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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2012978-1-84868-549-9Mary GreenstedGimson & the Barnsleys
2009978-1-84868-550-5John D. BeasleyEast Dulwich Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-551-2Gordon ClitheroePickering Through Time
2010978-1-84868-557-4Michael RichardsonAround Durham Through Time
2009978-1-84868-558-1Viv WilsonTeignmouth Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-560-4Jim WalkerBerwick Upon Tweed Through Time
2010978-1-84868-563-5John D. BeasleyCamberwell Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-565-9Sonia SmithParanormal Somerset
2009978-1-84868-569-7Ted RudgeIn and Around Ladywood Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-570-3Ted Rudge · John HoughtonAston Through Time
2015978-1-84868-574-1Fred Archer · Stephen DoreyFred Archer Country Through Time
2009978-1-84868-576-5Keith CockerillSunderland Through Time
2011978-1-84868-579-6Ian CollardBirkenhead From Old Photographs
2009978-1-84868-580-2George FortyJake Wardrop's Diary: A Tank Regiment Sergeant's Story
2010978-1-84868-582-6Elizabeth NortonCatherine Parr: Wife, widow, mother, survivor, the story of the last queen of Henry VIII
2010978-1-84868-588-8Geoff HolderThe Jacobites and the Supernatural
978-1-84868-592-5Anne RainsburyChepstow Through Time
2009978-1-84868-595-6Peter LeeNuneaton Through Time
2014978-1-84868-604-5John DurrantCambridge Through Time
2011978-1-84868-606-9Eve DavisHemel Hempstead Through Time
2009978-1-84868-619-9Brian Hargreaves · Emily HargreavesElland Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-622-9David PaulWoolton Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-623-6Marion HillMilton Keynes Through Time
2010978-1-84868-625-0Andrew Pickering · David PickeringWitch-hunting in England
2009978-1-84868-626-7Stan BeckensallPrehistoric Rock Art in Britain
2020978-1-84868-631-1Richard ByersWorkington Iron and Steel Through Time
2011978-1-84868-635-9Philip MacDougallChatham Through Time
2009978-1-84868-636-6Ray JonesWorcester Through Time
2011978-1-84868-639-7Stephen SellickEnfield Through Time
2010978-1-84868-641-0Georgina BabeyNew Forest Through Time
2009978-1-84868-644-1Peter HillCorby & Rockingham Forest Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-648-9Ray JonesKidderminster Through Time
2010978-1-84868-662-5Allan W. Wood · Ted LightbownBlackpool Through Time
2009978-1-84868-663-2Robin LidsterRobin Hood's Bay and Fylingthorpe Through Time
2010978-1-84868-664-9Paul Hurley · Len MorganChester Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-668-7Robin LidsterScarborough and Whitby Railway Through Time
2010978-1-84868-669-4Robin LidsterBurniston to Ravenscar Through Time
2011978-1-84868-670-0   ''Newby & Scalby Through Time
2014978-1-84868-673-1Geoff SmithLutterworth Through Time
2009978-1-84868-676-2Phil Carradice · Roger MacCallumPembroke Dock Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-677-9Graham RobertsColwyn Bay Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-686-1Mick AstonMonasteries in the Landscape
  ''978-1-84868-687-8Charlotte BoothHoremheb: The Forgotten Pharaoh
2012978-1-84868-688-5Rebecca H. JonesRoman Camps in Britain
2010978-1-84868-691-5Helen Chapman DaviesGuildford's Hidden History
2009978-1-84868-693-9Iain SodenRanulf de Blondeville: The First English Hero
2011978-1-84868-697-7William H. MillerThe Last Atlantic Liners: Getting There is Half the Fun
2010978-1-84868-698-4William H. MillerFloating Palaces: The Great Atlantic Liners
2009978-1-84868-699-1Senan MolonyTitanic Scandal: The Trial of the Mount Temple
  ''978-1-84868-702-8Tony RussellThe Cotswolds' Finest Gardens
2009978-1-84868-703-5Tony RussellGardens to Visit 2010
2012978-1-84868-710-3Harry ThomasPrestatyn Through Time
2009978-1-84868-720-2Peter HillSecret Northamptonshire
  ''978-1-84868-723-3Ron BrownPubs of Portsmouth from Old Photographs
  ''978-1-84868-725-7Anthony Poulton-SmithHampshire Place Names
2015978-1-84868-735-6Brian Lee · Amanda HarveyCardiff Pubs Through Time
2014978-1-84868-739-4John BlandVillages of North Warwickshire Through Time
2010978-1-84868-741-7Gary Firth · Malcolm HittSaltaire Through Time
2009978-1-84868-744-8Hugh MadginStevenage Through Time
2011978-1-84868-748-6Michael GlassonWalsall Through Time
2009978-1-84868-755-4Malcolm AngelToo Few Too Far: The True Story of a Royal Marine Commando
2010978-1-84868-760-8Alun Seward · David SwidenbankRhondda Through Time
2009978-1-84868-783-7Ben AshworthThe Last Days of Steam in Gloucestershire
  ''978-1-84868-784-4Philip HutchinsonThe Jack the Ripper Location Photographs: Dutfield's Yard and the Whitby Collection
  ''978-1-84868-785-1Ron BrownCinemas and Theatres of Portsmouth from Old Photographs
2020978-1-84868-793-6Peter LewisCharles Dickens and the Mystery of Staplehurst
2010978-1-84868-794-3Stuart MacRaeWinston Churchill's Toyshop: The Inside Story of Military Intelligence (research)
2009978-1-84868-797-4Clive GwiltBridgnorth Through Time
2010978-1-84868-803-2Ken PearceCowley Through Time
2009978-1-84868-804-9Mike Cherry · John Sheaf · Ken Howe · Ed HarrisTwickenham, Whitton, Teddington & The Hamptons Through Time
2010978-1-84868-808-7Jeffrey PainSouthampton Through Time
2010978-1-84868-817-9Patrick DelaforceRed Crown and Dragon: 53rd Welsh Division in North-West Europe 1944-1945
  ''978-1-84868-819-3Patrick DelaforceMonty's Iron Sides: From the Normandy Beaches to Bremen with the 3rd Division
  ''978-1-84868-827-8P. Friedmann · Josephine WilkinsonAnne Boleyn
2009978-1-84868-831-5Christopher ReeveBungay Through Time
2010978-1-84868-834-6J. Kent LaytonLusitania: An Illustrated Biography
2012978-1-84868-835-3J. Kent LaytonThe Edwardian Superliners: A Trio of Trios
2020978-1-84868-838-4Phil HarrisThe Invasions of Britain
2011978-1-84868-839-1Martin W. BowmanLive to Die Another Day: Voices of the Bomber Command War Over Germany 1939-1943
2012978-1-84868-840-7Martin W. BowmanLuck of the Lancasters: The Night Air War Over Europe 1943-45
2010978-1-84868-841-4Patricia O'Driscoll · John NicklinTrawler Disasters 1946-1975
  ''978-1-84868-847-6Stephen Porter · Simon MarshThe Battle for London
  ''978-1-84868-848-3Tom NeilGun Button to Fire a Hurricane Pilot's Dramatic Story of the Battle of Britain
2010978-1-84868-849-0Barry SuttonFighter Boy: Life as a Battle of Britain Pilot
  ''978-1-84868-854-4Paul Chrystal · Mark SunderlandKnaresborough Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-859-9Peter Ollerhead · Tony FloodCrewe's Rolls Royce Factory from Old Photographs
  ''978-1-84868-861-2Quentin ReesCockleshell Heroes: The Definitive History 75th Anniversary
  ''978-1-84868-868-1Dilip SarkarHow the Spitfire Won the Battle of Britain
2011978-1-84868-869-8Stephen PorterPepys's London: Everyday Life in London 1650-1703
2011978-1-84868-870-4Elizabeth NortonBessie Blount: Mistress to Henry VIII
2010978-1-84868-875-9Nicholas LeachLifeboats of the Humber: Two Centuries of Gallantry
2011978-1-84868-876-6Nicholas LeachHarwich Lifeboats: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-84868-877-3Bob ClarkePrehistoric Wiltshire: An Illustrated Guide
2010978-1-84868-878-0Edward PageA Weymouth Childhood in the 1950s
  ''978-1-84868-891-9John T. SmithGone to Russia to Fight: The RAF in South Russia 1918-1920
  ''978-1-84868-892-6Michael FoleyHavering Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-904-6Douglas d'EnnoEast Brighton and Ovingdean Through Time
2011978-1-84868-905-3Gillian CleggBrentford Through Time
2010978-1-84868-914-5Norman LongmateThe Real Dad's Army the Story of the Home Guard
2010978-1-84868-919-0Martin Easdown · Linda SageHythe Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-923-7Stephen HardingVoyage to Oblivion
  ''978-1-84868-924-4Alan DaviesThe Pretoria Pit Disaster: A Centenary Account
  ''978-1-84868-926-8Harley CrossleyFrom Ocean Liner to Cruise Ship: The Marine Art of Harley Crossley
2012978-1-84868-927-5Tad Fitch · J. Kent Layton · Bill WormstedtOn A Sea of Glass: The Life and Loss of the RMS Titanic
2010978-1-84868-940-4Guy de la BedoyereHadrian's Wall: History and Guide (From Old Photographs)
2012978-1-84868-943-5Warwick RodwellThe Archaeology of Churches
2010978-1-84868-944-2Dilip SarkarHearts of Oak: The Human Tragedy of HMS Royal Oak
2011978-1-84868-946-6Jan BondesonAmazing Dogs: A Cabinet of Canine Curiosities
2010978-1-84868-949-7Ben AshworthThe Last Days of Steam in Gloucestershire: A Second Selection
2011978-1-84868-952-7Robert J. ParkerBritish Prime Ministers
2010978-1-84868-957-2Ian CollardBlue Funnel Line: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-84868-958-9Justin P Merrigan · Ian H CollardHolyhead to Ireland: Stena and Its Welsh Heritage
2010978-1-84868-959-6Stephen FlowerBarnes Wallis' Bombs: Dam Buster, Tallboy and Grand Slam
  ''978-1-84868-962-6John ChristopherPaddington Station Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-963-3John ChristopherIsambard Kingdom Brunel Through Time
2011978-1-84868-970-1Peter LeeNuneaton & Bedworth Coal, Stone, Clay and Iron
  ''978-1-84868-975-6Christopher HelmeBrighouse Through Time
  ''978-1-84868-976-3David CasserlyMassacre: The Storming of Bolton
2010978-1-84868-977-0Alexandra CroomRoman Clothing and Fashion
2010978-1-84868-983-1Amarpal SidhuThe First Anglo-Sikh War
  ''978-1-84868-984-8Richard CornockA Year on a Dairy Farm
2011978-1-84868-987-9P. G. Maxwell-StuartPoltergeists: A History of Violent Ghostly Phenomena
2010978-1-84868-994-7Paul BrownHistoric Ships: The Survivors
2011978-1-84868-995-4Brian GirlingPimlico Through Time