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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1986978-1-85183-000-8Charles W.J. UnwinSweet Peas: Their History and Development Culture
1985978-1-85183-001-5David and WALKER, Neil CLAYTONBBC Radio's Norfolk Airline A-Z
1986978-1-85183-002-2Valerie ChazanKing's Pantry: Vegetarian Cook Book
1987978-1-85183-003-9Simon Brett · Society of Wood EngraversEngravers: A Handbook for the Nineties
1988978-1-85183-004-6Yvonne SkargonThe Importance of Being Oscar
  ''978-1-85183-005-3Simon BrettForty Nudes. An Anthology Of Wood Engravings
  ''978-1-85183-006-0Arthur Gray · Frederick BrittainA History of Jesus College, Cambridge
1989978-1-85183-007-7Mary ArcherRupert Brooke and The Old Vicarage, Grantchester
  ''978-1-85183-008-4Reynolds Stone · Simon BrettThe Wood Engravings of Gwen Raverat
  ''978-1-85183-009-1Colin RederWest Meadow Books
1989978-1-85183-015-2Charles CaruanaRock Under a Cloud
  ''978-1-85183-016-9Cordelia JonesEngraved Gardens
  ''978-1-85183-017-6Miriam MacgregorCat Cuts: A Collection of Engravers' Cats
1990978-1-85183-018-3Alan HankinsonCamera on the Crags: A Portfolio of Early Rock Climbing Photographers by the Abraham Brothers
1989978-1-85183-019-0Sheila Hollins · Lester Sireling · Elizabeth WebbWhen Dad Died
  ''978-1-85183-020-6Sheila Hollins · Lester Sireling · Elizabeth WebbWhen Mum Died
1990978-1-85183-022-0Colin R. LattimoreErotic Bookplates
  ''978-1-85183-023-7William Butler · Darlene ButlerModern British Bookplates
1990978-1-85183-024-4Sue PearsonTeddy Bears
1991978-1-85183-025-1R.P. ListerAllotments
1990978-1-85183-026-8Reginald SandersonFrom Land to Sea
1991978-1-85183-028-2Yvonne SkargonLily and Hodge and Doctor Johnson
1992978-1-85183-029-9Patricia JaffeThe Wood Engravings of Clare Leighton
1991978-1-85183-030-5Robin PageGardening the Country Way
1992978-1-85183-031-2W.E. ButlerSherlockian Bookplates
1991978-1-85183-032-9Catherina MarriottImpressions Poems by Catherina Marriott
1992978-1-85183-034-3J. E. RavenA Botanist's Garden
1993978-1-85183-036-7Iain BainThe Wood Engravings of Richard Shirley Smith
1992978-1-85183-038-1Simon Brett · Society of Wood EngraversEngravers Two: a Handbook compiled for the Society of Wood Engravers: Handbook of the Society of Wood Engravers
  ''978-1-85183-041-1Helen Kinnier WilsonCambridge Reflections
1995978-1-85183-042-8Mifune TsujiA Gift of Japanese Cooking
1992978-1-85183-043-5Anne Inglis · Anne InglesSome Like it Hot
  ''978-1-85183-044-2Peter BishopGrundisburgh: The History of a Suffolk Village
1994978-1-85183-045-9Simon BrettWood Engraving
1993978-1-85183-046-6Jill DaviesStar Gazing for Cats
1994978-1-85183-047-3Vicki Gillard-LoftCat Purr-oems
1993978-1-85183-051-0Gilbert WhiteGilbert White
  ''978-1-85183-053-4Margaret Lloyd Davies · T.A.Lloyd DaviesThe Bible, The: Medicine and Myth
  ''978-1-85183-055-8Brian CarterD-Day Landings
1994978-1-85183-056-5Lora UrbanelliThe Wood Engravings of Lucien Pissarro
1994978-1-85183-058-9Karin JonzenKarin Jonzen Sculpture
1990978-1-85183-062-6a KalashnikovAnatoly Kalashnikov RE (Hon)
1997978-1-85183-063-3Alderson/BrianJohn Lawrence (Contemporary wood engravers)
  ''978-1-85183-065-7Simon BrettJudith Jaidinger (Contemporary wood engravers)
  ''978-1-85183-066-4Hilary ChapmanGeoffrey Wales (Contemporary wood engravers)
1994978-1-85183-067-1Simon BrettWood Engraving
1997978-1-85183-068-8William E. Butler · Maryann Gashi-ButlerAmerican Bookplates
  ''978-1-85183-069-5Simon BrettThe Wood Engravings of Joan Hassall
1995978-1-85183-070-1A. E. HousmanA Shropshire Lad
1996978-1-85183-071-8Berthold Ornaments (Printer's ornaments & flowers)
  ''978-1-85183-072-5Andrew BoagMonotype Ornaments (Printer's ornaments & flowers)
1997978-1-85183-073-2Bade JacksonA Gift of Turkish Cooking
1997978-1-85183-074-9Gillian NewsumEngraved Horses
  ''978-1-85183-075-6Engraved Gardens 2
1995978-1-85183-076-3Mary SawdonA History of Victorian Skirt Grips
  ''978-1-85183-077-0Muriel Brittain · Denis Bray · Brian Coulton · Desmond Harriss · John SavillHistory of the Jesus College Boat Club 1827-1994
  ''978-1-85183-078-7A. E. HousmanUnkind to Unicorns: Comic Verse of A.E. Housman
  ''978-1-85183-079-4Elizabeth MorrisonGoverness Abroad
1996978-1-85183-080-0Norman De BruyneMy Life
1997978-1-85183-081-7Thomas HardySelected Poetry of Thomas Hardy
1995978-1-85183-082-4Lavinia GrantNyamaluki: Small Piece of Africa
1995978-1-85183-084-8Margaret SlackGingerbread
  ''978-1-85183-085-5Yvonne SkargonLily and Hodge and Doctor Johnson
  ''978-1-85183-086-2   ''Importance of Being Oscar
1996978-1-85183-087-9Kate EustacePeter Blake (Contemporary wood engravers)
1995978-1-85183-088-6Samuel JohnsonLily and Hodge and Dr Johnson
  ''978-1-85183-089-3Oscar WildeThe Importance of Being Oscar
1996978-1-85183-091-6Miriam MacgregorCat Cuts
  ''978-1-85183-093-0Yvonne SkargonA Garden of My Own: An Anthology
1996978-1-85183-095-4Colin HambidgeThe Unwins Book of Sweet Peas
  ''978-1-85183-096-1John Forster MillardNever a Dull Moment
  ''978-1-85183-098-5Geoff GreenSimplifying Layout
  ''978-1-85183-099-2Geoff GreenSimplifying Typography
  ''978-1-85183-100-5   ''New Book Design
1997978-1-85183-102-9Oscar WildeThe Ballad of Reading Gaol
1996978-1-85183-103-6Bruce PinkardThe Observations of Miu
1997978-1-85183-104-3John F. GreenwoodCambridge Notebook
1996978-1-85183-105-0Margaret SlackOatmeal