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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-84835-003-8Annette AubreyFlora's Family (Understanding...)
  ''978-1-84835-004-5   ''A Place in My Heart (Understanding...)
  ''978-1-84835-006-9Anita GaneriStories From Faiths: The Great Night Journey and Other Stories (Islam)
  ''978-1-84835-007-6Anita GaneriStories From Faiths: The Temple Lamp and Other Stories (Judaism)
  ''978-1-84835-008-3   ''Stories From Faiths: Krishna Steals the Butter and Other Stories (Hinduism)
2008978-1-84835-009-0Anita GaneriStories From Faiths: The Sound the Hare Heard and Other Stories (Buddhism)
  ''978-1-84835-010-6   ''Stories From Faiths: The Milk and the Jasmine Flower and other stories (Sikhism)
  ''978-1-84835-011-3   ''Stories From Faiths: Noah and the Ark and other stories (Christianity)
  ''978-1-84835-018-2Fiona MacdonaldHands-On History: The Aztecs: Dress, Eat, Write and Play Just Like the Aztecs
  ''978-1-84835-019-9Fiona MacdonaldHands-On History: The Romans
2009978-1-84835-022-9Sally MorganAnts (Animal Lives)
2009978-1-84835-023-6Sally MorganBats (Animal Lives)
2009978-1-84835-024-3Sally MorganCheetahs (Animal Lives)
  ''978-1-84835-025-0   ''Dolphins and Porpoises (Animal Lives)
  ''978-1-84835-026-7   ''Frogs and Toads (Animal Lives)
  ''978-1-84835-028-1Neil MorrisRecycling (Green Kids)
  ''978-1-84835-032-8Ian GrahamCars (Mighty Machines)
2009978-1-84835-033-5Ian GrahamBikes (Mighty Machines)
  ''978-1-84835-034-2   ''Dump Trucks and Other Big Machines (Mighty Machines)
  ''978-1-84835-035-9   ''Monster Trucks (Mighty Machines)
  ''978-1-84835-044-1Anna ClaybourneLight and Dark (Why it Works)
  ''978-1-84835-046-5Anna ClaybournePushes and Pulls (Why it Works)
2009978-1-84835-059-5Steve ParkerRainforests (Planet Earth)
  ''978-1-84835-060-1Steve ParkerPolar Regions (Planet Earth)
  ''978-1-84835-092-2Joe FullmanCard Tricks (Magic Handbook)
  ''978-1-84835-093-9Joe FullmanCoin and Rope Tricks (Magic Handbook)
2008978-1-84835-122-6Joe FullmanThe Great Big Book of Magic Tricks
2009978-1-84835-183-7John MalamFairies (Mythologies)
2008978-1-84835-207-0Anne FaundezThe Great Big Book of Reading: Preschool (Introduce your child to the wonderful world of reading)
2009978-1-84835-217-9Holly Wallace · Anita GaneriWorld Picture Atlas
2010978-1-84835-219-3Joe FullmanAncient Greeks (Hands-on History)
  ''978-1-84835-221-6   ''Native Americans (Hands-on History)
  ''978-1-84835-222-3   ''Celts (Hands-on History)
  ''978-1-84835-223-0Camilla de la BedoyereCaterpillar to Butterfly (Lifecycles) (Qed Lifecycles)
  ''978-1-84835-224-7Camilla de la BedoyereEgg to Chicken (Lifecycles) (Qed Lifecycles)
2010978-1-84835-227-8Camilla de la BedoyereTadpole to Frog (Lifecycles) (Qed Lifecycles)
  ''978-1-84835-228-5   ''Seed to Sunflower (Lifecycles) (Qed Lifecycles)
2009978-1-84835-242-1Steve ParkerFood and Farming (Changes in...)
  ''978-1-84835-244-5   ''Animal Habitats (Changes in...)
  ''978-1-84835-250-6Amanda AskewDoctor (People Who Help Us)
  ''978-1-84835-251-3Amanda AskewChef (People Who Help Us)
2009978-1-84835-252-0Amanda AskewFirefighter (People Who Help Us)
2009978-1-84835-253-7Amanda AskewTeacher (People Who Help Us)
  ''978-1-84835-254-4   ''Vet (People Who Help Us)
  ''978-1-84835-255-1   ''Police Officer (People Who Help Us)
2010978-1-84835-258-2Eve MarleauVisit to the Hospital (My First)
  ''978-1-84835-271-1Angela RoystonWhy Do I Brush My Teeth? (My Body)
  ''978-1-84835-272-8Angela RoystonWhy Do I Wash My Hands? (My Body)
2010978-1-84835-274-2Holly Wallace · Anita GaneriWorld Picture Atlas
  ''978-1-84835-334-3Anne Faundez · Wes Magee · Celia WarrenHow to Write Stories, Poems, Reports, Letters and Email
  ''978-1-84835-345-9Jon TremainePaper Tricks (Magic Handbook)
  ''978-1-84835-413-5Sean CalleryMoney Matters
2011978-1-84835-448-7Camilla de la BedoyereChickens (Farmyard Friends)
  ''978-1-84835-449-4   ''Sheep (Farmyard Friends)
2011978-1-84835-450-0Camilla de la BedoyereCows (Farmyard Friends)
  ''978-1-84835-451-7   ''Pigs (Farmyard Friends)
  ''978-1-84835-464-7Amanda AskewDiggers (Mighty Machines)
2011978-1-84835-486-9Amanda AskewGoldilocks and the Three Bears (Storytime Classics)
  ''978-1-84835-488-3   ''Hansel and Gretel (Storytime Classics)
2012978-1-84835-585-9Camilla de la BedoyereEgg to Bee (Life Cycles)
2011978-1-84835-618-4Amanda AskewBuilder (People Who Help Us)
  ''978-1-84835-619-1   ''Machine Driver (People Who Help Us)
  ''978-1-84835-636-8David GloverThe Planet of Puzzles (Maths Quest)
  ''978-1-84835-637-5David GloverThe Mansion of Mazes (Maths Quest)
2011978-1-84835-659-7Sandy RansfordAt the Show (I Love Ponies)
2012978-1-84835-877-5Anita LoughreyAnimal Seasons: Mouse's Summer Muddle
2013978-1-84835-878-2Anita LoughreySquirrel's Autumn Search (Animal Seasons)
  ''978-1-84835-893-5Katherine SullyMy First Bible Stories Old Testament: Joseph's Colourful Coat
2012978-1-84835-909-3Camilla de la BedoyereTop 50 Deadliest Creatures (Animal Attack)