Paper Tiger

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
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2000978-1-85028-011-8Jim Burns · Chris EvansLightship
1999978-1-85028-012-5Chris AchilleosSirens (Paper tiger)
1986978-1-85028-022-4John Gooders · Trevor BoyerDucks of Britain and the Northern Hemisphere
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  ''978-1-85028-024-8Patrick WoodroffeA Closer Look At The Art Techniques Of Patrick Woodroffe
1986978-1-85028-025-5Patrick WoodroffeA Closer Look. The Art Techniques of Patrick Woodroffe
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1987978-1-85028-032-3Michael Moorcock · Rodney MatthewsElric at the End of Time
  ''978-1-85028-042-2Patrick WoodroffeThe Second Earth
  ''978-1-85028-043-9   ''The Second Earth
1988978-1-85028-047-7   ''The Dorbott of Vacuo
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1991978-1-85028-049-1Chris FossDiary of a Spaceperson
1988978-1-85028-051-4Chris AchilleosMedusa
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2001978-1-85028-072-9Tim WhiteChiaroscuro
1999978-1-85028-081-1Jim FitzpatrickThe Silver Arm
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1989978-1-85028-096-5Rodney MatthewsLast Ship Home
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978-1-85028-142-9Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
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1992978-1-85028-151-1George C. McGavinInsects of the Northern Hemisphere
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1994978-1-85028-155-9Aubrey Powell · Peter ChristophersonClassic Album Covers of the 70's (The album cover albums)
2000978-1-85028-161-0Tim Hildebrandt · Jack E. NortonThe Fantasy Art Techniques of Tim Hildebrandt
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1993978-1-85028-259-4Josh KirbyThe Josh Kirby Discworld Portfolio
1994978-1-85028-272-3P. WoodroffePatrick Woodroffe (Paper Tiger Miniatures)
1995978-1-85028-279-2Philip WilkinsonCaves to Cathedrals (Ideas & Inventions)
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