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2009978-1-84832-543-2Benjamin CowburnNo Cloak, No Dagger: Allied Spycraft in Occupied France
  ''978-1-84832-544-9Heinz LingeWith Hitler to the End: The Memoir of Hitler's Valet
  ''978-1-84832-546-3Norman LongmateHitler's Rockets: The Story of the V-2s
  ''978-1-84832-547-0Jack H. Gill1809 Thunder on the Danube: Wagram and Znaim v. III: Napoleon's Defeat of the Habsburgs
  ''978-1-84832-548-7Bruno SutkusSniper Ace: From the Eastern Front to Siberia
2009978-1-84832-549-4Jonathan R. DullThe Age of the Ship of the Line: British and French Navies 1650-1815
2010978-1-84832-550-0Erich KempkaI Was Hitler's Chauffeur: The Memoir of Erich Kempka
  ''978-1-84832-551-7Donald E. GravesDragon Rampant: The Royal Welch Fusiliers at War
  ''978-1-84832-553-1Ulrich Von HassellThe Ulrich Von Hassell Diaries, 1938-1944: The Story of the Forces Against Hitler Inside Germany
2009978-1-84832-556-2Sune PerssonEscape from the Third Reich: Folke Bernadotte and the White Buses
2010978-1-84832-557-9Stuart ReidWellington's Highland Warriors: From the Black Watch Mutiny to the Battle of Waterloo
2009978-1-84832-558-6Captain Sigismund Payne BestThe Venlo Incident: How the Nazis Fooled Britain
2010978-1-84832-559-3Gilberto VillahermosaHitler's Paratrooper: The Life and Battles of Rudolf Witzig
  ''978-1-84832-560-9Denis BarnhamMalta Spitfire Pilot
  ''978-1-84832-562-3Robert Burnham · Ron McGuiganThe British Army Against Napoleon: Facts, Lists and Trivia, 1805-1815
2010978-1-84832-563-0F.E. NoakesThe Distant Drum: A Memoir of a Guardsman in the Great War
  ''978-1-84832-564-7Ron LockZulu Conquered: The March of the Red Soldiers
  ''978-1-84832-565-4Vassili ZaitsevNotes of a Russian Sniper: Vassili Zaitsev and the Battle of Stalingrad
  ''978-1-84832-566-1Dennis Showalter · Harold DeutschIf the Allies Had Fallen: Sixty Alternate Scenarios of World War II
  ''978-1-84832-567-8Alexander of TunisThe Alexander Memoirs, 1940-1945
2010978-1-84832-572-2Trevor RoyleOrde Wingate: A Man of Genius 1903-1944
2011978-1-84832-575-3Dan Snow · Mark PottleThe Confusion of Command: The Memoirs of Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas D'Oyly Snow 1914 -1915
2010978-1-84832-576-0Wilfred Von OvenHitler's Storm Troopers: A History of the SA: The Memoirs of Wilfred Von Oven
  ''978-1-84832-581-4Mike SnookHow Can Man Die Better: The Secrets of Isandlwana Revealed
  ''978-1-84832-582-1John H. GillWith Eagles to Glory: Napoleon and His German Allies in the 1809 Campaign
  ''978-1-84832-583-8Lieut. Col. Mike SnookLike Wolves on the Fold: the Defence of Rorke's Drift
  ''978-1-84832-584-5E.R. MayhewThe Reconstruction of Warriors: Archibald McIndoe, the Royal Air Force and the Guinea Pig Club
2010978-1-84832-585-2Nicolaus Von BelowAt Hitler's Side: the Memoirs of Hitler's Luftwaffe Adjutant (Greenhill Book)
  ''978-1-84832-586-9Jac WellerWellington at Waterloo
2011978-1-84832-587-6Dale BlairThe Battle of Bellicourt Tunnel: Tommies, Diggers and Doughboys on the Hindenburg Line, 1918
2010978-1-84832-588-3Roger Manvell · Heinrich FraenkelDoctor Goebbels: His Life and Death
2015978-1-84832-589-0Timothy Dawson · Graham SumnerBy the Emperors Hand
2010978-1-84832-590-6Ian KnightVoices from the Zulu War
2011978-1-84832-591-3Robert BurnhamCharging Against Wellington: The French Cavalry in the Peninsular War, 1807-1814
  ''978-1-84832-593-7Gareth GloverAn Eloquent Soldier: The Peninsular War Journals of Lieutenant Charles Crowe of the Inniskillings, 1812-14
2010978-1-84832-595-1Tadeusz Bor-KomorowskiThe Secret Army: The Memoirs of General Bor-Komorowski
2011978-1-84832-596-8Günter K. KoschorrekBlood Red Snow
  ''978-1-84832-597-5James DunningWhen Shall Their Glory Fade?: The Stories of the Thirty Eight Battle Honours of the Army Commandos
  ''978-1-84832-598-2Jonathan CrookThe Very Thing: The Recollections of Drummer Bentinck, 1807-1823
2011978-1-84832-599-9Ernst RohmThe Memoirs of Ernst Rohm
  ''978-1-84832-601-9Col Mike SnookBeyond the Reach of Empire: Wolseley's Failed Campaign to Save Gordon and Khartoum
2012978-1-84832-604-0Leroy ThompsonThe World's First SWAT Team: W. E. Fairbairn and the Shanghai Municipal Police Reserve Unit
2011978-1-84832-605-7Gareth GloverThe Waterloo Archive: British Sources v. 3
  ''978-1-84832-606-4Franz KurowskiU-48: The Most Successful U-Boat of the Second World War
  ''978-1-84832-607-1August KubizekThe Young Hitler I Knew: The Memoirs of Hitler's Childhood Friend
  ''978-1-84832-608-8Heinrich HoffmannHitler Was My Friend
2011978-1-84832-609-5Peter ConnollyGreece and Rome at War
  ''978-1-84832-613-2Teddy Suhren · Fritz Brustat-NavalTeddy Suhren, Ace of Aces: Memoirs of a U-Boat Rebel
  ''978-1-84832-614-9Terence RobertsonThe Golden Horseshoe: The Wartime Career of Otto Kreschmer, U-Boat Ace
  ''978-1-84832-615-6Asa BriggsSecret Days: Codebreaking in Bletchley Park: A Memoir of Hut Six and the Enigma Machine
  ''978-1-84832-616-3Park YunnieFighting with Popski's Private Army
2011978-1-84832-618-7Jack Greene · Alessandro MassignaniNaval War in the Mediterranean
  ''978-1-84832-619-4Peter TsourasPanzers on the Eastern Front: General Erhard Raus and His Panzer Divisions in Russia 1941-1945 (World War II German Debriefs)
  ''978-1-84832-620-0Urban WilliamTeutonic Knights
  ''978-1-84832-621-7Gordon LettRossano: Valley in Flames - An Adventure of the Italian Resistance
  ''978-1-84832-622-4Geoffrey BrooksHirschfeld: The Story of a U-Boat NCO, 1940-1946
2011978-1-84832-623-1Michael Leventhal · Chris Riddell · Dan Snow · Asa Briggs · Gary Sheffield · Martin Gilbert · Carlo D'’EsteThe Hand of History: An Anthology of Quotes and Commentaries
  ''978-1-84832-624-8Guy C. DempseyAlbuera 1811: The Bloodiest Battle of
  ''978-1-84832-625-5Martin Pegler · Dan Mills · Charles Strasser · Adrian Gilbert · Roger Moorhouse · Leroy Thompson · Tim Newark · John PlasterSniper Anthology: Snipers of World War II
  ''978-1-84832-628-6Urban WilliamMatchlocks to Flintlocks: Warfare in Europe and Beyond
  ''978-1-84832-629-3R. H. Bruce LockhartMemoirs of a British Agent
2012978-1-84832-631-6Christa SchroederHe Was My Chief: The Memoirs of Adolf Hitler's Secretary
2012978-1-84832-635-4Alexander MikaberidzeRussian Eyewitness Accounts of the Campaign of 1812
  ''978-1-84832-636-1David KahnSeizing the Enigma: The Race to Break the German U-Boat Codes, 1933-1945
  ''978-1-84832-638-5James DunningIt Had to be Tough
  ''978-1-84832-640-8Dennis ShowalterFrederick the Great: A Military History
  ''978-1-84832-644-6Karl Donitz · Jürgen Rohwer · Foreword by Jak ShowellMemoirs: Ten Years and Twenty Days
2012978-1-84832-647-7Norman LongmateIf Britain Had Fallen: The Real Nazi Occupation Plans
  ''978-1-84832-648-4Heinz KnokeI Flew for the Fuhrer
  ''978-1-84832-649-1Kenneth MackseyKesselring: The Making of the Luftwaffe
  ''978-1-84832-650-7C. ShoreWith British Snipers to the Reich
  ''978-1-84832-652-1Erwin RommelInfantry Attacks
2012978-1-84832-653-8Jac WellerWellington in the Peninsula
  ''978-1-84832-654-5P. R. Hill · J. M. WatkinsonCromwell Hath the Honour, But...: Major-General Lambert's Campaigns in the North, 1648
  ''978-1-84832-655-2Gareth GloverThe Waterloo Archive: v. IV: The British Sources: 4
2013978-1-84832-657-6Edward M. SpiersLetters from Kimberley: Eyewitness Accounts from the South African War
  ''978-1-84832-658-3John LabandBringers of War: The Portuguese in Africa During the Age of Gunpowder & Sail from the 15th to 18th Century
  ''978-1-84832-664-4Helmut MahlkeMemoirs of a Stuka Pilot
2012978-1-84832-667-5Asa BriggsSpecial Relationships: People and Places
2013978-1-84832-684-2Gareth GloverThe Waterloo Archive: Volume V: Volume V: 5
2013978-1-84832-685-9Andrew BamfordA Bold and Ambitious Enterprise: The British Army in the Low Countries, 1813 - 1814
  ''978-1-84832-694-1Hans von Luck · Regina von LuckPanzer Commander: The Memoirs of Hans von Luck
  ''978-1-84832-696-5Hans BaurI Was Hitler's Pilot: The Memoirs of Hans Baur
2017978-1-84832-697-2Martin MaceAssassinations Anthology: Plots and Murders That Would Have Changed the Course of WW2
2013978-1-84832-707-8Alexander MikaberidzeRussian Eyewitness Accounts of the Campaign of 1814
  ''978-1-84832-708-5Ernst UdetAce of the Black Cross: The Memoirs of Ernst Udet
  ''978-1-84832-715-3Sonke NeitzelTapping Hitler's Generals: Transcripts of Secret Conversations 1942 - 45
2013978-1-84832-717-7John WarwickerChurchill's Underground Army: A History of the Auxiliary Units in World War II
2014978-1-84832-726-9Ian V. HoggThe American Arsenal: The World War II Official Standard Ordnance Catalogue of Artillery, Small Arms, Tanks, Armoured Cars, Artillery, Antiaircraft ... and Mines (Greenhill Military Paperback)
  ''978-1-84832-731-3Keith SmithDead Was Everything: Studies in the Anglo-Zulu War
2013978-1-84832-739-9Edward Frederick Langley Russell · Baron Russell of LiverpoolThe Knights of Bushido: A History of Japanese War Crimes During World War II
2014978-1-84832-740-5Sian PriceIf You're Reading This: Last Letters from the Front Line
2013978-1-84832-746-7Donald L. CaldwellJG 26: Top Guns of the Luftwaffe
2014978-1-84832-747-4Janet MacdonaldFeeding Nelson's Navy
2015978-1-84832-748-1Herbert MaegerLost Honour, Betrayed Loyalty
2014978-1-84832-749-8Rochus MischHitler's Last Witness: The Memoirs of Hitler's Bodyguard
  ''978-1-84832-752-8Joel GreenbergGordon Welchman: Bletchley Park's Architect of Ultra Intelligence
  ''978-1-84832-756-6Edward M. SpiersLetters from Ladysmith: Eyewitness Accounts from the South African War
  ''978-1-84832-759-7John H. GillThunder on the Danube: Napoleon's Defeat of the Habsburgs, Vol. III: Wagram and Znaim: 3
2014978-1-84832-762-7Alexander MikaberidzeRussian Eyewitnesses of the Campaign of 1807
  ''978-1-84832-766-5Reinhold BuschSurvivors of Stalingrad: Eyewitness Accounts from the 6th Army, 1942-1943
  ''978-1-84832-769-6Dan ConleyCold War Command: The Dramatic Story of a Nuclear Submariner
2019978-1-84832-771-9Gilberto VillahermosaHitler's Paratroopers in Normandy
2016978-1-84832-777-1Gareth GloverThe American Sharpe: The Adventures of an American Officer of the 95th Rifles in the Peninsular and Waterloo Campaigns
2015978-1-84832-783-2David RolfThe Bloody Road to Tunis: Destruction of the Axis Forces in North Africa, November 1942-May 1943
2014978-1-84832-787-0James LucasWar on the Eastern Front: The German Soldier in Russia 1941-1945
2016978-1-84832-817-4J. P. CrossGurkhas at War
2015978-1-84832-825-9Leroy ThompsonHostage Rescue Manual (Napoleonic Library)
  ''978-1-84832-826-6   ''Counter Insurgency Manual
2016978-1-84832-828-0William UrbanBayonets for Hire
2015978-1-84832-829-7Carl von ClausewitzThe Campaigns of 1812 in Russia: A Prussian Officer's Account From the Russian Imperial Headquarters (Napoleonic Library)
  ''978-1-84832-838-9Michael Hargreave MawsonEyewitness In the Crimea
2016978-1-84832-845-7Kammhuber et al GallandFighting the Bombers: The Luftwaffe's Struggle Against the Allied Bomber Offensive
2015978-1-84832-848-8Ron Lock · Peter QuantrillZulu Victory: The Epic of Isandlwana and the Cover-up
2015978-1-84832-849-5Manfred GriehlX-Planes
2016978-1-84832-874-7Stanley Lane-PooleSaladin and the Fall of Jerusalem: Richard the Lionheart, the Crusades and the Battle for the Holy Land
  ''978-1-84832-886-0Alfred H BurneThe Crecy War: A Military History of the Hundred Years War from 1337 to the Peace of Bretigny in 1360
2015978-1-84832-910-2Ian KnightThe Anatomy of the Zulu Army: From Shaka to Cetshwayo, 1818-1879
2016978-1-84832-924-9James DunningWhen Shall Their Glory Fade?: The Stories of the Thirty-Eight Battle Honours of the Army Commandos
  ''978-1-84832-937-9Vice-Admiral Harper · Admiral BaconThe Jutland Scandal: The Truth About the First World War's Greatest Sea Battle
  ''978-1-84832-941-6Peter ConnollyGreece and Rome at War
2017978-1-84832-942-3John GrehanThe Charge of the Light Brigade: History's Most Famous Cavalry Charge Told Through Eye Witness Accounts, Newspaper Reports, Memoirs and Diaries (Voices from the Past)
  ''978-1-84832-957-7Anthony DawsonThe Siege of Sevastopol 1854 - 1855: The War in the Crimea - Told Through Newspaper Reports, Official Documents and the Accounts of Those Who Were There (Voices from the Past)
2016978-1-84832-993-5Bruce GudmundssonInside the Afrika Korps: The Crusader Battles, 1941-1942