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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-84845-000-4Nick CurtisRunaway Minister (Black Star Crime)
  ''978-1-84845-002-8Faith MartinA Narrow Escape (Black Star Crime)
  ''978-1-84845-004-2Alex KavaA Perfect Evil (A Maggie O'Dell Novel)
  ''978-1-84845-005-9Tracy GilpinDouble Cross (Black Star Crime)
  ''978-1-84845-007-3Steve GarciaHomicide In The Hills (Black Star Crime)
2008978-1-84845-008-0Vivian RobertsLost And Found (Black Star Crime)
  ''978-1-84845-009-7Alex KavaSplit Second (Black Star Crime)
2011978-1-84845-040-0Aimée CarterThe Goddess Test (A Goddess Test Novel, Book 1) (The Goddess Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84845-042-4Diane ChamberlainThe Shadow Wife
  ''978-1-84845-044-8Diane ChamberlainThe Shadow Wife
2012978-1-84845-045-5Nicola CornickDauntsey Park
2011978-1-84845-047-9Rachel VincentBlood Bound
  ''978-1-84845-048-6Gena ShowalterThe Darkest Surrender (Lords of the Underworld: Book 8)
2011978-1-84845-050-9Debbie MacomberAngels at Christmas
  ''978-1-84845-051-6Susan WiggsThe Winter Lodge (The Lakeshore Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84845-052-3Mary BurtonIn Dark Waters
2012978-1-84845-060-8Julia KagawaThe Iron Knight (The Iron Fey - Book 4)
  ''978-1-84845-061-5Rachel VincentIf I Die (Soul Screamers Book 5)
  ''978-1-84845-063-9Paige HarbisonNew Girl
2012978-1-84845-065-3Maria V SnyderTouch of Power (Avry of Kazan - Book 1) (An Avry of Kazan novel)
  ''978-1-84845-066-0Debbie MacomberA Mother's Wish
  ''978-1-84845-067-7Victoria FoxTemptation Island
  ''978-1-84845-070-7Rebecca ColemanThe Kingdom of Childhood
  ''978-1-84845-071-4Sherryl WoodsFlowers on Main (A Chesapeake Shores Story) (A Chesapeake Shores Novel)
2012978-1-84845-072-1Gena ShowalterTwisted (An Intertwined Novel, Book 3)
  ''978-1-84845-073-8Debbie MacomberManning Sisters
  ''978-1-84845-076-9Susan AndersenBurning Up
  ''978-1-84845-077-6Katie McGarryPushing the Limits
  ''978-1-84845-078-3Aimee CarterGoddess Interrupted (The Goddess Series)
2012978-1-84845-079-0Diane ChamberlainKeeper of the Light (The Keeper Trilogy, Book 1)
  ''978-1-84845-080-6Debbie MacomberManning Brides (Those Manning Men)
  ''978-1-84845-081-3   ''The Manning Grooms
  ''978-1-84845-088-2Diane ChamberlainKeeper of the Light (The Keeper Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84845-091-2Nicola CornickNotorious (Scandalous Women of the Ton)
2012978-1-84845-092-9Maria V. SnyderTouch of Power (An Avry of Kazan novel) (The Healer Series)
  ''978-1-84845-093-6Nelle DavyThe Legacy of Eden
  ''978-1-84845-094-3Julie KagawaA legend begins. The first epic novel in the darkly thrilling dystopian saga Blood of Eden, from the New York Times bestselling author Julie Kagawa
  ''978-1-84845-097-4Gena ShowalterDarkest Seduction (Lords of the Underworld)
  ''978-1-84845-098-1Debbie Macomber1022 Evergreen Place (A Cedar Cove Story) (A Cedar Cove Novel)
2012978-1-84845-099-8Anne O'BrienThe King's Concubine
  ''978-1-84845-100-1Diane ChamberlainThe Good Father
  ''978-1-84845-102-5Rachel VincentShadow Bound (An Unbound Novel)
  ''978-1-84845-103-2Mary BurtonThe Arsonist
2011978-1-84845-113-1Maria V. SnyderStorm Glass (The Glass Series, Book 1)
  ''978-1-84845-114-8   ''Sea Glass (Opal Cowan Trilogy: Book 2) (The Glass Series)
2011978-1-84845-115-5Maria V. SnyderSpy Glass (Opal Cowan Trilogy: Book 3) (The Glass Trilogy) (The Chronicles of Ixia)
2012978-1-84845-117-9   ''Magic Study (The Chronicles of Ixia)
  ''978-1-84845-118-6   ''Fire Study (The Chronicles of Ixia)
  ''978-1-84845-119-3Rachel VincentBefore I Wake
  ''978-1-84845-127-8Alex KavaThe Soul Catcher (Maggie O'Dell)
  ''978-1-84845-128-5Erica SpindlerIn Silence
2012978-1-84845-130-8Erica SpindlerCopycat
  ''978-1-84845-131-5Nicola CornickDesired (Scandalous Women of the Ton)
  ''978-1-84845-132-2Heather GudenKaufOne Breath Away
  ''978-1-84845-133-9Debbie MacomberSummer In Orchard Valley: Valerie / Stephanie / Norah
  ''978-1-84845-134-6Gena ShowalterWicked Nights (Angels of the Dark 1)
2012978-1-84845-136-0Debbie Macomber1105 Yakima Street (A Cedar Cove Story) (A Cedar Cove Novel)
  ''978-1-84845-137-7Anne O'BrienMarriage Under Siege
  ''978-1-84845-144-5Debbie MacomberA Merry Little Christmas (A Cedar Cove Book ft 1225 Christmas Tree Lane & 5-B Poppy Lane)
  ''978-1-84845-148-3Andrea KaneThe Line Between Here and Gone
  ''978-1-84845-151-3Tess GerritsenPresumed Guilty (Intrigue S.)
2013978-1-84845-154-4Julie KagawaThe Lost Prince (The Iron Fey - Book 5)
2012978-1-84845-156-8Rachel CaineDevil's Bargain (Red Letter Days 1)
2012978-1-84845-157-5Gena ShowalterAlice in Zombieland (White Rabbit Chronicles, Vol. 1) (The White Rabbit Chronicles)
  ''978-1-84845-172-8Rachel Cohn · David LevithanDash & Lily's Book of Dares
2013978-1-84845-185-8Julie KagawaThe Eternity Cure (Blood of Eden - Book 2)
2013978-1-84845-189-6Julie KagawaThe Iron Traitor (The Iron Fey)
  ''978-1-84845-203-9Pam JenoffThe Ambassador's Daughter
  ''978-1-84845-206-0Debbie MacomberBe My Valentine
  ''978-1-84845-214-5Jason MottThe Returned
  ''978-1-84845-215-2Anne O'BrienThe Forbidden Queen
2013978-1-84845-221-3Maria V. SnyderScent of Magic (An Avry of Kazan Novel) (The Healer Series)
  ''978-1-84845-223-7Nicola CornickForbidden (Scandalous Women of the Ton)
  ''978-1-84845-227-5Debbie MacomberHappy Mother's Day
  ''978-1-84845-232-9Victoria FoxWicked Ambition
  ''978-1-84845-233-6Diane ChamberlainHer Mother's Shadow (The Keeper of the Light Trilogy)
2013978-1-84845-235-0Debbie MacomberSummer Wedding Bells
  ''978-1-84845-237-4Gena ShowalterThe Darkest Craving (Lords of the Underworld: Book 10)
  ''978-1-84845-239-8Maria V. SnyderPoison Study (The Chronicles of Ixia)
  ''978-1-84845-240-4   ''Magic Study (The Chronicles of Ixia)
  ''978-1-84845-246-6   ''Storm Glass (The Chronicles of Ixia) (The Glass Series)
2013978-1-84845-250-3Elaine HusseyThe Sweetest Hallelujah
  ''978-1-84845-258-9Suzanna Hayes · Loretta NyhanI'll Be Seeing You
  ''978-1-84845-260-2Debbie MacomberOn a Snowy Night
  ''978-1-84845-261-9Diane ChamberlainThe Courage Tree
  ''978-1-84845-280-0Maria V. SnyderTaste of Darkness (Avry of Kazan - Book 3) (The Healer Series)
2014978-1-84845-284-8Pam JenoffThe Winter Guest
2014978-1-84845-289-3Julie KagawaThe Forever Song (The Blood of Eden: Book 3)
  ''978-1-84845-292-3Robin TalleyLies We Tell Ourselves: Winner of the 2016 Inaugural Amnesty Honour
  ''978-1-84845-298-5Anne O'BrienThe Scandalous Duchess
  ''978-1-84845-301-2Maria V. SnyderTaste of Darkness (An Avry of Kazan Novel) (The Healer Series)
  ''978-1-84845-307-4Diane ChamberlainSummer's Child
2014978-1-84845-311-1Mary KubicaThe Good Girl
  ''978-1-84845-334-0Debbie MacomberSummer Brides
2015978-1-84845-337-1Julie KagawaTalon (The Talon Saga - Book 1)
2014978-1-84845-344-9Stephanie LaurensBy Winter's Light (Cynster Novel)
  ''978-1-84845-346-3Anne O'BrienThe King's Sister
  ''978-1-84845-347-0Gena ShowalterThe Darkest Lie (Lords of the Underworld)
  ''978-1-84845-354-8Vv.AaDash And Lily's Book Of Dares: The Sparkling Prequel to Twelves Days of Dash and Lily
2015978-1-84845-363-0Maria V. SnyderShadow Study (The Chronicles of Ixia - Book 7)
2015978-1-84845-365-4Stephanie LaurensThe Tempting of Thomas Carrick (Cynsters)
  ''978-1-84845-366-1Anne O'BrienThe King's Sister
  ''978-1-84845-382-1Julie KagawaRogue (The Talon Saga - Book 2)
  ''978-1-84845-385-2Anne O'BrienThe Scandalous Duchess
  ''978-1-84845-387-6   ''Virgin Widow
2015978-1-84845-390-6Adi AlsaidNever Always Sometimes
  ''978-1-84845-391-3Robin TalleyWhat We Left Behind
2016978-1-84845-395-1Victoria FoxThe Santiago Sisters
2015978-1-84845-408-8Julie KagawaThe Iron Warrior (The Iron Fey - Book 10)
2016978-1-84845-412-5Ba ParisBehind Closed Doors
  ''978-1-84845-455-2Sarah MorganSleepless In Manhattan (From Manhattan With Love)
  ''978-1-84845-472-9Sarah MorganSunset In Central Park: The Perfect Romantic Comedy to Curl Up with This Autumn (From Manhattan with Love)
2017978-1-84845-499-6B A ParisThe Breakdown: The 2017 gripping thriller from the bestselling author of Behind Closed Doors
2016978-1-84845-501-6Phaedra PatrickThe Curious Charms Of Arthur Pepper