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2011978-1-84901-389-5Neel MukherjeeA Life Apart
  ''978-1-84901-390-1D.J. TaylorAt the Chime of a City Clock
  ''978-1-84901-391-8Danny DorlingSo You Think You Know About Britain?
2010978-1-84901-392-5Jon E. LewisSpitfire: The Autobiography
  ''978-1-84901-393-2Samantha HuntThe Seas
2011978-1-84901-396-3Helen KennerleyAn Introduction to Coping with Childhood Trauma (Overcoming)
2010978-1-84901-397-0Leonora BrosanAn Introduction to Coping with Stress (An Introduction to Coping series)
  ''978-1-84901-398-7Sue MorrisAn Introduction to Coping with Grief (An Introduction to Coping series)
2011978-1-84901-400-7Melanie FennellBoost Your Confidence: A Step-by-Step Guide to a New You (Overcoming Books)
2011978-1-84901-401-4Rob Willson · David VealeTaking Control of OCD: Inspirational Stories of Hope and Recovery
2010978-1-84901-404-5Rich Maloof · H.P. Newquist75 Worst Ways to Die: A Guide to the Ways in Which We Go
  ''978-1-84901-405-2Jonathan DeeThe Privileges
  ''978-1-84901-406-9Christopher BarnattA Brief Guide to Cloud Computing: An Essential Introduction to the Next Revolution in Computing (Brief Histories)
  ''978-1-84901-408-3Seth Grahame-SmithAbraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
2011978-1-84901-409-0Lynn PicknettThe Forbidden Universe: The Occult Origins of Science and the Search for the Mind of God
2010978-1-84901-410-6Ann WetmoreAn Introduction to Coping with Post-Traumatic Stress (An Introduction to Coping series)
  ''978-1-84901-412-0Matthew YorkePictures of Lily
2010978-1-84901-432-8Constance BarterMealtimes and Milestones: A Teenager's Diary of Moving on from Anorexia
2011978-1-84901-433-5Giorgio FalettiI am God
  ''978-1-84901-434-2Gareth MooreThe Mammoth Book of Fun Brain-Training: A puzzle a day for a year - Hanjie, Futoshiki, Slitherlink and many more (Mammoth Books)
  ''978-1-84901-435-9Mike AshleyThe Mammoth Book of Historical Crime Fiction (Mammoth Books)
2012978-1-84901-439-7Richard KilleenA Brief History of Ireland (Brief Histories)
2010978-1-84901-442-7John WatersFeckers: 50 People Who Fecked Up Ireland
2011978-1-84901-449-6Matthew Johnstone & James KerrThe Alphabet of the Human Heart
  ''978-1-84901-451-9Sonia FlorensThe Mammoth Book of Women's Erotic Fantasies (Mammoth Books)
  ''978-1-84901-452-6Trisha TelepThe Mammoth Book of Scottish Romance: 21 Passionate Tales of Myth, Magic and History (Mammoth Books)
2012978-1-84901-454-0Seth Grahame-SmithAbraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
2011978-1-84901-457-1Bill KnoxStormtide (Web Carrick Murder Mystery S.)
2011978-1-84901-458-8Suzette A. HillA Bedlam of Bones
  ''978-1-84901-459-5David DickinsonDeath in a Scarlet Coat (Lord Francis Powerscourt)
2010978-1-84901-464-9Jake AdelsteinTokyo Vice
2011978-1-84901-466-3Sean EganThe Mammoth Book of Bob Dylan (Mammoth Books)
2010978-1-84901-469-4John UreShooting Leave: Spying Out Central Asia in the Great Game
2011978-1-84901-472-4Melanie Fennell · Leonora BrosanAn Introduction to Improving Your Self-Esteem (Overcoming) (An Introduction to Coping series)
  ''978-1-84901-473-1Helen BlackBlood Rush (Lilly Valentine)
2012978-1-84901-475-5Helen BlackTwenty Twelve
2011978-1-84901-476-2R.T. RaichevMurder at the Villa Byzantine (Country House Crime 6)
  ''978-1-84901-477-9Seth Grahame-SmithAbraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter
  ''978-1-84901-478-6Pat McIntoshThe Counterfeit Madam (Gil Cunningham Murder Mystery)
2011978-1-84901-479-3M.C. BeatonEmily Goes to Exeter (Travelling Matchmaker 1)
  ''978-1-84901-480-9M.C. BeatonBelinda Goes to Bath (Travelling Matchmaker 2)
  ''978-1-84901-481-6   ''Penelope Goes to Portsmouth (Travelling Matchmaker 3)
  ''978-1-84901-482-3   ''Beatrice Goes to Brighton (Travelling Matchmaker, Book 4)
  ''978-1-84901-483-0   ''Deborah Goes to Dover (Travelling Matchmaker, Book 5)
2011978-1-84901-484-7M.C. BeatonYvonne Goes to York (Travelling Matchmaker, Book 6)
2012978-1-84901-485-4   ''Minerva (The Six Sisters Series)
2012978-1-84901-486-1M.C. BeatonThe Taming of Annabelle (The Six Sisters Series)
  ''978-1-84901-487-8   ''Deirdre and Desire (The Six Sisters, Book 3)
  ''978-1-84901-488-5   ''Daphne (The Six Sisters Series)
  ''978-1-84901-489-2   ''Diana the Huntress (The Six Sisters Series)
  ''978-1-84901-490-8   ''Frederica in Fashion (The Six Sisters Series)
2010978-1-84901-491-5Bill JamesI Am Gold (Harpur and Iles)
2010978-1-84901-492-2Carola DunnStyx and Stones (Daisy Dalrymple Mystery)
  ''978-1-84901-498-4Alan HunterGently Does It (Inspector George Gently 1)
  ''978-1-84901-499-1Alan HunterGently By the Shore (Inspector George Gently 2)
2010978-1-84901-500-4Alan HunterGently Down the Stream (George Gently)
2011978-1-84901-501-1   ''Landed Gently (George Gently)
  ''978-1-84901-502-8   ''Gently Through the Mill (George Gently)
  ''978-1-84901-503-5   ''Gently in the Sun (George Gently)
2012978-1-84901-507-3Nigel CawthorneA Brief Guide to James Bond (Brief Histories)
2011978-1-84901-509-7M.C. BeatonDeath of a Valentine (Hamish Macbeth Murder Mystery)
  ''978-1-84901-510-3Carmel ReillyWalking with Angels: Inspirational Stories of Heavenly Encounters
  ''978-1-84901-511-0Clare PenateUnder a Canvas Sky: Living Outside Gormenghast
2012978-1-84901-515-8Tim NewarkThe Fighting Irish: The Story of the Extraordinary Irish Soldier
2011978-1-84901-516-5Danny MillerKiss Me Quick
2010978-1-84901-517-2M.C. BeatonA Highland Christmas (Hamish Macbeth 16) (Christmas Fiction)
2010978-1-84901-518-9Carola DunnRattle His Bones (Daisy Dalrymple Mystery)
  ''978-1-84901-519-6   ''To Davy Jones Below (Daisy Dalrymple Mystery)
2012978-1-84901-521-9Geoff TibballsVoices from the Titanic (Brief Histories)
2010978-1-84901-543-1Andrew Bleiman · Chris EastlandZooBorns: The Cutest Baby Animals from Zoos Around the World!
  ''978-1-84901-544-8Quentin LettsLetts Rip! Inside the Parliament of Fools
  ''978-1-84901-545-5John CushnieThe Hedge Man: Humour and Horticulture: The Collected John Cushnie
2010978-1-84901-554-7Tom CutlerA Gentleman's Bedside Book: Entertainment for the Last Fifteen Minutes of the Day
  ''978-1-84901-557-8Victoria Mather · Sue Macartney-SnapeThere'll Always be an England: Social Stereotypes from the Daily Telegraph
2008978-1-84901-560-8Simon DunstanEmpire
2011978-1-84901-564-6Carola DunnAnthem for Doomed Youth (Daisy Dalrymple)
2010978-1-84901-565-3Jesse VenturaAmerican Conspiracies
2011978-1-84901-566-0Stephen JonesThe Mammoth Book of Dracula (Mammoth Books)
  ''978-1-84901-567-7Maxim JakubowskiThe Mammoth Book of Best British Crime 8 (Mammoth Books)
  ''978-1-84901-568-4Lal HardyThe Mammoth Book of Tattoo Art (Mammoth Books)
2010978-1-84901-571-4Cathleen SchineThe Three Weissmanns of Westport
2011978-1-84901-572-1Steve HelyHow I Became a Famous Novelist
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2011978-1-84901-577-6Ethan WattersCrazy Like Us
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2012978-1-84901-584-4James CraigNever Apologise, Never Explain (An Inspector Carlyle Novel)
2012978-1-84901-585-1James CraigBuckingham Palace Blues (An Inspector Carlyle Novel)
2011978-1-84901-587-5Mark CampbellDoctor Who: The Complete Guide
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  ''978-1-84901-589-9Ira LevinThe Stepford Wives
  ''978-1-84901-590-5   ''The Boys From Brazil
  ''978-1-84901-591-2   ''A Kiss Before Dying: Introduction by Chelsea Cain
2011978-1-84901-592-9David DickinsonDeath of a Wine Merchant (Lord Francis Powerscourt 9)
  ''978-1-84901-593-6Jonathan DeeThe Privileges
  ''978-1-84901-594-3C.M. TaylorPremiership Psycho
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  ''978-1-84901-596-7Diane JanesWhy Don't You Come for Me?
2011978-1-84901-597-4Elizabeth PetersA River in the Sky (Amelia Peabody Murder Mystery)
  ''978-1-84901-598-1Clinton HeylinStill on the Road: 1974-2008 v. 2: The Songs of Bob Dylan: The Songs of Bob Dylan Vol. 2 1974-2008
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2011978-1-84901-604-9Steven SaylorRoma (Rome 1)
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2011978-1-84901-609-4Steven SaylorCatilina's Riddle (Gordianus the Finder 3) (Roma Sub Rosa)
  ''978-1-84901-610-0   ''The Venus Throw (Gordianus the Finder 4) (Roma Sub Rosa)
2011978-1-84901-613-1Steven SaylorArms of Nemesis (Roma Sub Rosa)
  ''978-1-84901-614-8   ''Rubicon (Roma Sub Rosa)
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2019978-1-84901-621-6Chris IronsThe Compassionate Mind Approach to Difficult Emotions: Using Compassion Focused Therapy
2010978-1-84901-636-0David YallopBeyond Belief: The Papacy and the Child Abuse Scandal
2010978-1-84901-640-7Denis O'ConnorPaw Tracks at Owl Cottage
2011978-1-84901-644-5Jonathan DeePalladio
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  ''978-1-84901-646-9David GendersThe Daily Telegraph Tax Guide, 2011
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2011978-1-84901-678-0Jonathan TrigellGenus
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2012978-1-84901-691-9Danny MillerThe Gilded Edge
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2010978-1-84901-696-4Dale BrownRogue Forces
2012978-1-84901-697-1Christopher Barnatt25 Things You Need to Know About the Future
2011978-1-84901-701-5Richard BradfordMartin Amis: The Biography
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  ''978-1-84901-705-3Carola DunnThe Case of the Murdered Muckraker (Daisy Dalrymple Mystery)
  ''978-1-84901-706-0   ''Mistletoe and Murder (Daisy Dalrymple Mystery)
2011978-1-84901-707-7Carola DunnDie Laughing (Daisy Dalrymple Mystery)
  ''978-1-84901-708-4   ''A Mourning Wedding (Daisy Dalrymple Mystery)
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2011978-1-84901-710-7Carola DunnGunpowder Plot (Daisy Dalrymple)
  ''978-1-84901-711-4   ''The Bloody Tower (Daisy Dalrymple)
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2014978-1-84901-878-4Helen KennerleyOvercoming Anxiety (Overcoming Books)
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2013978-1-84901-896-8Roz Shafran · Lee Brosan · Peter CooperThe Complete CBT Guide for Anxiety (Overcoming) (Overcoming S)
2011978-1-84901-924-8John WatersFeckers: 50 People Who Fecked Up Ireland
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2013978-1-84901-973-6   ''Agatha Raisin: Hiss and Hers
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2012978-1-84901-997-2Denis O'ConnorPaw Tracks: A Childhood Memoir