year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-84666-014-6Edith HoldenThe Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
  ''978-1-84666-015-3Edith HoldenThe Country Diary of an Edwardian Lady
  ''978-1-84666-026-9Cross Stitch (Mini Maestro)
  ''978-1-84666-027-6Cross Stitch (Country Diary)
  ''978-1-84666-028-3Learn to Paint Wildlife (Art Tricks S.)
2006978-1-84666-029-0Paint Wildlife
  ''978-1-84666-045-0Wedding (Scrapbooking Kits S.)
  ''978-1-84666-046-7Family Tree (Scrapbooking Kits S.)
  ''978-1-84666-047-4Holidays: Scrapbooking Kit (Scrapbooking Kits S.)
  ''978-1-84666-048-1Birthday (Scrapbooking Kits S.)
2006978-1-84666-052-8Jeane CabralGoodnight Little Piggy (Night Light) (Night Light S.)
  ''978-1-84666-053-5Jeane CabralGoodnight Little Moo (Night Light) (Night Light S.)
  ''978-1-84666-081-8Family Tree Scrapbooking Kit with CDROM and Sticker
  ''978-1-84666-083-2Top That!Birthday Scarpbooking Kit [With CDROM and Colorful 3-D Stickers]
2007978-1-84666-084-9Top That!School Days
  ''978-1-84666-085-6Sports Days
  ''978-1-84666-087-0Erin RansonOn the Farm (Magnetic Story & Play Scene)
  ''978-1-84666-088-7Alfie CloverUnderwater Sea (Magnetic Playscenes) (Magnetic Playscenes S.)
  ''978-1-84666-089-4Erin · Imagine That RansonUnder the Sea (Magnetic Story & Play Scene)
978-1-84666-091-7Let's Build [With Magnets] (Magnetic Story & Play Scene)
2007978-1-84666-093-1Erin RansonWild Animals (Magnetic Story & Play Scene)
2007978-1-84666-110-5Sally HopgoodThere Were Ten Bears in a Bed
  ''978-1-84666-128-0Daniel HowarthGood Night Little Moo with Other (Night Light Book)
  ''978-1-84666-129-7Daniel HowarthGood Night Little Piggy [With Piggy Night Light] (Night Light Book)
  ''978-1-84666-148-8Charles ReasonerInside Jolly Roger's Pirate Ship
  ''978-1-84666-149-5Charles ReasonerInside Jolly Roger's Pirate Ship (Story Book)
2007978-1-84666-150-1Charles ReasonerInside Santa's Toy Shop
  ''978-1-84666-166-2Sue HolbrookThe Midnight Fairies (Jigsaw Book)
  ''978-1-84666-167-9Dorothea Deprisco WangOcean Wonders (Sparkling Slide Books)
  ''978-1-84666-176-1Rebecca ElliottWho Ate All the Lettuce?
  ''978-1-84666-178-5Beckie WilliamsPilot Your Own Rescue Helicopter
2006978-1-84666-213-3Raymond BriggsThe "Snowman": Raymond Briggs, a Magical Magnetic Play Scene (Activity)
2007978-1-84666-273-7Erin RansonMillie the Millipede
2007978-1-84666-274-4Rebecca ElliottMillie the Millipede: Collects Colors as She Munches Her Way Through the Pages with Other (Story Book)
  ''978-1-84666-278-2Alison AtkinsThe Midnight Fairies (Sparkling Jigsaw Book)
  ''978-1-84666-287-4Charles ReasonerInside Old McDonald's Barn (Story Book)
2003978-1-84666-345-1Top That! KidsMagnetic Silly Faces
2005978-1-84666-346-8Nat Lambert · Imagine ThatMagnetic Silly Animals
2007978-1-84666-353-6Michelle TrowellPilot Your Own Deep-sea Submarine
  ''978-1-84666-356-7Erin RansonRainforest Wonders (Sparkling Slide Books)
  ''978-1-84666-373-4Alison AtkinsThe Magical Mermaids (Sparkling Jigsaw Book)
2007978-1-84666-412-0Jeane CabralCount My Blessings 1 to 10: A Magnetic Counting Book
2010978-1-84666-535-6Imagine ThatCakes and Cookies Flip Over Book
2008978-1-84666-590-5Nat LambertLearn to Play the Recorder (Fun Kits) (Fun Kits S.)
  ''978-1-84666-606-3Erin RansonGood Night Sleepy Bear (Bedtime Night-light Books)
  ''978-1-84666-666-7Dan CrispStar of Wonder (Magic Star Books)
  ''978-1-84666-670-4Dan Green101 Dolphins and Other Sea Animals (How to Draw)
  ''978-1-84666-671-1Dan Green101 Horses and Ponies (How to Draw)
2008978-1-84666-672-8Dan Green101 Pets (How to Draw)
  ''978-1-84666-673-5   ''101 Fairies (How to Draw)
  ''978-1-84666-676-6Mary DensonAdding Up (Magnetic First Sums)
  ''978-1-84666-677-3   ''Taking Away (Magnetic First Sums)
  ''978-1-84666-774-9Top That! KidsHow to Draw 101 Dolphins & Other Sea Animals (How to Draw (Top That Kids))
2008978-1-84666-775-6Dan GreenHow to Draw 101 Horses & Ponies (How to Draw (Top That Kids))
  ''978-1-84666-776-3   ''How to Draw 101 Pets (How to Draw (Top That Kids))
2009978-1-84666-806-7Spanish (Language Kits S.)
2010978-1-84666-827-2Alfie CloverLet's Play Diggers (Magnetic Let's Play)
2009978-1-84666-852-4Dan Green · Barry GreenHow to Draw 101 Fairies
  ''978-1-84666-888-3German (Magnetic First Words - Foreign Language Books)
2010978-1-84666-894-4Nat LambertFuzzy Friends (Soft Felt Play Books)
2009978-1-84666-986-6Top That PublishingSlow Cooking (Flip Over Cookbooks)

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