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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2006978-1-84624-002-7Charles IngramThe Network
  ''978-1-84624-003-4Ean WoodHeadlong Through Life: The Story of Isadora Duncan
  ''978-1-84624-004-1Brian ReynoldsMusic While You Work: An Era in Broadcasting
  ''978-1-84624-009-6William CockerellThe 50 Greatest Marathon Races of All Time
  ''978-1-84624-041-6Richard AshtonThe Captain's Sea Chest: A Fantasy Story for Children and Those Forever Young
2007978-1-84624-049-2Richard BaylissIn Sickness and in Health: A Physician Remembers
2006978-1-84624-050-8Harold AspdenCreation: The Physical Truth
2006978-1-84624-065-2Kevin BloorA-level Politics Made Easy
  ''978-1-84624-069-0Phil Dampier · Ashley WaltonDuke of Hazard: The Wit and Wisdom of Prince Philip
2007978-1-84624-075-1Viren SwamiThe Missing Arms of Venus De Milo: Reflections on the Science of Attractiveness
2006978-1-84624-077-5Les HowardWinter Warriors: Across Bosnia with the PBI 1995/1996
2007978-1-84624-109-3Roger CookMore Dangerous Ground: The Inside Story of Britain's Best Known Investigative Journalist
  ''978-1-84624-137-6Emma MilneThe Truth About Cats and Dogs
  ''978-1-84624-156-7Katherine HarrisonOn the Fringe: Living in the Realms of Hitler and Stalin
  ''978-1-84624-160-4Paul JohnsonEmail Survival Guide
2008978-1-84624-164-2John SamuelsThe Beautiful Game Is Over: The Globalisation of Football
2008978-1-84624-183-3Archie E. RoyThe Eager Dead
2007978-1-84624-194-9Phil Dampier · Ashley WaltonWhat's in the Queen's Handbag and other Royal Secrets
2008978-1-84624-198-7Brian W Pugh · Paul R SpiringOn the Trail of Arthur Conan Doyle: An Illustrated Devon Tour
  ''978-1-84624-201-4Steve BleaseEnd to End
  ''978-1-84624-203-8Irene ThompsonThe A to Z of Punishment and Torture: From Amputations to Zero Tolerance: From Amputation to Zero Tolerance
2007978-1-84624-205-2David FraserA Land Fit For Criminals: An Insider's View of Crime, Punishment and Justice in the UK
2008978-1-84624-212-0Ronald HearnThe Little Boy Who Listened: Portrait of a Medium
  ''978-1-84624-218-2VP (Hemant) KanitkarTaking a Chance
2009978-1-84624-243-4Peter EvansWithin the Secret State: A Disturbing Study of the Use and Misuse of Power
2008978-1-84624-275-5Kevin BloorA-Level Politics Made Easy, 2nd Edition
  ''978-1-84624-278-6Jessica FellowesMud and the City: Dos and Don'ts for Townies in the Country
2009978-1-84624-294-6Derek JamesA Time for Reflection: Talks for Secondary School Assemblies: Talks for School Assemblies
2008978-1-84624-300-4Mark HichensWives of the Kings of England: From Normans to Stuarts
2009978-1-84624-305-9Tracey MorleyThe Unravellers
2009978-1-84624-308-0Nick JonesNo.1 Chesterfield Square
  ''978-1-84624-318-9Roger PaineCall the Hands
  ''978-1-84624-328-8Sheila C JakabMy Name is Jakab, Master Jakab
  ''978-1-84624-330-1Howard John DaviesJohn Evelyn: The Diary
  ''978-1-84624-332-5Allan GriceFighting Fires and Eating Smoke
2009978-1-84624-334-9Mark HichensThe Inimitable P.G.Wodehouse
  ''978-1-84624-351-6Harold SnoadIt's Bouquet - Not Bucket!
  ''978-1-84624-352-3William BleasdaleFootsteps of the Celts by Rail
  ''978-1-84624-353-0Margaret J AnsteeThe House on the Sacred Lake
  ''978-1-84624-355-4Neil HimsworthNobilitas: A Novel of Ancient Rome
2009978-1-84624-359-2Bernard MelunskyThe Promise of Yalta
  ''978-1-84624-365-3John KnowlesMy Marwellous Life: In Zoos and Conservation
2010978-1-84624-369-1John PiperThe Saint Petersburg Declaration
2009978-1-84624-370-7Jeremy MallinsonThe Touch of Durrell: A Passion for Animals
2010978-1-84624-381-3T. C. LeaThe Role of the Family in the 21st Century
  ''978-1-84624-386-8Alistair GrahamSuleiman's Gold
  ''978-1-84624-387-5Peter CarvellSix Men and One Woman
  ''978-1-84624-389-9Norma HillVirgil's Time
2010978-1-84624-396-7Robert C. AutyConnor's Folly (Trance Warriors)
2009978-1-84624-399-8Phil Dampier · Ashley WaltonGaffers: The Wit and Wisdom of Football Managers
2010978-1-84624-402-5Andrew IngsRockin at the 2i's Coffee Bar
  ''978-1-84624-404-9David WardThe Smart One
  ''978-1-84624-405-6Gordon BlairThe Boys of Ballykelly
  ''978-1-84624-418-6Merryn WilliamsEffie: A Victorian Scandal - From Ruskin's Wife to Millais's Muse
  ''978-1-84624-431-5William Harry HughesThe Root of Evil
2010978-1-84624-435-3Bob SinclairLast of the Hard Hat Divers
  ''978-1-84624-437-7Howard BirnbergThe Genius Gene (Catherine Fox Trilogy 1)
  ''978-1-84624-441-4Neil Kirby · Paul JamesCelebrity Hotel: True Inside Gossip, Scandal and Intrigue
  ''978-1-84624-448-3Princess Elisabeth de Croÿ · as told to Joy LeneySuch a Nuisance to Die: The Autobiography of Her Serene Highness Princess Elisabeth de Croÿ, A Royal Ambassador for Animals
  ''978-1-84624-456-8Samantha BabingtonSerendipity's Secret: A novel way to achieve your dreams and find the path to happiness
2010978-1-84624-501-5Clive SmithFrom Hendon to Pension: A Life in the Met
  ''978-1-84624-506-0David ThomasNarcissism: Behind the Mask
  ''978-1-84624-507-7Frederick HarsantSearch, Find and Strike
2011978-1-84624-512-1Nigel ScottThe British Hearse and the British Funeral
2010978-1-84624-513-8Sue MinterA Well-Connected Gardener
2011978-1-84624-522-0Joe FletcherDamn the Damn War
  ''978-1-84624-523-7Mike RendellThe Journal of a Georgian Gentleman: The Life and Times of Richard Hall 1729-1801
  ''978-1-84624-534-3Robin BurnettWater Under the Keel: Memories of the Sea
2011978-1-84624-547-3V S JonesRhydian's Quest
  ''978-1-84624-562-6George MajorThe Pearly Gates
2010978-1-84624-563-3Philip CaveneyA Buffalope's Tale (Sebastian Darke)
2011978-1-84624-589-3John KiddA Heap Good Soldier Man
  ''978-1-84624-628-9John KerrA Rose in No Man's Land
2012978-1-84624-647-0N.M. ScottSherlock Homes: The Missing Earl and Other New Adventures (Sherlock Holmes)
2011978-1-84624-657-9R.J. De LittleAnya
2012978-1-84624-684-5Nicholas Stanley-PriceImperial Outpost in the Gulf; The Airfield at Sharjah (UAE) 1932 - 1952
  ''978-1-84624-708-8Ellie RyanJournal of a Student Midwife
2013978-1-84624-844-3Simon BarlowThe Self-Tapping Screw: The Recollections of a Borstal Officer
2012978-1-84624-935-8David ThomasNarcissism - Behind the Mask
2013978-1-84624-951-8Nik A RamliDonna Summer: The Thrill Goes On - A Tribute