Transworld Ireland

year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2008978-1-84827-000-8Patricia ScanlanForgive and Forget
  ''978-1-84827-007-7Claudia CarrollI Never Fancied Him Anyway
  ''978-1-84827-008-4Ronan O'GaraRonan O'Gara: My Autobiography
  ''978-1-84827-009-1o-gara-ronan-walsh-denisRonan O'Gara: My Autobiography
2009978-1-84827-010-7Ronan O'GaraRonan O'Gara: My Autobiography
2008978-1-84827-011-4Anita NotaroTake A Look At Me Now
2008978-1-84827-013-8Marita Conlon-McKennaThe Matchmaker
2009978-1-84827-015-2Patricia ScanlanForgive and Forget
2008978-1-84827-016-9   ''Forgive and Forget
  ''978-1-84827-017-6Ken BruenSanctuary
2009978-1-84827-018-3Ken BruenSanctuary
2010978-1-84827-019-0   ''The Devil
2011978-1-84827-020-6   ''The Devil (Jack Taylor 8)
2008978-1-84827-022-0Claudia CarrollDo You Want to Know a Secret?
2008978-1-84827-023-7Diarmuid Whelan · Peter TyrrellFounded on Fear
2009978-1-84827-024-4Claudia CarrollDo You Want to Know a Secret?
2010978-1-84827-026-8   ''If This is Paradise, I Want My Money Back
  ''978-1-84827-031-2Anita NotaroNo Ordinary Love
2011978-1-84827-032-9Anita NotaroNo Ordinary Love
2012978-1-84827-033-6   ''A Moment Like This
2010978-1-84827-037-4Marita Conlon-McKennaMother of the Bride
2011978-1-84827-038-1   ''Mother of the Bride
  ''978-1-84827-039-8   ''A Taste for Love
2009978-1-84827-042-8Albert ReynoldsAlbert Reynolds: My Autobiography
  ''978-1-84827-044-2Patricia ScanlanHappy Ever After?
  ''978-1-84827-045-9   ''Happy Ever After
2010978-1-84827-046-6Patricia ScanlanHappy Ever After
  ''978-1-84827-047-3Albert ReynoldsAlbert Reynolds: My Autobiography
2008978-1-84827-048-0John O'DonohueTribute Edition: Anam Cara: Spiritual Wisdom from the Celtic World
2009978-1-84827-057-2Sister Stanislaus KennedyMoments of Stillness
2011978-1-84827-058-9Stanislaus KennedyMoments of Stillness
  ''978-1-84827-059-6Stanislaus KennedyThe Road Home: My Journey
2009978-1-84827-061-9   ''Stillness Through My Prayers
  ''978-1-84827-062-6   ''Seasons of the Day
  ''978-1-84827-064-0   ''Gardening The Soul: Mindful Thoughts and Meditations for Every Day of the Year: Soothing Seasonal Thoughts for Jaded Modern Souls
2009978-1-84827-065-7Jarlath ReganHow To Break Bad News: Greetings From The Dark Side
2011978-1-84827-069-5Patricia ScanlanLove and Marriage
  ''978-1-84827-070-1   ''Love and Marriage
2012978-1-84827-071-8Patricia ScanlanLove and Marriage
2011978-1-84827-072-5Niamh O'ConnorIf I Never See You Again (A Jo Birmingham Thriller)
2009978-1-84827-073-2John O'DonohueEchoes of Memory
2011978-1-84827-074-9   ''Echoes of Memory
2009978-1-84827-076-3Patricia ScanlanComing Home
2012978-1-84827-077-0John O'SheaUntitled Autobiography (John O'Shea)
2010978-1-84827-078-7Aidan StoreyAngels of Divine Light
  ''978-1-84827-080-0Aidan StoreyAngels of Divine Light
  ''978-1-84827-081-7Patricia ScanlanComing Home
2012978-1-84827-083-1Niamh O'ConnorTaken (A Jo Birmingham Thriller)
2009978-1-84827-086-2   ''Blood Ties: The real stories behind Ireland's most notorious murders
2010978-1-84827-089-3Tony GriffinScreaming At The Sky
  ''978-1-84827-090-9John O'DonohueThe Four Elements: Reflections on Nature
2011978-1-84827-093-0Niamh O'ConnorTaken (A Jo Birmingham Thriller)
  ''978-1-84827-096-1Donncha O'CallaghanJoking Apart: My Autobiography
2012978-1-84827-097-8   ''Joking Apart: My Autobiography
2010978-1-84827-098-5Dan ShanahanDan Shanahan - If you don't know me, don't judge me: My Autobiography
2011978-1-84827-099-2Joe DuffyJust Joe: My Autobiography
2012978-1-84827-102-9John O'DonohueThe Four Elements: Reflections on Nature by John O'Donohue (Paperback, 2012)
2010978-1-84827-103-6Joseph GallianoWith Love, from me... to me: A Letter to my Sixteen-Year-Old Self
2011978-1-84827-106-7Ken BruenBlitz
2011978-1-84827-107-4David MonaganIreland Unhinged
  ''978-1-84827-110-4Nicolas RocheInside The Peloton: My Life as a Professional Cyclist
2012978-1-84827-111-1Nicolas RocheInside The Peloton: My Life as a Professional Cyclist
2011978-1-84827-112-8Conor O'CleryMoscow, December 25, 1991: The Last Day Of The Soviet Union
  ''978-1-84827-113-5Conor O'CleryMoscow, December 25th, 1991: The Last Day Of The Soviet Union
2012978-1-84827-114-2   ''Moscow, December 25, 1991: The Last Day Of The Soviet Union
  ''978-1-84827-117-3Ken BruenHeadstone (Jack Taylor 9)
2013978-1-84827-119-7Ken BruenPurgatory: A Jack Taylor Noir Thriller (Jack Taylor 10)
2012978-1-84827-121-0Marita Conlon-McKennaThree Women
  ''978-1-84827-125-8John WatersWas It For This?: Why Ireland Lost the Plot
  ''978-1-84827-134-0David NorrisA Kick Against The Pricks: The Autobiography
2011978-1-84827-136-4George KimballManly Art: Dispatches From Ringside
2012978-1-84827-138-8Niamh O'ConnorToo Close For Comfort (A Jo Birmingham Thriller)
  ''978-1-84827-146-3Lar CorbettAll In My Head: The Autobiography
  ''978-1-84827-148-7Colm O'ReganIsn't It Well For Ye?: The Book of Irish Mammies
2015978-1-84827-152-4Anthony DalyDalo: The Autobiography
2014978-1-84827-189-0Kate BeaufoyLiberty Silk
2015978-1-84827-216-3Stephen FerrisMan and Ball: My Autobiography
2016978-1-84827-217-0Stephen FerrisMan and Ball: My Autobiography
2017978-1-84827-241-5Colm O'ReganIt's Earlier 'Tis Getting: The Christmas Book of Irish Mammies
2020978-1-84827-262-0Laura de BarraGaff Goddess: Simple Tips and Tricks to Help You Run Your Home