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2010978-1-84842-000-7Steve WatersThe Secret Life of Plays
2008978-1-84842-002-1Chloe MossThis Wide Night (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-004-5Polly TealeMine
2009978-1-84842-005-2Luke DixonShakespeare Monologues for Men (NHB Good Audition Guides)
  ''978-1-84842-006-9Charlie KaufmanSynecdoche, New York
  ''978-1-84842-007-6Luke DixonShakespeare Monologues for Women (NHB Good Audition Guides)
  ''978-1-84842-010-6Jessica SwaleDrama Games for Classrooms and Workshops
2009978-1-84842-012-0Jacqueline Wilson · Vicky IrelandSecrets: Play Edition
  ''978-1-84842-013-7Jacqueline Wilson · Vicky IrelandThe Suitcase Kid: Play Edition
2010978-1-84842-014-4Gail PallinStage Management: The Essential Handbook
2008978-1-84842-015-1Stephen JeffreysThe Convict's Opera
2019978-1-84842-016-8Helen FreemanSo You Want to Go to Drama School? (Nick Hern Books)
2008978-1-84842-017-5Sophocles · Owen McCaffertyAntigone
  ''978-1-84842-019-9Alexi Kaye CampbellThe Pride (Royal Court)
2009978-1-84842-022-9Charles Dickens · Alastair CordingDavid Copperfield (stage version)
  ''978-1-84842-023-6Lope de VegaFuente Ovejuna (Drama Classics) (Nick Hern Books Drama Classics)
  ''978-1-84842-024-3Christian DarleyThe Space to Move: Essentials of Movement Training
2008978-1-84842-025-0Tracy LettsAugust: Osage County (NHB Modern Plays)
2009978-1-84842-026-7Jez ButterworthParlour Song
2009978-1-84842-028-1Liz LochheadMary Queen of Scots Got Her Head Chopped Off (NHB Modern Plays) (Nick Hern Books)
  ''978-1-84842-029-8Bram Stoker · Liz LochheadDracula (NHB Modern Plays)
2008978-1-84842-030-4Billy RocheLay Me Down Softly (NHB Modern Plays)
2009978-1-84842-034-2Andrew BovellWhen the Rain Stops Falling (Nick Hern Books)
  ''978-1-84842-035-9Antony SherBeside Myself
2012978-1-84842-037-3Jessica SwaleDrama Games for Devising
2009978-1-84842-039-7Simon BeaufoySlumdog Millionaire: The Shooting Script
  ''978-1-84842-040-3Steve ThompsonRoaring Trade (Nick Hern Books)
  ''978-1-84842-042-7Stella FeehilyDreams of Violence (NHB Modern Plays) (Out of Joint: Soho Theatre)
2010978-1-84842-043-4Max Stafford-Clark · Maeve McKeownOur Country's Good - Page to Stage: A Study-guide
2009978-1-84842-044-1Peter Flannery · Nikita Mikhalkov · Rustam IbragimbekovBurnt by the Sun (stage version)
2009978-1-84842-046-5Richard EyreTalking Theatre
  ''978-1-84842-048-9Wallace ShawnGrasses of a Thousand Colours
2010978-1-84842-049-6Chris JohnstonDrama Games for Those Who Like to Say No
2009978-1-84842-050-2Jez ButterworthJerusalem (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-052-6Steve WatersThe Contingency Plan
  ''978-1-84842-053-3Alexi Kaye CampbellApologia (Bush Theatre)
2010978-1-84842-054-0Simon CallowMy Life in Pieces: An Alternative Autobiography
2011978-1-84842-055-7Mel Churcher · Jeremy IronsA Screen Acting Workshop (with DVD)
2010978-1-84842-056-4Frank WedekindSpring Awakening (NHB Drama Classics)
2009978-1-84842-058-8Dominic CookeArabian Nights (RSC stage version) (Royal Shakespeare Company)
  ''978-1-84842-059-5Ella HicksonEight (monologues) (NHB Modern Plays)
2009978-1-84842-061-8Liz LochheadBlood and Ice (NHB Modern Plays) (Nick Hern Books)
2010978-1-84842-062-5Kathryn WolfeSo You Want To Be A TV Presenter?
  ''978-1-84842-070-0Davey Anderson · Catherine Czerkawska · Stanley Eveling · David Greig · David Harrower · Douglas Maxwell · Rona Munro · Morna PearsonScottish Shorts
2019978-1-84842-071-7Michael BraySo You Want to Act on Screen?
2009978-1-84842-074-8Andrew BovellSpeaking in Tongues
2011978-1-84842-076-2Michael CoveneyKen Campbell: The Great Caper
2010978-1-84842-077-9Julian CurryShakespeare on Stage: Thirteen Leading Actors on Thirteen Key Roles
2009978-1-84842-078-6Elaine MurphyLittle Gem
2012978-1-84842-079-3William ShakespeareShakespeare on Theatre
2009978-1-84842-081-6Lucy KirkwoodIt Felt Empty When the Heart Went at First But it is Alright Now (NHB Modern Plays)
2010978-1-84842-083-0Kristin LinklaterFreeing Shakespeare's Voice
  ''978-1-84842-086-1Dion BoucicaultLondon Assurance (Drama Classics) (Nick Hern Books Drama Classics)
2012978-1-84842-087-8Nick MoseleyMeisner in Practice: A Guide for Actors, Directors and Teachers
2010978-1-84842-088-5Lynn NottageRuined (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-089-2Drew PautzLove the Sinner (Nick Hern Books)
  ''978-1-84842-091-5Jo CliffordEvery One
2010978-1-84842-096-0Julian BarnesArthur and George (Stage Version)
  ''978-1-84842-099-1Howard BrentonAnne Boleyn (NHB Modern Plays) (Shakespeare's Globe)
  ''978-1-84842-100-4William GaskillWords into Action: Finding the Life of the Play
  ''978-1-84842-105-9debbie tucker greenrandom (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-107-3Robert Tressell · Howard BrentonThe Ragged Trousered Philanthropists (Play)
2010978-1-84842-108-0Timothy Conigrave · Tommy MurphyHolding the Man (NHB Modern Plays)
2011978-1-84842-112-7Andrew Tidmarsh · Tara SwartAn Attitude for Acting
2010978-1-84842-113-4Lion's PartLilies On The Land (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-115-8Enda WalshPenelope
  ''978-1-84842-120-2Fin KennedyThe Urban Girl's Guide to Camping and Other Plays for Teenagers (Nick Hern Books)
  ''978-1-84842-121-9Nina RaineTribes (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-128-8Polly Teale · Linda Brogan · Marjorie WallaceSpeechless (NHB Modern Plays) (Shared Experience)
2010978-1-84842-129-5E. V. Crowe · Sam Holcroft · Rebecca Lenkiewicz · Chloe Moss · Winsome Pinnock · Rebecca PrichardCharged (NHB Modern Plays)
2011978-1-84842-130-1Andrew SheridanWinterlong
  ''978-1-84842-133-2Vivienne FranzmannMogadishu (Nick Hern Books)
2010978-1-84842-134-9Jack ThorneBunny (NHB Modern Plays)
2011978-1-84842-137-0Mike LeighEcstasy
  ''978-1-84842-138-7Richard EyreTalking Theatre
  ''978-1-84842-139-4Enda WalshWalsh Plays: One (Bedbound, Chatroom, Disco Pigs, Misterman)
2012978-1-84842-150-9Ruthie HenshallSo You Want to Be in Musicals?
2011978-1-84842-151-6Steve WatersLittle Platoons (Bush Theatre)
  ''978-1-84842-160-8Mark O'RoweMark O'Rowe Plays: One (The Aspidistra Code, From Both Hips, Made in China, Howie the Rookie, Crestfall)
2011978-1-84842-166-0Ella HicksonPrecious Little Talent & Hot Mess (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-170-7Polly TealeBrontë (NHB Modern Plays) (Shared Experience)
2018978-1-84842-171-4Simon CallowMy Life in Pieces
2011978-1-84842-173-8D. B. C. Pierre · Tanya RonderVernon God Little: The Play
  ''978-1-84842-174-5Mark O'RoweTerminus (NHB Modern Plays) (Abbey Theatre Playscript Series)
2012978-1-84842-175-2Julian WoolfordHow Musicals Work: And How to Write Your Own
2011978-1-84842-176-9Alecky Blythe · Adam CorkLondon Road (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-177-6Stacey GreggPerve
  ''978-1-84842-178-3Bruce NorrisClybourne Park (NHB Modern Plays) (Pulitzer Prize for Drama)
2011978-1-84842-180-6William Shakespeare · John Fletcher · Gregory Doran · Antonio AlamoCardenio
  ''978-1-84842-183-7David SeidlerThe King's Speech: The Shooting Script (official tie-in screenplay)
2013978-1-84842-185-1Lucy Kerbel100 Great Plays for Women
2011978-1-84842-187-5Terence RattiganFlare Path
  ''978-1-84842-194-3Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley · Patrick SandfordFrankenstein: The Play
  ''978-1-84842-200-1William ShakespeareMuch Ado About Nothing
  ''978-1-84842-202-5Conor McPhersonThe Veil (NHB Modern Plays)
2011978-1-84842-205-6Steve ThompsonNo Naughty Bits
  ''978-1-84842-207-0David EdgarWritten on the Heart (Nick Hern Books)
2012978-1-84842-208-7Gregory DoranShakespeare's Lost Play: In Search of Cardenio (Nick Hern Books)
2011978-1-84842-211-7Stella FeehilyBang Bang Bang
  ''978-1-84842-214-8Blake MorrisonWe are Three Sisters
  ''978-1-84842-217-9Alexi Kaye CampbellThe Faith Machine (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-219-3Sam Holcroft · D.C. MooreDouble Feature: Volume One: 1
2011978-1-84842-220-9Prasanna Puwanarajah · Tom BasdenDouble Feature: Volume Two: 2
  ''978-1-84842-222-3Tom WellsThe Kitchen Sink (Spacewang) (NHB Modern Plays)
2012978-1-84842-223-0Nancy HarrisOur New Girl (NHB Modern Plays)
2011978-1-84842-226-1Jez ButterworthJez Butterworth Plays: One (Mojo, Parlour Song, The Night Heron, The Winterling)
2013978-1-84842-229-2Paul HarvardActing Through Song: Techniques and Exercises for Musical-Theatre Actors
2011978-1-84842-230-8VariousDecade: Twenty new plays about 9/11 and its legacy.
  ''978-1-84842-234-6Terence RattiganThe Deep Blue Sea
  ''978-1-84842-236-0Tena StivicicInvisible (Nick Hern Books)
  ''978-1-84842-240-7Lucinda CoxonHerding Cats (Nick Hern Books)
2011978-1-84842-244-5Dawn KingFoxfinder (NHB Modern Plays)
2012978-1-84842-250-6Vivienne FranzmannThe Witness (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-252-0Stephen BeresfordThe Last of the Haussmans (NHB Modern Plays) (National Theatre)
  ''978-1-84842-253-7Andy NymanThe Golden Rules of Acting
  ''978-1-84842-254-4Vivienne FranzmannMogadishu (Nick Hern Books)
  ''978-1-84842-255-1Stefan GolaszewskiSex with a Stranger (NHB Modern Plays) (Nick Hern Books)
2012978-1-84842-257-5Helen EdmundsonMary Shelley (NHB Modern Plays) (Nick Hern Books)
  ''978-1-84842-260-5Chloe MossGatekeeper, The (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-262-9Ella HicksonBoys (NHB Modern Plays) (Nick Hern Books)
  ''978-1-84842-263-6Enda WalshMisterman (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-265-0William ShakespeareShakespeare Monologues for Young Men (NHB Good Audition Guides) (The Good Audition Guides)
2012978-1-84842-266-7William ShakespeareShakespeare Monologues for Young Women (NHB Good Audition Guides) (The Good Audition Guides)
  ''978-1-84842-268-1Gbolahan ObisesanMad About the Boy (NHB Modern Plays) (Nick Hern Books)
2013978-1-84842-270-4Mike AlfredsThen What Happens? Storytelling and Adapting for the Theatre
2014978-1-84842-284-1Diane SamuelsDiane Samuels' Kindertransport - The author's guide to the play (NHB Page to Stage)
2015978-1-84842-285-8Glyn Trefor-JonesDrama Menu: Theatre Games in Three Courses
2012978-1-84842-288-9Caryl ChurchillLove and Information (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-289-6Jez ButterworthThe River (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-290-2Lucy KirkwoodNSFW (NHB Modern Plays)
2013978-1-84842-297-1Andy JohnsonThe Excellent Audition Guide (How to do fantastic auditions, give great interviews, prepare amazing monologues and get into drama school)
  ''978-1-84842-305-3Joss BennathanMaking Theatre: The Frazzled Drama Teacher's Guide to Devising
2013978-1-84842-316-9Amanda WhittingtonThe Thrill of Love (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-328-2Tanya RonderTable (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-329-9Jessica SwaleBlue Stockings (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-350-3Lucy KirkwoodChimerica: West End Edition (NHB Modern Plays) (Nick Hern Books)
  ''978-1-84842-353-4Evan PlaceyGirls Like That (NHB Modern Plays)
2014978-1-84842-381-7Vicky JonesThe One (NHB Modern Plays)
2014978-1-84842-383-1Mike BartlettAn Intervention (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-389-3Elinor CookThe Girl's Guide to Saving the World (NHB Modern Plays) (Hightide Festival Theatre)
2016978-1-84842-393-0Michael BruceWriting Music for the Stage
2014978-1-84842-406-7Bella MerlinThe Complete Stanislavsky Toolkit (new edition)
  ''978-1-84842-413-5Anne Bogart · Tina LandauThe Viewpoints Book: A Practical Guide to Viewpoints and Composition
  ''978-1-84842-420-3Rona MunroThe James Plays (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-427-2Anna JordanFreak (NHB Modern Plays)
2014978-1-84842-437-1Lynn NottageIntimate Apparel (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-441-8Mike BartlettKing Charles III (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-453-1John E. BowltRussian Avant-Garde Theatre: War, Revolution & Design
2015978-1-84842-468-5Fin KennedyThe Domino Effect and Other Plays for Teenagers (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-469-2Sam HolcroftRules for Living (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-506-4Stef SmithSwallow
2016978-1-84842-558-3Maureen Chadwick · Kath GottsCrush
2016978-1-84842-561-3Katherine ZachestDrama Games for Young Children
  ''978-1-84842-576-7Andrew BovellThings I Know To Be True (NHB Modern Plays) (Frantic Assembly)
2017978-1-84842-582-8Lucy KirkwoodMosquitoes (NHB Modern Plays)
2019978-1-84842-608-5Trilby JamesContemporary Monologues for Teenagers: Female (NHB Good Audition Guides) (The Good Audition Guides)
2016978-1-84842-612-2Stacey GreggScorch (NHB Modern Plays)
2013978-1-84842-623-8Jessica Swale · Lois JearyBlue Stockings - A Guide for Studying and Staging the Play (Page to Stage)
2016978-1-84842-624-5Phoebe Waller-BridgeFleabag: The Original Play (NHB Modern Plays)
2017978-1-84842-630-6Nina RaineConsent (NHB Modern Plays) (Nick Hern Books)
  ''978-1-84842-633-7Zoë Svendsen · Simon DawWorld Factory: The Game
  ''978-1-84842-638-2Jez ButterworthThe Ferryman (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-643-6Deborah BruceThe House They Grew Up In (NHB Modern Plays)
2017978-1-84842-644-3Lindsey FerrentinoUgly Lies the Bone (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-647-4Glenn WaldronThe Here and This and Now (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-649-8Kathy BurkeMr Thomas (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-659-7Vivienne FranzmannBodies (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-664-1Jack ThorneJunkyard (NHB Modern Plays)
2017978-1-84842-666-5Helen EdmundsonQueen Anne (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-667-2Charles Dickens · David EdgarA Christmas Carol (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-668-9Stef SmithGirl in the Machine (NHB Modern Plays) (Traverse Theatre)
  ''978-1-84842-669-6Stephen UnwinAll Our Children (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-672-6Peter BrookTip of the Tongue: Reflections on Language and Meaning
2017978-1-84842-673-3Amanda WhittingtonMighty Atoms (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-675-7Linda McLeanGlory on Earth (NHB Modern Plays)
2018978-1-84842-676-4Michael BryherNational Youth Theatre Monologues: 75 Speeches for Auditions
2017978-1-84842-678-8Matt HartleyDeposit (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-681-8Kevin ElyotTwilight Song (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-684-9   ''Coming Clean (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-685-6Elinor CookOut of Love (NHB Modern Plays)
2017978-1-84842-686-3Tristan BernaysBoudica (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-687-0Howard BrentonMiss Julie
  ''978-1-84842-689-4Sam SteinerKanye the First (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-692-4Alexi Kaye CampbellAlexi Kaye Campbell Plays: One (The Pride, Apologia, The Faith Machine, Bracken Moor, Sunset at the Villa Thalia)
  ''978-1-84842-693-1   ''Apologia (NHB Modern Plays)
2017978-1-84842-694-8Monsay WhitneyBox Clever (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-695-5Vicky JonesTouch (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-697-9Frances PoetAdam (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-698-6Mike Poulton · Robert HarrisImperium: The Cicero Plays (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-701-3Stewart PringleTrestle (NHB Modern Plays)
2017978-1-84842-703-7John Nicholson · Le Navete BeteDracula: The Bloody Truth (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-705-1Peter BrookBattlefield (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-710-5Lot Vekemans · Rina VerganoPoison (NHB Modern Plays)
  ''978-1-84842-724-2Evan Placey · Robert Louis StevensonJekyll & Hyde (NHB Modern Plays) (National Youth Theatre)
2018978-1-84842-810-2William Shakespeare · Jeanie O'HareQueen Margaret (NHB Modern Plays)
2019978-1-84842-825-6Tatty HennessyA Hundred Words for Snow (NHB Modern Plays)