Magna Story Sound

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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-84652-010-5John ConnorA Child's Game
2007978-1-84652-012-9Roy LewisGrave Error
  ''978-1-84652-013-6Roy LewisGrave Error
2006978-1-84652-037-2Betty RowlandsNo Laughing Matter
2007978-1-84652-042-6John WilcoxThe Diamond Frontier
  ''978-1-84652-084-6Martyn WaitesThe Mercy Seat (Joe Donovan Thrillers)
  ''978-1-84652-085-3Martyn WaitesBone Machine (Joe Donovan Thriller)
2006978-1-84652-089-1Aled Jones · Darren HenleyAled: the Autobiography
  ''978-1-84652-093-8Margaret ThorntonAbove the Bright Blue Sky
2006978-1-84652-095-2James FollettReturn of the Eagles
2007978-1-84652-127-0Marita Conlon-McKennaThe Hat Shop on the Corner
  ''978-1-84652-209-3Victoria BlakeSkin and Blister
2008978-1-84652-242-0Aline TempletonLying Dead
  ''978-1-84652-287-1Susan HepburnGhost of a Chance
  ''978-1-84652-375-5Stuart PawsonThe Picasso Scam (Detective Inspector Charlie Priest Mysteries)
2010978-1-84652-385-4Stuart PawsonOver The Edge (Charlie Priest Mysteries)
2008978-1-84652-387-8   ''The Judas Sheep
2009978-1-84652-397-7Sharon OwensRevenge of the Wedding Planner
  ''978-1-84652-415-8Frederick E. Smith633 Squadron: Operation Safeguard
2009978-1-84652-447-9Mike Tomlinson · Jane TomlinsonHow Good is That?
  ''978-1-84652-448-6Mike Tomlinson · Jane TomlinsonHow Good is That?
  ''978-1-84652-449-3Mike PannettNow Then, Lad...
  ''978-1-84652-450-9Mike PannettNow Then Lad...
  ''978-1-84652-481-3Neil WhiteLost Souls
2009978-1-84652-482-0Neil WhiteLost Souls
  ''978-1-84652-503-2Leah FlemingThe War Widows
  ''978-1-84652-504-9Leah FlemingThe War Widows
  ''978-1-84652-542-1Janice Y. K. LeeThe Piano Teacher
  ''978-1-84652-543-8Janice Y. K. LeeThe Piano Teacher
2009978-1-84652-550-6Jessie KeaneDirty Game
  ''978-1-84652-551-3Jessie KeaneDirty Game
  ''978-1-84652-637-4Leah FlemingThe War Widows
  ''978-1-84652-639-8Mike PannettNow Then, Lad...
  ''978-1-84652-648-0James McGeeRapscallion
2009978-1-84652-651-0Mike Tomlinson · Jane TomlinsonHow Good is That?
  ''978-1-84652-652-7Neil WhiteLost Souls
  ''978-1-84652-659-6Stuart PawsonDeadly Friends (Detective Inspector Charlie Priest Mysteries)
  ''978-1-84652-673-2Jessie KeaneDirty Game
2010978-1-84652-698-5   ''Black Widow
  ''978-1-84652-699-2   ''Black Widow
2010978-1-84652-700-5Jessie KeaneBlack Widow
2009978-1-84652-732-6Janice Y. K. LeeThe Piano Teacher
  ''978-1-84652-734-0Andrew NugentSoul Murder
  ''978-1-84652-740-1James HollandThe Odin Mission
2010978-1-84652-770-8Stuart PawsonGrief Encounters (Charlie Priest)
2011978-1-84652-812-5Jan GuillouBirth Of The Kingdom
  ''978-1-84652-942-9Rosie AlisonThe Very Thought Of You