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2007978-1-84772-011-5Tom FarncombeCat Stevens (Little Black Songbook)
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  ''978-1-84772-020-7KillersThe Killers (Complete Chord Songbook)
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  ''978-1-84772-033-7Kaiser ChiefsKaiser Chiefs Yours Truly Angry Mob: Piano, Voice, Guitar
2007978-1-84772-039-9Barrie Carso TurnerLittle Voices - Gospel
  ''978-1-84772-046-7VariousThe View Hats Off To The Buskers Tab
  ''978-1-84772-047-4VariousJames Morrison Undiscovered (Chord Songbook) Lc
  ''978-1-84772-048-1   ''Kaiser Chiefs Yours Truly, Angry Mob (Tab): Guitar TAB
  ''978-1-84772-054-2   ''The Easy Piano Collection Early Romantic Gold Pf
2007978-1-84772-059-7Coldplay (Artist)"Coldplay" X & Y: Arranged for Solo Piano
  ''978-1-84772-062-7VariousThe Little Black Songbook The Police Lc
2009978-1-84772-070-2BeatlesEasy Beatles Book & CD (Novello Primary Chorals)
2007978-1-84772-073-3Hugo PinksterboerThe Singing Voice: Tipbook Vocals (Tipbooks)
  ''978-1-84772-074-0Hugo PinksterboerElectric Guitar and Bass (Tipbooks)
  ''978-1-84772-075-7   ''Saxophone (Tipbooks)
  ''978-1-84772-076-4   ''Basic Music Theory (Tipbooks)
2007978-1-84772-079-5VariousColdplay The Singles & B-Sides (Pvg): Piano, Voice and Guitar
2007978-1-84772-080-1VariousColdplay The Singles & B-Sides (Tab): Guitar TAB
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  ''978-1-84772-101-3Keith BadmanThe Beatles Off the Record: Outrageous Opinions & Unreleased Interviews
2008978-1-84772-103-7Monte A. Melnick · Frank MeyerOn the Road with The Ramones (revised edition) paperback
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2008978-1-84772-112-9Stephen MillerKristofferson: Wild American
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2007978-1-84772-118-1Debbie CampbellMinibeast Madness!: Primary. Teacher's Book (Book & CD)
2007978-1-84772-122-8VariousElton John Rocket Man The Definitive Hits Pvg
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2007978-1-84772-169-3Barrie C(ed) TurnerLittle Voices - Ballads
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2007978-1-84772-184-6"Travis": The "Boy with No Name" (Tab): The "Boy with No Name"
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2007978-1-84772-203-4Barrie C(ed) TurnerChristmas (Little Voices)
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  ''978-1-84772-206-5the (Artist) PoliceThe "Police" (Play Drums with)
2008978-1-84772-214-0VariousAudition Songs For Kids Movies Pvg Book/Cd
2009978-1-84772-215-7   ''Audition Songs For Kids Musicals Pvg Book/Cd
2007978-1-84772-225-6Claude-Mi SchonbergLes Miserables
2007978-1-84772-228-7VariousGuest Spot Elton John Playalong For Alto Saxophone Asax Book/2Cd
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2008978-1-84772-309-3   ''Play Guitar With... The Kooks, The View, The Killers, Kaiser Chiefs, R
2007978-1-84772-313-0Divers AuteursFlute (Book & CD)
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2008978-1-84772-384-0VariousPlay Piano With. 20 Classic Songs (Book And 3 Cds) Pvg Book/2Cd
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2008978-1-84772-389-5Sam (Editor) HarropFilm Songs Playalong for Flute (Guest Spot)
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2008978-1-84772-456-421 Century Hits Playalong for Saxophone (Guest Spot Book & CD)
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2009978-1-84772-530-1Divers AuteursReally Easy Piano Great Showstoppers
2010978-1-84772-531-8VariousReally Easy Piano: Classical Favourites
2008978-1-84772-532-5VariousReally Easy Piano Chart Hits Pf
2009978-1-84772-535-6   ''Audition Songs Film Hits Pvg Book/Cd
2010978-1-84772-536-3   ''Audition Songs Film Hits Male Singers Bk/Cd
2008978-1-84772-538-7   ''The Little Black Songbook Ac/Dc Lc
  ''978-1-84772-540-0BlantThe Welsh Children's Songbook (Songbook & CD)
978-1-84772-549-3Ukulele Pitch Pipes
2008978-1-84772-550-9Jorg FabigDrum Along 10 Classic Rock Songs English Ed(Book And Cd) Drums Book/Cd
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2008978-1-84772-574-5Carol (Auth BarrattChester'S Easy-Peasy Theory Set 1
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2008978-1-84772-612-4VariousThe Kooks Konk (Tab)
  ''978-1-84772-613-1   ''Essential Film Themes 6 Solo Piano Pf: Solo Piano No. 6
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2010978-1-84772-619-3John ReedHouse of Fun: The Story of "Madness"
2009978-1-84772-620-9Stevie ChickSpray Paint the Wall: The Story of Black Flag
2008978-1-84772-625-4VariousReally Easy Piano 50 Popular Songs Pf: From Pop Songs to Classical Themes
2008978-1-84772-631-5VariousThe Little Black Book Of 4-Chord Songs: 1
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2008978-1-84772-648-3Hal Leonard Guitar Method: Acoustic Guitar Songs (Book And CD)
2009978-1-84772-649-0Neal Preston"Led Zeppelin": Photographs by Neal Preston
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2008978-1-84772-653-7VariousPlay Guitar With... Foo Fighters Tab Book/CD
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  ''978-1-84772-656-8   ''John Thompson's Easiest Piano Course: Pt. 3 (Book & online audio) (Book & audio)
2008978-1-84772-659-9VariousThe Very Best Of Abba Pvg (Music)
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2009978-1-84772-666-7Carol BarrattChester's Easiest Piano Course: Bk. 2
2008978-1-84772-669-8Fiona Bolton26 First Class Songs From Amy, Adele, Corinne, Duffy, Eva, Leona, Lily, Norah, Rihanna And Many Others
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2008978-1-84772-673-5Carol BarrattCarol Barratt Chesters Easy-Peasy Theory Set 2
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2012978-1-84772-677-3Bob DylanBob Dylan: Guitar Tab Collection
2008978-1-84772-680-3VariousColdplay Viva La Vida Or Death And All His Friends (Tab): Guitar and Vocal
  ''978-1-84772-681-0   ''All-Time Hit Songs Arranged For Ukulele Uke
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2009978-1-84772-704-6Mark WilkersonWho Are You: The Life of Pete Townshend
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2008978-1-84772-826-5the (Artist) ScriptThe Script The Script (Pvg) (Vocal/Piano)
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2009978-1-84772-829-6Frederick StockenScale Shapes for Piano Grade 3 2009 Syllabus
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2008978-1-84772-853-1VariousAbba Gold Flute Play-Along Flt Book/2Cd (Play Along Book & Cds)
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2009978-1-84772-865-4Lonard (Comp CohenSongs of Leonard Cohen Collectors Edtn (Collectors Edition)
2008978-1-84772-911-8Eva (Artist CassidyEva Cassidy Fields of Gold
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2008978-1-84772-916-3Led Zeppelin (ArtistLed Zeppelin Mothership (Pvg)
2011978-1-84772-920-0U2Ten Minute Teacher - U2 - One [DVD]
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2009978-1-84772-936-1   ''Michael Buble The Best Of Pvg
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2010978-1-84772-946-0VariousPlay Guitar With The Best Of Led Zeppelin Volume 2 Book + 2 Cds (Book & CD)
2008978-1-84772-954-5   ''Ac/Dc Black Ice (Tab) Gtr
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