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2011978-1-84619-529-7Hani T. S. BenamerEssential Revision Notes in Clinical Neurology (MasterPass)
  ''978-1-84619-532-7Robert Jones · Fiona JenkinsKey Tools and Techniques in Management and Leadership of the Allied Health Professions (Allied Health Professions: Essential Guides)
  ''978-1-84619-535-8Sandy MacLeodThe Psychiatry of Palliative Medicine: The Dying Mind
  ''978-1-84619-536-5John EdmonstoneAction Learning in Healthcare: A Practical Handbook
2012978-1-84619-537-2David B. CooperPalliative Care within Mental Health: Principles and Philosophy
2011978-1-84619-538-9Price AndrewEssential Skills for Influencing in Healthcare
  ''978-1-84619-540-2John Hurley · Paul LinsleyEmotional Intelligence in Health and Social Care: A Guide for Improving Human Relationships
2011978-1-84619-542-6Quentin Spender · Judith Barnsley · Alison Davies · Jenny MurphyPrimary Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A Practical Guide, Volume 1
  ''978-1-84619-543-3Quentin Spender · Judith Barnsley · Alison Davies · Jenny MurphyPrimary Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A Practical Guide,Volume 2
  ''978-1-84619-544-0   ''Primary Child and Adolescent Mental Health: A Practical Guide, Volume 3
2012978-1-84619-546-4Sameer Trikha · Samantha De Silva · Hemal MehtaMCQs for FRCOphth and ICO Basic Sciences Examinations (Masterpass)
  ''978-1-84619-548-8Kieran WalshMedical Education: A Dictionary of Quotations
  ''978-1-84619-550-1Jennifer Davidson · Beth Shepherd · Sunderarajan JayaramanPractice Long Cases for the Part B Final FRCR Examination (MasterPass Series)
1960978-1-84619-553-2Patrick HuttA Career Companion to Becoming a GP: Developing and Shaping Your Career
2013978-1-84619-554-9Michael KiddThe Contribution of Family Medicine to Improving Health Systems (WONCA Family Medicine)
2012978-1-84619-556-3Aza Abdulla · Gurcharan S RaiThe Biology of Ageing: A Practical Handbook
1960978-1-84619-557-0Ian Mann · Christopher Critoph · Caroline CoatsThe Junior Doctor's Guide to Cardiology (Junior Doctor's Guides)
2011978-1-84619-558-7Philip Stather · Helen CheshireCases for Surgical Finals: SAQs, EMQs and MCQs (MasterPass)
2012978-1-84619-560-0Steven L JeffersThe Essential Guide to Religious Traditions and Spirituality for Health Care Providers
2011978-1-84619-561-7Sherif W. Helmy1000 EMQs for PLAB: Based on Current Exams, Second Edition (Masterpass)
2012978-1-84619-563-1Sarah GearThe Complete MRCGP Study Guide, 4th Edition
2012978-1-84619-564-8Gina Johnson · Ian Hill-SmithThe Minor Illness Manual, 4th Edition
2013978-1-84619-565-5Elaine PowleyThe Arts in Medical Education: A Practical Guide, Second Edition
  ''978-1-84619-566-2Moira Stewart · Judith Belle Brown · Wayne Weston · Ian McWhinney · Carol McWilliam · Thomas FreemanPatient-Centered Medicine: Transforming the Clinical Method (Patient-Centered Care Series.)
2011978-1-84619-569-3Janet DunphyCommunication in Palliative Care: Clear Practical Advice, Based on a Series of Real Case Studies
  ''978-1-84619-570-9Janet GrantThe Good CPD Guide: A Practical Guide to Managed Continuing Professional Development in Medicine, Second Edition
2012978-1-84619-572-3Joseph Manjaly · Peter Kullar · Alison Carter · Richard FoxENT OSCEs: A Guide to Passing the DO-HNS and MRCS (ENT) OSCE (MasterPass)
2011978-1-84619-573-0John D. Engel · Lura L. Pethtel · Joseph ZarconiDeveloping Clinicians' Career Pathways in Narrative and Relationship-Centered Care: Footprints of Clinician Pioneers
2012978-1-84619-576-1Roger GabrielMCQs in Geriatric Medicine for Postgraduate Examinations (Masterpass)
  ''978-1-84619-579-2Andrew Schofield · Paul SchofieldThe Complete Saq: Medicine, Surgery And The Clinical Specialties (Masterpass)
2014978-1-84619-580-8Paul Bowie · Carl de WetSafety and Improvement in Primary Care: The Essential Guide
2015978-1-84619-581-5David MccollumFocused History Taking for Osces (Masterpass)
2013978-1-84619-584-6Roger WorthingtonPractical Professionalism in Medicine: A Global Case-Based Workbook
2012978-1-84619-585-3Peter C. GøtzscheMammography Screening: Truth, Lies and Controversy
  ''978-1-84619-587-7Nigel SmeetonDental Statistics Made Easy
2012978-1-84619-588-4Brice Antao · Michael S. IrishSucceeding in Paediatric Surgery Examinations: v. 1 & 2: a Complete Resource for EMQs & a Complete Resource for MCQs (Masterpass)
  ''978-1-84619-591-4David J. Owen · Muhammad A. AkhtarMCQS for Part 2 MRCOG (MasterPass Series)
  ''978-1-84619-593-8Prit Chahal · Ramesh MehayThe Essential Handbook for GP Training and Education
  ''978-1-84619-594-5Peter Davies · Lindsay Moran · Hussain GandhiThe New GP's Handbook: How to Make a Success of Your Early Years as a GP
  ''978-1-84619-595-2Alan Dardik · Gaunt MichaelOutpatient Surgery: Clinical Decision Making and Board Review
2014978-1-84619-767-3Margaret PerryMinor Illness and Beyond: A Handbook for Nurses in General Practice
2014978-1-84619-768-0Stephen Gillam · A. Niroshan SiriwardenaQuality Improvement in Primary Care: The essential guide
2019978-1-84619-770-3Euan LawsonSubstance Misuse and Associated Health Problems: Practical Guidance for General Practice
2013978-1-84619-772-7Justin AmeryThe Integrated Practitioner: Surviving and Thriving in Health Practice
  ''978-1-84619-773-4Justin AmeryThe Integrated Practitioner: Turning Tyrants into Tools in Health Practice
  ''978-1-84619-774-1   ''The Integrated Practitioner: Co-Creating in Health Practice
  ''978-1-84619-775-8   ''The Integrated Practitioner: Integrating Everything
  ''978-1-84619-776-5   ''The Integrated Practitioner: Food for Thought
2014978-1-84619-777-2Philip Newsome · Chris BarrowProfitable Dental Practice: 8 Strategies for Building a Practice That Everyone Loves to Visit, Second Edition
2017978-1-84619-779-6George Crowther · Annette Edwards · Stephen CurranPalliative Care in Dementia
2014978-1-84619-817-5George R Lueddeke · George LueddekeTransforming Medical Education for the 21st Century: Megatrends, Priorities and Change
2014978-1-84619-834-2Peter Davies · Lindsay Moran · Hussain Gandhi · Adrian Roebuck · Helen ButlerStudent Success in Physiology - Sbas and Emqs
2013978-1-84619-883-0Annie PhillipsDeveloping Leadership Skills for Health and Social Care Professionals
  ''978-1-84619-884-7Peter GotzscheDeadly Medicines and Organised Crime
2016978-1-84619-885-4Trevor YeungLaparoscopic Surgery for Trainees
  ''978-1-84619-896-0Julie Taylor · June ThoburnCollaborative Practice with Vulnerable Children and Their Families (Caipe Collaborative Practice Series)
2013978-1-84619-936-3Cordelia GalgutEmotional Support Through Breast Cancer
2014978-1-84619-951-6Peter Tate · Francesca FrameThe Doctor's Communication Handbook, 7th Edition
2012978-1-84619-967-7Rahil D. Mandalia · Kartik LogishettyEssential Notes on Prescribing for Finals and Junior Doctors (MasterPass)
2013978-1-84619-968-4Rebecca Casans · Mithilesh Lal · Michael GriksaitisThe Essential Revision Guide to Paediatric Cardiology (Masterpass)
2012978-1-84619-969-1George R. LueddekeTransforming Medical Education for the 21st Century: Megatrends, Priorities and Change
  ''978-1-84619-970-7Susan Woldenberg ButlerBlack Bag Moon: Doctors' Tales from Dusk to Dawn
  ''978-1-84619-971-4Herman SehmbiMcqs in Regional Anaesthesia and Pain Therapy (MasterPass)
2012978-1-84619-972-1Sarah JawadRevision Notes for MRCPsych Paper 1 (MasterPass Series)
  ''978-1-84619-973-8Nigel SmeetonDental Statistics Made Easy, Second Edition
  ''978-1-84619-974-5Israr Ahmad KhanFocused Clinical Assessment in 10 Minutes for MRCGP: Featuring Data-Gathering, Clinical Management and Communication Skills (MasterPass Series)
  ''978-1-84619-976-9Gabriel IvbijaroCompanion to Primary Care Mental Health
2013978-1-84619-977-6Annie PhillipsDeveloping Assertiveness Skills for Health and Social Care Professionals
  ''978-1-84619-978-3Vilius Savickas · Reem q Kayyali · Neel SharmaStudent Success in the Prescribing Safety Assessment (PSA) (Masterpass)
2012978-1-84619-980-6Sheila Broderick · Ruth CochranePerinatal Loss: A Handbook for Working with Women and Their Families
2015978-1-84619-989-9Paul Elliott · Julie Storr · Annette JeanesInfection Prevention and Control: Perceptions and Perspectives
2016978-1-84619-994-3Michael Kidd · Iona Heath · Amanda HoweFamily Medicine: The Classic Papers (WONCA Family Medicine)
2014978-1-84619-998-1Mandy Fry · Richard Mumford · Anneliese Guerin-LeTendreSo You Qualified Abroad: The Handbook for Overseas Medical Graduates in GP Training