Management Books 2000 Ltd

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1988978-1-85252-021-2P.F. Sterrett · P.W. SterrettThe Complete Guide to Fundraising
1991978-1-85252-034-2Patricia RobertsLiving Images: A Practical Guide to Styling for Success (Mercury Guides for Women in Business)
1990978-1-85252-065-6Scott D. SeligmanDealing with the Chinese
1991978-1-85252-088-5Suzan St.Maur · John ButmanWriting Words That Sell
1993978-1-85252-109-7David Clutterbuck · Sue KernaghanMaking Customers Count: A Guide to Excellence in Customer Care
1991978-1-85252-125-7Barrie Hopson · Christine Beels · Mike ScallyAssertiveness: A Positive Process (Lifeskills personal development series)
1992978-1-85252-141-7Mary WaltonThe Deming Management Method
1993978-1-85252-167-7Developing Your Career in Management
1997978-1-85252-168-4John P. GriffinInternational Sales and the Middleman: Managing Your Agents and Distributors
2006978-1-85252-266-7Peter StudnerSuper Job Search: The Complete Manual for Job-Seekers and Career-Changers
1998978-1-85252-272-8Mike PeggThe Art of Mentoring
1999978-1-85252-273-5Gary MorleyHow to Sell Your Business and Live Happily Ever After
2002978-1-85252-274-2David Hall · Dinah BennettHallmarks for Successful Business, 2nd Edition
1996978-1-85252-276-6W. H. ThomasLaw for Retailers: The Legal Beagle Sets You Straight (BSSA guides for retailers)
1995978-1-85252-280-3John ShawISO 9000 Made Simple: A Practical Guide to Interpreting and Implementing the New International Standard
  ''978-1-85252-295-7Peter FlemingRetail Selling: How to Achieve Maximum Sales in Shops and Stores
1999978-1-85252-300-8Barrie Hopson · Mike ScallyBuild Your Own Rainbow: a Workbook for Career and Life Management
  ''978-1-85252-301-5John YatesSurvival Tactics: How to Make Profits in Difficult Times
  ''978-1-85252-307-7Fiona Elliott · Janet MorpethRetail Buying Techniques
2000978-1-85252-313-8George BlakeyBulls v.Bears: A History of the London Stock Market, 1945-2000
  ''978-1-85252-316-9Iain MaitlandFranchising
2000978-1-85252-351-0Robert Sullivan · Stephen LyttonChange Management: Just Doing it
2001978-1-85252-367-1Bob BlundenThe Money Launderers
  ''978-1-85252-369-5P.F. Sterrett · P.W. SterrettThe Complete Guide to Fundraising
  ''978-1-85252-374-9H. M. WilliamsThe Private Company Secretary's Manual
  ''978-1-85252-391-6Bill HallUsing a Computer for the First Time (Complete beginner's guide)
2002978-1-85252-398-5Alan DixieImplementing Successful Credit Control
  ''978-1-85252-403-6Tony WilesTarget Marketing
2002978-1-85252-404-3Edward MossThe Marketing Cynic's Reader
  ''978-1-85252-405-0Peter CrossJobs for the Boys: An Essential Career Choice Guide for Men
  ''978-1-85252-406-7Sarah SnellBird's Eye View: Women in Business
2003978-1-85252-423-4W. H. ThomasLaw for Retailers
  ''978-1-85252-427-2Wayne Scott RossContinuous Improvement
  ''978-1-85252-430-2Bill Hall(The Complete Beginners Guide To) Using a Digital Camera for the First Time
2003978-1-85252-440-1Mike PeggThe Mentor's Book
  ''978-1-85252-444-9Fiona ElliottRetail Buying Techniques
2004978-1-85252-450-0Tony PatersonThe Fire Safety Assessor's Handbook
  ''978-1-85252-458-6Jack Van MindenAll About Psychological Tests and Assessment Centres
  ''978-1-85252-476-0Stuart EmmettSupply Chain in 90 Minutes (In ninety minutes)
  ''978-1-85252-478-4David Yule87 Practical Tips for Dynamic Selling
2005978-1-85252-482-1Neil G. ThompsonJobs,Interviews,Success: Everything a Student Needs to Know
2005978-1-85252-484-5Jan Childs · David PardeyMindchange
2007978-1-85252-487-6Alan DixieCredit Control in Ninety Minutes: The Essence of Effective Credit Management (In 90 Minutes)
2005978-1-85252-491-3James AlexanderFind That Job in Ninety Minutes: The Quickest and Most Effective Way to Seek Out and Get That Job You Have Always Wanted (In 90 Minutes)
  ''978-1-85252-492-0James Alexander · Richard Somers · Tony JonesTaxation Simplified 2005/2006
  ''978-1-85252-495-1Tony GrangerSchool Fees: The Definitive Guide to Funding School and University Fees
  ''978-1-85252-497-5Martin ButlerPeople Don't Buy What You Sell
  ''978-1-85252-500-2Mike Pegg · Sue MooreStrengths Coaching in 90 Minutes (In ninety minutes)
2005978-1-85252-504-0Robert LeachPayroll in 90 Minutes
2006978-1-85252-507-1John CastellBig Ideas for Small Retailers
  ''978-1-85252-515-6Tony GrangerPensions Simplified 2006/2007
  ''978-1-85252-516-3James Alexander · Richard Somers · Tony JonesTaxation Simplified 2006/07
  ''978-1-85252-523-1Martin BaileyBuilding a Website Using a CMS in 90 Minutes
2007978-1-85252-528-6Julian TreasureSound Business
  ''978-1-85252-531-6Coleman Ron547 Ways to be a Better Manager
2007978-1-85252-533-0Mark Barnes · Mary-Jane BarnesStand and Deliver
  ''978-1-85252-537-8Mark BarnesSerious Fun: Adding Buzz to Meetings, Training and Communications
  ''978-1-85252-538-5   ''Time to Think
  ''978-1-85252-539-2John Houghton · Stephen HowarthI've Finished So I'll Start
  ''978-1-85252-540-8Sue Clark · Mel MyersManaging Difficult Conversations at Work
2007978-1-85252-542-2Mike PeggThe Strengths Way
2008978-1-85252-547-7Andrew Scotchmer5S Kaizen in 90 Minutes
  ''978-1-85252-548-4Charles Trevor-RoperMotivational Management Made Easy: for Hospitality, Tourism and Leisure
  ''978-1-85252-549-1Karen Jackson · Ian TaylorThe Power of Difference: Exploring the Value and Brilliance of Diversity in Teams
2007978-1-85252-552-1Fiona Elliott · Janet RiderRetail Buying Techniques
  ''978-1-85252-553-8Peter FlemingRetail Management
  ''978-1-85252-554-5   ''Retail Selling: How to Achieve Maximum Retail Sales
2007978-1-85252-559-0Tony GrangerPensions Simplified 2007/2008
  ''978-1-85252-560-6   ''Inheritance Tax and Estate Planning Simplified
  ''978-1-85252-561-3Robin Michael Rowley · Joseph J. RoevensOrganize with Chaos
2008978-1-85252-571-2Ralph LewisServant-leadership: Bringing the Spirit of Work to Work
  ''978-1-85252-581-1Brian NeilSelling Advertising Space in 90 Minutes
2009978-1-85252-587-3Barrie Hopson · Mike ScallyBuild Your Own Rainbow: A Workbook for Career and Life Management
2008978-1-85252-595-8Tony JonesTaxation Simplified 2008/2009
  ''978-1-85252-596-5Tony GrangerInheritance Tax Simplified 2008/2009
2008978-1-85252-597-2Tony GrangerPensions Simplified
2009978-1-85252-601-6Tony JonesTaxation Simplified 2009/2010
2008978-1-85252-603-0Tony GrangerBusiness Protection Simplified 2008/2009
  ''978-1-85252-607-8Bob GorzynskiThe Strategic Mind: The Journey to Leadership Through Strategic Thinking
2009978-1-85252-612-2Michael WatsonProjects Kept Simple in 90 Minutes
  ''978-1-85252-614-6Tom PrestonCoach Yourself to Success
  ''978-1-85252-622-1Colin McCrudden · Adrian Bourne · Chris LyonsBuilding a Portfolio Career: How to Create a Portfolio of Roles to Suit Your Work and Life
2010978-1-85252-636-8David CottonThe Business Strategy Toolkit
  ''978-1-85252-639-9Alasdair DrysdaleThe Financial Controller: The Things the Academics Don't Teach You
2009978-1-85252-646-7Alan DixieImplementing Successful Credit Control
2010978-1-85252-661-0Stuart EmmettThe Systems Thinking Toolkit (Business Toolkits)
2010978-1-85252-663-4Martin ButlerThe Art of Being Chosen: Secrets of Success from the Giants of Retail
  ''978-1-85252-668-9Treasure · Julian TreasureSound Business: How to Use Sound to Grow Profits and Brand Value
2011978-1-85252-672-6Stephen HewettThe Customer-Centric You: Making Customers the Focus of Everything You Do
  ''978-1-85252-681-8James ScoullerThe Three Levels of Leadership: How to Develop Your Leadership Presence, Knowhow and Skill
  ''978-1-85252-683-2Tony GrangerPensions Simplified 2010/2012
  ''978-1-85252-690-0Lynne Butler · Nigel LeachAction Learning for Change: A Practical Guide for Managers
2012978-1-85252-703-7Tony GrangerSchool & University Fees Simplified 2012/2013
2013978-1-85252-726-6   ''School & University Fees Simplified 2013/14
2014978-1-85252-732-7Tony GrangerInheritance Tax Simplified 2014/15
  ''978-1-85252-737-2Tony JonesTaxation Simplified 2014/15
2015978-1-85252-738-9Tony GrangerTax-Efficient Investments 2014/15
2014978-1-85252-739-6Carl IslamTax-efficient Wills Simplified 2014/15
  ''978-1-85252-741-9Sheila Stokes WhiteThe Ethics of Work
  ''978-1-85252-746-4Alasdair DrysdaleThe Interim Director: 40 Projects in the Wilderness .. and a Lot of Sound Advice
2015978-1-85252-751-8Tony GrangerInheritance Tax Simplified 2015/2016
  ''978-1-85252-758-7Carl IslamTax-Efficient Wills 2015/2016