ISIS Large Print Books

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
1985978-1-85089-028-7Sue TownsendThe Secret Diary of Adrian Mole Aged Thirteen and Three Quarters
1986978-1-85089-037-9E.OE. Somerville · Martin RossFurther Experiences of an Irish R.M. (Isis Large Print Fiction)
1995978-1-85089-044-7Terry PratchettMort
1989978-1-85089-054-6Winifred BeecheyRich Mrs. Robinson
1986978-1-85089-078-2Paul GallicoThomasina
1985978-1-85089-081-2John McCabeMr. Laurel and Mr.Hardy (ISIS Large Print)
1986978-1-85089-089-8Mary RenaultThe King Must Die (ISIS Large Print)
  ''978-1-85089-094-2C. S. LewisThe Magician's Nephew
  ''978-1-85089-099-7C. S. LewisPrince Caspian
  ''978-1-85089-104-8   ''The Silver Chair (Handi-read)
  ''978-1-85089-108-6   ''The Last Battle
1986978-1-85089-114-7Tom SharpeWilt (Mainstream Series)
  ''978-1-85089-119-2Bernard MalamudThe Fixer, The (Isis Large Print Fiction)
  ''978-1-85089-123-9Mary RenaultThe Bull from the Sea (ISIS Large Print)
  ''978-1-85089-129-1Doris LessingThe Grass is Singing (Large Print Edition)
1988978-1-85089-253-3J. L. CarrMonth in the Country (Transaction Large Print Books)
1989978-1-85089-284-7John GardnerJames Bond in John Gardner's Scorpius
  ''978-1-85089-294-6Angela ThirkellWild Strawberries (Transaction Large Print Books)
1991978-1-85089-297-7Christopher RallingKon-Tiki Man: Thor Heyerdahl (Transaction Large Print Books)
1989978-1-85089-336-3Ray MooreTomorrow is Too Late: An Autobiography
1991978-1-85089-364-6Jan StrutherMrs. Miniver (Transaction Large Print Books)
1989978-1-85089-365-3Lesley Hilton · Pat RowlandsonEasy Does it: Guide to Exercise and Health Care for the Over Fifties (Transaction Large Print Books)
1991978-1-85089-404-9Anita BrooknerLook at Me (Transaction Large Print Books)
1990978-1-85089-406-3Joan Le MesurierLady Don't Fall Backwards
1991978-1-85089-429-2The Return of the King
1990978-1-85089-431-5Michael GreenThe Boy Who Shot Down an Airship: The First Part of an Autobiography
1991978-1-85089-454-4John ClelandFanny Hill (ISIS Large Print S.)
1987978-1-85089-461-2Maureen LipmanSomething to Fall Back on
1992978-1-85089-462-9Ellis PetersDeath Mask: Complete & Unabridged
1991978-1-85089-464-3Charles DickensThe Pickwick Papers: v.1: Vol 1 (ISIS Large Print)
1990978-1-85089-470-4Wilkie CollinsThe Woman in White (ISIS Large Print S.)
1990978-1-85089-486-5Stafford Hildred · David GrittenTom Jones
1992978-1-85089-494-0Walter ScottIvanhoe (Clear Type Classics S.)
1991978-1-85089-496-4Michael GreenNobody Hurt in Small Earthquake: Sequel to "Boy Who Shot Down an Airship"
  ''978-1-85089-506-0W. H. DaviesYoung Emma (Transaction Large Print Books)
1992978-1-85089-527-5Vera Lynn · Robin CrossWe'll Meet Again: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-1-85089-532-9E. F. BensonLucia in London: Complete & Unabridged (The Lucia series)
1991978-1-85089-550-3Paul RicheyFighter Pilot
  ''978-1-85089-553-4Barbara PymQuartet in Autumn: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
  ''978-1-85089-562-6John SteinbeckSweet Thursday: Complete & Unabridged
1992978-1-85089-563-3P. G. WodehouseMan Upstairs and Other Stories: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
1991978-1-85089-601-2Colin ForbesTerminal: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
1988978-1-85089-604-3Barbara CartlandThe Cruel Count: Complete & Unabridged
1990978-1-85089-610-4Mary WesleySensible Life: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
1990978-1-85089-612-8Greville WynneMan from Odessa: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
1991978-1-85089-617-3Mike TomkiesMoobli: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-1-85089-627-2Muriel SparkStories of Muriel Spark: Pt. 1. Complete & Unabridged
1987978-1-85089-629-6Barbara CartlandSign of Love: Complete & Unabridged
1991978-1-85089-642-5Jan StrutherMrs. Miniver: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
  ''978-1-85089-648-7Simon BrettMrs. Pargeter's Package: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
  ''978-1-85089-670-8Georgette HeyerSylvester: Complete & Unabridged
1987978-1-85089-683-8John HillabyJourney Through Britain: Complete & Unabridged
1991978-1-85089-690-6Colin ForbesStockholm Syndicate: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-1-85089-695-1   ''Target 5: Complete & Unabridged
1991978-1-85089-696-8Peter Somerville-LargeTo the Navel of the World: Complete & Unabridged: Yaks and Unheroic Travels in Nepal and Tibet
1990978-1-85089-703-3Tom SharpeThe Throwback, The: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-1-85089-709-5Colin ForbesJanus Man: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
1988978-1-85089-710-1   ''Avalanche Express: Complete & Unabridged
1990978-1-85089-713-2Graham GreeneGetting to Know the General: Complete & Unabridged: The Story of an Involvement
  ''978-1-85089-729-3Winifred HoltbyPoor Caroline: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-1-85089-748-4E.F. BensonMapp and Lucia: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
  ''978-1-85089-749-1W. Somerset MaughamAshenden: Complete & Unabridged
1989978-1-85089-751-4Alistair MacLeanIce Station Zebra: Complete & Unabridged
1990978-1-85089-752-1Alistair MacLeanSan Andreas: Complete & Unabridged
1987978-1-85089-755-2Simon BrettNice Class of Corpse: Complete & Unabridged (Isis Series)
1990978-1-85089-764-4Fay WeldonShrapnel Academy: Complete & Unabridged
1990978-1-85089-769-9E. F. BensonMiss Mapp: Complete & Unabridged
1988978-1-85089-772-9Tom SharpeVintage Stuff: Complete & Unabridged
1989978-1-85089-778-1P. G. WodehouseSomething Fresh: Complete & Unabridged
1991978-1-85089-779-8Elizabeth GeorgePayment in Blood: Complete & Unabridged (Isis Series/8 Audio Cassettes)
1988978-1-85089-787-3Christopher NolanUnder the Eye of the Clock: Complete & Unabridged
1994978-1-85089-789-7Monica DickensOne Pair of Hands: Complete & Unabridged
1991978-1-85089-793-4Mary WesleyVacillations of Poppy Carew: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
1989978-1-85089-795-8Michael DibdinRat King: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
1991978-1-85089-822-1Dorothy SimpsonNight She Died: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
  ''978-1-85089-832-0Winston GrahamForgotten Story: Complete & Unabridged
1989978-1-85089-834-4Spike MilliganWhere Have All the Bullets Gone?: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-1-85089-847-4Gavin YoungSlow Boats Home: Complete & Unabridged (Isis)
1991978-1-85089-852-8Muriel SparkStories of Muriel Spark: Complete & Unabridged Pt. 2
1992978-1-85089-867-2Nancy MitfordHighland Fling [6 Cassettes Pack]
1993978-1-85089-869-6Tony HillermanSkinwalkers: Complete & Unabridged
  ''978-1-85089-871-9Patrick O'BrianThe Mauritius Command: Complete & Unabridged
1992978-1-85089-874-0Joanna LumleyStare Back and Smile: Complete & Unabridged: Memoirs (Isis Series)
  ''978-1-85089-877-1Patrick O'BrianMaster and Commander: Complete & Unabridged
1995978-1-85089-879-5David LodgeTherapy: Complete & Unabridged
1992978-1-85089-886-3Michael BondMonsieur Pamplemousse: Complete & Unabridged
1986978-1-85089-902-0Roald DahlCharlie and the Chocolate Factory (Handi-read)
1987978-1-85089-914-3Philippa PearceTom's Midnight Garden (Handi-read)
1989978-1-85089-989-1Lewis CarrollAlice in Wonderland (Windrush)