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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-85137-002-3Pat Mee · Brian MeeOutdoor Navigation: Handbook for Tutors
2003978-1-85137-011-5C. McNeill · et alOrienteering in the National Curriculum: Keystages 1-3
1990978-1-85137-040-5Carol McNeill · Renfrew · Tom RenfrewStart Orienteering: 6-8 Year Olds Bk. 1
1993978-1-85137-090-0Anne BragginsTrail Orienteering: An Outdoor Activity for People with Disabilities (Start Orienteering)
2010978-1-85137-152-5Harvey Map Services LtdLakeland: East (Superwalker)
1998978-1-85137-158-7Harvey Map Services Ltd.Cairngorm (Superwalker)
1996978-1-85137-223-2H R F KeatingWest Highland Way (Walker's Route S.)
  ''978-1-85137-233-1Harvey Map Services LtdMountain Chart of England and Wales (Feature Maps)
1997978-1-85137-238-6   ''Galloway Hills (Superwalker)
  ''978-1-85137-242-3   ''South Downs Way (Walker's Route S.)
  ''978-1-85137-247-8Harvey Map Services Ltd.St Cuthberts Way (Map) (Walker's Route S.)
  ''978-1-85137-287-4Harvey Map Services LtdSkye: The Cuillin (Superwalker)
2016978-1-85137-289-8   ''Munro and Corbett Chart (Harvey)
2010978-1-85137-292-8   ''Lakeland: Central (Superwalker)
2009978-1-85137-297-3Harvey Map Services LtdLakeland: North (Superwalker)
2011978-1-85137-299-7   ''Yorkshire Dales: Three Peaks (Superwalker)
1999978-1-85137-302-4   ''Long Distance Path Chart (Walker's Route)
2011978-1-85137-304-8   ''Torridon (Superwalker)
2014978-1-85137-308-6   ''Ochil Hills XT25 (Superwalker)
2014978-1-85137-313-0Harvey Map Services LtdPentland Hills XT25 (Superwalker)
1999978-1-85137-314-7   ''Ridgeway (Walker's Map S.)
2008978-1-85137-318-5   ''Dark Peak (Superwalker)
2004978-1-85137-319-2   ''Arran (Superwalker)
2005978-1-85137-323-9   ''Kintail, Glenshiel (Superwalker)
2010978-1-85137-327-7Harvey Map Services LtdLakeland: West (Superwalker)
2000978-1-85137-333-8   ''Ben Nevis (Superwalker)
  ''978-1-85137-334-5   ''Cumbria Way (Walker's Route S.)
  ''978-1-85137-337-6Speyside Way (Walker's Route S.)
2015978-1-85137-338-3Harvey Map Services LtdConnemara (Superwalker)
2000978-1-85137-342-0   ''Cotswold Way (Walker's Route S.)
  ''978-1-85137-343-7   ''Ben Ledi (Superwalker)
2002978-1-85137-344-4Harvey Map ServicesCheviot Hills (Superwalker)
2009978-1-85137-348-2Harvey Map Services LtdCrianlarich, Ben Lui and Ben More (Superwalker)
2016978-1-85137-349-9Harvey Map Services LtdGlen Coe XT25 Superwalker
2000978-1-85137-352-9   ''Malvern Hills (Superwalker)
2009978-1-85137-354-3   ''Lochnagar and Glen Shee (Superwalker)
2010978-1-85137-357-4   ''Lakeland: South West (Superwalker)
  ''978-1-85137-358-1   ''Lakeland: South East (Superwalker)
  ''978-1-85137-362-8Harvey Map ServicesSnowdonia West, Snowdon, Moelwyn Superwalker
2014978-1-85137-364-2Harvey Map Services LtdSkye: Storr and Trotternish XT25 (Superwalker)
2001978-1-85137-367-3Harvey Map Services LtdNorth Downs Way(West): Farnham to the Medway (Route Map)
  ''978-1-85137-368-0   ''Dartmoor (Superwalker)
2002978-1-85137-369-7   ''Dales Way (Walker's Route)
2007978-1-85137-372-7Thames Path (Walker's Route S.)
  ''978-1-85137-373-4Yorkshire Dales: Halham (Superwalker)
2014978-1-85137-374-1Harvey Map Services LtdBen Lawers, Schiehallion & Glen Lyon XT25 (Superwalker): Tarmachan Ridee and Glen Lyon
2001978-1-85137-379-6   ''North Downs Way (East): Dover to Medway (Walker's Route) (Route Map)
2016978-1-85137-383-3   ''Wicklow Mountains (Superwalker)
2002978-1-85137-384-0Harvey Map Services Ltd.Great Glen Way (Walker's Route)
  ''978-1-85137-387-1Harvey Map Services LtdLong Distance Path Chart (Harvey Maps)
2002978-1-85137-389-5Harvey Map Services LtdBen Lomond and Loch Katrine (Superwalker)
  ''978-1-85137-392-5   ''Nidderdale Way (Walker's Route) (Walker's Route S.)
2012978-1-85137-393-2   ''Yorkshire Dales Cycle Way
  ''978-1-85137-397-0   ''Yorkshire Dales Reeth Walks (Walker's Route) (Walker's Route S.)
2010978-1-85137-400-7   ''Snowdonia the Glyderau and the Carneddau (Superwalker)
2011978-1-85137-401-4Harvey MapsCycle Rides in the Yorkshire Dales (Harvey)
2014978-1-85137-402-1Harvey MapsBen Nevis XT25 (Superwalker)
2013978-1-85137-404-5Harvey Map Services LtdSerengeti: Official Map & Visitor Guide (African Map)
2003978-1-85137-405-2Harvey Map Services Ltd.Hadrian's Wall Path (Walker's Route)
2005978-1-85137-406-9Harvey Map Services LtdPennine Bridleway: Derbyshire to South Pennines (Route Map Series)
2014978-1-85137-407-6Harvey MapsSkye the Cuillin XT25 (Superwalker)
2009978-1-85137-409-0Harvey Map Services LtdAn Teallach (Superwalker)
2003978-1-85137-410-6   ''Coast to Coast (west): St Bees to Keld (Route Map)
2014978-1-85137-411-3Harvey MapSettle - Carlisle Railway: Map and Line Guide (Railway Heritage Map & Guide)
  ''978-1-85137-412-0Harvey Map Services LtdYorkshire Dales: Skipton and Surroundings Walks: Walking Map (Harvey Day Rambles)
2016978-1-85137-413-7Harvey MapsCannock Chase
2010978-1-85137-415-1Harvey Map Services LtdYorkshire Dales Grassington Walks (Rambling Maps)
2005978-1-85137-416-8   ''Settle to Carlisle: Linking the Stations of the Famous Railway (Harvey Route Map)
2013978-1-85137-417-5   ''Yorkshire Dales: Upper Swaledale (Walks Maps)
2014978-1-85137-418-2Harvey MapsCotswold Way XT40 (Route Map)
2015978-1-85137-420-5Harvey Map Services LtdYorkshire Dales Hawes Walks (Rambling Maps)
2013978-1-85137-421-2   ''Pennine Way North: Greenhead to Kirk Yetholm (Harvey Route Map) (Route Map Series)
2011978-1-85137-422-9Harvey MapsSouth West Coast Path 1: Minehead to Bude (Route Map)
2007978-1-85137-423-6Harvey MapsMalvern Hills
2016978-1-85137-424-3Harvey Map Services LtdCumbria Way XT40 (Route Map)
2005978-1-85137-426-7   ''Pennine Way Central: Horton to Greenhead (Harvey Route Map) (Route Map Series)
2006978-1-85137-427-4Harvey MapsSouth West Coast Path 2: Bude to Portreath (Route Maps)
2016978-1-85137-428-1Harvey Map Services LtdDales Way: XT40 (Route Map)
2015978-1-85137-430-4   ''Yorkshire Dales Sedbergh Walks (Harvey Day Rambles)
2005978-1-85137-431-1   ''Pennine Way South: Edale to Horton (Harvey Route Map)
2013978-1-85137-432-8Harvey MapsSouth West Coast Path 3: Portreath to Lizard Point (Route Maps)
2016978-1-85137-433-5Harvey MapYorkshire Dales: Map for Touring and Planning (Routemap)
2011978-1-85137-437-3Harvey MapsSouth West Coast Path 4 XT40: Lizard to Plymouth (Route Map)
2015978-1-85137-438-0Harvey Map Services LtdHadrians Wall XT40 Route Map
2003978-1-85137-440-3   ''Coast to Coast (east): Keld to Robin Hood's Bay (Route Map)
2011978-1-85137-442-7Harvey Map Services LtdSouth West Coat Path 5: Plymouth to Sidmouth (Route Map)
2015978-1-85137-443-4   ''Ben Nevis and Glen Coe (British Mountain Map): 1
2014978-1-85137-447-2   ''South West Coat Path 6 XT40: Sidmouth to South Haven (Route Map)
2003978-1-85137-450-2   ''Yorkshire Dales for Cyclists (Cycling Map)
2011978-1-85137-451-9   ''Offa's Dyke Path North (Route Map)
2016978-1-85137-453-3Harvey Map Services LtdCairngorms and Lochnagar (British Mountain Map)
2012978-1-85137-454-0   ''Dartmoor for Cyclists: for Off-road Cycling and Cycle Touring
2011978-1-85137-455-7   ''Yorkshire Dales: Dales South: Malham and Wharfedale (Outdoor Map)
2005978-1-85137-456-4   ''Offa's Dyke Path South (Route Map)
2016978-1-85137-458-8   ''West Highland Way XT40 (Route Map)
2014978-1-85137-459-5Harvey Map Services LtdPembroke Coast Path (Route Map)
2003978-1-85137-460-1   ''Yorkshire Dales: Dales East: Pateley Bridge and Nidder Dale (Outdoor Map)
2005978-1-85137-461-8Harvey MapsBen Venue: Loch Ard Forest and the Trossachs (Superwalker)
2012978-1-85137-462-5   ''Macgillycuddy's Reeks (Superwalker)
2015978-1-85137-463-2Harvey Map Services LtdGreat Glen Way XT40 (Route Maps)
2010978-1-85137-465-6Harvey MapsYorkshire Dales: Dales West: Sedbergh and the 3 Peaks (Outdoor Map)
2005978-1-85137-466-3Harvey Map Services LtdBen Ledi: Hills North of Callander (Superwalker)
2015978-1-85137-467-0Harvey MapsLake District BMC (British Mountain Map)
2014978-1-85137-470-0   ''Yorkshire Dales: Dales North: Wensleydale and Swaledale (Outdoor Map)
2006978-1-85137-471-7   ''Snowdonia Rhinogs (Superwalker)
978-1-85137-472-4Snowdonia North BMC (British Mountain Map)
2014978-1-85137-474-8Harvey Map Services LtdSt Cuthbert's Way: XT40 Edition (Route Maps)
2016978-1-85137-477-9Harvey Map Services LtdSouth Downs Way XT40 (Route Maps): National Trail
2015978-1-85137-478-6   ''Ridgeway XT40 (Route Maps)
2010978-1-85137-479-3   ''Knoydart (Superwalker)
2013978-1-85137-482-3Harvey MapsDark Peak BMC (British Mountain Map): 1
2016978-1-85137-483-0Harvey Map Services LtdCoast to Coast XT40: East (Route Maps): 1
  ''978-1-85137-484-7   ''Bob Graham Round Map: Lakeland Fells
2008978-1-85137-485-4   ''Isle of Man (Superwalker)
2015978-1-85137-487-8Harvey MapsSpeyside Way XT 40 Route Map: National Trail (Harvey National Trails XT40) (Route Map Series)
2016978-1-85137-488-5Harvey Map Services LtdCoast to Coast West St Bees to Keld (Route Map)
2015978-1-85137-489-2Harvey Map Services LtdCleveland Way (Route Maps)
2012978-1-85137-490-8   ''Lake District National Park (Harvey Outdoor Atlas)
2005978-1-85137-491-5Harvey MapsArrochar Alps (Superwalker)
2010978-1-85137-494-6   ''Suilven (Superwalker)
2004978-1-85137-495-3   ''Yorkshire Dales Outdoor Atlas (Harvey Outdoor Atlas)
2014978-1-85137-496-0Harvey Map Services LtdYorkshire Dales: Askrigg and Aysgarth (Harvey Day Rambles)
2008978-1-85137-498-4   ''Yorkshire Dales (British Mountain Map)
2014978-1-85137-502-8Harvey Map Services LtdOffa's Dyke South XT40 (Harvey National Trails XT40) (Route Map)
2011978-1-85137-510-3   ''North York Moors (British Mountain Map)
2014978-1-85137-512-7   ''Thames Path: XT40 (Route Map Series): 1
2012978-1-85137-513-4   ''White Peak (British Mountain Map)
2016978-1-85137-519-6   ''Rob Roy Way: XT40
2014978-1-85137-529-5Harvey MapsNorth Downs Way XT40: (East & West): 1
2016978-1-85137-533-2Harvey Map Services LtdCape Wrath Trail North XT40: Route Map
2016978-1-85137-534-9Harvey Map Services LtdCape Wrath Trail South XT40: Route Map
2015978-1-85137-545-5   ''Lake District North XT25 (Superwalker XT25)
  ''978-1-85137-546-2   ''Lake District West XT25 (Superwalker)
  ''978-1-85137-547-9   ''Lake District East XT25 (Superwalker XT25)
2017978-1-85137-592-9Harvey MapsYorkshire Wolds Way (Trail map)
2019978-1-85137-616-2Harvey Map Services LtdPennine Way South XT40 (Trail Maps)