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2005978-1-84685-001-1Damien SmethurstSimply Twisted
  ''978-1-84685-011-0D W Pryke · Kevin HendryxThe Legacy of John Lennon in the Words of the Fans Who Love Him
2006978-1-84685-012-7Geoffrey LawtonThe Little Diet Book of Big Weight Loss
2005978-1-84685-019-6F. D. TaylorThe Flying Dormouse
2006978-1-84685-029-5James McCarraherAn Office Haunting
  ''978-1-84685-034-9Silas K HockingTales of a Tin Mine
  ''978-1-84685-035-6Ward MuirObservations of an Orderly at an English War Hospital 1915-1917
  ''978-1-84685-036-3Walter A DyerPierrot the Carabinier - A Brave Belgian Cart Dog from World War
2006978-1-84685-038-7Walter A DyerBen, the Battle Horse - A Story from the First World War
  ''978-1-84685-039-4Lucy M BlanchardChico - The Story of a Homing Pigeon in the Great War
  ''978-1-84685-045-5Clarence HawkesPep the Brave Bull Terrier: A Heart-warming Dog Story from WW1
  ''978-1-84685-046-2W H L WatsonAdventures of a Motorcycle Despatch Rider During the First World War
  ''978-1-84685-048-6J. KoettgenWarrior Against His Will: A German Sapper's Account of World War I
2006978-1-84685-049-3Karl Von SchenkU122: The Diary of a U-Boat Commander
  ''978-1-84685-050-9R PChild in War
  ''978-1-84685-066-0AnonMademoiselle Miss: Letters from a First World War Nurse at an Army Hospital Near the Marne
  ''978-1-84685-067-7Bill WigginA Better Agenda for the Environment
  ''978-1-84685-068-4Linda RichardsAmerica's First Trained Nurse: My Life as a Nurse in America, Great Britain and Japan 1872-1911
2006978-1-84685-069-1Harriet MacDonaldHarriet Went to War: A Physical Therapy Nurse at the French Front
  ''978-1-84685-083-7Paul FoxThe Priory Diary: Diary of a Nervous Breakdown by Paul Fox Aged 43 and a Half
  ''978-1-84685-091-2Richard A J MorleyA Leap into the Unknown
  ''978-1-84685-095-0Virgiliu PopUnreal Estate: The Men Who Sold the Moon
  ''978-1-84685-103-2John PiperVirus Alert! the Truth About Bird Flu!
2006978-1-84685-110-0G A Studdert-KennedyThe Unutterable Beauty: The Collected Poems of G A Studdert-Kennedy ('Woodbine Willie')
  ''978-1-84685-111-7Susan HibberdThe Purple Butterfly: Diary of a thyroid cancer patient
  ''978-1-84685-113-1Denis KnightDays in Occitania
  ''978-1-84685-141-4Pamela O'ConnorLoss of Innocence
  ''978-1-84685-156-8Xin-She YangTheoretical Basin Modelling
2006978-1-84685-170-4T.D. DanielsSo Do Sudoku: The Definitive Sudoku Solver
  ''978-1-84685-172-8Fred HardingBreast Cancer Prevention and Cure: Your Choice!
  ''978-1-84685-184-1Danny BernardiUnder the Rotunda
  ''978-1-84685-188-9S. DittaElephant's Footprints: A True Story of Survival
  ''978-1-84685-202-2Alice L.F. FitzgeraldThe Edith Cavell Nurse from Massachussetts - The War Letters of Alice Fitzgerald, an American Nurse Serving in the British Expeditionary Force, Boulogne-The Somme 1916-1917 With An Account Of The Imprisonment, Trial, & Death of Nurse Edith Cavell
2006978-1-84685-214-5Gary McGeeThe World of Terranus
  ''978-1-84685-230-5Lola Abiodun-AdegokeExotic Savory Cuisine from Around the World
  ''978-1-84685-236-7Laurie Driver · Dennis Burnier SmithThis Truckin' Life: The Reminiscences of a Truck Driver
  ''978-1-84685-240-4Samuel M ZwemerThe Moslem Doctrine of God: A Look at the Character and Attributes of Allah According to the Koran and Orthodox Tradition
  ''978-1-84685-248-0Clifton PowerArcadia: The Solution to the Templar Code
2006978-1-84685-251-0Rebecca BlakeleyWar Time Hop Picking Kids
  ''978-1-84685-252-7Stuart Paul AnslowCh'ang Hon Taekwon-do Hae Sul - Real Applications to the ITF Patterns: Vol 1
  ''978-1-84685-258-9Liz Egger · James EggerThe Complete Guide to Nudism and Naturism
  ''978-1-84685-263-3Rosalia ColmeiroLes Princes Magaciens
  ''978-1-84685-271-8Moses Carson BBookkeeping and Accounts for Beginners
2006978-1-84685-278-7John BallA Treatise of the Covenant of Grace (facsimile reprint from the 1645 Edition)
  ''978-1-84685-287-9Ahmad BabooWhere Hegel, F Fukuyama and Others Err
  ''978-1-84685-290-9Samuel M ZwemerCall to Prayer for the Moslem World
  ''978-1-84685-291-6Linda CrowtherPrimary German: Worksheets for Ages 6-10
  ''978-1-84685-292-3Benus Adu PokuSweet Freedom
2006978-1-84685-300-5Samuel M ZwemerThe Law of Apostasy in Islam
  ''978-1-84685-301-2   ''Raymund Lull: First Missionary to the Moslems
  ''978-1-84685-314-2Mathew BackholerRevival Fires and Awakenings: Thirty Moves of the Holy Spirit - A Call to Prayer, Holiness and Intercession for Revival
  ''978-1-84685-332-6Alison AldenSleeping Dragons and Poppy Seeds: A Personal Journey to Understanding Eating Disorders
  ''978-1-84685-338-8A D BettsExperience of a Confederate Chaplain 1861-1865
2006978-1-84685-347-0Cheryl VerstrateHomestay 101 for Hosts
  ''978-1-84685-353-1Samuel Marinus ZwemerThe Glory of the Cross
  ''978-1-84685-356-2Samuel M ZwemerHeirs of the Prophets - An Account of the Clergy and Priests of Islam, the Personnel of the Mosque and "Holy Men"
  ''978-1-84685-363-0R. M. FranklinCaptain Loxley's Little Dog and Lassie the Life Saving Collie
  ''978-1-84685-364-7Jack RohanRags, the Dog Who Went to War
2006978-1-84685-365-4Bertha Whitridge-SmithOnly a Dog: The True Story of a Dog's Devotion to His Master During World War I
  ''978-1-84685-366-1A First World War NurseA War Nurse's Diary: Sketches from a Belgian Field Hospital
  ''978-1-84685-367-8Agnes WarnerNurse at the Trenches: Letters Home from a World War I Nurse
  ''978-1-84685-372-2Rosalind Franklin · Cynthia O'NeillWhen the Nightingale Sang: A Nurse's Life in the 1950s and 1960s
  ''978-1-84685-373-9John SmaleThe Secret Language of Hypnotherapy
2006978-1-84685-375-3Catherine BoothLet the Women Speak: Females Teaching in Church - Female Teaching - The Rev. A.A. Rees Versus Mrs Palmer Being a Reply to a Pamphlet by the Above Gentleman on the Sunderland Revival
  ''978-1-84685-376-0William BoothPurity of Heart
  ''978-1-84685-377-7William BoothIn Darkest England and the Way Out
2007978-1-84685-378-4Jonathan EdwardsA Divine and Supernatural Light
2006978-1-84685-379-1Jonathan EdwardsSome Thoughts Concerning the Present Revival in New England and the Way it Ought to be Acknowledged and Promoted
  ''978-1-84685-381-4Jonathan Edwards · David BrainerdThe Life and Diary of David Brainerd, Missionary to the Indians (The Works of Jonathan Edwards)
  ''978-1-84685-410-1Gordon HaywardFrench Letters to Write
2006978-1-84685-439-2Benjamin FordThe Master of Prophecy
  ''978-1-84685-448-4Robin SpiceLiving with Dementia: A Son's Story
  ''978-1-84685-461-3Bill DarlisonThe Shortest Distance - 101 Stories from the World's Spiritual Traditions
  ''978-1-84685-463-7Edward R. CoyleAmbulancing on the French Front
  ''978-1-84685-466-8I S MorganPainting the Last Post: Two Years on T.S. Arethusa
2006978-1-84685-475-0Barry Stewart HunterAden
  ''978-1-84685-504-7Alan StockwellThe Singular Adventures of Mr Sherlock Holmes
  ''978-1-84685-515-3Catherine BoothHot Saints - On Fire for God, Living Full of Light, Purity and Power
  ''978-1-84685-516-0   ''Popular Christianity - Its Cowardly Service Versus the Real Warfare
2007978-1-84685-519-1Juz GriffithsOrlando - The Family Guide
  ''978-1-84685-526-9Isaac NjugunaTeenage Life Strategies: The Joy of Building on a Firm Foundation
2006978-1-84685-539-9Ben KingReclaimer
2006978-1-84685-542-9Jessie Penn-LewisFuel For Revival
  ''978-1-84685-543-6J William JonesChrist in the Camp - Religion in Lee's Army
2007978-1-84685-555-9Mark MoxonWhen I Walk, I Bounce: Walking from Land's End to John O'Groats
  ''978-1-84685-557-3John SmaleShort Stories and Metaphors
  ''978-1-84685-564-1R S DhillonNila Noor: The Blue Light
  ''978-1-84685-575-7William GoslingRealising Dreams: Strategy for Deep Design
2007978-1-84685-580-1Martha MphahleleA Time of Bliss
  ''978-1-84685-598-6Kevin CollinsPLC Programming for Industrial Automation
  ''978-1-84685-600-6Marcin SwistonSatellite Communication Systems: Theory, Technology and Applications Pt. 1
  ''978-1-84685-604-4Malaclypse the YoungerPrincipia Discordia - the Magnum Opiate of Malaclypse the Younger
  ''978-1-84685-619-8Jonathan EdwardsFreedom of the Will: A Careful and Strict Inquiry into the Modern Prevailing Notions Concerning That Freedom of Will
2007978-1-84685-624-2Jonathan EdwardsConcerning the End for Which God Created The World
  ''978-1-84685-627-3Jessie Penn-LewisThe Spiritual Man: Soul and Spirit
  ''978-1-84685-632-7Stiofan McAtinneyOperation Brutus
  ''978-1-84685-633-4Jonathan EdwardsA History of the Work of Redemption Including a View of Church History
  ''978-1-84685-635-8C H SpurgeonThe Preacher's Power and the Conditions of Obtaining it (The Sword and the Trowel)
2007978-1-84685-637-2Jonathan EdwardsDistinguishing Marks of a Work of the Spirit of God
  ''978-1-84685-657-0Peter GurneyLast of Their Kind
  ''978-1-84685-661-7Cathal CourtneyTowards Beloved Community
  ''978-1-84685-663-1James FieldingProperty Investment Simplified
  ''978-1-84685-665-5John S RobsonHow a One-legged Rebel Lives: Reminiscences of the Civil War, with Stories of the Campaigns of Stonewall Jackson as Told by a Private in the Foot Cavalry
2007978-1-84685-666-2David E JohnstonThe Story of a Confederate Boy in the Civil War (Serving in the 7th Virginia Infantry Regt.)
  ''978-1-84685-671-6John BunyanThe Strait Gate - Great Difficulty of Going to Heaven
  ''978-1-84685-672-3Jonathan EdwardsThe Justice of God in the Damnation of Sinners
  ''978-1-84685-673-0Andrew MurrayAbsolute Surrender: Andrew Murray Christian Classics
  ''978-1-84685-682-2C H SpurgeonThe Dawn of Revival (Prayer Speedily Answered)
2007978-1-84685-683-9Martin LutherThe Word of God
  ''978-1-84685-688-4R M M'Cheyne · R M McCheyne · Robert Murray M'Cheyne · Robert Murray McCheyneThe Ten Virgins and Other Sermons on the End Times
  ''978-1-84685-697-6Karl MayWinnetou: The Apache Knight (Classic Westerns)
  ''978-1-84685-698-3R M M'Cheyne · R M McCheyne · Robert Murray M'Cheyne · Robert Murray McCheyneFollow the Lord Fully: Words to Inspire God's Labourers
  ''978-1-84685-699-0   ''The Cry for Revival: Words on the Holy Spirit and Revival
2008978-1-84685-700-3Andrew MurrayThe Power of the Blood of Jesus: Andrew Murray Christian Classics
2007978-1-84685-701-0   ''Thy Will be Done: Andrew Murray Christian Classics
2007978-1-84685-702-7R M M'Cheyne · R M McCheyne · Robert Murray M'Cheyne · Robert Murray McCheyneBethany - Discovering Christ's Love in Times of Suffering When Heaven Seems Silent
  ''978-1-84685-703-4Robert Murray M'Cheyne · Robert Murray McCheyne · R M M'Cheyne · R M McCheyneThe Glory of the Christian Dispensation (Hebrews 8 + 9)
  ''978-1-84685-705-8Andrew MurrayLike Christ: Andrew Murray Christian Classics
2007978-1-84685-706-5Andrew MurrayThe Spirit of Christ: Andrew Murray Christian Classics
  ''978-1-84685-707-2John FlavelKeeping The Heart (Puritan Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-709-6Andrew MurrayThe Master's Indwelling: Andrew Murray Christian Classics
  ''978-1-84685-710-2   ''The Prayer Life: Andrew Murray Christian Classics
  ''978-1-84685-711-9   ''Working for God (Andrew Murray Christian Classics)
2007978-1-84685-712-6Andrew MurrayBe Perfect (Andrew Murray Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-714-0   ''Waiting on God (Andrew Murray Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-716-4A First World War NurseDiary of a Nursing Sister on the Western Front 1914-1915
  ''978-1-84685-722-5Jonathan EdwardsAn American Revival (A Faithful Narrative of the Surprising Work of God)
  ''978-1-84685-725-6Andrew MurrayMoney - A Biblical Perspective (Andrew Murray Christian Classics)
2008978-1-84685-726-3C. H. SpurgeonThe Great Revival
2007978-1-84685-727-0John BunyanA Few Sighs from Hell (Or The Groans of the Damned Soul) (Puritan Classics)
2007978-1-84685-729-4John BunyanOf Antichrist and His Ruin (Puritan Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-732-4   ''The Doom and Downfall of the Fruitless Professor (Or The Barren Fig Tree) (Puritan Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-740-9John OwenThe Death of Death in the Death of Christ
  ''978-1-84685-746-1Jonathan EdwardsThe Religious Affections: A Treatise Concerning Religious Affections - the Works of Jonathan Edwards
  ''978-1-84685-748-5Thomas BostonHell (Puritan Classics)
2007978-1-84685-749-2John OwenJohn Owen on Temptation - The Nature and Power of it, The Danger of Entering it and the Means of Preventing the Danger
2007978-1-84685-750-8John OwenJohn Owen on The Holy Spirit - The Spirit as a Comforter (Book VIII of Pneumatologia)
  ''978-1-84685-751-5   ''John Owen on The Holy Spirit - The Spiritual Gifts (Book IX of Pneumatologia)
  ''978-1-84685-752-2   ''John Owen on The Holy Spirit - The Spirit and Prayer (Book VII of Pneumatologia)
  ''978-1-84685-757-7   ''Gospel Grounds and Evidences
  ''978-1-84685-759-1Jonathan EdwardsThe Nature of True Virtue (the Works of Jonathan Edwards)
2007978-1-84685-760-7Jonathan EdwardsOriginal Sin (the Works of Jonathan Edwards)
  ''978-1-84685-764-5Jessie Penn-Lewis · Evan L. RobertsWar on the Saints (Secrets of Spiritual Warfare)
  ''978-1-84685-767-6Andrew MurrayWith Christ in the School of Prayer (Andrew Murray Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-768-3   ''With Christ in the School of Obedience (Andrew Murray Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-769-0Keith MashiterHow Katie Pulled Boris - Travels with an American Motorhome (RV) in Europe
2007978-1-84685-770-6Rosalind FranklinThe Bride's Book of Wedding Superstitions
  ''978-1-84685-780-5John BunyanNo Way to Heaven But By Jesus Christ
  ''978-1-84685-785-0John OwenA Dissertation on Divine Justice
  ''978-1-84685-791-1Jakob Boehme · Jacob BehmenThe Way to Christ (True Repentence, True Resignation, Regeneration or the New Birth, The Supersensual Life, Of Heaven & Hell, The Way from Darkness to True Illumination)
  ''978-1-84685-795-9William GurnallThe Christian in Complete Armour (Complete & Unabridged) - The Ultimate Book on Spiritual Warfare
2007978-1-84685-798-0John FlavelThe Fountain of Life Opened Up (or, A Display of Christ in His Essential and Mediatorial Glory)
  ''978-1-84685-799-7John Angell JamesAn Earnest Ministry, The Want of Our Times - The Apostolic Pastor (Reformed Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-801-7Karl MayWinnetou - the Treasure of Nugget Mountain
  ''978-1-84685-802-4D L Moody · Dwight Lyman Moody · Dwight L MoodySecret Power - Spiritual Power from on High for Testimony and Work
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2007978-1-84685-804-8Martin Luther · William HazlittThe Antichrist
  ''978-1-84685-806-2Bill DarlisonThe Penultimate Truth and Other Incitements
  ''978-1-84685-809-3David ClarkLinear Time Management: The Key to Personal Achievement
  ''978-1-84685-810-9John OwenJohn Owen on The Holy Spirit - The Spirit and Regeneration (Book III of Pneumatologia)
  ''978-1-84685-812-3D L Moody · Dwight L Moody · Dwight Lyman MoodyHeaven (Christian Classics)
2007978-1-84685-814-7Edmund B TuttleEncounters with Indians, Experiences of a U.S. Army Chaplain in Wyoming Territory, 1867-1870 (Three Years on the Plains)
  ''978-1-84685-818-5Rosalind FranklinBodrick and the Magic Petals: (The Beast of Bodmin Moor Meets the Cornish Piskies!)
  ''978-1-84685-826-0G A Studdert Kennedy · Geoffrey Anketell Studdert-Kennedy · Woodbine WillieFood for the Fed-up: Sermons on the Apostles' Creed
  ''978-1-84685-827-7G A Studdert Kennedy · Geoffrey Anketill Studdert Kennedy · Woodbine WillieThe Hardest Part: Theology Eked Out on the Battle on the Omnipotence of God and Suffering
  ''978-1-84685-840-6Andrew MurrayAbide in Christ (Andrew Murray Christian Classics)
2007978-1-84685-844-4John OwenThe Glory of Christ (John Owen Puritan Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-853-6A B Simpson · Albert Benjamin SimpsonThe Fourfold Gospel: Christ Our Saviour, Sanctifier, Healer and Coming Lord (Holy Spirit Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-854-3A B Simpson · Albert Benjamin SimpsonA Larger Christian Life: The Joys and Possibilities of Faith (Holy Spirit Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-858-1Andrew MurrayThe New Life: True Discipleship (Andrew Murray Christian Classics)
2007978-1-84685-861-1Andrew MurrayThe True Vine (Andrew Murray Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-878-9   ''Divine Healing (Andrew Murray Christian Classics)
  ''978-1-84685-903-8Bill DarlisonEnlightenment and Icecream
  ''978-1-84685-917-5Barry Stewart HunterStories for Boys and Other Tales
  ''978-1-84685-923-6E M Bounds · Edward McKendree BoundsPower Through Prayer (Christian Classics)
2007978-1-84685-924-3E M Bounds · Edward McKendree BoundPurpose in Prayer (E M Bounds Christian Classics)
2008978-1-84685-949-6Terry ReeveSpirit of the Fen
  ''978-1-84685-955-7Laurie Driver · Dennis Burnier SmithThe Railway Years
  ''978-1-84685-975-5Wilkie CollinsJezebel's Daughter (Wilkie Collins Classic Fiction)
  ''978-1-84685-976-2Wilkie CollinsAntonina or The Fall of Rome (Wilkie Collins Classic Fiction)
  ''978-1-84685-989-2   ''Blind Love (Wilkie Collins Classic Fiction)
2008978-1-84685-993-9Wilkie CollinsPoor Miss Finch (Wilkie Collins Classic Fiction)