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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2010978-1-84737-900-9Michael JecksThe Oath (Knights Templar Mysteries (Simon & Schuster))
2011978-1-84737-902-3Michael JecksKing's Gold (Knights Templar Mysteries (Simon & Schuster))
978-1-84737-903-0   ''King's Gold
2011978-1-84737-904-7Howard GordonThe Obelisk
2010978-1-84737-909-2MUFC · Steve BartramThe Story of Our Season: The Official Manchester United Players' Diary 2009-10 (MUFC)
  ''978-1-84737-910-8MUFCThe Official Illustrated History of Manchester United 1878-2010: The Full Story and Complete Record (MUFC)
  ''978-1-84737-911-5MUFC · Ian MarshallOld Trafford: The Official Story of the Home of Manchester United
  ''978-1-84737-912-2Ian MarshallOld Trafford: 100 Years at the Home of Manchester United: The Official Story
2011978-1-84737-916-0MUFCChampions (Manchester United)
  ''978-1-84737-918-4   ''The Official Encyclopedia of Manchester United (MUFC)
2011978-1-84737-920-7Ian Marshall · MUFCThe Official Manchester United Book of Facts and Figures (MUFC)
2010978-1-84737-922-1Gary LinekerStill Dreaming: My Inside Account of the 2010 World Cup
2012978-1-84737-927-6Santa MontefioreThe Summer House
  ''978-1-84737-928-3Santa MontefioreThe Summer House
2011978-1-84737-930-6   ''The House by the Sea
  ''978-1-84737-931-3   ''The House by the Sea
2010978-1-84737-933-7Kai BirdCrossing Mandelbaum Gate: Coming of Age Between the Arabs and Israelis, 1956-1978
  ''978-1-84737-934-4Kai BirdDivided City: Coming of Age Between the Arabs and Israelis
  ''978-1-84737-936-8Jeffrey Moussaieff MassonWeight Watchers Cook Smart Entertaining
2010978-1-84737-938-2Philippa Gregory · Gareth ArmstrongThe Red Queen (COUSINS' WAR)
2019978-1-84737-939-9Philippa GregoryThe Red Queen
2014978-1-84737-940-5AnonDaisy's Book Updated
2010978-1-84737-941-2Lynda La PlanteBlind Fury
  ''978-1-84737-942-9Lynda La PlanteBlind Fury
  ''978-1-84737-943-6Paige ToonLucy in the Sky CD
  ''978-1-84737-944-3Paige ToonLucy in the Sky CD
2010978-1-84737-945-0Paige ToonLucy in the Sky
  ''978-1-84737-947-4   ''Pictures of Lily
  ''978-1-84737-948-1   ''Pictures of Lily
  ''978-1-84737-949-8Peter BowlesAsk Me if I'm Happy: An Actor's Life
2011978-1-84737-959-7Kristina OhlssonUnwanted
2012978-1-84737-961-0Kristina OhlssonSilenced
2010978-1-84737-963-4Adriana TrigianiEncore Valentine
2012978-1-84737-965-8Donald McRaeUnder Our Skin: A White Family's Journey Through South Africa's Darkest Years
2010978-1-84737-968-9Mark WatsonEleven
2011978-1-84737-972-6Urban WaiteThe Terror of Living
2010978-1-84737-974-0Heidi MurkoffWhat To Expect The 1st Year [rev Edition]
  ''978-1-84737-975-7Theresa CheungHow to See Your Angels: A Guide to Attracting Heavenly Beings that Heal, Help and Inspire
2012978-1-84737-979-5Jackie CollinsThe Power Trip
2012978-1-84737-980-1Jackie CollinsThe Power Trip
2011978-1-84737-982-5   ''Goddess of Vengeance
  ''978-1-84737-983-2   ''Goddess of Vengeance
2010978-1-84737-989-4Jodi ComptonHailey's War
  ''978-1-84737-991-7Ruth NewmanThe Company of Shadows
2011978-1-84737-993-1Kevin J. Anderson · Brian HerbertHellhole
2010978-1-84737-995-5Adriana TrigianiEncore Valentine
2014978-1-84737-997-9Neil CrossUntitled Novel