Mercury Business Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1989978-1-85251-027-5Berwin S.J. & Co.Company Law and Competition (CBI initiative 1992)
1990978-1-85251-049-7John P. GriffinInternational Sales and the Middleman: Managing Your Agents and Distributors
1991978-1-85251-057-2Blue Arrow PLCEmployment and Training (CBI initiative 1992)
  ''978-1-85251-079-4Tony BrayThe Selection Maze: How to Choose the Right Person for the Right Job
1988978-1-85251-080-0Bill Watts · Alison CorkeCreating the Hands-on Manager
1989978-1-85251-081-7Pat RobertsLiving Images: A Practical Guide to Styling for Success
1991978-1-85251-082-4William W. ScherkenbachThe Deming Route to Quality and Productivity: Road Maps and Road Blocks
  ''978-1-85251-083-1Peter Danton De RouffignacPresenting Your Case to Europe
1989978-1-85251-097-8Nancy R. MannThe Keys to Excellence: Deming Philosophy
1991978-1-85251-115-9Alan BaileyHow to be a Property Developer
1992978-1-85251-116-6World of InformationBusiness Travel Guide to United States of America (East Coast) (Business Travel Guide S.)
1995978-1-85251-128-9Jean E. Neumann · Richard Holti · Hilary StandingChange Everything at Once: The Tavistock Institute's Guide to Developing Teamwork in Manufacturing
  ''978-1-85251-148-7Hermione HobhouseThomas Cubitt: Master Builder