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2010978-1-84954-000-1John BiffenJohn Biffen 2009-10
  ''978-1-84954-001-8Anthony SeldonTrust: How We Lost it and How to Get it Back
2009978-1-84954-005-6Edited by Greg Callus · Iain DaleGuide to the 2010 General Election
2010978-1-84954-006-3Duncan BrackHistory of the Liberals
2009978-1-84954-009-4Michael AshcroftDirty politics Dirty times
  ''978-1-84954-010-0Antony Jay · Jonathan LynnThe "Yes Minister" Miscellany
  ''978-1-84954-012-4Tim CoatesDelane's War: How Front-line Reports from the Crimean War Brought Down the British Government
2010978-1-84954-013-1John ShoskySpeaking to Lead: How to Make Speeches That Made a Difference
  ''978-1-84954-015-5Matthew Sinclair · TaxPayers' AllianceHow to Cut Public Spending (And Still Win an Election)
2010978-1-84954-016-2Francis BeckettHow to Create a Successful School
  ''978-1-84954-017-9Paul FlynnPaul Flynn: The Unusual Suspect
  ''978-1-84954-019-3Rachel Reeves · Foreword by Gordon BrownWhy Vote Labour
  ''978-1-84954-021-6Danny Alexander MP · Foreword by Nick CleggWhy Vote Liberal Democrat?
  ''978-1-84954-022-3Jo Phillips · David SeymourWhy Vote? A guide for those who can't be bothered
2011978-1-84954-023-0Edited by Francis BeckettThe Prime Ministers Who Never Were...
2010978-1-84954-024-7Paul RichardsLabour's Revival: The Modernisers' Manifesto
2010978-1-84954-025-4Shane GreerSo You Want To Be A Politician...
  ''978-1-84954-026-1Francis BeckettWhat did the baby boomers ever do for us?: Why the Children of the Sixites Lived the Dream and Failed the Future
  ''978-1-84954-030-8Nicholas JonesCampaign 2010: The Making of the Prime Minister
  ''978-1-84954-034-6Angus Robertson · Foreword by Alex SalmondWhy Vote SNP
2011978-1-84954-037-7Peter RiddellIn Defence of Politicians (In spite of themselves)
2010978-1-84954-038-4Peter WattInside Out: My story of betrayal and cowardice at the heart of New Labour
  ''978-1-84954-039-1Nigel FarageFighting Bull
2012978-1-84954-042-1Tony WrightDoing Politics
2011978-1-84954-043-8Robert Ingham and Duncan BrackPeace, Reform and Liberation: A History of Liberal Politics in Britain 1679-2011
2010978-1-84954-047-6Nigel LawsonMemoirs of Tory Radical
2010978-1-84954-050-6Robert BanksAn Irrational Hatred of Luton: The Classic Account of One Fan's Obsession with West Ham United
  ''978-1-84954-054-4John SweeneyRooney's Gold
  ''978-1-84954-055-1Iain DaleMargaret Thatcher In Her Own Words
  ''978-1-84954-056-8Deborah Mattinson · Foreword by Michael PortilloTalking to a Brick Wall: How New Labour stopped listening to the voter and why we need a new politics
  ''978-1-84954-060-5edited by Iain DaleMargaret Thatcher In Her Own Words (CD Box Set)
2010978-1-84954-063-6Nick BolesWhich Way's Up?
  ''978-1-84954-064-3Anthony Jay · Jonathan LynnThe Yes Minister Miscellany
  ''978-1-84954-067-4John NicholsonWe Ate All The Pies: How Football Swallowed Britain Whole
  ''978-1-84954-068-1Jo Phillips · David SeymourWhy Join A Trade Union?
  ''978-1-84954-069-8Anthony Seldon and Guy LodgeBrown at 10
2011978-1-84954-075-9Peter SissonsWhen One Door Closes
2011978-1-84954-076-6Alan RenwickA Citizen's Guide to Electoral Reform
  ''978-1-84954-078-0Ralph Erskine · Michael SmithThe Bletchley Park Codebreakers: (Dialogue Espionage Classics)
  ''978-1-84954-079-7Michael McManusTory Pride and Prejudice: The Conservative Party and Homosexual Law Reform
2010978-1-84954-080-3David Laws22 Days in May: The Birth of the Lib Dem-Conservative Coalition
  ''978-1-84954-081-0Rob Wilson5 Days to Power
  ''978-1-84954-082-7Michael AshcroftMinority Verdict: The Conservative Party, the voters and the 2010 election
2011978-1-84954-083-4Compton MackenzieGreek Memories
2011978-1-84954-084-1Chris BowersNick Clegg: The Biography
  ''978-1-84954-085-8Sheila GunnSo You Want to be a Political Journalist
  ''978-1-84954-093-3Nigel West · Madoc RobertsSnow: The Double Life of a World War II Spy
  ''978-1-84954-094-0Nigel FarageFlying Free
  ''978-1-84954-095-7Michael SmithThe Secrets of Station X: How the Bletchley Park codebreakers helped win the war (Dialogue Espionage Classics)
2011978-1-84954-097-1Michael SmithSix: The Real James Bonds 1909-1939
  ''978-1-84954-098-8Peter DayFranco's Friends
  ''978-1-84954-100-8Iain DalePrime Minister Boris... And Other Things That Never Happened
  ''978-1-84954-102-2Mehdi Hasan · James MacintyreEd: The Milibands and the making of a Labour leader
  ''978-1-84954-107-7Juan Pujol Garcia · Nigel WestOperation Garbo: The Personal Story of the Most Successful Spy of World War II (Dialogue Espionage Classics)
2011978-1-84954-108-4Vadim BirsteinSmersh: Stalin's Secret Weapon
  ''978-1-84954-109-1Roger Gough · Stuart McCracken · Andrew TyrieAccount Rendered: Extraordinary Rendition and Britain's Role
  ''978-1-84954-112-1Kwasi Kwarteng · Jonathan DupontGridlock Nation
  ''978-1-84954-116-9Matthew SinclairLet Them Eat Carbon: The Price of Failing Climate Change Policies, and How Governments and Big Business Profit From Them
  ''978-1-84954-117-6Robert PhilpotThe Purple Book: A Progressive Future for Labour
2012978-1-84954-118-3Peter HainOutside In
2011978-1-84954-122-0Anthony Seldon · Guy LodgeBrown at 10
2011978-1-84954-123-7Mark Seddon and Martin RowsonStanding for Something: Life in the Awkward Squad
  ''978-1-84954-125-1Matthew Collins · Foreword by Billy BraggHate: My Life in the British Far Right
  ''978-1-84954-129-9Jeremy NicholasMr Moon Has Left the Stadium: Confessions of a Matchday Announcer
  ''978-1-84954-131-2M.R.D. Foot · J.M. LangleyMI9: Escape and Evasion (Dialogue Espionage Classics)
  ''978-1-84954-132-9Dusko PopovSpy/Counter Spy
2012978-1-84954-136-7Stephen CaveImmortality: The Quest to Live Forever and How it Drives Civilisation
2012978-1-84954-138-1John PodmoreOut of Sight, Out of Mind: Why Britain's Prisons are Failing
  ''978-1-84954-139-8John NicholsonThe Meat Fix: How a Lifetime of Healthy Eating Nearly Killed Me
2011978-1-84954-143-5Matthew Hancock · Nadhim ZahawiMasters of Nothing: How The Crash Will Happen Again Unless We Understand Human Nature
2012978-1-84954-145-9Nicholas ComfortSurrender: How British Industry Gave Up the Ghost, 1952-2012
2011978-1-84954-147-3Caroline WaltonThe Besieged: A Story of Survival
  ''978-1-84954-149-7Douglas MurrayBloody Sunday: Truths, Lies and the Saville Inquiry
  ''978-1-84954-153-4PC David RathbandTango 190: The Gateshead Shootings and the Hunt for Raoul Moat
  ''978-1-84954-158-9Kwasi Kwarteng · Chris Skidmore · Dominic Raab · Elizabeth Truss · Priti PatelAfter the Coalition
2011978-1-84954-161-9Greg KnightDishonourable Insults: A cantankerous collection of political invective
  ''978-1-84954-162-6Esther RantzenRunning Out Of Tears: The Moving Personal Stories of ChildLine's Children Over 25 Years
  ''978-1-84954-163-3Michael WinnerTales I Never Told
  ''978-1-84954-164-0Ann TrenemanDave & Nick: The Year of the Honeymoon and Beyond
  ''978-1-84954-165-7Peter L. WinklerDennis Hopper: The Wild Ride of a Hollywood Rebel
2011978-1-84954-166-4Doug Mayer · Val Stori · Tod Van JahnesYou Don't Know Sh*t: The Ultimate Toilet Book
  ''978-1-84954-167-1Jeff GuinnThe Last Gunfight: The Real Story of the Shootout at the Ok Corral and How it Changed the American West
  ''978-1-84954-170-1Daniel R. White · Alex WilliamsThe Queen's Counsel Official Lawyer's Handbook
  ''978-1-84954-171-8Dyan CannonDear Cary
  ''978-1-84954-172-5Tracy DaughertyJust One Catch: The Passionate Life of Joseph Heller
2011978-1-84954-173-2Steven BerkoffTales from an Actor's Life
  ''978-1-84954-174-9Peter BrookesHard Times
  ''978-1-84954-176-3Brian HoeyNot in Front of the Corgis: Secrets of Life Behind the Royal Curtains
2012978-1-84954-184-8Madsen PirieThink Tank: The Story of the Adam Smith Institute
  ''978-1-84954-187-9James Sherwood · Ivan FallonOrient-Express: A Personal Journey
  ''978-1-84954-188-6Edited by Dr Elizabeth Miller and Dacre StokerThe Lost Journal of Bram Stoker
2012978-1-84954-193-0PC David RathbandTango 190: The David Rathband Story
2013978-1-84954-195-4Ann TrenemanFinding the Plot: 100 Graves To Visit Before You Die
2012978-1-84954-199-2Jeremy ScottThe Irresistible Mr Wrong
2011978-1-84954-204-3David Davis · Brian Binley · John BaronThe Future of Conservatism: Values Revisited
2012978-1-84954-217-3James DelingpoleWatermelons: How Environmentalists are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy and Stealing Your Children's Future
  ''978-1-84954-220-3Paul Flynn · Foreword by Speaker John BercowHow To Be An MP
  ''978-1-84954-223-4Craig SummersBodyguard: My Life on the Front Line
  ''978-1-84954-224-1Fred MetcalfThe Biteback Dictionary of Humorous Political Quotations (Biteback Dictionaries of Humorous Quotations)
978-1-84954-254-8Snow: The Double Life of a World War II Spy
2011978-1-84954-258-6Peter DayFranco's Friends How British Intelligence Helped Bring Franco to Power in Spain {{ FRANCO'S FRIENDS HOW BRITISH INTELLIGENCE HELPED BRING FRANCO TO POWER IN SPAIN }} By Day, Peter (AUTHOR) Jul-06-2011
978-1-84954-262-3The Secrets of Station X
2012978-1-84954-287-6Dan ConaghanThe Bank: Inside the Bank of England
  ''978-1-84954-289-0Mark Ryan · Foreword by His Royal Highness the Duke of EdinburghRunning with Fire: The True Story of Chariots of Fire Hero Harold Abrahams
2012978-1-84954-290-6Graeme KentLondon's Olympic Follies: The Madness and Mayhem of the 1908 London Games
  ''978-1-84954-310-1edited by Lord Howard of RisingEnoch at 100: A re-evaluation of the life, politics and philosophy of Enoch Powell
  ''978-1-84954-311-8Alom ShahaThe Young Atheist's Handbook: Lessons for Living a Good Life Without God
  ''978-1-84954-312-5Mark Pack · Edward Maxfield101 Ways To Win An Election
  ''978-1-84954-324-8Virginia RoundingAlix and Nicky: The Passion of the Last Tsar and Tsarina
2012978-1-84954-325-5Milton JonesWhere Do Comedians Go When They Die? Journeys of a stand-up
  ''978-1-84954-327-9Matthew CollinsHate: My Life in the British Far Right
  ''978-1-84954-331-6Steve Bacon · Kirk BlowsThere's Only One Stevie Bacon
  ''978-1-84954-334-7Ryan O'NealBoth of Us
  ''978-1-84954-338-5Sandi Toksvig · with illustrations by Sandy NightingaleHeroines and Harridans: A Fanfare of Fabulous Females
2012978-1-84954-340-8David BullockThe Man Who Would Be Jack
  ''978-1-84954-356-9Conrad BlackA Matter of Principle
  ''978-1-84954-361-3Peter DayFranco's Friends: How British Intelligence Helped Bring Franco To Power In Spain
  ''978-1-84954-368-2Michael Bar-Zohar and Nissim MishalMossad: The Great Operations of Israel's Secret Service
  ''978-1-84954-383-5Grant Tucker · Iain DaleThe Margaret Thatcher Book Of Quotations
2012978-1-84954-389-7Gerald HughesTed and I: A Brother's Memoir
  ''978-1-84954-390-3Barry Cryer · Bob CryerMrs Hudson's Diaries: A View from the Landing at 221B
  ''978-1-84954-399-6Eilat Negev · Yehuda KorenThe First Lady of Fleet Street: The life, fortune and tragedy of Rachel Beer
2013978-1-84954-401-6Gillian ShephardThe Real Iron Lady: Working with Margaret Thatcher
2012978-1-84954-403-0Grant Tucker5,000 Great One Liners
  ''978-1-84954-404-7William StarlingStrings Attached: The Life and Music of John Williams
  ''978-1-84954-405-4James DelingpoleWatermelons: How Environmentalists are Killing the Planet, Destroying the Economy and Stealing your Children's Future
2012978-1-84954-406-1Geoffrey RobertsonMullahs Without Mercy: Human Rights and Nuclear Weapons
  ''978-1-84954-408-5Martin Plaut and Paul HoldenWho Rules South Africa?
  ''978-1-84954-411-5Brian HoeyNot In Front of the Corgis: Secrets of Life Behind the Royal Curtains
  ''978-1-84954-415-3Robert HolmesA Spy Like No Other: The Cuban Missile Crisis and the KGB Links to the Kennedy Assassination
  ''978-1-84954-420-7Andrew AdonisEducation, Education, Education: Reforming England's schools
2012978-1-84954-422-1Douglas CarswellThe End of Politics and the Birth of iDemocracy
2013978-1-84954-443-6Michael WaterhouseEdwardian Requiem: A Life of Sir Edward Grey
2012978-1-84954-449-8Margaret EvisonDeath Of A Soldier
2013978-1-84954-463-4Nicholas ComfortThe Slow Death of British Industry A Sixty-Year Suicide 1952-2012
  ''978-1-84954-499-3Nick RossCrime: How To Solve It, and Why So Much of What We're Told Is Wrong
  ''978-1-84954-503-7Airey NeaveLittle Cyclone: The Girl Who Started The Comet Line(Dialogue Espionage Classics)
  ''978-1-84954-505-1Stanley Ager · Fiona St AubynThe Butler's Guide: To Running the Home and Other Graces
  ''978-1-84954-511-2Piers DudgeonMaeve Binchy: The Biography
2013978-1-84954-513-6Michael JagoThe Man Who Was George Smiley: The Life of John Bingham
  ''978-1-84954-518-1Michael TannerThe Suffragette Derby
  ''978-1-84954-533-4Robin Renwick'A Journey With Margaret Thatcher: Foreign Policy Under The Iron lady'
  ''978-1-84954-537-2Stuart ThomsonThe Dictionary of Labour Quotations
  ''978-1-84954-538-9Duncan BrackThe Dictionary of Liberal Quotations
2013978-1-84954-539-6Iain DaleThe Dictionary of Conservative Quotations
  ''978-1-84954-566-2Andrew Adonis5 Days in May: The Coalition and Beyond
  ''978-1-84954-567-9Vadim J BirsteinSMERSH: Stalin s Secret Weapon: Soviet military counterintelligence in WWII
  ''978-1-84954-573-0Dirk BeckmannWhat Would Apple Do? How you can learn from Apple and make money
2014978-1-84954-590-7Gyles BrandrethBreaking The Code: Westminster Diaries
2013978-1-84954-596-9Damian McBridePower Trip: A Decade of Policy, Plots and Spin
  ''978-1-84954-608-9Jon Miller · Lucy ParkerEverybody's Business
2013978-1-84954-622-5Vicky PrycePrisonomics: Behind bars in Britain's failing prisons
  ''978-1-84954-628-7Vicky PryceGreekonomics: The Euro crisis and why politicians don't get it
  ''978-1-84954-630-0Philip HowardModern Manners: The Essential Guide to Correct Behaviour and Etiquette
  ''978-1-84954-632-4Bob Drury · Tom ClavinRed Cloud: The Greatest Warrior Chief of the West
2015978-1-84954-642-3Ivan FallonBlack Horse Ride: The Inside Story of Lloyds and the Banking Crisis
2014978-1-84954-651-5Harry Chapman PincherChapman Pincher: Dangerous To Know
  ''978-1-84954-652-2George Alexander HillGo Spy The Land: Being the Adventures of IK8 of the British Secret Service (Dialogue Espionage Classics)
2014978-1-84954-667-6Robin RenwickHelen Suzman: Bright Star in a Dark Chamber - The Biography
  ''978-1-84954-668-3Alastair Panton with Victoria Panton BaconSix Weeks of Blenheim Summer: An RAF Officer's Memoir of the Battle of France 1940
2013978-1-84954-690-4Geoffrey Robertson Q.C.Stephen Ward Was Innocent, OK
2014978-1-84954-692-8Maurice BuckmasterThey Fought Alone: The True Story of SOE's Agents in Wartime France
  ''978-1-84954-693-5Peter DayKlop: Britain's Most Ingenious Spy
  ''978-1-84954-697-3Charles ClarkeThe 'Too Difficult' Box: The Big Issues Politicians Can't Crack
  ''978-1-84954-699-7Tim MilneKim Philby: The Unknown Story of the KGB's Master-Spy
2014978-1-84954-718-5Sidney ReillyAdventures Of A British Master Spy: The Memoirs of Sidney Reilly (Dialogue Espionage Classics)
  ''978-1-84954-737-6Suzanne EvansWhy Vote UKIP 2015: The Essential Guide
  ''978-1-84954-740-6Michael SmithThe Secret Agent's Bedside Reader: A Compendium of Spy Writing
  ''978-1-84954-742-0Edited by Lord Howard of RisingEnoch at 100: A re-evaluation of the life, politics and philosophy of Enoch Powell
2019978-1-84954-746-8Charles WilliamsMax Beaverbrook: Not Quite A Gentleman
2014978-1-84954-762-8Denis MacShanePrison Diaries
  ''978-1-84954-778-9Geoffrey RobertsonAn Inconvenient Genocide: Who Now Remembers the Armenians?
2015978-1-84954-779-6Azi AhmedWorlds Apart: A Muslim Girl with the SAS
2015978-1-84954-780-2Tom QuinnBackstairs Billy: The life of William Tallon, the Queen Mother's Most Devoted Servant
2014978-1-84954-783-3Harry Chapman PincherTheir Trade Is Treachery: The full, unexpurgated truth about the Russian penetration of the world's secret defences (Dialogue Espionage Classics)
  ''978-1-84954-787-1Peter YorkAuthenticity is a Con: (Provocations)
  ''978-1-84954-788-8Robin RenwickReady For Hillary?: Portrait of a President in Waiting
2015978-1-84954-792-5   ''The End of Apartheid: Diary of a Revolution
  ''978-1-84954-796-3Nigel WestDouble Cross in Cairo: The True Story of the Spy Who Turned the Tide of War in the Middle East
  ''978-1-84954-854-0Ben SmithJourneyman: One man's odyssey through the lower leagues of English football
2015978-1-84954-864-9Valérie TrierweilerThank You for this Moment: A story of love, power and betrayal
  ''978-1-84954-905-9Alfred BrendelMusic, Sense and Nonsense: Collected Essays and Lectures
  ''978-1-84954-910-3Ray Wilson · Ian AdamsSpecial Branch: A History: 1883-2006
  ''978-1-84954-911-0Paul GambacciniLove, Paul Gambaccini
  ''978-1-84954-921-9Charles Clarke · Toby S. James · Tim Bale · Patrick DiamondBritish Conservative Leaders (British Leaders)
2015978-1-84954-931-8Joe PikeProject Fear: How an Unlikely Alliance Left a Kingdom United but a Country Divided
  ''978-1-84954-939-4Michael Bar-Zohar · Nissim MishalMossad: The Great Operations of Israel's Secret Service
  ''978-1-84954-947-9Tim RossWhy the Tories Won: The Inside Story of the 2015 Election
2016978-1-84954-960-8Airey NeaveLittle Cyclone
  ''978-1-84954-964-6James D. BoysHillary Rising: The Politics, Persona and Policies of a New American Dynasty
2015978-1-84954-969-1Vin ArtheyAbel: The True Story of the Spy They Traded for Gary Powers (Dialogue Espionage Classics)
2016978-1-84954-974-5Lynne FeatherstoneEqual Ever After: The fight for same-sex marriage - and how I made it happen
  ''978-1-84954-976-9Thom BrooksBecoming British: UK Citizenship Examined
2016978-1-84954-996-7Rosa PrinceComrade Corbyn: A Very Unlikely Coup: How Jeremy Corbyn Stormed to the Labour Leadership