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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2011978-1-84605-467-9James PattersonMaximum Ride: Angel
  ''978-1-84605-468-6James PattersonNow You See Her
  ''978-1-84605-469-3   ''Now You See Her
2010978-1-84605-470-9   ''Worst Case: (Michael Bennett 3)
  ''978-1-84605-471-6   ''Worst Case: (Michael Bennett 3)
  ''978-1-84605-472-3   ''Don't Blink
2010978-1-84605-473-0James PattersonDon't Blink
2009978-1-84605-474-7James PattersonWitch & Wizard
  ''978-1-84605-475-4   ''Witch & Wizard
2011978-1-84605-478-5   ''10th Anniversary: (Women's Murder Club 10)
  ''978-1-84605-479-2   ''10th Anniversary: (Women's Murder Club 10)
2010978-1-84605-480-8   ''9th Judgement (Womens Murder Club 9)
2010978-1-84605-481-5James Patterson9th Judgement: (Women's Murder Club 9)
2010978-1-84605-484-6Katie PriceParadise
  ''978-1-84605-485-3Katie PriceParadise
  ''978-1-84605-486-0   ''You Only Live Once
2011978-1-84605-488-4   ''The Come-back Girl
2008978-1-84605-493-8Mike SummerbeeMike Summerbee: The Autobiography
  ''978-1-84605-504-1Karin SlaughterMartin Misunderstood
  ''978-1-84605-505-8Katie PriceJordan: Pushed to the Limit
2009978-1-84605-508-9Chris GorringeHolding Court
2009978-1-84605-517-1James PattersonThe Murder of King Tut
  ''978-1-84605-518-8   ''The Murder of King Tut
2008978-1-84605-523-2Mickey ThomasKickups, Hiccups, Lockups: The Autobiography
  ''978-1-84605-529-4James PattersonDaniel X: Alien Hunter
978-1-84605-533-1Hitting Back: The Autobiography
2009978-1-84605-540-9Malcolm FolleySenna Versus Prost
2011978-1-84605-543-0Alexander KentIn the King's Name (Richard Bolitho)
2008978-1-84605-545-4Steve LazaridesOutsiders
  ''978-1-84605-546-1Steve LazaridesOutsiders
  ''978-1-84605-548-5James PattersonSail
2009978-1-84605-551-5Camilla WrightPopbitch: Celebrity Excess And Other Monkey Business
2008978-1-84605-552-2Eric BristowEric Bristow: The Autobiography: The Crafty Cockney
2010978-1-84605-553-9Graham HancockEntangled
2010978-1-84605-554-6Graham HancockEntangled
2008978-1-84605-555-3The ArmyBe the Best
  ''978-1-84605-557-7Andy MurrayHitting Back (Waterstone's Edition)
2009978-1-84605-562-1Karin SlaughterGenesis (Georgia)
2008978-1-84605-563-8Karen MillerClone Wars: Wild Space (Star Wars)
  ''978-1-84605-564-5Karen TravissStar Wars: The Clone Wars: The Clone Wars 1
2009978-1-84605-565-2Karen TravissStar Wars: The Clone Wars - No Prisoners
2010978-1-84605-566-9Karen MillerStar Wars: Clone Wars Gambit - Stealth
  ''978-1-84605-567-6   ''Star Wars: Clone Wars Gambit - Siege
  ''978-1-84605-568-3Tom FortAgainst the Flow
2010978-1-84605-569-0Trevor NortonSmoking Ears and Screaming Teeth
2009978-1-84605-572-0Lisa JewellThe Truth About Melody Browne
2010978-1-84605-573-7Lisa JewellAfter the Party
2011978-1-84605-574-4Lisa JewellThe Making of Us
2009978-1-84605-583-6Katie PriceSapphire
  ''978-1-84605-584-3John GrishamThe Associate
  ''978-1-84605-587-4Michael RavenThe Agent
2008978-1-84605-599-7Dawn FrenchDear Fatty (Signed Limited Deluxe Edition)
2010978-1-84605-610-9Sam BaroneConflict of Empires (Eskkar Saga)
  ''978-1-84605-611-6Lindsey DavisNemesis
  ''978-1-84605-612-3Lindsey DavisNemesis: (Falco 20)
2008978-1-84605-617-8John GrishamThe Firm
2008978-1-84605-618-5John GrishamA Time To Kill
2005978-1-84605-629-1Chris. RyanBLACKOUT.
2006978-1-84605-631-4Karin SlaughterTriptych
2009978-1-84605-632-1Lindsey DavisRebels and Traitors
  ''978-1-84605-633-8   ''Rebels and Traitors
  ''978-1-84605-642-0James EllroyBlood's a Rover
2004978-1-84605-643-7Chris RyanSAS FITNESS BOOK
2011978-1-84605-650-5Katie FfordeSummer of Love
  ''978-1-84605-651-2Katie FfordeSummer of Love
2012978-1-84605-652-9   ''Recipe for Love
  ''978-1-84605-653-6   ''Recipe for Love
2013978-1-84605-654-3   ''A French Affair
2013978-1-84605-655-0Katie FfordeA French Affair
2009978-1-84605-666-6Chris RyanFight to Win: Deadly Skills of the Elite Forces
  ''978-1-84605-668-0Katie PriceStanding Out
2010978-1-84605-669-7Katie PriceStanding Out
  ''978-1-84605-673-4Lindsey DavisFalco: The Official Companion (A Marcus Didius Falco Mystery)
2009978-1-84605-676-5James LucenoStar Wars: Millennium Falcon
2012978-1-84605-678-9James LucenoStar Wars: Darth Plagueis
2017978-1-84605-683-3Various AuthorsStar Wars: From a Certain Point of View
2009978-1-84605-684-0Aaron AllstonStar Wars: Fate of the Jedi - Outcast
  ''978-1-84605-685-7Christie GoldenFate of the Jedi: Omen (Star Wars)
  ''978-1-84605-686-4Troy DenningStar Wars: Fate of the Jedi - Abyss
2010978-1-84605-687-1Aaron AllstonStar Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Backlash
  ''978-1-84605-688-8Christie GoldenStar Wars: Fate of the Jedi - Allies
2010978-1-84605-689-5Troy DenningStar Wars: Fate of the Jedi - Vortex
2011978-1-84605-690-1Aaron AllstonStar Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Conviction
  ''978-1-84605-691-8Christie GoldenStar Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Ascension
2012978-1-84605-692-5Troy DenningStar Wars: Fate of the Jedi: Apocalypse
2013978-1-84605-694-9Timothy ZahnStar Wars: Scoundrels
2009978-1-84605-697-0Drew KarpyshynStar Wars: Darth Bane - Dynasty of Evil
2014978-1-84605-698-7Joe SchreiberStar Wars: Maul: Lockdown
2013978-1-84605-699-4Alex IrvineStar Wars: Big Trilogy no 1
2009978-1-84605-701-4James PattersonAlex Cross's Trial: (Alex Cross 15)
  ''978-1-84605-702-1   ''Alex Cross's Trial
  ''978-1-84605-704-5Matt Croucher GCBullet Proof: One Marine's Ferocious Account of Close Combat Behind Enemy Lines
  ''978-1-84605-705-2Matt Croucher GCBulletproof
2010978-1-84605-706-9Rosemary ConleyRosemary Conley's Amazing Inch Loss Plan: Lose a Stone in a Month
2011978-1-84605-708-3Christopher Simon SykesHockney: The Biography Volume 1
2010978-1-84605-712-0Richard WebberRemembering Ronnie Barker
2009978-1-84605-713-7John GrishamFord County
2009978-1-84605-714-4John GrishamFord County
2010978-1-84605-715-1   ''The Confession
  ''978-1-84605-716-8   ''The Confession
2009978-1-84605-726-7Katie PriceStanding Out
2010978-1-84605-730-4John GrishamFord County
2011978-1-84605-731-1Rosemary ConleyThe Secrets of Staying Young
2009978-1-84605-734-2Katie FfordeLove Letters
2011978-1-84605-760-1James PattersonTick Tock: (Michael Bennett 4)
  ''978-1-84605-761-8   ''Tick Tock: (Michael Bennett 4)
2012978-1-84605-762-5James PattersonI, Michael Bennett: (Michael Bennett 5)
  ''978-1-84605-763-2   ''I, Michael Bennett: (Michael Bennett 5)
2011978-1-84605-764-9   ''Kill Alex Cross: (Alex Cross 18)
  ''978-1-84605-765-6   ''Kill Alex Cross: (Alex Cross 18)
2010978-1-84605-766-3   ''Postcard Killers
2010978-1-84605-767-0James PattersonPostcard Killers
  ''978-1-84605-768-7   ''Private: (Private 1)
  ''978-1-84605-769-4   ''Private: (Private 1)
2011978-1-84605-770-0   ''Toys
  ''978-1-84605-771-7   ''Toys
2013978-1-84605-783-0James PattersonAlex Cross, Run: (Alex Cross 20)
2012978-1-84605-785-4   ''Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)
  ''978-1-84605-786-1   ''Private: No. 1 Suspect: (Private 4)
2011978-1-84605-787-8   ''Kill Me if You Can
  ''978-1-84605-788-5   ''Kill Me if You Can
2012978-1-84605-789-2James PattersonGuilty Wives
  ''978-1-84605-790-8   ''Guilty Wives
  ''978-1-84605-791-5   ''11th Hour: (Women's Murder Club 11)
  ''978-1-84605-792-2   ''11th Hour: (Women's Murder Club 11)
2011978-1-84605-794-6Karin SlaughterFallen (Georgia)
  ''978-1-84605-795-3   ''Fallen (The Will Trent Series)
2012978-1-84605-796-0Karin SlaughterCriminal (The Will Trent Series)
  ''978-1-84605-797-7   ''Criminal (Georgia)
2010978-1-84605-799-1Ross KempWarriors: British Fighting Heroes
2012978-1-84605-800-4Jon OsborneA Game of Chance
2011978-1-84605-801-1Jon OsborneKill Me Once
2013978-1-84605-802-8   ''Don't Look Twice
2011978-1-84605-807-3Graham HancockSequel to Entangled
  ''978-1-84605-810-3Graham MooreThe Holmes Affair
2010978-1-84605-811-0Simon PeggNerd Do Well
  ''978-1-84605-812-7Simon PeggNerd Do Well
2011978-1-84605-813-4Duncan HamiltonThe Unreliable Life of Harry the Valet: The Great Victorian Jewel Thief
2010978-1-84605-818-9Danny DyerStraight Up: My Autobiography
  ''978-1-84605-819-6Danny DyerStraight Up: My Autobiography
2011978-1-84605-820-2Meg ClothierThe Girl King
2013978-1-84605-821-9Meg ClothierThe Empress
2011978-1-84605-824-0Paul LakeI'm Not Really Here
2011978-1-84605-825-7Duff Hart-DavisThe War That Never Was
2010978-1-84605-827-1Tim VineThe Biggest Ever Tim Vine Joke Book
2012978-1-84605-829-5James PattersonZoo (Zoo Series)
  ''978-1-84605-830-1   ''Zoo (Zoo Series)
2011978-1-84605-831-8   ''Private London: (Private 2)
2011978-1-84605-832-5James PattersonPrivate London: (Private 2)
2010978-1-84605-869-1Liz MurrayBreaking Night
2011978-1-84605-870-7Liz MurrayBreaking Night
2010978-1-84605-871-4Christopher ReichRules of Betrayal
2011978-1-84605-876-9Graham MooreThe Holmes Affair
  ''978-1-84605-882-0Simon Pegg · Nick FrostUntitled Book 2
2013978-1-84605-890-5James Patterson · Michael WhitePrivate Down Under: (Private 6)
  ''978-1-84605-891-2James Patterson · Michael WhitePrivate Down Under: (Private 6)
2011978-1-84605-893-6Karin SlaughterFallen (Georgia)
  ''978-1-84605-903-2William C. RempelAt The Devil's Table: Inside the fall of the Cali cartel. The world's biggest crime syndicate
978-1-84605-904-9Steve CooganUntitled
2012978-1-84605-923-0Lisa JewellBefore I Met You
2011978-1-84605-927-8Damon Beesley · Iain MorrisThe Inbetweeners Yearbook
978-1-84605-928-5Damon Beesley · Iain MorrisThe Inbetweeners Yearbook
978-1-84605-930-8The Descent
2011978-1-84605-935-3James CordenMay I Have Your Attention Please?
  ''978-1-84605-936-0corden-jamesMay I Have Your Attention Please?
2011978-1-84605-937-7Ernest ClineReady Player One
  ''978-1-84605-942-1Alex HinesThe Only Way is Essex: Official guide to living life the Essex way
2012978-1-84605-947-6Christina SchmidAlways By My Side: Losing the love of my life and the fight to honour his memory
  ''978-1-84605-949-0Susan LewisLosing You
  ''978-1-84605-950-6Susan LewisLosing You
  ''978-1-84605-951-3   ''No Child of Mine (The No Child of Mine Trilogy)
2012978-1-84605-952-0Susan LewisNo Child of Mine (The No Child of Mine Trilogy)
2013978-1-84605-953-7   ''Don't Let Me Go (The No Child of Mine Trilogy)
  ''978-1-84605-956-8   ''The Truth About You
2011978-1-84605-957-5James PattersonThe Christmas Wedding
  ''978-1-84605-958-2James Patterson · Richard DilalloThe Christmas Wedding
2013978-1-84605-959-9Katie PriceHe's the One
2012978-1-84605-961-2   ''In the Name of Love
2011978-1-84605-963-6Katie PriceSanta Baby
  ''978-1-84605-964-3   ''Santa Baby
  ''978-1-84605-966-7Billy JoelThe Book of Joel
  ''978-1-84605-969-8Frank SkinnerDispatches From The Sofa
2012978-1-84605-970-4Cara HoffmanSo Much Pretty
  ''978-1-84605-971-1Duff Hart-DavisMan of War
2012978-1-84605-973-5James PattersonPrivate Games: (Private 3)
  ''978-1-84605-974-2   ''Private Games: (Private 3)
2013978-1-84605-982-7Duncan HamiltonImmortal
2016978-1-84605-985-8Phil RedmondHighbridge
2011978-1-84605-987-2Frank SkinnerDispatches From the Sofa: The Collected Wisdom of Frank Skinner
2012978-1-84605-990-2Rosemary ConleyThe Secrets of Staying Young
2013978-1-84605-997-1Karin SlaughterUnseen (Georgia)
  ''978-1-84605-998-8   ''Unseen (Georgia)