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2007978-1-84689-000-0Ian ChillcottTackling Carp with Chilly Chillcott
  ''978-1-84689-001-7Sean FrainLakeland Terrier
  ''978-1-84689-002-4Juliette CunliffeShowing Dogs: The Exhibitors' Guide
  ''978-1-84689-004-8Moxon P.R.aGundogs: Training and Field Trials
2009978-1-84689-006-2Mike RobinsonFit for Table: The Cook's Guide to Game Preparation
2006978-1-84689-007-9Ulf BuxrudRare Malts: Facts, Figures and Taste
2008978-1-84689-009-3Rory Knight BruceRed Letter Days: Hunting Across the British Isles
2007978-1-84689-010-9Mike SwanRough Shooting
  ''978-1-84689-011-6David HudsonRunning Your Own Shoot
2009978-1-84689-012-3Peter WadesonThe Advanced Airgun Hunter
2007978-1-84689-013-0Richard PriorDeer Watch: A Field Guide
2007978-1-84689-014-7Jackie Drakeford · Mark ElliotEssential Care in the Field: A Fitness Manual for Working Dogs
  ''978-1-84689-015-4Mrs DanversRed Wine on the Carpet: Secret Tips from Country Life's Housekeeper
  ''978-1-84689-016-1VariousThe Game Book: A Shooting Anthology
  ''978-1-84689-017-8Lefty KrehFishing Knots: Proven to Work for Light Tackle and Fly Fishing (Book & DVD)
  ''978-1-84689-019-2VariousThe Grouse: Artists' Impressions
2007978-1-84689-021-5Bryn ParryShooting Top Tips: the Rough Guide to Smooth Shooting
2008978-1-84689-022-2John Humphreys · Angela HumphreysGame Season
  ''978-1-84689-023-9David HudsonGrouse Shooting
  ''978-1-84689-024-6Sean FrainWorking Terriers: The Practical Methods
  ''978-1-84689-025-3Jeffrey OlsteadWildfowling: An introduction to shooting on the marsh and foreshore (BASC Handbooks)
2010978-1-84689-029-1James McKayPractical Falconry
2007978-1-84689-030-7Mark Gough · David Lem · Sean Hope · Neil DowsonGame for Gourmets
  ''978-1-84689-031-4Jennifer ErricoWorking on Yachts and Superyachts (Working on Yachts & Superyachts)
2008978-1-84689-032-1Donald DallasThe British Sporting Gun and Rifle: Pursuit of Perfection 1850-1900
2009978-1-84689-036-9Will GarfitWill's Shooting Ways: Days with Pen, Brush and Gun
2008978-1-84689-038-3Alex BrantThe World's Best Shoots
2008978-1-84689-039-0Peter HoltThe Keen Shot's Miscellany [Illustrated] (Hardcover)
  ''978-1-84689-041-3Jim MeadsGoing Home: Forewords by HRH the Prince of Wales and Mason H.Lampton
  ''978-1-84689-043-7Steve RogowskiPike and Freshwater Predator Fishing in the British Isles
2007978-1-84689-045-1Warren R. AndersonMastering the Craft of Smoking Food
2008978-1-84689-046-8Lefty KrehCasting with Lefty Kreh
  ''978-1-84689-047-5Charlie Parkes · John ThornleyDeer: Law and Liabilities
  ''978-1-84689-048-2Graham DowningThe Deer Stalking Handbook
2012978-1-84689-050-5Harvey CarruthersThe Gundog Veterinary Bible
2009978-1-84689-051-2Veronica HeathThe NOB'S Guide to Beating and Picking Up: 2nd edition in association with the National Organisation of Beaters and Pickers Up. (National Organs/Beaters & Pick)
2010978-1-84689-052-9Colin TrotmanWoodcock: Fieldcraft and Quarry
2010978-1-84689-054-3David Wolsoncroft-DoddsFly Fishing for Pike
2009978-1-84689-055-0Robin Marshall-BallThe Sporting Rifle 5th Edition (A User's Handbook) (Sporting Rifle: a User's Guide)
  ''978-1-84689-057-4Rosie NickersonHow to be Asked Again
  ''978-1-84689-058-1Martin KingLong Netting from Peg to Peg
2010978-1-84689-059-8BascThe BASC Handbook of Shooting: An Introduction to the Sporting Shotgun 6th Edition
2009978-1-84689-060-4Anthea LawrenceTraining the Working Retriever
  ''978-1-84689-061-1Nick RidleySpaniels
  ''978-1-84689-062-8Peter Baxter · Jonathan AgnewInside the Box: My Life with Test Match Special
2009978-1-84689-064-2C.W HardingThe Birmingham Cartridge Manufacturers
2010978-1-84689-065-9Peter HoltThe Keen Foxhunter's Miscellany
2009978-1-84689-066-6Nigel BrownBritish Gunmakers: Volume 3 - Index, Appendices and Additional London,Birmingham,Regional and Scottish Records.
2010978-1-84689-067-3Helen HansellThe Working Whippet
  ''978-1-84689-069-7David Grant · Vic VentersThe Best of British
  ''978-1-84689-070-3Janet MenziesTraining The Working Spaniel
  ''978-1-84689-075-8Graham DowningPractical Woodland Stalking
2009978-1-84689-076-5Gill ShawThe Hero Inside (Help for Heroes)
2010978-1-84689-077-2Richard PriorDeer: Sporting Answers
  ''978-1-84689-078-9David HancockThe World Of The Lurcher
2010978-1-84689-081-9David C BellA Nautical Odyssey
  ''978-1-84689-082-6Charles FosterThe Misadventures of Mr Bad Shot
  ''978-1-84689-083-3Jackie DrakefordThe House Lurcher: Care, Rearing and Training at Home
  ''978-1-84689-084-0Tom QuinnThe World's Greatest Shooting Stories
  ''978-1-84689-089-5Rodger McPhailGame & Fish Record Book
2010978-1-84689-090-1P R A MoxonGundogs: Training & Field Trials
  ''978-1-84689-091-8Dennis MossIrish Rise: Reflections by Lough and Stream
2011978-1-84689-092-5JC Jeremy HobsonThe Shoot Lunch: The Tradition, the Camaraderie and the Craic
2010978-1-84689-094-9VariousMountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills
2011978-1-84689-095-6I.M. Crudgington · D.J. BakerThe British Shotgun 1891-2011: v. 3
  ''978-1-84689-096-3Duff Hart-DavisAmong the Deer: In the Woods and on the Hill - A Stalker Looks Back
  ''978-1-84689-097-0John GloverBedlingtons in the Field
  ''978-1-84689-099-4The FieldThe Field Book of Country Queries (Field Magazine)
2011978-1-84689-100-7Donald DallasDavid McKay Brown: Scotland's Gun and Rifle Manufacturer
  ''978-1-84689-108-3Dominic GriffithDeer Management in the UK
  ''978-1-84689-109-0Jackie DrakefordWorking Ferrets 2nd Editon: Handling with Nets, Guns and Dogs
2013978-1-84689-110-6Pete WadesonTotal Airguns: The Complete Guide to Hunting with Air Rifles, 2nd Edition
2012978-1-84689-111-3Chris BathaThe Instinctive Shot: The Practical Guide to Modern Game Shooting
2011978-1-84689-112-0Ben HowkinsReal Men Drink Port and Ladies Do Too! A Contemporary Guide
  ''978-1-84689-113-7Giles Catchpole & Bryn ParryShooting Types: The Second Barrel
  ''978-1-84689-116-8I M Crudgington and D J BakerTHE BRITISH SHOTGUN: Volume One 1850-1870
2011978-1-84689-117-5I M Crudgington and D J BakerTHE BRITISH SHOTGUN: Volume Two 1871-1890: 2
2012978-1-84689-118-2Glyn SatterleyGoing to the Hill
  ''978-1-84689-123-6Will GarfitWill's Pigeon Shooting
  ''978-1-84689-145-8C. W. HardingBritish Cartridge Manufacturers, Loaders & Retailers
  ''978-1-84689-146-5Duchess of Rutland · Jane PrudenShooting: A Season of Discovery
  ''978-1-84689-148-9Aly WilksTales from a Stone Cottage (Country Living Magazine)
2012978-1-84689-149-6Pippa MattinsonTotal Recall: Perfect Response Training for Puppies and Adult Dogs
2013978-1-84689-168-7Jeremy J.C. Hobson · David S. D. JonesSporting Lodges - Sanctuaries, Havens and Retreats
2012978-1-84689-175-5John HumphreysCountry Gun
2013978-1-84689-184-7Graham DowningDeer: Artists' Impressions
2014978-1-84689-202-8Donald DallasHolland & Holland, 'The Royal' Gunmaker: The Complete History
2015978-1-84689-213-4Tarquin Millington-DrakeA Year on the Moor
2016978-1-84689-231-8Julian EarlCows in Trees: A Warm and Witty Memoir of a Vet's Life
2017978-1-84689-240-0Michelle BrachetThe World of Cognac: the award-winning study of a revered spirit
  ''978-1-84689-246-2Jeremy HobsonHot Barrels!: Shooting Superstition, Facts and Fallacies
  ''978-1-84689-248-6British Association for Shooting ConservationThe BASC Handbook of Shooting: An Introduction to the Sporting Shotgun (BASC Handbooks)
  ''978-1-84689-252-3David C. BellAn Odyssey in Steam: an illustrated celebration of classic steam engines
  ''978-1-84689-257-8Richard GallyonGallyons: Gunmakers of East Anglia
2018978-1-84689-260-8Graham DowningThe Sporting Shooters Handbook
2019978-1-84689-277-6Bill HarrimanCleaning and Maintaining Modern and Antique Firearms (BASC Handbook)
2018978-1-84689-278-3Brian P. MartinThe Great Shoots: Britain's finest shooting estates - past and present
2020978-1-84689-280-6British Association for Shooting Conservation · Bill HarrimanLaw and Licensing: A Concise Guide for Shotgun and Rifle Owners (2nd Edition) (BASC Handbook)
2019978-1-84689-301-8JDJ BraithwaiteThe Airgunner's Companion
2020978-1-84689-326-1Jonathan McGeeThe Shooting Estates of Britain: A Photographic Journey