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2009978-1-85177-554-5Edith HeadHow to Dress for Success
2008978-1-85177-555-2Christian DiorThe Little Dictionary of Fashion: A Guide to Dress Sense for Every Woman
  ''978-1-85177-556-9Amies HardyABC of Men's Fashion
2009978-1-85177-557-6Stephen Jones · Oriole Cullen · John GallianoHats: An Anthology
  ''978-1-85177-558-3Michael Snodin · Nigel LlewellynBaroque: Style in the Age of Magnificence, 1620-1800: Magnificence and Style
2012978-1-85177-559-0Sandy BlackKnitting: Fashion, Industry, Craft
2009978-1-85177-560-6Gareth WilliamsTelling Tales: Fantasy and Fear in Contemporary Design: Narrative in Design Art
  ''978-1-85177-561-3Mendes · V. · de la Haye · A.Lucile Ltd: London, Paris, New York and Chicago: 1890s-1930s
  ''978-1-85177-562-0Earle Joe & Irvine GregJapanese Art and Design
2009978-1-85177-564-4Paul PoiretKing of Fashion: The Autobiography of Paul Poiret (V&A Fashion Perspectives)
  ''978-1-85177-565-1Suzanne LussierArt Deco Fashion
  ''978-1-85177-567-5Hart A. · North S.17th & 18th Century Fashion Detail (Fashion in Detail)
  ''978-1-85177-568-2Rosemary Crill · Jennifer Wearden · Verity WilsonWorld Dress Fashion in Detail
  ''978-1-85177-571-2Wilcox C · Mendes VTwentieth Century Fashion in Detail (V & A Fashion in Details)
2009978-1-85177-572-9Lucy JohnstonNineteenth Century Fashion in Detail
  ''978-1-85177-573-6Anna Jackson · Amin JafferMaharaja: The Splendour of India's Royal Courts
  ''978-1-85177-574-3Jones S · Cullen O.Hats (Special Edition)
  ''978-1-85177-576-7Stacey PiersonChinese Ceramics: A Design History
  ''978-1-85177-578-1Palmer AlexanderDior
2009978-1-85177-579-8Kennedy K · Davies GMedieval and Renaissance Art
  ''978-1-85177-581-1Angus PattersonFashion and Armour in Rennaissance
  ''978-1-85177-582-8Marian CampbellMedieval Jewellery in Europe 1100-1500
  ''978-1-85177-583-5Townsend EleanorDeath and Art
  ''978-1-85177-584-2Linda ParryV&A Pattern: William Morris
2009978-1-85177-585-9Prichard SueV&A Patterns: The Fifties
  ''978-1-85177-586-6Rosemary CrillV&A Pattern: Indian Florals
  ''978-1-85177-587-3Dodds DouglasV&A Pattern: Digital Pioneers
2010978-1-85177-588-0Antonia BrodieV&A Pattern: Garden Florals
  ''978-1-85177-589-7Valerie MendesV&A Pattern: Novelty Patterns
2009978-1-85177-590-3AbramsV&A Pattern
2010978-1-85177-595-8Sue PrichardQuilts, 1700-2010: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories
  ''978-1-85177-596-5Prichard SuePatchwork for Beginners
2010978-1-85177-597-2Alwyn W. TurnerMy Generation: Glory Yrs Brit Rock: The Glory Years of British Rock
  ''978-1-85177-598-9Marian Rosser-OwenIslamic Arts from Spain
  ''978-1-85177-599-6Haugland Kristina withGrace Kelly Style
2011978-1-85177-600-9Geoffrey Aquillina RossThe Day of the Peacock
2010978-1-85177-601-6Christine BoydellHorrockses Fashions: Off-the-Peg Style in the 40s and 50s
  ''978-1-85177-602-3Charlottle GereArtistic Circles: Design and Decoration in the Aesthetic Movement
  ''978-1-85177-603-0Paul Williamson et alMedieval and Renaissance Treasures
2010978-1-85177-604-7Amelekhina SvetlanaMagnificence of the Tsars
  ''978-1-85177-605-4Abraham ThomasV&A Pattern: Owen Jones
  ''978-1-85177-606-1Anna JacksonV&A Pattern: Kimono
  ''978-1-85177-607-8V&A PublishingV&A Pattern: Box-Set II
2012978-1-85177-608-5Sue PrichardQuilts 1700-2010: Hidden Histories, Untold Stories
2010978-1-85177-609-2Maxwell ChristopherFrench Porcelain of the Eighteenth Century
2009978-1-85177-610-8Glenn Adamson · Edmund De Waal · Alun GravesSigns and Wonders: Edmund De Waal and the V&A Ceramics Galleries
2010978-1-85177-612-2Williamson PaulMedieval Ivory Carvings: Early Christian to Romanesque
  ''978-1-85177-613-9Pritchard JaneDiaghilev and the Golden Age of the
2010978-1-85177-615-3Wearden JenniferIranian Textiles
  ''978-1-85177-616-0   ''Underwear
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2011978-1-85177-622-1Yueh-Siang ChangV&A Pattern: Chinese Textiles
2011978-1-85177-626-9Evans MarkJohn Constable
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2011978-1-85177-632-0Rose KerrChinese Export Ceramics
2010978-1-85177-634-4Browne ClareRaphael
2011978-1-85177-635-1Thunder MoiraV&A Pattern: Spitalfields Silks
  ''978-1-85177-636-8Cullen OrioleV&A Pattern: Pop Patterns
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2011978-1-85177-645-0Edwards EllunedTextiles and Dress of Gujarat
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  ''978-1-85177-650-4Church RachelRings
  ''978-1-85177-652-8Amy de la Haye edA to Z of Style
  ''978-1-85177-653-5Daniel CharnyPower of Making: The Case for Making and Skills
2011978-1-85177-654-2Susanna BrownQueen Elizabeth II: Portraits by Cecil Beaton
  ''978-1-85177-655-9Peyton SkipwithEdward Bawden's London
2012978-1-85177-656-6Lisa MonnasRenaissance Velvets
2011978-1-85177-657-3Gregory IrvineJapanese Cloisonne Enamels
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2012978-1-85177-660-3Lesley JacksonAlastair Morton and Edinburgh Weave: Visionary Textiles and Modern Art
2011978-1-85177-661-0Gill SaundersRecording Britain
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2012978-1-85177-665-8Sinha SuhashiniKalighat Paintings
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2012978-1-85177-682-5Mary SchoeserV&A Pattern: Sanderson
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  ''978-1-85177-688-7Stephen JonesHats
2012978-1-85177-689-4Eric RaviliousHigh Street
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2012978-1-85177-706-8Elisa P SaniItalian Renaissance Maiolica
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  ''978-1-85177-711-2Sinty Stemp edA to Z of Hollywood Style
  ''978-1-85177-714-3Sonia AshmoreMuslin
2013978-1-85177-725-9Sonnet Stanfill80s Fashion:: From Club to Catwalk
2013978-1-85177-729-7Jane PerryTraditional Jewellery in Ninteenth-Century Europe
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  ''978-1-85177-733-4Karen LivingstoneV&A Pattern: C.F.A. Voysey
978-1-85177-735-8David Bowie Is
2013978-1-85177-736-5Hari KunzruMemory Palace
  ''978-1-85177-737-2Victoria Broackes · Geoffrey MarshDavid Bowie Is
2013978-1-85177-746-4Oriole CullenBallgowns:: British Glamour since 1950
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  ''978-1-85177-752-5Claire WilcoxV&A gallery of fashion
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2013978-1-85177-758-7Susan OwensThe Art of Drawing: British Masters and Methods Since 1600
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2014978-1-85177-772-3Julius BryantAlec Cobbe: Designs for Historic Interiors
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2014978-1-85177-776-1Sonnet StanfillThe Glamour of Italian Fashion: Since 1945 (Victoria & Albert Museum: Exhibition Catalogues)
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2014978-1-85177-787-7Mark L. Evans · Jane Shoaf Turner · Christopher WhiteDutch & Flemish Drawings: At the Victoria and Albert Museum
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2014978-1-85177-812-6Pekka KorvenmaaFinnish Design: A Concise History
  ''978-1-85177-815-7V&A PublishingV&A Pattern: 100 Postcards
2015978-1-85177-827-0Claire WilcoxAlexander McQueen
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2015978-1-85177-853-9Rosemary CrillThe Fabric of India
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2016978-1-85177-893-5Claire Wilcox · Jenny ListerV&A Gallery of Fashion: Revised Edition
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2018978-1-85177-949-9Daniel FinamoreOcean Liners
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2018978-1-85177-978-9Christian DiorDior by Dior: The autobiography of Christian Dior (V&A Fashion Perspectives)
2019978-1-85177-990-1Oriole Cullen · Connie Karol BurksChristian Dior