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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2007978-1-84766-040-4Kelly SmithIrish Tax Reports 2006
  ''978-1-84766-041-1Gerald Montagu · Mark WestonLegal Practice Companion 2007-2008 (Lawyers Costs and Fees)
  ''978-1-84766-049-7Lord BrennanComplex Conveyancing
  ''978-1-84766-052-7Tim BennettMoney Laundering Compliance
2008978-1-84766-053-4Andrew D. ChambersCorporate Governance Handbook
2009978-1-84766-055-8James ButtonButton on Taxis
2008978-1-84766-056-5Nexia InternationalThe International Tax Handbook
2009978-1-84766-063-3Caroline FennellThe Law of Evidence in Ireland
2008978-1-84766-066-4Adam Lewis & Jonathan TaylorSport: Law and Practice
  ''978-1-84766-075-6Michael Powers · Nigel Harris and Anthony BartonClinical Negligence (Lawyers Costs and Fees)
2011978-1-84766-080-0Gerry MaherThe Law and Practice of Diligence
2010978-1-84766-081-7J C W WylieIrish Land Law
2007978-1-84766-084-8Natalie Lee · David Salter · John SnapeRevenue Law: Text and Materials
2009978-1-84766-095-4Barry Atwood · Katherine Thompson · Chris WillettFood Law
2012978-1-84766-097-8John Ward · Tom Collins · Kieran Gallery · Francis RossneyTaxation of Partnerships
2009978-1-84766-100-5J C W WylieThe Land and Conveyancing Law Reform Act 2009: Annotations and Commentary
2009978-1-84766-104-3Joanne WrightInsolvency Law (Professional Practice Guides)
2008978-1-84766-123-4Mark McLaughlin · Toby Harris · Iris Wunschmann-LyallInheritance Tax 2008-2009: Tax Annual
2019978-1-84766-161-6J.C.W. Wylie · Una WoodsIrish Conveyancing Law
2012978-1-84766-163-0Joe Thomson · Hector MacQueenContract Law in Scotland
2008978-1-84766-164-7Brian HuntMurdoch's Dictionary of Irish Law
2011978-1-84766-165-4Thomas GuthrieSocial Work Law in Scotland (Bloomsbury Professional)
2010978-1-84766-241-5Sheelagh McCrackenThe Banker's Remedy of Set-off
2009978-1-84766-245-3Criminal Evidence and Procedure: Third Edition
  ''978-1-84766-246-0Ralph P. Ray · Mark McLaughlin · Toby HarrisPractical Inheritance Tax Planning
2011978-1-84766-251-4Simon CreightonPrisoners and the Law: Fourth Edition
2008978-1-84766-253-8Deirdre Kennedy · Elizabeth MaguireIrish Family Law Handbook, 3rd Edition
  ''978-1-84766-261-3Hewitson · Russell HewitsonLawyers Costs and Fees: Conveyancing Fees & Duties: Thirty-Second Edition
2010978-1-84766-264-4Sheriff Thomas WelshScottish Criminal Courts in Action
2009978-1-84766-266-8Robert W. MaasGuide to Taxpayers' Rights and Revenue Powers
2010978-1-84766-267-5Buzzacotts LLP Charity TeamCharity Accounting and Taxation
  ''978-1-84766-268-2Jean McFadden · Mark LazarowiczThe Scottish Parliament: An Introduction
2009978-1-84766-270-5EvershedsEmployment Law in Europe
  ''978-1-84766-294-1Nexia InternationalInternational Tax Handbook 2009
2009978-1-84766-295-8Michael WaterworthParker's Modern Wills Precedents
  ''978-1-84766-297-2Michael FeeneyTaxation of Companies 2009
  ''978-1-84766-301-6Sarah Laing · Grant ThorntonTax Tables 2009
2010978-1-84766-305-4Clive Thorne · Simon BennettA User's Guide to Design Law
2011978-1-84766-308-5Colin Paul · Gerald MontaguBanking and Capital Markets Companion (Montagu & Weston Legal Companions)
2009978-1-84766-313-9John ThurstonA Practitioner's Guide to Trusts 2009
2010978-1-84766-314-6Martin McDonnellMisuse of Drugs: Criminal Offences and Penalties
2009978-1-84766-315-3Sarah Laing · Grant Thornton UK LLPTax Tables Finance Act 2009
  ''978-1-84766-316-0Joe ThomsonDelictual Liability
  ''978-1-84766-321-4Angharad Miller · Lynne OatsPrinciples of International Taxation
2009978-1-84766-322-1J. Whittaker · John MachellThe Law of Limited Liability Partnerships
2010978-1-84766-325-2Oonagh BreenLaw of Charities in Ireland
2009978-1-84766-348-1Karl BamfordAmending a Commercial Lease
2012978-1-84766-350-4Amanda-Jayne ComynIrish Stamp Duty Law
2009978-1-84766-357-3Pete Miller · George HardyTaxation of Company Reorganisations
2012978-1-84766-361-0Paul SaundersTax Planning for Post-death Variations
2011978-1-84766-368-9Ciaran WhiteNorthern Ireland Social Work Law
2013978-1-84766-369-6David HughesCorporate Residence
2010978-1-84766-373-3William Latimer-Sayer · Justice Brian Langstaff · Andrew Buchan · Rodney Nelson-JonesPersonal Injury Schedules: Calculating Damages
2018978-1-84766-375-7Una WoodsAdverse Possession in Ireland
2017978-1-84766-376-4Ailbhe Murphy · Maeve ReganEmployment Law in Ireland
2011978-1-84766-377-1Evelyn FordTaxation of Company Reorganisations in Ireland
2010978-1-84766-385-6Amanda-Jayne ComynTaxation in the Republic of Ireland 2010 2010
2013978-1-84766-396-2John HenshallGlobal Transfer Pricing: Principles and Practice
2009978-1-84766-478-5Gerald Montagu · Mark WestonLegal Practice Companion 2009/2010
2010978-1-84766-479-2Mark Anderson · Victor WarnerTechnology Transfer: Law and Practice
2011978-1-84766-484-6Ned SheltonInterpretation and Application of Tax Treaties
2009978-1-84766-503-4Yvonne LangAccounts and Audit of Limited Liability Partnerships
2010978-1-84766-504-1Hugh B. Byrne · Louis McEntagartThe National Asset Management Agency Act 2009: Annotations and Commentary
2016978-1-84766-509-6Withers LLP · Robert L. WilliamsGuide to US/UK Private Wealth Tax Planning
2012978-1-84766-510-2Graham ChaseTax Treatment of Compensation and Damages
978-1-84766-519-5Tax Aspects of the Purchase and Sale of a Private Company's Shares
2010978-1-84766-520-1Natalie LeeRevenue Law Principles and Practice
2012978-1-84766-530-0George Hardy · Pete MillerTaxation of Company Reorganisations
2010978-1-84766-535-5Richard Gordon · Christopher Knight · Sarah Love · Richard BlakeleyThe New Tribunals Handbook
  ''978-1-84766-540-9Gerald Montagu · Mark WestonLegal Practice Companion 2010/11
2011978-1-84766-546-1Joseph Middleton · Julia Onslow-Cole · David C. JacksonImmigration Law and Practice
  ''978-1-84766-550-8Alan W.J. McCarthy · Vincent J. G. PowerIrish Competition Law: The Competition Act 2002
  ''978-1-84766-552-2Shelley HoranCorporate Crime
  ''978-1-84766-556-0Jim Murdoch · Hon. Lord ReedA Guide to Human Rights Law in Scotland
2011978-1-84766-559-1Nexia InternationalThe International Tax Handbook
  ''978-1-84766-560-7Joe ThomsonFamily Law in Scotland
2012978-1-84766-567-6Andrew Steven · Scott Wortley · Paul CarnanMcDonald's Conveyancing Manual
2017978-1-84766-568-3William Trower · Matthew Abraham · Andrew Shaw · Adam GoodisonCorporate Administrations and Rescue Procedures
  ''978-1-84766-570-6Piers Feltham · Tom Leech · Peter Crampin · Joshua WinfieldSpencer Bower: Reliance Based Estoppel: The Law of Reliance Based Estoppel and Related Doctrines
2013978-1-84766-602-4Unknown UnknownFin Report Smaller Companies 20
2012978-1-84766-668-0William JohnstonBanking and Security Law in Ireland
2011978-1-84766-672-7Alan R. Payne · John-Paul WaiteThe Employment Tribunals Handbook: Practice, Procedure and Strategies for Success
2010978-1-84766-679-6Andrew HaynesThe Law Relating to International Banking: Law and Practice
2011978-1-84766-680-2Alan Eccles · Gillian DonaldCharity Law in Scotland
2017978-1-84766-685-7Michael Flint · Clive Thorne · Jonathan CornthwaiteA User's Guide to Copyright (A User's Guide to... Series)
2011978-1-84766-686-4Kelley SmithIrish Tax Reports 2010
  ''978-1-84766-688-8Michael WaterworthParker's Modern Wills Precedents
2012978-1-84766-695-6Seamus BurnsThe Law of Assisted Reproduction
  ''978-1-84766-697-0Helen Randall · Jon Baldwin · Trowers and HamlinLocal Government Contracts and Procurement
2015978-1-84766-700-7Miller Rosenfalck LLPWorkforce Restructuring in Europe
2012978-1-84766-701-4Robert McCracken · Gregory Jones · James PereiraStatutory Nuisance
2011978-1-84766-703-8Lachmi SinghThe Law of Carriage of Goods by Sea
2013978-1-84766-704-5Hector MacQueen · Ian Douglas WillockThe Scottish Legal System
2011978-1-84766-707-6Adrian Eissa · Ruth BarberConfiscation Law Handbook (Criminal Practice Series)
2011978-1-84766-711-3Diane Balding · Stephen BurkeEnergy Law
2010978-1-84766-717-5Ciaran Joyce · Hugh MaddenA Guide to Expert Witness Evidence
2015978-1-84766-721-2Ultan McCabeIrish Criminal Offences: Manual for Legal Practitioners and An Garda Siochana
978-1-84766-728-1Irish Guardianship Law and Practice
2011978-1-84766-733-5Liz HeffernanLegal Professional Privilege
  ''978-1-84766-734-2Robert PierseRoad Traffic Law: The 1961-2011 Road Traffic Acts: Annotated Legislation
2012978-1-84766-742-7Edward F. CousinsPease & Chitty's Law of Markets and Fairs
  ''978-1-84766-744-1Mark Anderson · Victor WarnerDrafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts
2011978-1-84766-745-8Gerald Montagu · Mark WestonLegal Practice Companion 2011-2012
  ''978-1-84766-755-7VariousCore Tax Annuals Full Set 2011-2012
  ''978-1-84766-760-1Iris Wunschmann-Lyal · Mark McLaughlin · Chris ErwoodCore Tax Annual: Inheritance Tax 2011-2012 (Core Tax Annuals)
2011978-1-84766-765-6Peter RayneyTax Planning for Family and Owner-Managed Companies 2011/12
  ''978-1-84766-766-3Natalie LeeRevenue Law Principles and Practice
2013978-1-84766-831-8Unknown UnknownTax Interest And Loans 24
2018978-1-84766-876-9Patrick O'CallaghanThe Law on Solicitors in Ireland
2012978-1-84766-879-0Angharad Miller and Lynne OatsPrinciples of International Taxation
2018978-1-84766-880-6Justin McKennaIrish Takeover Legislation
  ''978-1-84766-882-0Nick De MarcoFootball and the Law
  ''978-1-84766-893-6John ThurstonA Practitioner's Guide to Executorship and Administration
2015978-1-84766-894-3Paul LambertGringras: The Laws of the Internet
2011978-1-84766-913-1PricewaterhouseCoopers LLPPWC Manual of Accounting IFRS 2012 Pack
  ''978-1-84766-915-5PricewaterhouseCoopers LLPPWC IFRS Reporting 2012 Pack
2017978-1-84766-919-3Philip Ridgway · Tim SandersTax Indemnities and Warranties
2012978-1-84766-921-6Kelley SmithIrish Tax Reports 2011
2012978-1-84766-924-7Pat KennedyVAT Acts 2012
  ''978-1-84766-931-5Anne FairpoTaxation of Intellectual Property
2011978-1-84766-933-9Mary WalshIrish Tax Treaties 2011/12
2012978-1-84766-943-8Caroline Bradley · Alastair MuntThe Disclosure Referencer (Criminal Practice Series)
2018978-1-84766-944-5Martin TerrellA Practitioner's Guide to the Court of Protection (Bloomsbury Family Law)
2013978-1-84766-946-9Dominic CrossleyLand Registry Adjudication
2016978-1-84766-948-3Christopher P. RodgersAgricultural Law
2017978-1-84766-950-6Simon Mills · Andrea MulliganMedical Law in Ireland
2012978-1-84766-957-5Iris Wunschmann-Lyall · Chris ErwoodCore Tax Annual: Trusts and Estates 2012/13 (Core Tax Annuals)
  ''978-1-84766-958-2Donald DrysdaleCore Tax Annual: Corporation Tax 2012/13 (Core Tax Annuals)
2014978-1-84766-975-9Robert W. MaasGuide to Taxpayers' Rights and HMRC Powers
  ''978-1-84766-989-6Mark McLaughlinHMRC Investigations Handbook 2014/15
  ''978-1-84766-991-9Steven CollingsAccounts and Audit of Limited Liability Partnerships