Red Fox

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2009978-1-84941-000-7Alex DuvalVampire Beach 2-in-1 Bind Up High Stakes & Hunted
  ''978-1-84941-004-5Mitchell SymonsHow Much Poo Does an Elephant Do? (Mitchell Symons' Trivia Books)
2011978-1-84941-007-6Chris RyanAgent 21: Book 1
2012978-1-84941-008-3Chris RyanAgent 21: Reloaded: Book 2
2013978-1-84941-009-0   ''Agent 21: Codebreaker: Book 3
2014978-1-84941-010-6   ''Deadfall: Agent 21
2015978-1-84941-011-3   ''Under Cover (Agent 21)
2016978-1-84941-012-0   ''Endgame (Agent 21)
2011978-1-84941-017-5Les Scott555 Football Facts to Wow Your Mates!
  ''978-1-84941-018-2Sue HendraWanda and the Alien
  ''978-1-84941-035-9Mitchell SymonsDo Igloos Have Loos? (Mitchell Symons' Trivia Books)
2010978-1-84941-040-3Benedict BlathwaytWell Done, Dougal! (Dougal the Digger)
  ''978-1-84941-041-0Benedict BlathwaytLittle Red Train's Race to the Finish
2010978-1-84941-046-5Quentin BlakeAngelo
  ''978-1-84941-047-2Quentin BlakePatrick
2010978-1-84941-048-9Quentin BlakeSnuff (Quentin Blake Classic)
  ''978-1-84941-049-6Nicholas AllanFather Christmas Needs a Wee: Book and CD
  ''978-1-84941-051-9Amy MeredithDark Touch: Shadows
  ''978-1-84941-052-6Amy MeredithDark Touch: The Hunt
2011978-1-84941-082-3Kali StilemanPeely Wally
2010978-1-84941-085-4Mairi HedderwickKatie Morag and the Dancing Class
  ''978-1-84941-086-1Mairi HedderwickKatie Morag And The Two Grandmothers
2010978-1-84941-087-8Mairi HedderwickKatie Morag And The Grand Concert
  ''978-1-84941-088-5   ''Katie Morag's Island Stories
  ''978-1-84941-089-2   ''Katie Morag and the Big Boy Cousins
  ''978-1-84941-090-8   ''More Katie Morag Island Stories
  ''978-1-84941-091-5   ''Katie Morag Delivers the Mail
2010978-1-84941-092-2Mairi HedderwickKatie Morag And The Riddles
2010978-1-84941-093-9Mairi HedderwickKatie Morag and the Wedding
  ''978-1-84941-095-3   ''Katie Morag And The Tiresome Ted
  ''978-1-84941-096-0   ''Katie Morag and the New Pier
2012978-1-84941-106-6Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Destiny: Book 8 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2013978-1-84941-107-3Joseph DelaneyThe Spook's Blood: Book 10 (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2009978-1-84941-108-0Theresa TomlinsonBeneath Burning Mountain
2010978-1-84941-110-3Jon KatzThe Totally True Story of Devon The Naughtiest Dog in the World (Jon Katz)
  ''978-1-84941-111-0Susan CooperOver Sea Under Stone (The Dark Is Rising)
2009978-1-84941-121-9Catherine FisherThe Relic Master: Book Of The Crow 1
2010978-1-84941-126-4Battersea Dogs and Cats HomeBattersea Dogs & Cats Home: Max's Story
2011978-1-84941-147-9Amy MeredithDark Touch: Fever
  ''978-1-84941-148-6   ''Dark Touch: Betrayal
2010978-1-84941-149-3Steve ColeAstrosaurs 1: Riddle Of The Raptors
2010978-1-84941-150-9Steve ColeAstrosaurs 2: The Hatching Horror
  ''978-1-84941-151-6   ''Astrosaurs 3: The Seas Of Doom
2010978-1-84941-152-3Steve ColeAstrosaurs 4: The Mind-Swap Menace
  ''978-1-84941-153-0   ''Astrosaurs 5: The Skies of Fear
  ''978-1-84941-154-7   ''Astrosaurs 6: The Space Ghosts
2011978-1-84941-187-5Mitchell SymonsThat's So Gross!: Animals
  ''978-1-84941-188-2   ''That's So Gross!: Creepy Crawlies
  ''978-1-84941-189-9   ''That's So Gross!: History
2011978-1-84941-190-5Mitchell SymonsThat's So Gross!: Human Body
2010978-1-84941-223-0Alf ProysenThe Adventures of Mrs Pepperpot (Mrs Pepperpot Picture Books)
2011978-1-84941-230-8Max SilverAlien Invaders 1: Rockhead - The Living Mountain
2010978-1-84941-245-2Steve ColeAstrosaurs 7: Day of the Dino-Droids
2010978-1-84941-246-9Steve ColeAstrosaurs 8: The Terror-Bird Trap
2011978-1-84941-256-8Theresa TomlinsonThe Cellar Lad
2010978-1-84941-257-5Steve ColeAstrosaurs 10: The Star Pirates
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  ''978-1-84941-268-1   ''Astrosaurs 9: The Planet of Peril
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  ''978-1-84941-271-1   ''Greenwitch (The Dark Is Rising)
2010978-1-84941-272-8Susan CooperThe Grey King (The Dark Is Rising)
  ''978-1-84941-273-5   ''Silver On The Tree (The Dark Is Rising)
2010978-1-84941-274-2Susan CooperKing Of Shadows
  ''978-1-84941-278-0Jon KatzRose and Izzy the Cheekiest Dogs on the Farm (Jon Katz)
2012978-1-84941-283-4Christopher WormellScruffy Bear and the Six White Mice
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2011978-1-84941-306-0Elizabeth Singer HuntJack Stalwart: The Hunt for the Yeti Skull: Nepal: Book 13
  ''978-1-84941-307-7Elizabeth Singer HuntJack Stalwart: The Mission to find Max: Egypt: Book 14
2010978-1-84941-344-2Janet Burroway · John Vernon LordThe Giant Jam Sandwich
  ''978-1-84941-346-6Chris RyanThe One That Got Away - Junior edition
2011978-1-84941-370-1Alf ProysenThe Amazing Mrs Pepperpot (Mrs Pepperpot Picture Books)
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2011978-1-84941-387-9Peter GethersNorton, The Loveable Cat Who Travelled the World
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  ''978-1-84941-396-1   ''First Cows on the Mooon (Cows in Action - book 11)
  ''978-1-84941-397-8   ''Slime Squad Vs the Alligator Army: Book 7
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2012978-1-84941-403-6   ''The T-Rex Invasion (Astrosaurs, Book 21)
2012978-1-84941-404-3Steve ColeAstrosaurs 22: The Castle of Frankensaur
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2012978-1-84941-501-9Jane ClarkeKnight School
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2015978-1-84941-520-0Tabitha SuzumaHurt
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2013978-1-84941-561-3Mini GreyToys in Space
2015978-1-84941-562-0Mini GreyHermelin: The Detective Mouse
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2013978-1-84941-611-5Jez AlboroughSix Little Chicks
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2015978-1-84941-638-2   ''Spook's: A New Darkness (The Starblade Chronicles)
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2014978-1-84941-649-8Shirley HughesAlfie's Christmas
2012978-1-84941-653-5Kali StilemanTime for Tea Polly Wally
  ''978-1-84941-678-8Kes GrayDaisy and the Trouble with Coconuts (Daisy Fiction)
2013978-1-84941-681-8Kes GrayDaisy and the Trouble with Burglars (Daisy Fiction)
2012978-1-84941-688-7Quentin BlakeQuentin Blake's ABC
2013978-1-84941-699-3Markus ZusakThe Underdog (Underdogs)
2012978-1-84941-745-7Willard PriceUnderwater Adventure
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2015978-1-84941-800-3Joseph DelaneySeventh Son: The Spook's Apprentice Film Tie-in (The Wardstone Chronicles)
2013978-1-84941-808-9Tom Fletcher · Dougie PoynterThe Dinosaur That Pooped A Planet!
2014978-1-84941-819-5Bear GryllsMission Survival 5: Claws of the Crocodile
2014978-1-84941-836-2Bear GryllsMission Survival 6: Strike of the Shark
2015978-1-84941-837-9   ''Mission Survival 7: Rage of the Rhino
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2016978-1-84941-981-9Mini GreySpace Dog