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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-84717-004-0Sean Boylan · John QuinnSean Boylan: The Will to Win
2008978-1-84717-010-1Conor KostickMove
2007978-1-84717-013-2Michael FoleyKings of September: The Day Offaly Denied Kerry Five in a Row
2006978-1-84717-014-9Sean BoyneGunrunners: The Covert Arms Trail to Ireland
2007978-1-84717-018-7Frances PowerZlota Ksiega Irlandia
2008978-1-84717-019-4Ruán O'DonnellO'Brien Pocket History of the Irish Famine (Pocket Books)
2007978-1-84717-021-7Judi Curtin · Roisin MeaneySee If I Care (Journals)
  ''978-1-84717-023-1Judi CurtinDon't Ask Alice (Alice and Megan)
2008978-1-84717-025-5Biddy White LennonLa Cuisine Irlandaise
2007978-1-84717-031-6Tom McGuireThe Election Book: With The Constituencies by Rachael English and Nick Coffey
  ''978-1-84717-032-3Padraig O'KeefeHidden Soldier: An Irish Legionnaire's Wars from Bosnia to Iraq
  ''978-1-84717-033-0Joe O'BrienAlfie Green and the Conker King
  ''978-1-84717-038-5Judi CurtinAlice in the Middle (Alice and Megan)
2007978-1-84717-041-5Joe O'BrienAlfie Green and the Magical Gift
  ''978-1-84717-044-6Ronnie DelanyRonnie Delany: Staying the Distance
  ''978-1-84717-048-4Tom GalvinThere's an Egg in My Soup: and Other Adventures of an Irishman in Poland
  ''978-1-84717-052-1Colin Murphy · Donal O'DeaThe Feckin' Book of Everything Irish: that'll have ye effin' an' blindin' wojus slang - blatherin' deadly quotations - beltin' out ballads while ... Irish Mammy's recipe (The Feckin' Collection)
  ''978-1-84717-054-5Joe O'BrienAlfie Green and the Bee-bottle Gang
2008978-1-84717-059-0Kathleen Clarke · Helen LittonKathleen Clarke: Revolutionary Woman
2007978-1-84717-062-0Elizabeth ShawThe Timid Rabbit (Panda Cubs)
2009978-1-84717-069-9Colin Murphy · Donal O'DeaThe Feckin' Book of Irish History: For Anyone Who Hasn't Been Paying Attention for the Last 30,000 Years (Feckin' Collection) (The Feckin' Collection)
2007978-1-84717-072-9Joe O'BrienAlfie Green and the Fly-trapper
2008978-1-84717-074-3Anne HollandThe Grand National: The Irish at Aintree
2008978-1-84717-075-0Gerry Bradley · Brian FeeneyInsider: Gerry Bradley's Life in the IRA: Gerry Bradley's Forty Years in the IRA
2007978-1-84717-078-1Brian FeeneyO'Brien Pocket History of the Troubles (Pocket Books)
  ''978-1-84717-079-8Joe O'BrienAlfie Green and a Sink Full of Frogs
  ''978-1-84717-080-4Brendan O'BrienO'Brien Pocket History of the IRA: From 1916 Onwards (Pocket Books)
2008978-1-84717-087-3Patsy McGarryFirst Citizen: Mary McAleese and the Irish Presidency
  ''978-1-84717-094-1Natasha Mac a'BháirdThe Irish Bride's Survival Guide: Plan your Perfect Wedding
  ''978-1-84717-095-8Joe O'BrienAlfie Green and the Supersonic Subway
2008978-1-84717-096-5Judi CurtinBonjour Alice (Alice and Megan)
  ''978-1-84717-097-2Kevin CorcoranWest of Ireland Walks (O'Brien Walks)
  ''978-1-84717-102-3Ralph RiegelThree Kings: Cork, Kilkenny, Tipperary - The Battle for Hurling Supremacy
  ''978-1-84717-104-7Des EkinThe Stolen Village: Baltimore and the Barbary Pirates
  ''978-1-84717-107-8George Otto SimmsDas Book of Kells: Eine Entdeckungsreise (Exploring)
2008978-1-84717-113-9Malcolm Maclean · Theo DorganAn Leabhar Mòr: The Great Book of Gaelic
  ''978-1-84717-114-6Padraig O'Keeffe · Ralph RiegelHidden Soldier: An Irish Legionnaire's Wars from Bosnia to Iraq
  ''978-1-84717-115-3George Otto SimmsExploring the Book of Kells
2009978-1-84717-116-0Andrew GallimoreBabyface Goes to Hollywood: Fighters, Mobsters and Film Stars - The Jimmy McLarnin Story
2008978-1-84717-118-4Michael FoleyKings of September: The Day Offaly Denied Kerry Five in a Row
  ''978-1-84717-119-1Judi CurtinAlice and Megan Forever
  ''978-1-84717-120-7Joe O'BrienAlfie Green and the Snowdrop Queen
2009978-1-84717-122-1Tomm MooreThe Secret of Kells
2013978-1-84717-123-8Nollaig O. MurailePlacenames of Ireland
2008978-1-84717-124-5Brianóg Brady DawsonDanny's Crazy Christmas (Pandas)
2008978-1-84717-125-2Marilyn Taylor17 Martin Street
2010978-1-84717-131-3Neil RichardsonA Coward if I Return, A Hero if I Fall: Stories of Irish soldiers in World War I
2011978-1-84717-132-0Anna CareyThe Real Rebecca
2008978-1-84717-136-8Paul HowardRoss O'Carroll-Kelly and the Temple of Academe: Miseducation Years AND The Teenage Dirtbag Years
2009978-1-84717-140-5Kevin CorcoranWest Cork Walks (O'Brien Walks)
  ''978-1-84717-141-2Paddy DillonThe Mournes Walks (O'Brien Walks)
  ''978-1-84717-143-6Kenneth M. Doyle · Patrick DoyleMother From Hell: Two Brothers, a Sadistic Mother, a Childhood Destroyed.
  ''978-1-84717-144-3Barry DugganMean Streets: Limerick's Gangland
  ''978-1-84717-145-0Edward J. BourkeThe Guinness Story: The Family, The Business and The Black Stuff
2010978-1-84717-146-7Carsten KriegerIreland - Glorious Landscapes: Over 200 Beautiful Views
2012978-1-84717-160-3Lorcan CollinsJames Connolly: 16 Lives (Sixteen Lives)
2009978-1-84717-162-7Geoff NordassCommando: A Royal Marine's Story: The Falklands, Northern Ireland, Iraq
2011978-1-84717-165-8Conor KostickEdda (The Avatar Chronicles)
2010978-1-84717-166-5Jo KerriganWest Cork: a Place Apart
2009978-1-84717-174-0Joe O'BrienAlfie Green and the Monkey Puzzler
2009978-1-84717-175-7Judi CurtinAlice to the Rescue (Alice and Megan)
2010978-1-84717-182-5Dave HanniganTerence MacSwiney: The Hunger Strike That Rocked an Empire
2011978-1-84717-190-0Nicola PierceSpirit of the Titanic
2009978-1-84717-191-7Colin Murphy · Donal O'DeaThe Book of Feckin' Irish Trivia (Feckin' Collection) (The Feckin' Collection)
2010978-1-84717-194-8Niall O'DowdAn Irish Voice
  ''978-1-84717-196-2Joe O'BrienAlfie Green and the Chocolate Cosmos
  ''978-1-84717-201-3Stephen DavisonJoey Dunlop: King of the Roads
  ''978-1-84717-203-7Jennifer Moore-MallinosIt's Called Dyslexia
2012978-1-84717-207-5Morgan LlywelynCave of Secrets
2010978-1-84717-208-2Gillian HickVet Among the Pigeons
  ''978-1-84717-210-5Patrick McAfeeStone Buildings: Conservation, Restoration, History
2010978-1-84717-213-6Michael Slavin · Louise ParkesAmbassadors on Horseback: The Irish Army Equitation School
2011978-1-84717-216-7Ray Stagles · Sue RedicanThe Blasket Island Guide
2010978-1-84717-218-1Abigail RieleyDeath on the Hill: The Killing of Celine Cawley
  ''978-1-84717-224-2Judi CurtinEva's Journey (The Eva Series)
  ''978-1-84717-225-9Anne HollandKinane: A Remarkable Racing Family
2011978-1-84717-226-6Robbie GilliganTony Gregory
2013978-1-84717-232-7Paddy DillonThe Complete Ulster Way (O'Brien Walks)
2011978-1-84717-233-4Kevin CorcoranKerry Walks (O'Brien Walks)
  ''978-1-84717-234-1Pat McAfeeIrish Stone Walls: History, Building, Conservation
2012978-1-84717-250-1Carsten KriegerIreland's Coast
2011978-1-84717-258-7Gerry Bradley · Brian FeeneyInsider: Gerry Bradley's Life in the IRA
2012978-1-84717-260-0Gerry Hunt · Matt GriffinAt War With the Empire: Ireland's Fight for Independence
  ''978-1-84717-269-3Honor O BrolchainJoseph Plunkett: Sixteen Lives (16Lives)
2011978-1-84717-274-7Eoin O'BrienMy Book of Kells Colouring Book (The Secret of Kells)
2011978-1-84717-280-8Judi CurtinEva's Holiday (EVA Series) (The Eva Series)
  ''978-1-84717-284-6Damian GoodfellowBrian Boru: Ireland's Warrior King
  ''978-1-84717-285-3Colin Murphy · Donal O'DeaStuff Irish People Love: The Definitive Guide to the Unique Passions of the Paddies
2012978-1-84717-287-7Kevin CorcoranWest of Ireland Walks (O'Brien Walks)
2011978-1-84717-291-4Anne HollandKinane: A Remarkable Racing Family
2013978-1-84717-306-5Rory McConvilleBig Jim: Jim Larkin and the 1913 Lockout (Historical Graphic Novel)
2012978-1-84717-319-5Lensmen Photographic ArchiveThe 1950s: Ireland in Pictures
2011978-1-84717-322-5Brendan O'CarrollThe Mammy
  ''978-1-84717-323-2Brendan O'CarrollThe Chisellers
  ''978-1-84717-324-9   ''The Granny
2013978-1-84717-329-4Loreto ToddThe Little Book of Celtic Names
2012978-1-84717-332-4Alice TaylorAnd Time Stood Still
2012978-1-84717-355-3Colin Murphy · Donal O'DeaMore Stuff Irish People Love
2013978-1-84717-361-4Gary GranvilleDublin 1913: Lockout & Legacy
  ''978-1-84717-370-6Morgan LlywelynA Short History of Ireland's Rebels (Short Histories)
  ''978-1-84717-371-3Ruan O'DonnellA Short History of Ireland's Famine (Short Histories)
  ''978-1-84717-548-9Anne HollandArkle: The Legend of 'Himself'
  ''978-1-84717-585-4Rules of the Road
978-1-84717-596-0To Hell or Barbados: The Ethnic Cleansing of Ireland
2014978-1-84717-598-4Des EkinThe Last Armada: Siege of 100 Days: Kinsale 1601
2016978-1-84717-599-1Lorcan Collins1916: The Rising Handbook (Little Book)
978-1-84717-622-6Hidden Soldier: An Irish Legionnaire's Wars from Bosnia to Iraq
2014978-1-84717-687-5Chris JudgeBrian and the Vikings (Brian Boru 1)
2015978-1-84717-742-1Seamus Cashman · Sean GaffneyIrish Proverbs & Sayings
2015978-1-84717-772-8Tom ConnollyDetective: A Life Upholding the Law
  ''978-1-84717-789-6Sinead McCooleNo Ordinary Women: Irish Female Activists in the Revolutionary Years 1900-1923
  ''978-1-84717-790-2Rules of the Road
  ''978-1-84717-801-5Tom ConnollyDetective: A Life Upholding the Law
2017978-1-84717-838-1Valerie Kelly · Phyllis Farrell · Theresa DunneFeed Your Child Well: Babies, Toddlers and Older Children
2016978-1-84717-884-8SportsfileGreat Moments in Gaelic Football
2017978-1-84717-932-6   ''Great Moments in Hurling
  ''978-1-84717-946-3Kunak McGannRed Rover, Red Rover!
2017978-1-84717-956-2Anne HollandFestival Fever: The Irish at Cheltenham
2018978-1-84717-957-9Fiona McPhillipsMake The Home You Love
  ''978-1-84717-996-8Philip WatsonThe Giant's Causeway: And the North Antrim Coast