheritance of the London Contemporary Dance Theatre
2000978-1-85273-102-1Kathryn SextonThe Dance Teacher's Survival Guide: Teaching Dance in Schools from Key Stage 1-key Stage 3
2012978-1-85273-103-8Lorna SandersAkram Khan's Rush: Creative Insights
2004978-1-85273-104-5Lorna SandersHenri Oguike's Front Line: Creative Insights
2005978-1-85273-105-2Mathilde Kschessinka · Arnold Lionel HaskellDancing in Petersburg: The Memoirs of Mathilde Kschessinka
2016978-1-85273-106-9August BournonvilleMy dearly beloved Wife!: Letters from France and Italy 1841
2005978-1-85273-107-6Erik Bruhn · Lillian MooreBournonville and Ballet Technique
2010978-1-85273-108-3John CuttingHistory and the Morris Dance: A Look at Morris Dancing from Its Earliest Days Until 1850
2015978-1-85273-109-0Ivor GuestThe Paris Opera Ballet
2007978-1-85273-111-3Alexander MeinertzVera Volkova: A Biography
  ''978-1-85273-114-4Tamara Tchinarova FinchDancing into the Unknown: My Life in the Ballets Russes and Beyond
2015978-1-85273-115-1Angela ReinhardtPointe Shoes - Tips and Tricks
2000978-1-85273-118-2Richard GlasstoneThe Story of Dai Ailian
2016978-1-85273-119-9Ivor GuestThe Romantic Ballet in Paris
2000978-1-85273-123-6Ann Kipling BrownLabanotation for Beginners
2018978-1-85273-124-3Valerie Preston-DunlopRudolf Laban: An extraordinary life
2009978-1-85273-127-4Brigitte KellyMim, a personal memoir of Marie Rambert
2000978-1-85273-131-1Maria FayMaria Fay's Floor Barre
2009978-1-85273-132-8S. L. GrigorievThe Diaghilev Ballet 1909 - 1929
  ''978-1-85273-133-5Kathrine Sorley WalkerRobert Helpmann: A Rare Sense of the Theatre
  ''978-1-85273-135-9Zerlina MastinNutrition for the Dancer
2011978-1-85273-145-8Rudolf LabanThe Mastery of Movement
2011978-1-85273-148-9Rudolf LabanChoreutics
978-1-85273-907-2Maria FayMaria Fays Floor Barre DVD