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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2014978-1-84825-538-8David F. FordThe Drama of Living: Being wise in the Spirit
2013978-1-84825-541-8Malcolm GuiteThe Singing Bowl
  ''978-1-84825-551-7Donald GrayEarth and Altar: The Evolution of the Parish Communion in the Church of England to 1945
  ''978-1-84825-552-4Ronald BlytheTalking to the Neighbours
  ''978-1-84825-555-5Methodist ChurchSinging the Faith: Presentation Edition
  ''978-1-84825-556-2Rosemary PowerThe Story of Iona: An illustrated history and guide
2013978-1-84825-559-3John Main OSBFully Alive: The transforming power of prayer
  ''978-1-84825-562-3Esther De WaalA Life-Giving Way: A contemplative commentary on the Rule of St Benedict
2014978-1-84825-565-4Jonathan DeanA Heart Strangely Warmed: John and Charles Wesley and their Writings (Canterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology)
2013978-1-84825-568-5Raymond ChapmanThe Canterbury Companion to the Book of Common Prayer Gospels
2014978-1-84825-571-5Paula GooderJourney to the Empty Tomb (Biblical Explorations)
2013978-1-84825-574-6Methodist ChurchSinging the Faith: Presentation Edition
2014978-1-84825-593-7Mirabai StarrJulian of Norwich: The Showings: A contemporary translation
  ''978-1-84825-596-8Peter ShawSustaining Leadership: Renewing your strength and sparkle
  ''978-1-84825-602-6Jeremy DaviesIn Season and Out of Season: Crafting sermons for all occasions
  ''978-1-84825-605-7Canterbury Press NorwichThe Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2015 hardback edition
2014978-1-84825-606-4Canterbury Press NorwichThe Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2015 Personal Organiser edition (Desk Diary Loose Leaf)
  ''978-1-84825-607-1   ''The Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2015 A5 personal organiser edition
2015978-1-84825-608-8Michael CounsellThe Canterbury Preacher's Companion 2015: Complete Sermons for Sundays, Festivals and Special Occasions
2014978-1-84825-611-8Dave WalkerThe Dave Walker Guide to the Church 2015 Calendar
  ''978-1-84825-612-5Martyn Percy · Jim Cotter · Jenny Gaffin · Helen-Ann Hartley · Geoff Miller · Samuel Wells · Rowan WilliamsThe Bright Field: Readings, reflections and prayers for Ascension, Pentecost, Trinity and Ordinary Time
  ''978-1-84825-615-6Barbara Brown TaylorLearning to Walk in the Dark: Because God often shows up at night
2015978-1-84825-618-7Michael WalshEvery Pilgrim's Guide to Rome
2014978-1-84825-621-7Sara MilesCity of God: Faith in the streets
  ''978-1-84825-624-8Eugene H. PetersonHoly Luck: Poems of the Kingdom
2015978-1-84825-625-5Thomas O'LoughlinJoint Liturgical Studies 77: Liturgical Language and Translation
2014978-1-84825-626-2Paul F. Bradshaw · Juliette DayFurther Essays in Early Eastern Initiation
2014978-1-84825-627-9Roger GreenacrePart of the One Church?: The ordination of women and Anglican identity
  ''978-1-84825-630-9Philip Gray · Anne GrayA Walsingham Rosary
  ''978-1-84825-633-0Brendan O'MalleyHoly Wells: A pilgrim's prayer companion and guide
  ''978-1-84825-636-1Kate McClellandCall the Chaplain: Spiritual and pastoral caregiving in hospitals
  ''978-1-84825-639-2Carla A. Grosch-MillerPsalms Redux: Poems and prayers
2014978-1-84825-642-2Andrew DavisonBlessing (Faith Going Deeper)
  ''978-1-84825-645-3Ian AdamsUnfurling: Poems by Ian Adams
  ''978-1-84825-648-4Sue PickeringCreative Ideas for Ministry with the Aged: Liturgies, prayers and resources
  ''978-1-84825-651-4Cathy Ross · Jonny BakerThe Pioneer Gift: Explorations in mission
  ''978-1-84825-654-5Peter WaddellCharles Gore: Prophet and Pastor: Charles Gore and His Writings (Canterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology)
2014978-1-84825-657-6Nicholas BuxtonThe Wilderness Within: Meditation and modern life
  ''978-1-84825-660-6Dave WalkerThe Dave Walker Advent Calendar
  ''978-1-84825-666-8Robert AtwellPeace At The Last: Leading Funerals Well
  ''978-1-84825-669-9Laurence FreemanBeauty's Field: Seeing the world
  ''978-1-84825-672-9Sally WelchA Labyrinth Prayer Handbook: Creative resources for worship and reflection
2014978-1-84825-675-0Martyn HalsallSanctuary: Poems by Martyn Halsall
  ''978-1-84825-678-1Malcolm GuiteWord in the Wilderness: A poem a day for Lent and Easter
2015978-1-84825-681-1Gill Ambrose · Maureen Baldwin · Jean Harrison · Pam MacnaughtonSeasons and Celebrations: A round-the-year worship companion
2013978-1-84825-690-3Malcolm GuiteSounding the Seasons
2012978-1-84825-691-0Kate Tristam · Kate TristramThe Story of Holy Island: An Illustrated History
  ''978-1-84825-693-4John ScottThe Anglican Psalter: The Psalms of David Pointed and Edited for Chanting
2013978-1-84825-695-8Malcolm GuiteThe Singing Bowl
2011978-1-84825-697-2James Woodforde · John Beresford · Ronald BlytheThe Diary of a Country Parson, 1758-1802
  ''978-1-84825-698-9Richard GilesHow to Be an Anglican: A Beginner's Guide to Anglican Life and Thought
2014978-1-84825-700-9Ian Mobsby · Mark BerryA New Monastic Handbook: From Vision to Practice
  ''978-1-84825-701-6Linda Woodhead · Malcolm Doney · Dave WalkerHow Healthy is the C of E?: The Church Times Health Check
2011978-1-84825-702-3Ronald BlytheThe View in Winter: Reflections on Old Age
2014978-1-84825-703-0Tim Ruffer · Anne Harrison · John Barnard · Gordon GilesAncient and Modern Organ Edition: Hymns and Songs for Refreshing worship
2012978-1-84825-707-8Verena SchillerA Simplified Life: A Contemporary Hermit's Experience of Solitude and Silence
2011978-1-84825-708-5John Main · Laurence FreemanMonastery Without Walls: The Spiritual Letters of John Main
2013978-1-84825-710-8Ronald Blythe · John NashWord from Wormingford: A Parish Year
2000978-1-84825-712-2Kenneth StevensonDo This: The Shape, Style and Meaning of the Eucharist
2011978-1-84825-714-6Jim CotterPrayer at Night: A Book for the Darkness
2011978-1-84825-715-3Jim CotterPrayer in the Morning: A Book for Day's Beginning
  ''978-1-84825-718-4Ronald BlytheThe Circling Year: Perspectives from a Country Parish
2014978-1-84825-721-4Charles Middleburgh · Andrew GoldsteinA Jewish Book of Comfort: Three thousand years of wisdom and experience
2015978-1-84825-728-3Stephen Spencer · William TempleChrist in All Things: William Temple and His Writings (Canterbury Studies in Spiritual Theology)
  ''978-1-84825-731-3Kate Adams · Bart Koet · Barbara KoningDreams and Spirituality: A handbook for ministry, spiritual direction and counselling
  ''978-1-84825-740-5Margery RobertsChurch Linen, Vestments and Textiles: A practical guide to their use and care
978-1-84825-747-4The Roots of Mindfulness
2015978-1-84825-748-1Michael CounsellThe Canterbury Preacher's Companion 2016: Complete Sermons for Sundays, Festivals and Special Occasions
  ''978-1-84825-752-8Hazel Bryan · Howard Worsley · Justin WelbyBeing Christian in Education: Faith perspectives on practice and policy
2017978-1-84825-757-3Daniel McCarthyCome into the Light
2015978-1-84825-760-3Nigel Walter · Andrew MottramBuildings for Mission: A complete guide to the care, conservation and development of churches
2015978-1-84825-763-4Church of IrelandThanks and Praise Full Music Edition: A supplement to the Church Hymnal
  ''978-1-84825-764-1Church of IrelandThanks and Praise Words Edition: A supplement to the Church Hymnal
  ''978-1-84825-767-2El GruerThe Paper Sky
  ''978-1-84825-770-2Canterbury Press NorwichThe Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2016 hardback edition
  ''978-1-84825-771-9   ''The Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2016 Personal Organiser edition
2015978-1-84825-772-6Canterbury Press NorwichThe Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2016 A5 personal organiser edition
  ''978-1-84825-773-3Dave WalkerThe Dave Walker Guide to the Church 2016 Calendar
  ''978-1-84825-775-7Barbara Brown TaylorLearning to Walk in the Dark: Because God often shows up at night
  ''978-1-84825-776-4Canterbury Press NorwichAnglican Religious Life 2016-17: A yearbook of religious orders and communities in the Anglican Communion, and tertiaries, oblates, associates and companions.
2016978-1-84825-780-1Paul BradshawJLS 80: Early Church Orders Revisited (Joint Liturgical Studies)
2015978-1-84825-781-8Barbara Brown TaylorBread of Angels: Feeding on the Word
  ''978-1-84825-784-9Becca StevensThe Way of Tea and Justice: Drink Tea: Change the World
2015978-1-84825-787-0Peter ShawWake Up and Dream: Stepping into your future
  ''978-1-84825-790-0Stephen SpencerCreative Ideas for Seasonal Retreats: Experiencing the Seasons of Faith
  ''978-1-84825-791-7Malcolm GrundyMulti-Congregation Ministry: Theology and Practice in a Changing Church
  ''978-1-84825-794-8Paula GooderJourney to the Manger: Exploring the Birth of Jesus (Biblical Explorations)
  ''978-1-84825-797-9Barbara Brown TaylorSpeaking of Sin: The Lost Language of Salvation
2015978-1-84825-800-6Malcolm GuiteWaiting on the Word: A poem a day for Advent, Christmas and Epiphany
  ''978-1-84825-803-7Phillip ToveyOf Water and the Spirit: Mission and the Baptismal Liturgy
  ''978-1-84825-807-5Syd LittleLittle by Little (Wormingford)
  ''978-1-84825-811-2Becca StevensLetters from the Farm: A simple path for a deeper spiritual life
2017978-1-84825-814-3Jessica MartinFor God's Sake
2015978-1-84825-817-4Cathy Ross · Jonny BakerPioneering Spirituality: Resources for reflection and practice
  ''978-1-84825-820-4Dave WalkerHeroes of the Coffee Rota: Even more Dave Walker Guide to the Church cartoons
2015978-1-84825-823-5Nadia Bolz-WeberAccidental Saints: Finding God in all the wrong people
  ''978-1-84825-826-6Martin Warner · Emma Forward · Geoffrey Rowell · Jonathan Baker · Walter KasperFathers in God?: Resources for Reflection on Women in the Episcopate
  ''978-1-84825-829-7Barbara Brown TaylorMixed Blessings: Being the people of God
2016978-1-84825-832-7Tim StaffordJLS81 Richard III
  ''978-1-84825-836-5Robert FruehwirthThe Drawing of this Love
  ''978-1-84825-839-6Samuel Wells · Abigail KocherJoining the Angels' Song: Eucharistic Prayers for Sundays and Holy Days, Years A, B & C
2016978-1-84825-842-6Michael TavinorShrines of the Saints: in England and Wales
  ''978-1-84825-845-7Sally WelchHow to be a Mindful Christian: 40 simple spiritual practices
  ''978-1-84825-848-8Canterbury Press NorwichThe Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2017 hardback edition
  ''978-1-84825-849-5   ''The Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2017 Personal Organiser edition
  ''978-1-84825-850-1   ''The Canterbury Church Book and Desk Diary 2017 A5 personal organiser edition
2016978-1-84825-851-8Michael CounsellThe Canterbury Preachers Companion 2017
  ''978-1-84825-852-5Dave WalkerThe Dave Walker Guide to the Church 2017 Calendar
  ''978-1-84825-853-2Rosalind BrownFresh from the Word
  ''978-1-84825-854-9Barbara Brown TaylorThe Seeds of Heaven
  ''978-1-84825-859-4Malcolm GuiteParable and Paradox
2016978-1-84825-862-4Samuel WellsHow then shall we live
  ''978-1-84825-865-5Steven CroftThe Gift of Leadership
2017978-1-84825-868-6Pádraig Ó TuamaDaily Prayer with the Corrymeela Community
2016978-1-84825-871-6Malcolm ArcherCarols Ancient and Modern Full Music edition
  ''978-1-84825-872-3Malcolm ArcherCarols Ancient and Modern Words edition
  ''978-1-84825-875-4Peter Shaw · Hilary DouglasThe Reluctant Leader
  ''978-1-84825-878-5Julia MourantListening to Your Life
2016978-1-84825-881-5Juno Hollyhock · Mary JacksonCreative Ideas for Wild Church: Taking all-age worship and learning outdoors
2017978-1-84825-882-2Robert AtwellCelebrating the Saints
2016978-1-84825-884-6Ronald BlytheStour Seasons: A Wormingford Book of Days
  ''978-1-84825-897-6Dave WalkerThe Dave Walker Colouring Book
  ''978-1-84825-898-3John PritchardDaily Prayer for All Seasons
  ''978-1-84825-901-0Michael PerhamThe Way of Christ-likeness
  ''978-1-84825-904-1Paula GooderLet Me Go There
2016978-1-84825-907-2Sam WellsHanging by a Thread
2017978-1-84825-910-2Sue PickeringListening and Spiritual Conversation
  ''978-1-84825-913-3Anna De Lange · Trevor Lloyd · Tim Stratford · Ian TarrantReimagining Worship: Renewing worship in a changing church
2016978-1-84825-917-1Ian AdamsWilderness Taunts: Revealing your light
2017978-1-84825-920-1John MillerSpeaking of Faith
  ''978-1-84825-926-3Samuel WellsIncarnational Ministry: Being with the church
  ''978-1-84825-929-4Paul ThomasMarriage Ministry: The Essential Guide
2016978-1-84825-935-5Mary ReathAn Open Door
  ''978-1-84825-936-2Mary ReathAn Open Door: The Anglican Centre in Rome, 2003-2016
2017978-1-84825-938-6Canterbury PressThe Canterbury Church Book & Desk Diary 2018 Hardback Edition
2017978-1-84825-939-3Canterbury PressThe Canterbury Church Book & Desk Diary 2018 Personal Organiser Edition
2017978-1-84825-940-9Canterbury PressThe Canterbury Church Book & Desk Diary 2018 A5 Personal Organiser Edition
  ''978-1-84825-941-6Michael CounsellThe Canterbury Preacher's Companion 2018: 150 complete sermons for Sundays, Festivals and Special Occasions
  ''978-1-84825-944-7Dave WalkerThe Dave Walker Guide to the Church 2018 Calendar
2020978-1-84825-945-4Paul HandleyBeing Anglican: A Beginner’s Guide
2017978-1-84825-948-5Jennie HoganThis is My Body
  ''978-1-84825-951-5Ian MobsbyDoorways to the Sacred (Ancient Faith, Future Mission)
  ''978-1-84825-954-6Robert AtwellCelebrating the Saints: Daily spiritual readings for the calendars of the Church of England, the Church of Ireland, the Scottish Episcopal Church & the Church in Wales
2018978-1-84825-957-7Jonathan DeanTo Gain at Harvest: Portraits from the English Reformation
2017978-1-84825-960-7Neil Xavier O' DonoghueLiturgical Orientation JLS 83
2017978-1-84825-962-1Peta DunstanAnglican Religious Life 2018-19: A yearbook of religious orders and communities in the Anglican Communion and tertiaries, oblates, associates and companions
  ''978-1-84825-965-2Barbara Brown TaylorThe Luminous Web: Faith, science and the experience of wonder
  ''978-1-84825-968-3Christopher SouthgateRain Falling by the River
  ''978-1-84825-971-3Chris ThorpeDreamers and Stargazers: Creative Liturgies for Incarnational Worship: Advent to Candlemas
2018978-1-84825-974-4NIcholas RobertsAddiction and Pastoral Care
2017978-1-84825-977-5Margaret WhippThe Grace of Waiting
  ''978-1-84825-980-5Michael MayneResponding to the Light: Reflections on Advent, Christmas and Epiphany
2017978-1-84825-990-4Martyn PercyUntamed Gospel
  ''978-1-84825-993-5Ian AdamsSome Small Heaven: Seeking Light in Winter: Advent, Christmas and Epiphany
2019978-1-84825-996-6Paul ThomasHow to Preside at the Eucharist: A guide for priests and deacons