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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-84715-004-2Alan MacDonaldWorms! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-005-9Alan MacDonaldFleas! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-006-6Kelly McKainMegan and Mischief (Pony Camp Diaries)
  ''978-1-84715-007-3Kelly McKainPoppy and Prince (Pony Camp Diaries)
  ''978-1-84715-008-0Tina NolanHoney: The Unwanted Puppy (Animal Rescue)
2006978-1-84715-009-7Tina NolanCharlie: The Home-alone Kitten (Animal Rescue)
2016978-1-84715-010-3Holly WebbLost in the Snow (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
2006978-1-84715-011-0Caroline JuskusMinnie Piper: Undercover Puzzler (Starring Minnie Piper)
2007978-1-84715-014-1Kelly McKainChloe and Cracker (Pony Camp Diaries)
  ''978-1-84715-015-8Holly WebbAlfie All Alone (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-016-5Tina NolanMerlin: The Homeless Foal (Animal Rescue)
  ''978-1-84715-017-2Alan MacDonaldPants! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-018-9Jonny ZuckerMax Flash: Game on: Mission 1 (Max Flash)
2007978-1-84715-019-6Maeve FrielTiger Lily: A Heroine in the Making (Tiger Lily)
  ''978-1-84715-020-2Kelly McKainSophie and Shine (Pony Camp Diaries)
  ''978-1-84715-021-9Caroline JuskusMinnie Piper: The Ladybird Code (Starring Minnie Piper)
  ''978-1-84715-022-6Tina NolanRusty: The Injured Fox Cub (Animal Rescue)
  ''978-1-84715-023-3Alan MacDonaldBurp! (Dirty Bertie)
2007978-1-84715-024-0Holly WebbLost in the Storm: 3 (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-025-7Tina NolanBella: The Runaway Rabbit (Animal Rescue)
  ''978-1-84715-026-4Jonny ZuckerMax Flash: Supersonic: Mission 2 (Max Flash)
  ''978-1-84715-029-5Alan MacDonaldMy Joke Book (Dirty Bertie)
2008978-1-84715-038-7Tina NolanDilly: The Lost Duckling (Animal Rescue # 6)
  ''978-1-84715-039-4Alan MacDonaldYuck! (Dirty Bertie)
2008978-1-84715-040-0Maeve FrielTiger Lily: A Heroine with a Mission (Tiger Lily)
  ''978-1-84715-041-7Holly WebbSam the Stolen Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-043-1Jonny ZuckerMax Flash: In Deep (Max Flash)
  ''978-1-84715-044-8Kelly McKainCharlie and Charm (Pony Camp Diaries)
  ''978-1-84715-047-9Tina NolanHarry: The Abandoned Hamster (Animal Rescue)
2008978-1-84715-048-6Alan MacDonaldCrackers! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-049-3David RobertsMy Book of Stuff (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-051-6Holly WebbMax the Missing Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
2009978-1-84715-053-0Sara Vogler · Jan BurchettWild Rescue Earthquake Escape
2008978-1-84715-057-8Kelly McKainEmily and Emerald (Pony Camp Diaries)
  ''978-1-84715-059-2Tina NolanBarney: The Baby Hedgehog (Animal Rescue)
  ''978-1-84715-060-8Holly WebbSky the Unwanted Kitten (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
2008978-1-84715-062-2Holly WebbTimmy in Trouble (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-063-9Tina NolanHolly: The Doorstep Puppy (Animal Rescue)
2009978-1-84715-066-0Jan Burchett · Sara VoglerForest Fire (Wild Rescue)
  ''978-1-84715-067-7   ''Polar Meltdown (Wild Rescue)
  ''978-1-84715-068-4Guy BassDinkin Dings: and the Frightening Things
  ''978-1-84715-071-4Alan MacDonaldBogeys! (Dirty Bertie)
2009978-1-84715-072-1Alan MacDonaldMud! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-073-8   ''Germs! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-074-5Kelly McKainLauren and Lucky (Pony Camp Diaries)
  ''978-1-84715-075-2   ''Jessica and Jewel (Pony Camp Diaries)
  ''978-1-84715-076-9Tina NolanRosie: The Problem Pony (Animal Rescue)
2009978-1-84715-077-6Tina NolanWillow (Animal Rescue)
  ''978-1-84715-078-3   ''Fern: The Pampered Rabbit (Animal Rescue)
  ''978-1-84715-079-0Holly WebbGinger the Stray Kitten (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
2009978-1-84715-080-6Holly WebbHarry the Homeless Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-083-7Caroline JuskusMinnie Piper: The Chocolate Cipher (Starring Minnie Piper)
  ''978-1-84715-087-5Holly WebbButtons the Runaway Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-090-5Harriet GoodwinThe Boy Who Fell Down Exit 43
  ''978-1-84715-094-3Holly WebbAlone in the Night (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
2009978-1-84715-101-8Caroline PlaistedPerfect Promise (Brownies)
  ''978-1-84715-102-5Caroline PlaistedHelping Hands (Brownies)
  ''978-1-84715-103-2   ''Sleepover Surprise (Brownies)
  ''978-1-84715-104-9C. A. PlaistedFriends Forever: 4 (Brownies)
  ''978-1-84715-105-6Guy BassDinkin Dings and the Curse of Clawfingers
2010978-1-84715-113-1Holly WebbEllie the Homesick Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
2010978-1-84715-114-8Alan MacDonaldLoo! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-115-5Sara Vogler · Jan BurchettWild Rescue: Safari Survival
  ''978-1-84715-116-2Kelly McKainHannah and Hope (Pony Camp Diaries)
  ''978-1-84715-117-9Holly WebbJess the Lonely Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-119-3C. A. PlaistedDance Dash (Brownies)
2010978-1-84715-120-9Guy BassDinkin Dings and the Double from Dimension 9
  ''978-1-84715-124-7Alan MacDonaldFetch! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-126-1Holly WebbMisty the Abandoned Kitten (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-130-8C. A. PlaistedCircus Camp (Brownies)
  ''978-1-84715-131-5Sara Vogler · Jan BurchettWild Rescue: Ocean S.O.S
2010978-1-84715-135-3Kelly McKainMillie and Magic (Pony Camp Diaries)
  ''978-1-84715-138-4Holly WebbOscar's Lonely Christmas (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-139-1Alan MacDonaldFangs! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-140-7Caroline PlaistedChristmas Cheer (Brownies 7)
  ''978-1-84715-145-2Sara Vogler · Jan BurchettAvalanche Alert (Wild Rescue 7)
2010978-1-84715-147-6Guy BassSecret Santa: Agent of X.M.A.S
2011978-1-84715-152-0Holly WebbLucy the Poorly Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-154-4Harriet GoodwinGravenhunger
  ''978-1-84715-155-1Jan Burchett and Sara VoglerDesert Danger (Wild Rescue): 8
  ''978-1-84715-156-8Alan MacDonaldKiss! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-159-9Kelly McKainAmy and Amber (Pony Camp Diaries)
2011978-1-84715-160-5Holly WebbSmudge the Stolen Kitten (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-162-9Caroline PlaistedBook Bonanza (Brownies 8)
  ''978-1-84715-167-4Alan MacDonaldOuch! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-168-1Holly WebbThe Rescued Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-183-4Guy BassStitch Head
2011978-1-84715-189-6Liss NortonBluebell Woods 2: Honey's Summer Ball
  ''978-1-84715-190-2Liss NortonBluebell Woods 1: Florence's Birthday Wish
  ''978-1-84715-192-6Gareth P. JonesThe Clan of the Scorpion (Ninja Meerkats 1)
  ''978-1-84715-193-3Gareth P. JonesThe Eye of the Monkey (Ninja Meerkats 2)
  ''978-1-84715-194-0Liss NortonBluebell Woods 3: Evie's Secret Hideaway
2011978-1-84715-195-7Liss NortonNatalie's Winter Wonderland (Bluebell Woods)
  ''978-1-84715-196-4Kelly McKainDaisy and Dancer (Pony Camp Diaries)
  ''978-1-84715-197-1Holly WebbThe Kitten Nobody Wanted (Holly Webb) (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-198-8   ''Rascal's Festive Fun! (My Naughty Little Puppy 6)
  ''978-1-84715-200-8Alan MacDonaldSnow! (Dirty Bertie)
2012978-1-84715-204-6Gareth P. JonesThe Escape from Ice Mountain (Ninja Meerkats 3)
2012978-1-84715-205-3Gareth P. JonesHollywood Showdown (Ninja Meerkats 4)
  ''978-1-84715-225-1Liss NortonFlorence's River Adventure (Bluebell Woods)
  ''978-1-84715-226-8Alan MacDonaldPong! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-228-2Guy BassThe Pirate's Eye (Stitch Head 2)
  ''978-1-84715-229-9Liss NortonHoney's Midnight Show (Bluebell Woods 6)
2012978-1-84715-230-5Holly WebbThe Frightened Kitten (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-234-3Alan MacDonaldPirate! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-236-7Gareth P. JonesThe Tomb of Doom (Ninja Meerkats 5)
2013978-1-84715-243-5   ''The Ultimate Dragon Warrior (Ninja Meerkats 7)
2012978-1-84715-244-2Alan MacDonaldScream! (Dirty Bertie): 18
  ''978-1-84715-251-0Adam PerrottThe Odds
  ''978-1-84715-254-1Gareth P. JonesThe Big City Bust-Up (Ninja Meerkats 6)
2013978-1-84715-360-9Holly WebbThe Abandoned Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
2013978-1-84715-363-0Alan MacDonaldToothy! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-366-1Holly WebbThe Missing Kitten (Holly Webb Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84715-389-0   ''The Reindeer Girl
  ''978-1-84715-427-9Alan MacDonald · Amanda LiDirty Bertie Sticker and Activity Book
2014978-1-84715-430-9Holly WebbThe Scruffy Puppy (Holly Webb Animal Stories): 27
  ''978-1-84715-461-3Alan MacDonaldHorror! (Dirty Bertie)
2015978-1-84715-601-3Alan MacDonaldDirty Bertie: Pant-Tastic Sticker and Activity Book
  ''978-1-84715-610-5   ''Jackpot! (Dirty Bertie)
2018978-1-84715-811-6   ''Mascot! (Dirty Bertie)
  ''978-1-84715-917-5Lucy BeevorAmazing Women: 101 Lives to Inspire You
2019978-1-84715-946-5Alan MacDonaldSpider! (Dirty Bertie)