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2009978-1-84836-001-3George Miller · Katharine ReeveThe Rough Guide To Food
  ''978-1-84836-002-0Richie UnterbergerThe Rough Guide to Jimi Hendrix (Rough Guide Sports/Pop Culture)
2008978-1-84836-003-7Nigel WilliamsonThe Rough Guide to the Best Music You've Never Heard (Rough Guide Music Guides)
2009978-1-84836-004-4Lloyd BradleyThe Rough Guide to Men's Health (Rough Guide Reference)
  ''978-1-84836-009-9Michael HaagThe Rough Guide to The Lost Symbol (Rough Guide Reference)
2008978-1-84836-010-5Danny FingerothThe Rough Guide to Graphic Novels Limited Edition (Rough Guide Specials)
2009978-1-84836-015-0Nick BaylisThe Rough Guide to Happiness (Rough Guide Reference)
  ''978-1-84836-016-7Neville Walker · Christian Williams · James StewartThe Rough Guide to Germany
  ''978-1-84836-017-4Iain StewartThe Rough Guide to Guatemala
2009978-1-84836-018-1Kaz CookeThe Rough Guide To Girl Stuff
  ''978-1-84836-020-4Jules BrownThe Rough Guide to Barcelona
2008978-1-84836-022-8The Rough/Virgin Holidays Guide to the Indian Ocean (Rough Guide Travel Guides)
2009978-1-84836-024-2James Proctor · Neil RolandThe Rough Guide to Sweden
  ''978-1-84836-026-6Kaz CookeThe Rough Guide to Babies & Toddlers
  ''978-1-84836-027-3Phil LeeThe Rough Guide to Norway
  ''978-1-84836-028-0Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to Scandinavia
2009978-1-84836-029-7Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to France
  ''978-1-84836-030-3Tim Jepson · Jonathan BuckleyThe Rough Guide to Florence and the Best of Tuscany
  ''978-1-84836-031-0Rob Andrews · Ros Belford · Jules Brown · Jonathan Buckley · Martin Dunford · Tim Jepson · Celia WoolfreyThe Rough Guide to Italy
2008978-1-84836-032-7Peter Buckley · Duncan ClarkThe Rough Guide to the iPhone
2009978-1-84836-033-4Martin Dunford · Phil LeeThe Rough Guide to Brussels
  ''978-1-84836-034-1Jules Brown · Simon Baskett · Geoff Garvey · Greg Ward · AnneLise Sorensen · Marc Dubin · Mark Ellingham · John FisherThe Rough Guide to Spain
  ''978-1-84836-035-8Greg Ward · Samantha Cook · Jeff Dickey · Nick EdwardsThe Rough Guide to the USA
2009978-1-84836-036-5Rob HumphreysThe Rough Guide to Czech Republic (Rough Guide to the Czech Republic)
  ''978-1-84836-037-2Geoff Garvey · Mark EllinghamThe Rough Guide to Andalucia
  ''978-1-84836-038-9Lucy Ratcliffe · Matthew TellerThe Rough Guide to the Italian Lakes
  ''978-1-84836-039-6Martin DunfordThe Rough Guide to New York City
  ''978-1-84836-047-1Richard Hammond · Jeremy SmithClean Breaks: 500 New Ways to See the World
2009978-1-84836-048-8Charles Hebbert · Dan RichardsonThe Rough Guide to Budapest
2010978-1-84836-049-5Darren (Norm) LongleyThe Rough Guide to Hungary
2009978-1-84836-050-1Catherine Le Nevez · Paul Whitfield · Mike ParkerThe Rough Guide to Wales
  ''978-1-84836-051-8David AbramThe Rough Guide to Corsica
  ''978-1-84836-053-2Dilwyn JenkinsThe Rough Guide to Peru
  ''978-1-84836-059-4Charles de Ledesma · Richard LimThe Rough Guide to Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei
  ''978-1-84836-060-0Nick Edwards · Mark EllwoodThe Rough Guide to San Francisco and the Bay Area
2008978-1-84836-061-7Rough Guide Map Madrid
2009978-1-84836-062-4Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to New England
2009978-1-84836-064-8Jonathan Bousfield · Mark SalterThe Rough Guide to Poland
  ''978-1-84836-066-2Matthew TellerThe Rough Guide to Jordan
  ''978-1-84836-067-9Tim Jepson · Jonathan Buckley · Mark EllinghamThe Rough Guide to Tuscany and Umbria
  ''978-1-84836-068-6Terry RichardsonThe Rough Guide to Istanbul
  ''978-1-84836-069-3Gavin ThomasThe Rough Guide to Sri Lanka
2009978-1-84836-070-9Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to Chicago
  ''978-1-84836-073-0Margo Daly · Anne Dehne · David Leffman · Chris ScottThe Rough Guide to Australia
  ''978-1-84836-074-7Phil Lee · Helen LovekinThe Rough Guide to Toronto
2010978-1-84836-075-4Jens FinkeThe Rough Guide to Tanzania
2009978-1-84836-083-9Margo DalyThe Rough Guide to Sydney
  ''978-1-84836-084-6Mark Lewis · Jan Dodd · Ron EmmonsThe Rough Guide to Vietnam
  ''978-1-84836-091-4Lucy Ridout · Paul GrayThe Rough Guide to Thailand's Beaches & Islands
2009978-1-84836-092-1Lucy Ridout · Paul GrayThe Rough Guide to Thailand
  ''978-1-84836-099-0Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to Melbourne
  ''978-1-84836-106-5Peter Buckley · Duncan ClarkThe Rough Guide to The Internet (Rough Guide Reference)
  ''978-1-84836-107-2Duncan ClarkThe Rough Guide to Green Living
  ''978-1-84836-117-1David AbramThe Rough Guide to Corsica (Rough Guides)
2009978-1-84836-131-7Rough GuidesRough Guide Map Lisbon
2010978-1-84836-132-4Jens FinkeThe Rough Guide to Zanzibar
2009978-1-84836-133-1Rough GuidesRough Guide Map Los Angeles
  ''978-1-84836-134-8   ''Rough Guide Map Brussels
  ''978-1-84836-135-5   ''Rough Guide Map Barcelona
2010978-1-84836-137-9Richard TrilloThe Rough Guide to Kenya
2009978-1-84836-138-6James McConnachie · David ReedThe Rough Guide to Nepal
2010978-1-84836-159-1Matthew Hancock · Amanda TomlinThe Rough Guide to Dorset, Hampshire & the Isle of Wight
2009978-1-84836-164-5Rough Guides MapsRough Guide Map Dubai & UAE
  ''978-1-84836-165-2   ''Rough Guide Map Cuba
  ''978-1-84836-166-9   ''Rough Guide Map Ireland
2009978-1-84836-167-6Rough GuidesRough Guide Map Australia
2009978-1-84836-168-3Rough GuidesRough Guide Map Mexico
  ''978-1-84836-169-0   ''Rough Guide Map Morroco (Rough Guide Map: Morocco)
  ''978-1-84836-170-6   ''Rough Guide Map Thailand
  ''978-1-84836-171-3   ''Rough Guide Map New Zealand
  ''978-1-84836-172-0   ''Rough Guide Map Sri Lanka (Rough Guide Country/Region Map)
2009978-1-84836-173-7Rough GuidesRough Guide Map Yucatan
2009978-1-84836-174-4Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to Florida
  ''978-1-84836-175-1Andrew Benson · Melissa GrahamThe Rough Guide to Chile
  ''978-1-84836-186-7Rough Guides MapsRough Guide Map Mallorca
  ''978-1-84836-187-4Greg WardThe Rough Guide to Southwest USA (Rough Guide to Southwest USA: Arizona, Colorado, Las Vegas, New Mexico and Utah)
  ''978-1-84836-188-1David Leffman · Jules BrownThe Rough Guide to Hong Kong & Macau
2009978-1-84836-189-8David Cleary · Dilwyn Jenkins · Oliver MarshallThe Rough Guide to Brazil
  ''978-1-84836-190-4Oliver Marshall · Robert CoatesThe Rough Guide to Rio de Janeiro
2010978-1-84836-191-1Harry Ades · Melissa GrahamThe Rough Guide to Ecuador
  ''978-1-84836-192-8Sara HumphreysThe Rough Guide to Panama
2009978-1-84836-193-5Daniel JacobsThe Rough Guide to Jerusalem
  ''978-1-84836-194-2Rough GuidesEarthbound: A Rough Guide to the World in Pictures (Rough Guide Reference)
2010978-1-84836-202-4   ''Rough Guide Map Marrakesh
  ''978-1-84836-213-0Paul SimpsonThe Rough Guide to Cult Movies
2010978-1-84836-214-7Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to Camping in Britain
2011978-1-84836-235-2Martin DunfordPocket Rough Guide Amsterdam (Pocket Rough Guides)
  ''978-1-84836-236-9Martin Dunford · Stephen Keeling · Andrew RosenbergPocket Rough Guide New York City (Pocket Rough Guides)
  ''978-1-84836-237-6Ruth Blackmore · James McConnachiePocket Rough Guide Paris (Pocket Rough Guides)
  ''978-1-84836-238-3Martin DunfordPocket Rough Guide Rome (Pocket Rough Guides)
  ''978-1-84836-239-0Jonathan BuckleyPocket Rough Guide Venice (Pocket Rough Guides)
2009978-1-84836-242-0Marcus O'DairThe Rough Guide to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (Rough Guide Reference)
2011978-1-84836-256-7Matthew HancockPocket Rough Guide Lisbon (Pocket Rough Guides)
2010978-1-84836-257-4Roger NorumThe Rough Guide to Finland
2010978-1-84836-258-1Fiona McAuslan · Matthew NormanThe Rough Guide to Havana
2009978-1-84836-259-8Peter BuckleyThe Rough Guide to iPods and iTunes
2010978-1-84836-261-1Lucy Ridout · Paul GrayThe Rough Guide to Bangkok
  ''978-1-84836-271-0Julian SpaldingThe Best Art You've Never Seen: 101 Hidden Treasures From Around the World (Rough Guides Reference)
2011978-1-84836-272-7John FisherPocket Rough Guide Athens (Pocket Rough Guides)
  ''978-1-84836-274-1Rob HumphreysPocket Rough Guide London (Pocket Rough Guides)
2009978-1-84836-276-5Peter BuckleyThe Rough Guide to Macs & OS X Snow Leopard (Rough Guides Reference)
  ''978-1-84836-277-2Simon MayThe Rough Guide to Windows 7 (Rough Guide Internet/Computing)
2010978-1-84836-278-9Rob HumphreysThe Rough Guide to London
  ''978-1-84836-417-2Polly Rodger Brown · James ReadThe Rough Guide to First-Time Latin America
2010978-1-84836-432-5Jonathan BuckleyThe Rough Guide to Venice & the Veneto
  ''978-1-84836-433-2Barbara McCrea · Tony Pinchuck · Ross VeltonThe Rough Guide to South Africa
  ''978-1-84836-434-9John Fisher · Matthew Hancock · Jules BrownThe Rough Guide to Portugal
  ''978-1-84836-435-6Jules BrownThe Rough Guide to the Lake District
2011978-1-84836-436-3Paul Gray · Geoff WallisThe Rough Guide to Ireland
2010978-1-84836-458-5Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to Europe On A Budget
2011978-1-84836-460-8Christian JarrettThe Rough Guide to Psychology (Rough Guides) (Rough Guide Reference)
2010978-1-84836-461-5David Leffman · James ProctorThe Rough Guide to Iceland
  ''978-1-84836-462-2Jan DoddThe Rough Guide to Dordogne & the Lot
2010978-1-84836-471-4Matthew TellerThe Rough Guide to Switzerland
  ''978-1-84836-472-1Jonathan BousfieldThe Rough Guide to Croatia
  ''978-1-84836-473-8Phil LeeThe Rough Guide to Mallorca & Menorca
  ''978-1-84836-474-5Lesley Reader · Lucy RidoutThe Rough Guide to First-Time Asia
  ''978-1-84836-475-2Ruth Blackmore · James McConnachieThe Rough Guide to Paris
2010978-1-84836-476-9Joe StainesThe Rough Guide to Classical Music
  ''978-1-84836-477-6Daniel JacobsThe Rough Guide to Morocco
  ''978-1-84836-478-3Lone MouritsenThe Rough Guide to Copenhagen
  ''978-1-84836-479-0Tony Pinchuck · Barbara McCreaThe Rough Guide to Cape Town, The Winelands & The Garden Route
  ''978-1-84836-480-6Greg WardThe Rough Guide to Brittany & Normandy
2011978-1-84836-481-3Richard Trillo · Emma GreggThe Rough Guide to First-Time Africa
2012978-1-84836-482-0Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to Southwest China
2010978-1-84836-483-7Darren (Norm) LongleyThe Rough Guide to Slovenia
2010978-1-84836-484-4Marc Dubin · Terry Richardson · Katie Parla · Tristan Rutherford · Kthryn Tomasetti · Martin ZatkoThe Rough Guide to Turkey
  ''978-1-84836-485-1Rough GuidesRough Guide Map Amsterdam
2010978-1-84836-487-5John Fisher · Daniel Jacobs · Zora O'Neill · Stephen KeelingThe Rough Guide to Mexico
  ''978-1-84836-495-0Rough GuidesRough Guide Map New York City
  ''978-1-84836-496-7   ''Rough Guide Map Crete
  ''978-1-84836-497-4   ''Rough Guide Map South Africa (Rough Guide Map: South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland)
2010978-1-84836-498-1Rough GuidesRough Guide Map Algarve
  ''978-1-84836-499-8   ''Rough Guide Map Andalucia & the Costa Del Sol
2010978-1-84836-500-1Rough GuidesRough Guide Argentina Map
  ''978-1-84836-501-8Daniel Jacobs · Dan RichardsonThe Rough Guide to Egypt
  ''978-1-84836-502-5Neville Walker · Greg WardThe Rough Guide to Provence & the Côte d'Azur (Rough Guide to Provence & Cote D'Azure)
  ''978-1-84836-503-2Tim Jepson · Phil Lee · Christian Williams · AnneLise Sorensen · Stephen Keeling · Steven HorakThe Rough Guide to Canada
  ''978-1-84836-504-9Tim JepsonThe Rough Guide to Vancouver
2010978-1-84836-505-6Robert AndrewsThe Rough Guide to Devon & Cornwall
  ''978-1-84836-506-3Martin DunfordThe Rough Guide to The Netherlands
  ''978-1-84836-507-0Fiona McAuslan · Matthew NormanThe Rough Guide to Cuba
  ''978-1-84836-510-0Doug LanskyThe Rough Guide to First-Time Around The World
  ''978-1-84836-511-7Doug LanskyThe Rough Guide to First-Time Europe
2010978-1-84836-512-4Peter EltringhamThe Rough Guide to Belize
  ''978-1-84836-513-1Polly ThomasThe Rough Guide to Jamaica
  ''978-1-84836-514-8Polly ThomasThe Rough Guide to Trinidad & Tobago
  ''978-1-84836-515-5Karoline Densley · Martin Dunford · Phil LeeThe Rough Guide to Amsterdam
  ''978-1-84836-517-9Lone Mouritsen · Caroline Osborne · Roger NorumThe Rough Guide to Denmark
2010978-1-84836-518-6Gareth Moore · Tom StaffordThe Rough Guide Book of Brain Training (Rough Guides (Series))
  ''978-1-84836-520-9Peter BuckleyThe Rough Guide to Cloud Computing: 100 Websites That Will Change Your Life (Rough Guides Reference)
  ''978-1-84836-521-6Danny Aeberhard · Andrew Benson · Rosalba O'Brien · Lucy PhillipsThe Rough Guide to Argentina
  ''978-1-84836-522-3Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to Southeast Asia On A Budget
  ''978-1-84836-523-0Paul Whitfield · Tony Mudd · Laura HarperThe Rough Guide to New Zealand
2010978-1-84836-524-7Rough GuidesMake The Most Of Your Time On Earth: 1000 Ultimate Travel Experiences (Rough Guide Make the Most of Your Time on Earth)
2009978-1-84836-525-4Chris InghamThe Rough Guide to the Beatles (Rough Guides Reference)
2007978-1-84836-526-1John Fisher · Geoff GarveyThe Rough Guide to Crete
2010978-1-84836-527-8Martin DunfordThe Rough Guide to Rome
2011978-1-84836-529-2Greg WardThe Rough Guide to Hawaii
  ''978-1-84836-531-5Rough Guides · Daniel, MD Jacobs · Dan RichardsonThe Rough Guide to Cairo & the Pyramids
2010978-1-84836-532-2Brian CatlosThe Rough Guide to Languedoc & Roussillon (Rough Guide to Languedoc & Rousillon)
  ''978-1-84836-540-7Robert AndrewsThe Rough Guide to Sardinia
  ''978-1-84836-541-4David AbramThe Rough Guide to Kerala
  ''978-1-84836-542-1Andy MittenThe Rough Guide to Cult Football
2010978-1-84836-543-8Rough GuidesRough Guide Map Croatia
  ''978-1-84836-544-5   ''Rough Guide Map Greece
  ''978-1-84836-545-2   ''Rough Guide Map Iceland
  ''978-1-84836-546-9   ''Rough Guide Map Sicily
  ''978-1-84836-547-6   ''Rough Guide Map Tuscany
2010978-1-84836-548-3Rough GuidesRough Guide Map Dublin
2010978-1-84836-549-0Rough GuidesRough Guide Map London
978-1-84836-550-6Rough Guide Map Florida (Rough Guides)
978-1-84836-551-3Rough Guide Map Guatemala & Belize (Rough Guides)
978-1-84836-552-0Rough Guide Map Kenya & Northern Tanzania (Rough Guides)
2012978-1-84836-553-7Rough GuidesRough Guide Map Peru
2010978-1-84836-554-4   ''Rough Guide Map South India
  ''978-1-84836-555-1Gavin ThomasThe Rough Guide to Rajasthan, Delhi & Agra
978-1-84836-556-8Rough Guide Map Germany
2010978-1-84836-557-5Rough GuidesMake The Most Of Your Time On Earth (Compact edition) (Rough Guide)
  ''978-1-84836-559-9Kaz CookeThe Rough Guide to Pregnancy and Birth (Rough Guide Reference)
  ''978-1-84836-561-2Mark LewisThe Rough Guide to Singapore
  ''978-1-84836-562-9David AbramThe Rough Guide to Goa
2011978-1-84836-563-6David Abram · Nick Edwards · Mike Ford · Gavin ThomasThe Rough Guide to India
2010978-1-84836-564-3James McConnachieSex: The World's Favorite Pastime... Fully Revealed
2011978-1-84836-566-7Greg WardThe Rough Guide to Las Vegas
2011978-1-84836-579-7Robert HensonThe Rough Guide to Climate Change
  ''978-1-84836-581-0Greg Ward · Samantha CookThe Rough Guide to the USA
2012978-1-84836-582-7Matthew HancockThe Rough Guide to the Algarve
2011978-1-84836-583-4Jeff DickeyThe Rough Guide to Los Angeles & Southern California
2010978-1-84836-586-5Gavin ThomasThe Rough Guide to Dubai
2011978-1-84836-588-9Sarah HullThe Rough Guide to Boston (Rough Guide to Boston (Paperback))
  ''978-1-84836-590-2Martin Dunford · Stephen Keeling · Andrew RosenbergThe Rough Guide to New York (Rough Guide to New York City)
  ''978-1-84836-598-8Gavin ThomasThe Rough Guide to Oman (Rough Guides)
  ''978-1-84836-599-5Rob HumphreysPocket Rough Guide Prague (Pocket Rough Guides)
2011978-1-84836-600-8Jules BrownPocket Rough Guide Barcelona (Pocket Rough Guides)
  ''978-1-84836-601-5Robert AndrewsThe Rough Guide to England
  ''978-1-84836-602-2Jan Dodd · Simon RichmondThe Rough Guide to Tokyo
  ''978-1-84836-603-9Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to Yorkshire (Rough Guides)
  ''978-1-84836-604-6Matthew TellerThe Rough Guide to The Cotswolds: Includes Oxford and Stratford-upon-Avon
2012978-1-84836-605-3Keith Drew · Robert AndrewsThe Rough Guide to Bath, Bristol & Somerset: Includes Salisbury and Stonehenge
2012978-1-84836-606-0Martin Dunford · Phil LeeThe Rough Guide to Norfolk & Suffolk
2011978-1-84836-615-2Jan Dodd · Simon RichmondThe Rough Guide to Japan
  ''978-1-84836-624-4Rob HumphreysThe Rough Guide to Prague
  ''978-1-84836-625-1Simon LewisThe Rough Guide to Shanghai
  ''978-1-84836-627-5Christian WilliamsThe Rough Guide to Berlin
2010978-1-84836-641-1Peter BuckleyThe Rough Guide to the iPhone
2011978-1-84836-656-5Simon LewisThe Rough Guide to Beijing
  ''978-1-84836-657-2Stephen KeelingThe Rough Guide to Taiwan
2010978-1-84836-658-9Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to Accessible Britain
2011978-1-84836-659-6Steve Vickers · Jeff Cranmer · Steven MartinThe Rough Guide to Laos
2011978-1-84836-660-2David Leffman · Simon Lewis · Martin ZatkoThe Rough Guide to China
2012978-1-84836-679-4Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to Britain
2011978-1-84836-681-7Rob HumphreysThe Rough Guide to Vienna
  ''978-1-84836-683-1Rough GuidesMake the Most of Your Time in the USA
  ''978-1-84836-684-8   ''Make the Most of Your Time in Australia & New Zealand
  ''978-1-84836-685-5   ''Make the Most of Your Time in Britain (Rough Guide Make the Most of Your Time in Britain)
978-1-84836-714-2Rough Guide Map Portugal
2011978-1-84836-715-9Rob Humphreys · Donald ReidThe Rough Guide to Scottish Highlands & Islands (Rough Guide to the Scottish Highlands & the Islands)
  ''978-1-84836-717-3Martin DunfordThe Rough Guide to Italy
2011978-1-84836-719-7Rob HumphreysThe Rough Guide to Scotland
  ''978-1-84836-720-3Martin DunfordThe Rough Guide to Belgium & Luxembourg
  ''978-1-84836-723-4Rough GuidesThe Rough Guide to France
2012978-1-84836-725-8Simon Baskett · Jules Brown · Mark Ellingham · John Fisher · Geoff Garvey · Anne Lise Sorensen · Greg WardThe Rough Guide to Spain
  ''978-1-84836-727-2Nick Edwards · John Fisher · Jeffrey Kennedy · Carol Palioudakis · John Malathronas · Greg WardThe Rough Guide to Greece
2011978-1-84836-729-6Rough GuidesRough Guide Phrasebook: French (Rough Guide Phrasebooks)
2012978-1-84836-730-2   ''Rough Guide Phrasebook: Swahili (Rough Guides Phrasebooks)
2011978-1-84836-731-9Rough GuidesRough Guide Phrasebook: Italian (Rough Guide Phrasebooks)
  ''978-1-84836-732-6   ''Rough Guide Phrasebook: Spanish
2012978-1-84836-734-0   ''Rough Guide Phrasebook: Polish
  ''978-1-84836-735-7   ''Rough Guide Phrasebook: Mexican Spanish
2011978-1-84836-736-4   ''Rough Guide Phrasebook: Dutch
2011978-1-84836-737-1Rough GuidesRough Guide Phrasebook: Thai
  ''978-1-84836-738-8   ''Rough Guide German Phrasebook (Rough Guides Phrasebooks)
  ''978-1-84836-741-8   ''Rough Guide Phrasebook: Greek (Rough Guide Phrasebooks)
2012978-1-84836-742-5   ''Rough Guide Phrasebook: Russian
2011978-1-84836-746-3Mani Ramaswamy · Clemmy ManzoThe Rough Guide to South America On A Budget
  ''978-1-84836-771-5Stephen TimblinThe Rough Guide to Yellowstone & Grand Teton
  ''978-1-84836-862-0J. D. Dickey · Nick Edwards · Charles Hodgkins · Paul WhitfieldThe Rough Guide to California
2011978-1-84836-887-3Darren (Norm) Longley · Tim BurfordThe Rough Guide to Romania
  ''978-1-84836-888-0Jonathan BousfieldThe Rough Guide to Estonia, Latvia & Lithuania
  ''978-1-84836-889-7Beverley PalmerThe Rough Guide to Cambodia
  ''978-1-84836-890-3Norbert PaxtonThe Rough Guide to Korea
  ''978-1-84836-891-0Andrew BensonThe Rough Guide to Buenos Aires
2010978-1-84836-893-4Peter BuckleyThe Rough Guide to the iPad (Rough Guides (Series))
2011978-1-84836-899-6Paul WhitfieldThe Rough Guide to Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon
2011978-1-84836-902-3Jules BrownThe Rough Guide to Sicily
  ''978-1-84836-906-1Keith DrewThe Rough Guide to Costa Rica
  ''978-1-84836-932-0Ruth BlackmoreThe Mini Rough Guide to Paris (Rough Guide Mini)