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2005978-1-84592-002-9Simon Creighton · Vicky King · Hamish ArnottPrisoners and the Law
  ''978-1-84592-010-4Shah Vipool · Parekh SapanInward and Outward Investment: India and the UK
2008978-1-84592-017-3Tom SpeechleyAcquisition Finance
2005978-1-84592-020-3Robert Clark · Shane SmythIntellectual Property Law in Ireland
  ''978-1-84592-024-1Rachel Burnett · Paul KlingerDrafting and Negotiating Computer Contracts
  ''978-1-84592-027-2Robert Williams · Richard P. Layman · Dawn NicholsonUS/UK Private Wealth Tax Planning
  ''978-1-84592-031-9Bryan M E McMahon · William BinchyCasebook on the Irish Law of Torts
2009978-1-84592-041-8Kate Brearley · Selwyn BlochEmployment Covenants and Confidential Information: Law, Practice and Technique: Employment Law and HR Practice
2005978-1-84592-043-2Nigel Eastaway · Ian RicahrdsTax Advisers' Guide to Trusts
2007978-1-84592-050-0Caroline FennellLaw of Evidence: Irish Law - Evidence
2010978-1-84592-051-7John HardyThe Law and Practice of Extradition
2005978-1-84592-053-1Brian Langstaff · Andrew Buchan · William Latimer-Sayer · Rodney Nelson-JonesPersonal Injury Schedules: Calculating Damages
2005978-1-84592-057-9Tom GuthrieScottish Property Law
2012978-1-84592-065-4Madeleine ReidEquality Law in Ireland
2017978-1-84592-066-1K P E LasokLasok's European Court Practice and Procedure
2006978-1-84592-068-5M.F. Flint · Nicholas Fitzpatrick · Clive ThorneA User's Guide to Copyright
2007978-1-84592-072-2Ralph P. Ray · Andrew Hitchmough · Elizabeth WilsonPractical Inheritance Tax Planning
2005978-1-84592-082-1Andrew D. ChambersCorporate Governance Handbook
2006978-1-84592-093-7Mark Anderson · Victor WarnerA-Z Guide to Boilerplate and Commercial Clauses
2009978-1-84592-100-2William BinchyIrish Conflict of Laws
  ''978-1-84592-103-3Marcus StoneCross-Examination in Criminal Trials
2006978-1-84592-108-8Chris WhiteGibraltar: International Financial Centre
  ''978-1-84592-114-9Maurice O'CarrollPlanning Law Enforcement
2008978-1-84592-123-1Robert McCracken · Goronwy Jones · James PereiraStatutory Nuisance
2016978-1-84592-137-8Louise SmailWaste Regulation Law
2007978-1-84592-147-7Hector L. MacQueen · Joe ThomsonContract Law in Scotland
2010978-1-84592-152-1Andrew CubieScots Criminal Law
2009978-1-84592-153-8Andrew Steven · George GrettonProperty Trusts and Succession
2006978-1-84592-162-0Nicole Busby · Bryan Clark · Professor Roderick Paisley · Paul Spink · Tikus LittleScots Law: Student Guide
2009978-1-84592-165-1Margaret L. Ross · James ChalmersThe Law of Evidence in Scotland
2005978-1-84592-175-0Roger SelfPension Fund Trustee Handbook
2009978-1-84592-193-4Anthony DavisTaxation in Corporate Insolvency and Rescue: Specialist Taxation
2011978-1-84592-206-1Robert Watson · Louise WatsonBusiness Accounting for Solicitors
2009978-1-84592-217-7Gerard ForlinCorporate Liability: Work Related Deaths and Criminal Prosecutions
2011978-1-84592-231-3Peter Charleton · Paul A. McDermottCriminal Law
2008978-1-84592-234-4David Corker · David Young · Mark SummersAbuse of Process in Criminal Proceedings
2006978-1-84592-237-5Charles LewisClinical Negligence
2008978-1-84592-239-9Don Bawtree · Kate KirklandCharity Administration Handbook
  ''978-1-84592-241-2Sharon Cowan · A.C. HuntMason's Forensic Medicine for Lawyers
2009978-1-84592-244-3Martin TerrellA Practitioner's Guide to the Court of Protection
2006978-1-84592-248-1Natalie LeeRevenue Law: Principles and Practice
  ''978-1-84592-249-8Stuart Bazley · Andrew HaynesFinancial Services Authority Regulation and Risk-based Compliance
2007978-1-84592-258-0Andrew GoodallCapital Gains Tax Roll-over, Hold-over and Deferral Reliefs
2007978-1-84592-261-0Simon YoungLimited Liability Partnerships Handbook
2009978-1-84592-278-8Raymond Byrne · Paul McCutcheonByrne and McCutcheon on the Irish Legal System
2013978-1-84592-280-1Unknown UnknownShatter's Family Law
2006978-1-84592-284-9Michael FeeneyThe Taxation of Companies
  ''978-1-84592-286-3Joe ThomsonFamily Law in Scotland
2008978-1-84592-292-4J.Ross Harper · Peter Hamilton · Paul McGuiganA Fingertip Guide to Criminal Law
2007978-1-84592-293-1Lord WheatleyRoad Traffic Law in Scotland
  ''978-1-84592-294-8Hilary HiramThe Scots Law of Succession
  ''978-1-84592-298-6Ronan KeaneCompany Law
2011978-1-84592-300-6Justin McKennaBuying and Selling Private Companies in Ireland
2012978-1-84592-303-7David SouthernTaxation of Loan Relationships and Derivative Contracts
2006978-1-84592-305-1Murray FaircloughManaging Business Transfers: TUPE and Takeovers, Mergers and Outsourcing
  ''978-1-84592-309-9Michael WaterworthParker's Modern Wills Precedents
2006978-1-84592-310-5Susan Singleton · Richard LawsonCommercial Contracts: A Practical Guide to Standard Terms
2009978-1-84592-315-0Professor Charles DebattistaBills of Lading in Export Trade
2006978-1-84592-325-9Phil Berwick · Michael ReaderDealing with HMRC Business Tax Enquiries
  ''978-1-84592-327-3Angharad Miller · Lynne OatsPrinciples of International Taxation
2004978-1-84592-341-9Ned SheltonInterpretation and Application of Tax Treaties
2009978-1-84592-347-1Jack Raymond · Ali Malek · David QuestDocumentary Credits
2007978-1-84592-348-8Bruce Braithwaite · Greg HoweResearch and Development Tax Credits: Specialist Taxation
2006978-1-84592-355-6Miryana Nesic · Laurence BoulleMediation: Principles Process Practice: Principles, Process and Practice
  ''978-1-84592-358-7Angus McAllister · Raymond McMaster · Margaret L. Ross · James P. Chalmers LLB.Scottish Planning Law
  ''978-1-84592-359-4Hector L. MacQueenStudying Scots Law
2002978-1-84592-367-9Thomas B. Courtney · G. Brian HutchinsonLaw of Private Companies
2004978-1-84592-375-4Joe ThomsonDelictual Liability
2003978-1-84592-384-6Jean McFadden · Mark LazarowiczThe Scottish Parliament: An Introduction
  ''978-1-84592-386-0Ian Smith · Tim OwenAsset Recovery: Criminal Confiscation and Civil Recovery
2003978-1-84592-387-7Brian Spierin · Paula FallonThe Succession Act 1965 and Related Legislation: A Commentary
2002978-1-84592-396-9Philip CircusSales Promotion and Direct Marketing Law: A Practical Guide
1997978-1-84592-412-6Janet Fabb · Thomas G. GuthrieSocial Work Law in Scotland
2009978-1-84592-424-9Christopher JohnstonMedical Treatment: Decisions and the Law: Personal Injury and Medical Negligence
2007978-1-84592-425-6Robert BondSoftware Contracts: Special Report (inc CD ROM): Information Technology
2008978-1-84592-450-8David BainbridgeLegal Protection of Computer Software: Information Technology
2010978-1-84592-454-6Ian Smith · Nicholas RandellContract Actions in Employment Law: Practice and Precedents: Employment Law and HR Practice (2nd Edition)
2007978-1-84592-464-5Natalie LeeRevenue Law - Principles and Practice: General Taxation
2002978-1-84592-530-7Carolyn Hamilton · Alison PerryFamily Law in Europe
  ''978-1-84592-537-6Toby Graham · Taylor WessingInternational Guide to Money Laundering Law and Practice
2007978-1-84592-541-3David Di MambroManual of Civil Appeals
1998978-1-84592-558-1Laurie FransmanBritish Nationality Law
2000978-1-84592-636-6Gavin Smith · Timothy BishopEnforcing Financial Orders in Family Proceedings
  ''978-1-84592-686-1Sarah DeeksTax Practice Management
2007978-1-84592-778-3Robin White · Ian Douglas Willock · Robin M. WhiteScottish Legal System
1997978-1-84592-782-0J. C. W. WylieIrish Land Law
2007978-1-84592-784-4Mark Anderson · Victor WarnerDrafting and Negotiating Commercial Contracts
  ''978-1-84592-785-1Lynette OwenClark's Publishing Agreements: A Book of Precedents
  ''978-1-84592-786-8Simon MillsClinical Practice and the Law
2007978-1-84592-787-5Liz Heffernan · Edward J. Imwinkelried · Ray RyanEvidentiary Foundations
  ''978-1-84592-788-2P.J. Henehan · Aidan WalshGlobal Tax Risk Management: SPECIAL REPORT (Special Report (Tottel))
  ''978-1-84592-791-2John ThurstonEstate Planning for the Middle Income Client
1997978-1-84592-800-1Alan J ShatterFamily Law
  ''978-1-84592-806-3A.D.M. ForteScots Commercial Law
2007978-1-84592-810-0Yvonne LangAccounts and Auditing of Limited Liability Partnerships
2006978-1-84592-831-5Martin ScammellVAT on Construction, Land and Property
  ''978-1-84592-832-2Chris Whitehouse · Francis Barlow · David RothenbergTrust Drafting and Precedents
2006978-1-84592-835-3Anthony Travers · Simon Jennings · Joseph A. FieldPlanning and Administration of Offshore and Onshore Trusts
1991978-1-84592-836-0Michael O'Donnell · Fergal MacCabe · Ainsley HeffermanIrish Planning Law and Practice
2006978-1-84592-837-7Robert ClarkIrish Copyright and Design Law
  ''978-1-84592-838-4David J. Oliver · Arthur Anderson · John SnelgroveEstate Planning for UK Individuals Residing or Investing Abroad: v. 14
  ''978-1-84592-841-4Robert W. MaasAnti-Avoidance Provisions
  ''978-1-84592-842-1Mark Bridges · David Way · Society of Trust and Estate PractitionersInternational Succession Laws
  ''978-1-84592-843-8David Di MambroLaw of Limitation
2006978-1-84592-852-0Mark Cook · Gill Davies · Jane Foot · Mark Heath · Richard SmithEfficiency and Best Value Manual
1995978-1-84592-854-4Sarah LaingTax Planning for Buying and Selling Businesses
2006978-1-84592-856-8Sarah Deeks · Sarah LaingPersonal Tax Service
  ''978-1-84592-857-5Paul Gee · Stephen ButtFinancial Reporting for Smaller Companies
  ''978-1-84592-858-2Denis KeenanAccountant's Legal Service
  ''978-1-84592-860-5Dennis CampbellInternational Tax and Investment Service
  ''978-1-84592-871-1Martin BarnardConstruction Health and Safety