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2008978-1-84822-004-1Peter KhorocheBen Nicholson: Drawings and Painted Reliefs
  ''978-1-84822-006-5Nancy K. AndersonGeorge de Forest Brush: The Indian Paintings
2009978-1-84822-007-2Tanya Harrod · Grey Gowrie · Richard Morphet · Hilary SpurlingAnn Stokes
  ''978-1-84822-008-9Andrew LambirthRose Hilton
2010978-1-84822-009-6Michael BirdBryan Wynter
2008978-1-84822-010-2Richard AitkenBotanical Riches: Stories of Botanical Exploration
2012978-1-84822-011-9Frances SpaldingPrunella Clough: Regions Unmapped
2009978-1-84822-012-6Ian CollinsJohn McLean
2011978-1-84822-015-7Marco LivingstonePeter Blake
2009978-1-84822-016-4Tony GodfreyUnderstanding Art Objects: 9
  ''978-1-84822-017-1Mikhail B. Piotrovsky · Ernst W. Veen · Herk van Os · Jeroen Stumpel · Boris Asvarisc · Maria Shlikevich · Mikhail DedinkinCaspar David Friedrich and the German Romantic Landscape
  ''978-1-84822-018-8Philip VannCyril Power Linocuts: A Complete Catalogue
2011978-1-84822-019-5Iain RobertsonA New Art from Emerging Markets
2009978-1-84822-020-1Gemma Blackshaw · Leslie Topp · Nicola Imrie · Luke Heighton · Sabine Wieber · Geoffrey C. HowesMadness and Modernity: Mental Illness and the Visual Arts in Vienna 1900
2009978-1-84822-022-5Frederick IlchmanTitian, Tintoretto, Veronese: Rivals in Renaissance Venice
2010978-1-84822-029-4Andrew CauseyDrawings of Henry Moore
  ''978-1-84822-035-5Dominic KempTerry Frost Prints
2009978-1-84822-037-9Marjorie Allthorpe-GuytonIan McKeever (Histories of Vision S.)
2010978-1-84822-041-6Mark Cocker · Helen Dunmore · Bill Hare · Howard Jacobson · Richard Mabey · Philip Marsden · Bel Mooney · William PackerKurt Jackson
2009978-1-84822-043-0Margaret Morgan GrasselliRenaissance to Revolution
2010978-1-84822-046-1Andrei NakovMalevich
2011978-1-84822-047-8Robert HewisonJohn Byrne
2009978-1-84822-052-2Anita FeldmanHenry Moore Textiles (Published in Association With the Henry Moore Foundation)
2010978-1-84822-054-6Mary Rose BeaumontAlbert Irvin
  ''978-1-84822-056-0Susan AberthLeonora Carrington
  ''978-1-84822-057-7Mary Reid · Julius BryantAnthony Caro: The Definitive Series on the Sculpture of Anthony Caro
  ''978-1-84822-058-4Hugo Chapman · Marzia FaiettiFra Angelico to Leonardo: Italian Renaissance Drawings
2010978-1-84822-059-1Stefan Van RaaySurreal Friends
  ''978-1-84822-062-1Michael Paraskos · Jools HollandClive Head
  ''978-1-84822-063-8Orde LevinsonPrints of John Piper: Quality and Experiment
2011978-1-84822-066-9Sophie BownessBarbara Hepworth: The Plasters The Gift to Wakefield
2010978-1-84822-067-6Diane Waggoner · Tim Barringer · Joanne Lukitsh · Jennifer L. Roberts · Britt SalvesenThe Pre-Raphaelite Lens
2011978-1-84822-069-0Ian CollinsJohn Craxton
2010978-1-84822-072-0Richard GrayCinemas in Britain
  ''978-1-84822-075-1Colin HarrisonPre-Raphaelites and Italy
2011978-1-84822-083-6Ella HendriksVincent Van Gogh Paintings: Antwerp and Paris, 1885-1888 Volume 2
2015978-1-84822-085-0David ChipperfieldBarbara Hepworth: The Plasters
2011978-1-84822-088-1Tom HewlettF.C.B. Cadell
  ''978-1-84822-089-8Michael BirdSandra Blow
2011978-1-84822-090-4Jane StevensonEdward Burra
  ''978-1-84822-092-8Martin SonnabendClaude Lorrain: The Enchanted Landscape
2013978-1-84822-096-6Andrew CauseyPaul Nash
2012978-1-84822-097-3Philip VannKeith Vaughan
  ''978-1-84822-102-4Bel MooneyKurt Jackson. A New Genre of Landscape Painting
  ''978-1-84822-104-8Claire DobbinLondon Underground Maps
  ''978-1-84822-108-6Paul BonaventuraArt and Craft of Richard Woods
2012978-1-84822-110-9Alan LivingstonKurt Jackson Sketchbooks
2013978-1-84822-111-6Alan PowersEric Ravilious
  ''978-1-84822-114-7Christopher AndreaeJoan Eardley
  ''978-1-84822-127-7Yigal ZalmonaCentury of Israeli Art
  ''978-1-84822-130-7Nissan N. PerezDisplaced Visions
978-1-84822-132-1Visual Arts and the Law: A Handbook for Professionals (Handbooks in International Art Business)
2014978-1-84822-134-5Melanie GerlisArt as an Investment?
  ''978-1-84822-138-3Georgina AdamBig Bucks
2013978-1-84822-140-6Philip VannCyril Power Linocuts
2014978-1-84822-142-0Mary RozellThe Art Collector's Handbook: A Guide to Collection Management and Care (Handbooks in International Art Business)
2014978-1-84822-143-7Mary RozellThe Art Collector's Handbook: A Guide to Collection Management and Care (Handbooks in International Art Business)
2015978-1-84822-145-1Sarah QuillRuskin's Venice: The Stones Revisited
2014978-1-84822-147-5James RussellEdward Seago
  ''978-1-84822-150-5Dennis FarrLynn Chadwick Sculptor
  ''978-1-84822-151-2Anthony CaroMaking Art in Africa
  ''978-1-84822-155-0Alan LivingstonKurt Jackson Sketchbooks
2016978-1-84822-182-6Alan PowersEdward Ardizzone: Artist and Illustrator
  ''978-1-84822-186-4Katy NorrisChristopher Wood
2016978-1-84822-191-8Margaret Morgan Grasselli · Yuriko JackallHubert Robert
2017978-1-84822-194-9Wim de WitDesign for the Corporate World: Creativity on the Line, 1950-1975 2017
  ''978-1-84822-210-6David KnightGerald Laing: Catalogue Raisonne of Painting and Sculpture 2016
2018978-1-84822-220-5Georgina AdamDark Side of the Boom: The Excesses of the Art Market in the 21st Century
  ''978-1-84822-224-3Benjamin FlowersBeautiful Moves: Designing Stadia
  ''978-1-84822-230-4Michael BirdStudio Voices: Art and Life in 20th-Century Britain
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2020978-1-84822-261-8Elisabeth DarbyRe-issue, Re-imagine, Re-make: Appropriation in Contemporary Furniture Design
2020978-1-84822-268-7Timothy Brittain-CatlinThe Edwardians and their Houses: The New Life of Old England
2019978-1-84822-271-7Dominic BradburyThe Timeless Home: James Gorst Architects
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2020978-1-84822-405-6Andrew Clancy · Colm MooreKay Fisker: Danish Functionalism and Block-Based Housing