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2010978-1-84938-002-7Marc ShaimanMarc Shaiman: Hairspray - Sing-Along Vocal Selections
2009978-1-84938-006-5VariousThe Little Black Book Of '70S Hits Lc (Little Black Songbook)
  ''978-1-84938-016-4Bob DylanThe Best Of Bob Dylan Chord Songbook (Guitar Chord Songbook)
  ''978-1-84938-018-8VariousThe Coldplay Collection Pvg
  ''978-1-84938-025-6   ''Guest Spot Today'S Chart Hits Playalong For Flute Flt Book/2Cd (Guest Spot Book & Cds)
  ''978-1-84938-026-3   ''Guest Spot Today'S Chart Hits Playalong For Clarinet Clt Book/2Cd (Guest Spot Book & Cds)
2009978-1-84938-027-0VariousGuest Spot Today'S Chart Hits Playalong For Alto Saxophone Asax Boo (Guest Spot Book & Cds)
  ''978-1-84938-031-7Rolf LvlandYou Raise Me Up (Satb Piano)
  ''978-1-84938-032-4VariousEasiest Keyboard Collection Bumper Book Kbd
  ''978-1-84938-034-8BeatlesMore Beatles Hit for Ukulele
  ''978-1-84938-036-2VariousU2 No Line On The Horizon (Tab) Gtr
2009978-1-84938-040-9BeatlesLittle Voices the Beatles (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84938-043-0VariousReally Easy Piano Coldplay Pf
2011978-1-84938-045-4StingTen Minute Teacher - Sting - Fields Of Gold [DVD]
  ''978-1-84938-046-1Jeff BuckleyTen Minute Teacher - Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah [DVD]
  ''978-1-84938-047-8The BeatlesTen Minute Teacher - The Beatles [DVD]
  ''978-1-84938-048-5The BeatlesTen Minute Teacher - The Beatles - I Saw Her Standing There [DVD]
2011978-1-84938-050-8Bryan AdamsTen Minute Teacher - Bryan Adams - Summer Of '69 [DVD]
  ''978-1-84938-051-5Eric ClaptonTen Minute Teacher - Eric Clapton - Tears in Heaven [DVD]
  ''978-1-84938-053-9KillersTen Minute Teacher - The Killers - When You Were Young [DVD]
  ''978-1-84938-054-6ColdplayTen Minute Teacher - Coldplay - Yellow [DVD]
2009978-1-84938-059-1Keeley BolgerHow to Win X Factor
  ''978-1-84938-060-7Paul LesterSplit Personality: The Story of Pink
2009978-1-84938-063-8Abba (Artist) · HeinThe Novello Primary Chorals: Easy Abba
2010978-1-84938-066-9VariousUkulele From The Beginning Book 2 (Bk+Cd)
2009978-1-84938-069-0   ''Really Easy Piano Gershwin Pf
2010978-1-84938-072-0Joel McIverHoly Rock 'N' Rollers: The Story of Kings of Leon
2011978-1-84938-073-7Andy NeillHave Me A Real Good Time: The Faces Before During and After
1998978-1-84938-075-1Kato HavasStage Fright: its Causes and Cures with Special Reference to Violin Playing
2010978-1-84938-076-8David Mead10 Minute Acoustic Guitar Workout (10 Minute (Omnibus Press))
  ''978-1-84938-077-5David Mead10 Minute Guitar Workout (Includes CD)
  ''978-1-84938-087-4Various101 Songs For Easy Guitar Book 8
2009978-1-84938-088-1   ''The Little Black Book Of 80S Hits Lc
2010978-1-84938-089-8VariousThe Little Black Book Of 90S Greatest Hits
2009978-1-84938-116-1   ''The Essential Rory Gallagher Volume 2 Gtr (Tab)
  ''978-1-84938-117-8   ''Oasis Complete Chord Songbook (2009 Revised Edition) Lc
  ''978-1-84938-118-5   ''Really Easy Piano 50 Fantastic Songs Pf (Really Easy Piano Collection)
  ''978-1-84938-121-5   ''Guest Spot Playalong For Alto Saxophone Gold Edition Asax Book/2Cd (Book & CD)
2009978-1-84938-122-2VariousGuest Spot Playalong For Flute Gold Edition Flt Book/2Cd (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84938-125-3   ''A Jazzy Christmas Clarinet Clt Book/Cd
  ''978-1-84938-134-5   ''Taylor Swift Fearless (Pvg)
2010978-1-84938-138-3Anthony ReynoldsLeonard Cohen: A Remarkable Life
2009978-1-84938-139-0VariousLady Gaga The Fame (Pvg)
  ''978-1-84938-144-4   ''Coldplay Complete Chord Songbook Revised Edition Lc
  ''978-1-84938-146-8   ''A Jazzy Christmas Book 2 Piano Pf
2010978-1-84938-159-8VariousPgw The Best Of Ac/Dc Book + 2Cds
  ''978-1-84938-168-0Sing out! 5 Pop Songs for Today's Choirs: Bk. 2
2009978-1-84938-174-1Stephen MillerKristofferson: The Wild American
2010978-1-84938-175-8Martin PowerNailed to History: The Story of Manic Street Preachers
2009978-1-84938-177-2VariousReally Easy Piano Disney
  ''978-1-84938-197-0VARIOUSNational Songbook 2
2010978-1-84938-219-9Paul HoneyReally Easy Saxophone Favourite Musicals BK/CD
  ''978-1-84938-224-3VariousReally Easy Saxophone Favourite Film Songs (Book & CD)
2009978-1-84938-226-7Jorg FabigDrum Along 10 More Rock Classics Drums Book/Cd
2010978-1-84938-227-4UnknownFolksongs and Ballads Popular in Ireland: v. 5
2009978-1-84938-229-8VariousThe Little Black Songbook Acoustic Classics Lc
  ''978-1-84938-234-2   ''Dip In 50 Graded Film Tunes For Piano Pf
2009978-1-84938-235-9VariousThe Blues Piano Collection Volume 2 Pf
  ''978-1-84938-236-6Piano Playlist Pvg
2010978-1-84938-237-3Dave ThompsonWall of Pain: The Life of Phil Spector
  ''978-1-84938-245-8Neil CossarThis Day in Music
  ''978-1-84938-246-5Paul DonnelleyFade to Black
2009978-1-84938-248-9Matt CranitchIrish Session Tunes: The Red Book (Book/CD)
  ''978-1-84938-249-6Geraldine CotterIrish Session Tunes: The Green Book (Book/2CDs)
2010978-1-84938-251-9Sam ShepardThe Rolling Thunder Logbook
2009978-1-84938-256-4VariousMichael Jackson 1958 To 2009 Pvg
2009978-1-84938-261-8Adrian GrantMichael Jackson: A Visual Documentary 1958-2009
  ''978-1-84938-263-2Geoff BrownMichael Jackson: A Life in Music
  ''978-1-84938-271-7Mark (Arti KnopflerMark Knopfler: Get Lucky - Guitar Tab
  ''978-1-84938-297-7VariousNewton Faulkner Rebuilt By Humans Tab
1992978-1-84938-298-4Denes AgayDenes Agay's Learning To Play Piano - Book 1 - Getting Started
2011978-1-84938-299-1Denes Agay's Learning To Play Piano - Book 2 - More Music Basics]
  ''978-1-84938-300-4NADenes Agay's Learning To Play Piano - Book 3 - Moving On
2011978-1-84938-301-1Denes (Author) AgayDenes Agay's Learning To Play Piano - Book 4 - All You Need To Know
2009978-1-84938-318-9VariousThe Essential Elliot Smith Tab
  ''978-1-84938-339-4Ludovico EinaudiNightbook
  ''978-1-84938-342-4VariousFlorence And The Machine Lungs Pvg (Vocal/Piano)
  ''978-1-84938-343-1   ''My Music Practice Book All Inst
2010978-1-84938-345-5   ''GUEST SPOT BEATLES HITS FLT BK/CD (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84938-347-9   ''GUEST SPOT BEATLES HITS ASAX BK/CD (Book & CD)
2009978-1-84938-349-3VariousEasiest Keyboard Collection Chart Hits Now Mlc
2010978-1-84938-352-3   ''24 Play-Along Standards With Live Rhythm Section Alto Sax Bk/2Cd Asax
2009978-1-84938-355-4   ''Sting If On A Winter'S Night Pvg
2010978-1-84938-356-1The BeatlesPlay Guitar With the Beatles
  ''978-1-84938-357-8the (Artist BeatlesPlay Guitar With... The Beatles 1967-1970
  ''978-1-84938-358-5the (Artist BeatlesPlay Bass With the Best of the Beatles
  ''978-1-84938-359-2BeatlesPlay Drums With the Best of the Beatles
  ''978-1-84938-361-5the (Artist BeatlesPlay Piano With the Beatles Hits
2009978-1-84938-367-7VariousRodrigo Y Gabriela 11 11 Tab (Guitar Tab Editions (Wise Publications))
2010978-1-84938-368-4Mark BeaumontOut of This World: The Story of "Muse"
2010978-1-84938-369-1Peter Doggett · Patrick HumphriesThe Beatles: The Music & the Myth
  ''978-1-84938-370-7Andy MabbettPink Floyd: The Music & The Mystery
2009978-1-84938-377-6VariousSusan Boyle I Dreamed A Dream Pvg
2010978-1-84938-385-1   ''Really Easy Piano 50 Fabulous Songs
  ''978-1-84938-386-8Joe McIverThe Bloody Reign of Slayer
  ''978-1-84938-387-5Alan Warner100 Lead Licks (Alan Warner) Book+Cd
  ''978-1-84938-404-9Paul MilesSex Tips from Rock Stars: In Their Own Words
2010978-1-84938-405-6Paul LesterLady Gaga: Looking for Fame
  ''978-1-84938-410-0VariousThem Crooked Vultures Tab (Guitar Tab Editions (Wise Publications))
  ''978-1-84938-412-4Dire Straits · Mark KnopflerThe Little Black Songbook: Dire Straits And Mark Knopfler (Little Black Songbooks)
  ''978-1-84938-415-5VariousUke From The Beginning Songbook 2
2011978-1-84938-422-3Ten Minute Teacher - Oasis - Wonderwall [DVD]
2010978-1-84938-435-3VariousLittle Black Songbook Beach Boys (Little Black Songbooks)
2011978-1-84938-436-0   ''The Gig Book: Showtunes
2010978-1-84938-456-8Paul Slattery"Oasis": A Year on the Road
2011978-1-84938-457-5Mac RandallExit Music: The Radiohead Story
  ''978-1-84938-458-2Nick HastedThe Dark Story of Eminem
2010978-1-84938-464-3Hal Leonard Publishing CorporationLegendary Electric Guitar Songs (Legendary Guitar Music)
2010978-1-84938-466-7VariousLegendary Bass Guitar Songs Tab Bk (Legendary Guitar Music)
  ''978-1-84938-475-9Teddy WilsonStoryville Presents (Transcriptions)
  ''978-1-84938-476-6Earl HinesStoryville Presents Earl Hines
  ''978-1-84938-479-7Paul (Arrange HoneyReally Easy Saxophone Chart Hits With CD (Playalong Really Easy)
  ''978-1-84938-482-7Abba (Artist) · HoneyReally Easy Saxophone Abba (Book & CD)
2010978-1-84938-506-0Christopher HusseyPlay Along for Clarinet Chart Toppers (Guest Spot Book & 2 Cds)
  ''978-1-84938-507-7Bill BooPlayalong for Saxophone Chart Toppers (Guest Spot Book & 2 Cds)
  ''978-1-84938-508-4Christopher HusseyPlayalong for Flute Chart Toppers Bk & 2 (Guest Spot)
2011978-1-84938-511-4VariousSip & Sing Whisky And Wine (Mlc)
2010978-1-84938-512-1Jenni WheelerGlee Season 1: The Music Volume 1 Piano/Voice/Guitar
  ''978-1-84938-514-5Rory GallagherThe Essential Rory Gallagher: The Complete Taste (Guitar Tab Edition)
  ''978-1-84938-515-2Ac/DCPlay Drums With
2010978-1-84938-516-9Ac/DcPlay Bass With: AC/DC
  ''978-1-84938-517-6VARIOUSAbba Gold
  ''978-1-84938-518-3Vasco (Arrang HexelForever Vienna
2011978-1-84938-529-9Divers AuteursThe Bumper Book Of Pop Hits - 50 All Time Chart Favourites
  ''978-1-84938-533-6Andrew Lloyd WebberLove Never Dies: Phantom: The Story Continues...[Sheet Music]
2010978-1-84938-536-7Andrew Lloyd WebberLove Never Dies
  ''978-1-84938-537-4Til I Hear You Sing
2010978-1-84938-543-5Neil CossarThis Day in Music: An Every Day Record of Musical Feats and Facts
  ''978-1-84938-546-6Martin RoachViva Coldplay: A Biography
  ''978-1-84938-547-3VariousGlee The Music Season 1 Vol 2 Pvg Bk
  ''978-1-84938-549-7Jerry Leiber · Mike Stoller · David RitzHound Dog: The Leiber and Stoller Autobiography
  ''978-1-84938-550-3Randy L. Schmidt · Dionne WarwickLittle Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter
2010978-1-84938-552-7Michael (Ar JacksonReally Easy Piano Michael Jackson
  ''978-1-84938-553-4Divers AuteursReally Easy Piano 50 Hit Songs
  ''978-1-84938-571-8Boyzone (Artist)Boyzone
  ''978-1-84938-573-2Brian (Editor) · KayGilbert & Sullivan Choruses (Satb/Piano)
  ''978-1-84938-588-6Barrie Carson TurnerReally Easy Piano Jazz Greats
2011978-1-84938-592-3Pete WelshKids in the Riot: High and Low with The Libertines
2011978-1-84938-594-7Not specifiedLudovico Einaudi: The Classical Guitar Collection (Book & CD)
2010978-1-84938-600-5Howard BlakeHoward Blake The Snowman Suite Flute And Piano (Flute & Piano)
  ''978-1-84938-617-3Matt CoweThe Little Black Songbook: 21st Century Hits
2011978-1-84938-619-7Joel McIverOverkill: The Untold Story of Motorhead
2010978-1-84938-622-7Carol BarrattCarol Barratt Chester'S Easiest Piano Course Book 3 Special Edition
  ''978-1-84938-626-5VariousGlee The Music Playalong Flt Bk/2Cd (Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84938-640-1OasisOasis: Time Flies... 1994-2009 (Guitar Tab)
  ''978-1-84938-642-5Jenni (Edit WheelerGlee the Music Volume 3 Showstoppers (Piano Vocal Guitar)
2010978-1-84938-645-6Hal Leonard Publishing Corporation19 Top Audition Songs Rhythm N Blues (Book & 2 Cds)
  ''978-1-84938-646-3Elisabeth VincentelliABBA Treasures
2011978-1-84938-657-9Neil DanielsDon't Stop Believin' - The Untold Story Of Journey
  ''978-1-84938-658-6Jason CreedNick Drake: The Pink Moon Files
  ''978-1-84938-659-3Martin CreasyBeatlemania: The Real Story of The Beatles UK Tours
  ''978-1-84938-660-9Nick HastedYou Really Got Me: The Story of The Kinks
2011978-1-84938-661-6David Stafford · Caroline StaffordFings Ain't Wot They Used T'Be: The Life of Lionel Bart
2010978-1-84938-665-4Iron MaidenIron Maiden The Final Frontier Guitar Tab
2011978-1-84938-666-1Wise PublicationsPlay Guitar With Classic Songs Book & CD (Tab)
  ''978-1-84938-668-5Sandercoe JustinJustinguitar.Com Beginner'S Songbook J. Sandercoe (Easy Guitar With Notes & Tab)
  ''978-1-84938-669-2Justin SandercoeThe Justinguitar.Com Beginner's Guitar Course (Book & 2 Cds)
2010978-1-84938-670-8VariousThe Gigbook Christmas Songs Melody/Lyrics/Chords
2010978-1-84938-671-5VariousThe Little Black Book Of Christmas Songs (Little Black Songbook)
  ''978-1-84938-673-9Carlos MooreFela: This Bitch of a Life: The Authorized Biography of Africa's Musical Genius
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2011978-1-84938-698-2Clinton HeylinNo More Sad Refrains: The Life of Sandy Denny
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2012978-1-84938-701-9Jim McCarthyNeverland: The Michael Jackson Graphic
2010978-1-84938-759-0David TurnbullAural Time Grade Three New Edition
  ''978-1-84938-760-6David TurnbullAural Time Grade 4 New Edition
2010978-1-84938-762-0David TurnbullAural Time Grade 5
2011978-1-84938-773-6Timothy WhiteLong Ago and Far Away: James Taylor His Life and Music
2010978-1-84938-815-3Kt (Artist TunstallTunstall Kt Tiger Suit Pvg
2012978-1-84938-819-1Stacey AppelMichael Jackson Style
2010978-1-84938-827-6Muse (Artist) · HusseNina Simone: Feeling Good (SSA/Piano)
2011978-1-84938-847-4Matt McGeeU2: A Diary
2012978-1-84938-864-1VariousThe Little Black Book of the Blues
  ''978-1-84938-869-6Martin PowerHot Wired Guitar: The Life of Jeff Beck
2011978-1-84938-874-0Daryl EasleaCrazy in Love: The Beyonce Knowles Biography
2010978-1-84938-875-7VariousBoyle Susan The Gift Pvg
2011978-1-84938-890-0Charles WoodCharles Wood: Magnificat And Nunc Dimittis In D (New Engraving)
  ''978-1-84938-908-2VariousNotecracker Ukulele Chords Uke Cards
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2011978-1-84938-918-1Ned BennettAbsolute Beginners: Clarinet (Absolute Beginners Book & CD)
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  ''978-1-84938-933-4   ''Play Along Drums Audio CD: The Beatles
  ''978-1-84938-934-1   ''Play Along Drums Audio CD: The Police
2011978-1-84938-935-8Wise PublicationsPlay Along Drums Audio CD: Jazz
  ''978-1-84938-936-5   ''Play Along Drums Audio CD: Session Greats
978-1-84938-940-2Playalong Drums - Classic Rock Schlagzeugnoten und CD
2011978-1-84938-941-9Wise PublicationsPlay Along Drums Audio CD: Soul
  ''978-1-84938-963-1   ''Play Piano With Lady Gaga Adele Alicia Keys etc (With Book & CD) (Play Piano With Book & CD)
  ''978-1-84938-964-8Phil CollinsPhil Collins Gold Pvg
  ''978-1-84938-965-5Not specifiedGlee The Music: The Best Of Season One PVG (Glee Pvg)
2011978-1-84938-969-3Taylor SwiftTaylor Swift: Speak Now (Pvg)
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2016978-1-84938-995-2Simon WellsButterfly On A Wheel
2011978-1-84938-996-9Gallagher RoryPlay Guitar With Rory Gallagher (Book & 2CD) (Book & CD)
2011978-1-84938-997-6VariousThe Little Black Songbook Great Songs Lc

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