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2010978-1-84890-007-3Olga Pombo · Alexander GernerStudies in Diagrammatology and Diagram Praxis (Studies in Logic)
  ''978-1-84890-016-5Pierre Edouard Bour · Manuel Rebuschi · Laurent RolletConstruction. Festschrift for Gerhard Heinzmann (Tributes)
2013978-1-84890-021-9F. Oliveira-PintoAn Introduction to Discrete Dynamical Systems and their General Solutions (Applied Mathematics)
2010978-1-84890-022-6Chris MortensenInconsistent Geometry (Studies in Logic)
2011978-1-84890-033-2Claus Peter Wirth · Joerg Siekmann · Michael GabbayFoundations of Mathematics I
  ''978-1-84890-050-9Kenneth KunenSet Theory (Studies in Logic: Mathematical Logic and Foundations)
2012978-1-84890-060-8Craig SmorynskiAdventures in Formalism (Texts in Mathematics)
  ''978-1-84890-066-0Henk BarendregtThe Lambda Calculus. Its Syntax and Semantics (Studies in Logic)
2013978-1-84890-099-8Claire Ortiz Hill · Jairo Jose Da SilvaThe Road Not Taken. on Husserl's Philosophy of Logic and Mathematics (Philosophy (or Texts in Philosophy))
2014978-1-84890-125-4Joao Pavao MartinsLogica E Raciocinio
  ''978-1-84890-140-7John L. BellIntuitionistic Set Theory (Studies in Logic)
2019978-1-84890-168-1Roman Kuznets · Thomas StuderLogics of Proofs and Justifications
2017978-1-84890-218-3Floris Bex · Floriana Grasso · Nancy GreenArgument Technologies: Theory, Analysis, and Applications
2017978-1-84890-242-8Edward Fullbrook · Jamie MorganTrumponomics: Causes and Consequences
2018978-1-84890-244-2John Grant · Maria Vanina MartinezMeasuring Inconsistency in Information
  ''978-1-84890-246-6John WoodsIfcolog Journal of Logics and their Applications Volume 4, number 11. Dedicated to the Memory of Dale Jacquette
  ''978-1-84890-255-8Guran Bezhanishvili · Giovanna D'Agostino · George MetcalfeAdvances in Modal Logic, Volume 12
2017978-1-84890-256-5Oleg ProsorovProceedings of the International Conference Philosophy, Mathematics, Linguistics: Aspects of Interaction, 2012 (PhML-2012): Euler International Mathematical Institute St Petersburg, May 22-25, 2012
2018978-1-84890-257-2Manuel A DahlquistUna introducción a la teoría lógica de la Edad Media
2017978-1-84890-258-9Philip CalabreseLogic and Conditional Probability: A Synthesis
2018978-1-84890-259-6Mohammad ShafieiMeaning and Intentionality. A Dialogical Approach
2017978-1-84890-262-6Dirk van DalenLogica e Estrutura
  ''978-1-84890-263-3Paolo MancosuFilosofia Lógica e Matemática: Conferências no Brasil
  ''978-1-84890-265-7Gabriella Pigozzi · Leendert van der TorreIfcolog Journal of Logics and their Applications Volume 4, number 9. Logic for Normative Multi-Agent Systems
2018978-1-84890-266-4Odysseus MakridisFathoming Formal Logic: Vol 1: Theory and Decision Procedures for Propositional Logic
2018978-1-84890-267-1Odysseus MakridisFathoming Formal Logic: Vol II: Semantics and Proof Theory for Predicate Logic
  ''978-1-84890-268-8Matthias BaazIfcolog Journal of Logics and their Applications Volume 4, number 10. New Trends in Logic
  ''978-1-84890-269-5Xavier Parent · Leendert van der TorreIntroduction to Deontic Logic and Normative Systems
  ''978-1-84890-270-1Arnon Avron · Ofer Arieli · Anna ZamanskyTheory of Effective Propositional Paraconsistent Logics
  ''978-1-84890-271-8Christian PlantinDictionary of Argumentation: A Introduction to Argumentation Studies
2018978-1-84890-275-6Pietro Baroni · Dov Gabbay · Massimilino GiacominHandbook of Formal Argumentation
  ''978-1-84890-276-3Atif Mashkoor · Qing Wang · Bernhard ThalheimModels: Concepts, Theory, Logic, Reasoning and Semantics: Essays Dedicated to Klaus-Dieter Schewe on the Occasion of his 60th Birthday
  ''978-1-84890-277-0Serena VillattaJournal of Applied Logics - IfCoLog Journal: Volume, number 2, April 2018: Special Issue: Normative Multi-Agent Systems
  ''978-1-84890-278-7Jan Broersen · Cleo Condoravdi · Shyam NairDeontic Logic and Normative Systems: 14th International Conference, DEON 2018, Utrecht, The Netherlands, 3-8 July 2018
  ''978-1-84890-280-0Luis M AugustoComputational Logic: Volume 1: Classical Deductive Computing with Classical Logic
2018978-1-84890-281-7Pavel Arazim · Tomas LavickaThe Logica Yearbook 2017
  ''978-1-84890-283-1Steve Oswald · Didier MaillatArgumentation and Inference I: Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Argumentation
  ''978-1-84890-284-8Steve Oswald · Dider MaillatArgumentation and Inference. Volume II: Proceedings of the 2nd European Conference on Argumentation
  ''978-1-84890-286-2Woosuk Park · John WoodsJournal of Applied Logics - IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their Applications. Volume 5, number 5. Special issue: Logical Foundations of Strategic Reasoning
  ''978-1-84890-287-9Erich H ReckLogic, Philosophy of Mathematics, and their History: Essays in Honor of W. W. Tait
2018978-1-84890-288-6Michael Gabbay · Prokop Sousedik · David SvobodaJournal of Applied Logics - IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their Applications. Volume 5, number 6. Special Issue: The Emergence of Structuralism and Formalism: September 2018
  ''978-1-84890-290-9Ricardo Sousa Silvestre · Jean-Yves BeziauJournal of Applied Logics-IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their Applications. Volume 5, number 7. Special issue: Formal Approaches to the Ontological Argument: October 2018
  ''978-1-84890-291-6Dov GabbayJournal of Applied Logics - IfCoLog Journal: Volume 5, number 8, November 2018
  ''978-1-84890-292-3Carlos I Chesnevar · Marcelo A Falappa · Eduardo Ferme · Alejandro J. García · Ana G. Maguitman · Diego C. Martínez · Maria Vanina Martinez · Ricardo O. RodríguezArgumentation-based Proofs of Endearment: Essays in Honor of Guillermo R. Simari on the Occasion of his 70th Birthday
  ''978-1-84890-293-0Max A Freund · Max Fernandez de Castro · Marco RuffinoLogic and Philosophy of Logic: Recent Trends in Latin America and Spain
2018978-1-84890-294-7Martin Lukac · Robert WilleJournal of Applied Logics - IfCoLog Journal of Logics and their Applications. Volume 5, number 9, December 2018. Special issue: Current Trends in Multiple Valued Logic Design
  ''978-1-84890-296-1Amilcar Sernadas · Cristina Sernadas · João Rasga · Jaime RamosA Mathematical Primer on Computability
  ''978-1-84890-297-8Jean-Yves Beziau · Francicleber Ferreira · Ana Teresa MartinsLogic, Intelligence and Artifices: Tributes to Tarcisio H. C. Pequeno
2019978-1-84890-298-5Luca M. PossatiGames Iteration Numbers: A Philosophical Introduction to Computability Theory (Studies in Logic)
  ''978-1-84890-303-6David BillingtonFactual and Plausible Reasoning
  ''978-1-84890-304-3Simone Sulpizio · Laura Barca · Silvia PrimativoWord Recognition, Morphology and Lexical Reading: Essays in Honour of Cristina Burani
2019978-1-84890-307-4Igor Sedlar · Martin BlichaThe Logica Yearbook 2018
  ''978-1-84890-312-8Matthieu GallaisModèles scientifiques et objets théoriques: Essai d'épistémologie modale
  ''978-1-84890-313-5Jean-Yves BeziauThe Arbitrariness of the Sign in Question: Proceedings of a CLG 100 Workshop. Geneva, January 10-12, 2017 (LS)