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2005978-1-84625-003-3Andrew AtherstoneTravel with the Martyrs of Mary Tudor: The Burning of Protestants During England's Reign of Terror (Travel With...)
2006978-1-84625-027-9Kevin BelmonteTravel with William Wilberforce
  ''978-1-84625-041-5Michael BentleyOpening up Amos
2007978-1-84625-054-5Paul E BrownHomosexuality: Christian Truth and Love
2006978-1-84625-056-9Ronald W BreslandTravel with C S Lewis (Day One Travel Guides)
2007978-1-84625-075-0Paul WilliamsTravel with William Cowper
  ''978-1-84625-084-2Tim ShentonJohn Rogers-- Sealed with Blood: The Story of the First Protestant Martyr of Mary Tudor's Reign (History Today)
  ''978-1-84625-093-4Colin N. PeckhamExploring the Bible: Joshua, A Devotional Commentary (Exploring the Bible)
2008978-1-84625-103-0Anne StandfieldSeasons of Comfort and Joy: Meditations in verse based on select Scripture readings (Reflections (DayOne))
2009978-1-84625-107-8John MacArthurThe Divorce Dilemma: God's Last Word on Lasting Commitment (Family Focal Point)
2008978-1-84625-108-5Mike AbendrothJesus Christ: The Prince of Preachers
  ''978-1-84625-111-5Michael BentleyOpening up Zephaniah (Opening Up the Bible)
2008978-1-84625-114-6Joel R. Beeke365 Days with Calvin: A Unique Collection of 365 Readings from the Writings of John Calvin, Selected and Edited by Joel R Beeke (356 Days with)
  ''978-1-84625-115-3Andrew AtherstoneTravel through Oxford: City of Saints, Scholars and Dreaming Spires (Day One Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-84625-119-1David BerkleyTravel Through Cambridge: City of Beauty, Reformation and Pioneering Research (Day One Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-84625-124-5Brian H. Edwards · Clive AndersonThrough the British Museumwith the Bible (Day One Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-84625-136-8Paul Williams · Clive AndersonTravel Through Israel: Land of Promise, Faith and Beauty (Day One Travel Guides)
2010978-1-84625-137-5D Martyn Lloyd-JonesThe Gospel in Genesis: From Fig Leaves to Faith (Truth for All Time)
2009978-1-84625-142-9Paul TautgesCounsel One Another: A Theology of Personal Discipleship
2008978-1-84625-143-6Brian CroftVisit the Sick: Ministering God's Grace in Times of Illness (Ministering the Master's Way)
2009978-1-84625-154-2Tautges · Paul TautgesCounsel Your Flock: Fulfilling Your Role as a Teaching Shepherd (Ministering the Master's Way)
2009978-1-84625-155-9Tautges · Paul TautgesComfort Those Who Grieve: Ministering Gods Grace in Times of Loss (Ministering the Master's Way)
  ''978-1-84625-160-3Brian H. EdwardsTravel with William Tyndale: England's Greatest Bible Translator (Day One Travel Guides)
  ''978-1-84625-175-7Iain D. CampbellIn the Care of the Good Shepherd: Meditations on Psalm 23 (Reflections) (Reflections (DayOne))
2010978-1-84625-193-1John-Michael WongActs (Opening Up the Bible)
  ''978-1-84625-196-2Paul TautgesTeach them to pray (Ministering the Master's Way)
  ''978-1-84625-197-9Brian CroftTest, Train, Affirm, and Send Into Ministry: Recovering the Local Churchs Responsibility in the External Call (Ministering the Master's Way)
2018978-1-84625-198-6Eric WrightPractical Theology of Missions, A (Ministry Mission)
2015978-1-84625-207-5Gerard ChrispinBible Panorama (Revised, 3rd edition)
2010978-1-84625-212-9John KitchenPathways to Peace (Reflections (DayOne))
2011978-1-84625-219-8Rick ThomasHELP! My Marriage has Grown Cold (Help! (Day One Publications))
2011978-1-84625-220-4Mike SummersHELP! My Spouse has been Unfaithful (Help! (Day One Publications))
  ''978-1-84625-221-1Paul & Karen TautgesHELP! My Toddler Rules the House (Living in a Fallen World)
  ''978-1-84625-222-8Jim NewheiserHELP! Someone I love has been Abused (Living in a Fallen World)
2010978-1-84625-232-7James HastingsThank You King James: The Tough Life of Robert Hicks (Lifestories)
2011978-1-84625-242-6Shannon Kay McCoyHELP! I m a Slave to Food (Living in a Fallen World)
  ''978-1-84625-244-0Carol TrahanHELP! I m a Single Mom (Living in a Fallen World)
  ''978-1-84625-245-7Dave & Judi CoatsHELP! My Teen Is Rebellious (Living in a Fallen World)
2011978-1-84625-247-1Joel JamesHELP! I'm Confused about Dating (Living in a Fallen World)
  ''978-1-84625-248-8Adam EmbryHELP! I Can t Get Motivated (Living in a Fallen World)
  ''978-1-84625-266-2Brian & Newton · Phil CroftConduct Gospel-centered Funerals (Ministering the Master's Way)
  ''978-1-84625-268-6Brian BiedebachWhat to look for in a pastor (Ministry Mission)
  ''978-1-84625-316-4Brian H Edwards · Clive D AndersonThrough the British Museum with the Bible Third edition (Day One Travel Guide)
2012978-1-84625-325-6Jim NewcomerHELP! I Can't Forgive (Living in a Fallen World)