David Fickling Books (PB)

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-84992-000-1Kenneth OppelHalf Brother
2010978-1-84992-001-8Alison GoodmanEon: Rise of the Dragoneye
  ''978-1-84992-003-2John DickinsonThe Fatal Child (The Cup Of The World)
  ''978-1-84992-004-9Jeremy de QuidtThe Toymaker
  ''978-1-84992-005-6Siobhan DowdSolace of the Road
  ''978-1-84992-006-3Adèle GerasDido
2010978-1-84992-011-7Lyn GardnerOut of the Woods
  ''978-1-84992-012-4Steve AugardeX-Isle
  ''978-1-84992-013-1Mark HaddonBoom!
  ''978-1-84992-018-6Nick SharrattShark in the Dark
  ''978-1-84992-020-9Charlie SmallCharlie Small: Forest of Skulls
2010978-1-84992-021-6Charlie SmallCharlie Small: Planet of the Gerks
  ''978-1-84992-022-3   ''Charlie Small: Land of the Remotosaurs
2011978-1-84992-023-0   ''Charlie Small: The Hawk's Nest
  ''978-1-84992-024-7   ''Charlie Small: The Final Showdown
2012978-1-84992-036-0Simon MasonMoon Pie
  ''978-1-84992-037-7D M CornishMonster Blood Tattoo: Factotum: Book Three
2011978-1-84992-039-1Candy GourlayTall Story
  ''978-1-84992-040-7John BoyneNoah Barleywater Runs Away
2010978-1-84992-041-4Mark HaddonThe Curious Incident of the Dog In the Night-time
2011978-1-84992-042-1Siobhan DowdBog Child
2010978-1-84992-043-8John BoyneThe Boy in the Striped Pyjamas
2010978-1-84992-044-5Siobhan DowdThe London Eye Mystery
  ''978-1-84992-045-2Jenny DownhamBefore I Die
  ''978-1-84992-046-9SF SaidThe Outlaw Varjak Paw
2011978-1-84992-048-3Jenny DownhamYou Against Me
  ''978-1-84992-049-0Linda NewberyLob
2010978-1-84992-051-3Giles AndreaePants and More Pants (2 bk bind-up)
2013978-1-84992-052-0Dave SheltonA Boy and a Bear in a Boat
2010978-1-84992-055-1Margo LanaganWhite Time
2011978-1-84992-056-8Andy MulliganTrash
2010978-1-84992-057-5SF SaidVarjak Paw
2011978-1-84992-072-8Robin McKinleyBeauty
2012978-1-84992-098-8Fabio GedaIn the Sea there are Crocodiles (Young Adult Edition)
  ''978-1-84992-103-9Philip PullmanThe Adventures of the New Cut Gang
2012978-1-84992-138-1Jenny DownhamNow is Good (Also published as Before I Die)
2013978-1-84992-165-7Nick Sharratt · Elizabeth LindsaySocks
  ''978-1-84992-170-1Dave SheltonDFC Library: Good Dog, Bad Dog