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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2005978-1-85224-721-8Anne StevensonPoems 1955-2005
  ''978-1-85224-722-5Polly ClarkTake Me with You
  ''978-1-85224-723-2Gwyneth LewisChaotic Angels: Poems in English: Collected Poems
2006978-1-85224-725-6Anne StevensonFive Looks at Elizabeth Bishop
  ''978-1-85224-726-3Philip GrossThe Egg of Zero
2005978-1-85224-727-0Neil AstleyPassionfood: 100 Love Poems
2006978-1-85224-728-7W. N. HerbertBad Shaman Blues
  ''978-1-85224-731-7Neil AstleyBloodaxe Poetry Introductions: 1: Alexander, Alvi, Dharker and Kay (Bloodaxe Poetry Introductions S.)
2006978-1-85224-732-4Jean Binta BreezeThe Fifth Figure: A Poet's Tale
  ''978-1-85224-733-1John AgardWe Brits
  ''978-1-85224-734-8Penelope ShuttleRedgrove's Wife
  ''978-1-85224-735-5Imtiaz DharkerThe Terrorist at My Table
  ''978-1-85224-738-6Chase TwichellDog Language
2006978-1-85224-739-3Neil AstleyBloodaxe Poetry Introductions: Enzensberger, Holub, Sorescu, Tranströmer: Enzensberger, Holub, Sorescu, Transtreomer
  ''978-1-85224-741-6Jane HirshfieldAfter
  ''978-1-85224-743-0Brendan KennellyWhen Then is Now: Three Greek Tragedies: The Trojan Women, Medea, Antigone
  ''978-1-85224-744-7Dennis O'DriscollThe Bloodaxe Book of Poetry Quotations
2008978-1-85224-746-1Edward ThomasThe Annotated Collected Poems
2006978-1-85224-747-8Miroslav HolubPoems Before and After: Collected English Translations
  ''978-1-85224-752-2Jack GilbertTrangressions: Selected Poems
2006978-1-85224-753-9C.K. WilliamsCollected Poems
2007978-1-85224-754-6Joanne LimburgParaphernalia
  ''978-1-85224-758-4Helen DunmoreGlad of These Times
  ''978-1-85224-759-1Gillian AllnuttHow the Bicycle Shone: New and Selected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-760-7Carol RumensSelf into Song: Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Lectures (Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry) (Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Series)
  ''978-1-85224-761-4Desmond GrahamMaking Poems and Their Meanings: Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Lectures (Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry) (Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Series)
2007978-1-85224-762-1C.D. WrightLike Something Flying Backwards: New & Selected Poems: New and Selected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-764-5Tess GallagherDear Ghosts,
  ''978-1-85224-765-2Kapka KassabovaGeography for the Lost
  ''978-1-85224-766-9Neil Astley & Pamela Robertson-PearceSoul Food: Nourishing Poems for Starved Minds
  ''978-1-85224-767-6Neil AstleyBloodaxe Poetry Introductions 3: Jack Gilbert, Jane Hirshfield, Galway Kinnell, W. S. Merwin (Bloodaxe Poetry Introductions) (Bloodaxe Poetry Introductions S.)
2007978-1-85224-768-3Galway KinnellStrong Is Your Hold (with audio CD)
  ''978-1-85224-769-0W.S. MerwinSelected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-770-6James BerryWindrush Songs
  ''978-1-85224-771-3Jack MapanjeBeasts of Nalunga
  ''978-1-85224-772-0Suzanne BattyThe Barking Thing
2007978-1-85224-774-4Neil AstleyEarth Shattering: ecopoems
  ''978-1-85224-775-1Anne StevensonStone Milk
  ''978-1-85224-776-8Mary OliverThirst
  ''978-1-85224-777-5Jackie KayDarling: New & Selected Poems: New and Selected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-779-9Menna ElfynPerfect Blemish/Perffaith Nam: New and Selected Poems 1995-1997/Dau Ddetholiad a Cherddi Newydd 1995-2007
2007978-1-85224-781-2Kenji MiyazawaStrong in the Rain: Selected Poems
2008978-1-85224-783-6Elena ShvartsBirdsong on the Seabed
2007978-1-85224-788-1Mahmoud DarwishThe Butterfly's Burden
2008978-1-85224-789-8Janet FrameStorms Will Tell: Selected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-791-1Naomi Shihab NyeTender Spot: Selected Poems (Bloodaxe World Poets)
2007978-1-85224-792-8Taha Muhammad AliSo What: New & Selected Poems 1971-2005: New and Selected Poems 1971-2005
2008978-1-85224-793-5Jen HadfieldNigh-No-Place
  ''978-1-85224-794-2Jane GriffithsAnother Country: New and Selected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-796-6Stephanie NorgateHidden River
  ''978-1-85224-797-3Jane HirshfieldHiddenness, Uncertainty, Surprise: Three Generative Energies of Poetry (Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry)
2007978-1-85224-799-7Brian TurnerHere, Bullet
2008978-1-85224-800-0Neil AstleyIn Person: 30 Poets Filmed by Pamela Robertson-Pearce
2008978-1-85224-802-4Moniza AlviSplit World: Poems 1990-2005
  ''978-1-85224-803-1Moniza AlviEuropa
  ''978-1-85224-804-8Jackie KayThe Lamplighter
  ''978-1-85224-805-5Selima HillGloria: Selected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-806-2Selima HillThe Hat
2011978-1-85224-809-3Neil AstleyBeing Human
2008978-1-85224-811-6Mary OliverRed Bird
2008978-1-85224-812-3Pauline StainerCrossing the Snowline
  ''978-1-85224-813-0George SzirtesNew & Collected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-814-7John SearsReading George Szirtes
2009978-1-85224-816-1Vitezslav NezvalPrague with Fingers of Rain
2008978-1-85224-817-8Maura DooleyLife Under Water
2009978-1-85224-818-5Leanne O'SullivanCailleach: The Hag of Beara
  ''978-1-85224-821-5David J. ConstantineNine Fathom Deep
  ''978-1-85224-822-2John AgardClever Backbone
2009978-1-85224-823-9John Agard · Pamela Robertson-PearceAlternative Anthem: Selected Poems [with DVD]
  ''978-1-85224-825-3Polly ClarkFarewell My Lovely
  ''978-1-85224-826-0Basil BuntingBriggflatts
2010978-1-85224-827-7Ruth PadelSilent Letters of the Alphabet (Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry) (Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Series)
2009978-1-85224-828-4Roddy LumsdenThird Wish Wasted
  ''978-1-85224-831-4Bernardine EvaristoLara
  ''978-1-85224-834-5Yang LianLee Valley Poems
2009978-1-85224-835-2Brendan KennellyReservoir Voices
  ''978-1-85224-838-3James Byrne · Clare PollardVoice Recognition: 21 Poets for the 21st Century
2010978-1-85224-839-0Roddy LumsdenIdentity Parade: New British and Irish Poets (New British & Irish Poets)
2009978-1-85224-840-6Samuel MenasheNew & Selected Poems (with DVD) (Book & DVD)
  ''978-1-85224-841-3Ruth StoneWhat Love Comes To: New & Selected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-842-0George SzirtesThe Burning of the Books and Other Poems
  ''978-1-85224-843-7Adrian MitchellTell Me Lies: Poems 2005-2008
2009978-1-85224-846-8Fred VossHammers and Hearts of the Gods
  ''978-1-85224-847-5Mary OliverEvidence
  ''978-1-85224-848-2Selima HillFruitcake
  ''978-1-85224-849-9Imtiaz DharkerLeaving Fingerprints
  ''978-1-85224-850-5Grace NicholsPicasso, I Want My Face Back
2009978-1-85224-851-2Frieda HughesThe Book of Mirrors
  ''978-1-85224-852-9Philip GrossThe Water Table
2010978-1-85224-853-6Arun KolatkarCollected Poems in English
2009978-1-85224-854-3W.S. MerwinThe Shadow of Sirius
  ''978-1-85224-855-0Patrick BrandonA Republic of Linen
2010978-1-85224-857-4A.S.J. TessimondCollected Poems: with Translations from Jacques Prevert
  ''978-1-85224-858-1Grace NicholsI Have Crossed an Ocean: Selected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-862-8Pablo NerudaThe Essential Neruda: Selected Poems
2010978-1-85224-863-5Matthew CaleyApparently
  ''978-1-85224-864-2Marina TsvetaevaArt in the Light of Conscience: Eight Essays on Poetry
  ''978-1-85224-867-3Chase TwichellHorses Where the Answers Should Have Been: New and Selected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-870-3Roy FisherStandard Midland
  ''978-1-85224-872-7Tony HoaglandUnincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty
2010978-1-85224-875-8C.K. WilliamsWait
  ''978-1-85224-876-5Brian TurnerPhantom Noise
  ''978-1-85224-877-2Gwyneth LewisA Hospital Odyssey
  ''978-1-85224-878-9Fleur AdcockDragon Talk
  ''978-1-85224-880-2George SzirtesFortinbras at the Fishhouses: Responsibility, the Iron Curtain and the Sense of History as Knowledge (Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry) (Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Series)
2010978-1-85224-882-6Penelope ShuttleSandgrain and Hourglass
  ''978-1-85224-884-0Peter ReadingVendange Tardive
  ''978-1-85224-885-7Ruth FainlightNew and Collected Poems
2011978-1-85224-889-5Jaan KaplinskiSelected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-890-1Kerry HardieSelected Poems
2013978-1-85224-896-3R. S. ThomasUncollected Poems
2011978-1-85224-897-0Robert HassThe Apple Trees at Olema: New & Selected Poems
2010978-1-85224-898-7Rabindranath TagoreI Won't Let You Go: Selected Poems
2011978-1-85224-899-4Gwyneth LewisSparrow Tree
  ''978-1-85224-900-7Garrison Keillor77 Love Sonnets
2011978-1-85224-907-6Mary OliverSwan
  ''978-1-85224-908-3Roddy LumsdenTerrific Melancholy (Bloo02 13 06 2019)
  ''978-1-85224-909-0Fiona SampsonMusic Lessons: Newcastle / Bloodaxe Poetry Lectures (Newcastle/Bloodaxe Poetry Series)
  ''978-1-85224-911-3Clare PollardChangeling
  ''978-1-85224-913-7Luljeta LleshanakuHaywire: New & Selected Poems
2011978-1-85224-914-4Ahren WarnerConfer
  ''978-1-85224-915-1Jacob Sam-La RoseBreaking Silence
  ''978-1-85224-916-8Andrew GreigAs Though We Were Flying
  ''978-1-85224-918-2Esther MorganGrace
  ''978-1-85224-919-9Philip GrossDeep Field
2012978-1-85224-929-8Jackie Kay · James Procter · Gemma Robinson · Anita SivakumaranOut of Bounds: British Black & Asian Poets (Newcastle / Bloodaxe Poetry)
2012978-1-85224-931-1Sarah JacksonPelt
  ''978-1-85224-934-2Tess GallagherMidnight Lantern: New & Selected Poems
  ''978-1-85224-936-6Tishani DoshiEverything Begins Elsewhere
  ''978-1-85224-939-7Anne CarsonAntigonick
  ''978-1-85224-940-3Helen DunmoreThe Malarkey
2012978-1-85224-942-7Neil AstleyEssential poems from the Staying Alive trilogy
2013978-1-85224-949-6Nathan HamiltonDear World & Everyone In It: New Poetry in the UK
  ''978-1-85224-973-1Fleur AdcockGlass Wings