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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-84647-000-4Carole WilkinsonRamose: Bk. 1: Prince in Exile: Bk. 1 (Ramose 2)
  ''978-1-84647-001-1Carole WilkinsonRamose and the Tomb Robbers (Ramose)
  ''978-1-84647-002-8   ''Ramose Prince Exile
  ''978-1-84647-006-6   ''Ramose: Sting of the Scorpion Bk. 3 (Ramose)
  ''978-1-84647-007-3   ''Ramose: The Wrath of Ra: Bk. 4 (Ramose)
2006978-1-84647-010-3Emily RoddaThe Charm Bracelet (Fairy Charm) (Fairy Charm S.)
  ''978-1-84647-011-0Emily RoddaThe Flower Fairies (Fairy Charm)
  ''978-1-84647-013-4   ''The Last Fairy- AppleTree (Fairy Charm) (Fairy Charm S.)
2006978-1-84647-014-1Emily RoddaThe Magic Key (Fairy Charm) (Fairy Charm S.)
  ''978-1-84647-015-8   ''The Unicorn (Fairy Charm)
  ''978-1-84647-016-5   ''The Star Cloak: Bk. 7 (Fairy Charm) (Fairy Charm S.)
  ''978-1-84647-017-2   ''The Water Sprites: Bk. 8 (Fairy Charm)
2007978-1-84647-018-9   ''The Peskie Spell (Fairy Charm) (Fairy Charm) (Fairy Charm S.)
2007978-1-84647-019-6Emily RoddaThe Rainbow Wand (Fairy Charm) (Fairy Charm) (Fairy Charm S.)
  ''978-1-84647-020-2Sam LlewellynEye of the Cannon
  ''978-1-84647-021-9Sid FleischmanPirates Galore
  ''978-1-84647-024-0Berlie DohertyGranny Was a Buffer Girl
  ''978-1-84647-025-7Pippa GoodhartRaven Boy: A Tale of the Great Fire of London
2007978-1-84647-026-4Berlie DohertyChildren of Winter
  ''978-1-84647-028-8Robert WestallThe Wind Eye
2006978-1-84647-029-5Emily RoddaFairy Charm Collection: "The Charm Bracelet", "The Flower Fairies", "The Third Wish" (Fairy Charm): "The Charm ... "The Flower Fairies", "The Third Wish"
2007978-1-84647-030-1Fiona KellyTreasure Hunt (KIDZ (Kids in the Danger Zone)) (KIDZ (Kids in the Danger Zone))
  ''978-1-84647-031-8Fiona KellyKidnap! (KIDZ (Kids in the Danger Zone)) (KIDZ (Kids in the Danger Zone))
2016978-1-84647-032-5Robert WestallA Time of Fire
2008978-1-84647-033-2Graham MarksStrange Hiding Place
2007978-1-84647-035-6Emily RoddaFairy Charm Collection: Books 4-6: Last Fairy-apple Tree WITH The Magic Key AND The Unicorn v. 2 (Fairy Charm)
  ''978-1-84647-040-0Carole WilkinsonFury of the Gods (Ramose: Prince of Egypt)
  ''978-1-84647-041-7Dennis HamleyThe War and Freddy
2007978-1-84647-042-4Carole WilkinsonAscent to the Sun (Ramose: Prince of Egypt)
2008978-1-84647-045-5Emily RoddaFairy Charm Collection 3 (4 titles): v. 3
  ''978-1-84647-046-2Margaret Bateson-HillDragon Racer
2007978-1-84647-047-9Noonan · MichaelDecember Boys
2009978-1-84647-049-3Dominic BarkerSharp Shot
2008978-1-84647-051-6Dominic BarkerSharp Beats
2016978-1-84647-052-3Joan LingardThe Eleventh Orphan
2008978-1-84647-053-0Joan LingardThe File on Fraulein Berg
  ''978-1-84647-054-7M RobertsSunny Side Up
2009978-1-84647-069-1Sarah MatthiasTom Fletcher & Three Wise Men
  ''978-1-84647-074-5Margaret RyanRoodica the Rude: Who stole the River?
  ''978-1-84647-076-9Patricia WrightsonThe Nargun and the Stars
2009978-1-84647-077-6Lili WilkinsonScatterheart
  ''978-1-84647-090-5Joan LingardWhat to do about Holly
2010978-1-84647-098-1Joan LennonCase of the London Dragonfish (Slightly Jones Mystery)
  ''978-1-84647-104-9Lili WilkinsonCompany of Angels
  ''978-1-84647-105-6Marilyn EdwardsWhite Chin
  ''978-1-84647-106-3Patricia LeitchJinny of Finmory: For Love of a Horse (Jinnny of Finmory)
2010978-1-84647-107-0Patricia LeitchJinny of Finmory: A Devil to Ride (Jinnny of Finmory)
  ''978-1-84647-108-7Joan LingardThe Chancery Lane Conspiracy
  ''978-1-84647-110-0Melanie WattScaredy Squirrel at Night
  ''978-1-84647-112-4Patricia LeachThe Summer Riders (Jinny at Finmory)
2011978-1-84647-114-8Joan LennonA Slightly Jones Mystery: The Case of the Glasgow Ghoul
  ''978-1-84647-115-5Patricia LeitchJinny at Finmory: Night of the Red Horse
2011978-1-84647-121-6Margaret Bateson-HillDragon Racer: Legacy of Fire
  ''978-1-84647-122-3Patricia LeitchGallop to the Hills (Jinny at Finmory)
  ''978-1-84647-125-4   ''Jinny at Finmory: Horse in a Million
  ''978-1-84647-129-2Joan LingardThe Stolen Sister (Elfie & Joe Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84647-134-6Melanie WattScaredy Squirrel's Birthday Party
2012978-1-84647-140-7Joan LennonSlightly Jones: The Case of the Cambridge Mummy (Slightly Jones Mystery)
2012978-1-84647-158-2Gabrielle Vincent · Sam AlexanderErnest and Celestine