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year of pub­li­ca­ti­onISBNauthor(s)title
2004978-1-84588-000-2Thomas A WalkerSevern Tunnel, Its Construction and Difficulties 1872-1887 (Archive Photographs)
2005978-1-84588-002-6Robert S SurteesAsk Mamma: Or the Richest Commoner in England: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-004-0John GreenwoodThe Campaign in Afghanistan
  ''978-1-84588-005-7Philippe de SegurMemoirs of an Aide De Camp of Napoleon, 1800-1812
  ''978-1-84588-007-1P L SimmondsSir John Franklin and the Arctic Regions
  ''978-1-84588-010-1Boyd AlexanderJournal of William Beckford in Portugal and Spain, 1787-1788
2006978-1-84588-011-8Anthony HelpsLife and Labours of Thomas Brassey
2005978-1-84588-012-5Vincent EyreThe Military Operations at Cabul: The Retreat and Destruction of the British Army
2005978-1-84588-013-2John GalsworthyThe Apple Tree: Tales from Caravan: 1 (Nonsuch Classics)
  ''978-1-84588-018-7Edmund GosseFather & Son: Nonsuch Classics: A Study of Two Temperaments
  ''978-1-84588-021-7Philippe de SegurHistory of the Expedition to Russia 1812: Volume One: Pt. 1
  ''978-1-84588-022-4   ''History of the Expedition to Russia 1812: Volume Two
  ''978-1-84588-024-8W H HudsonIdle Days in Patagonia (Travellers, Explorers & Pioneers)
2005978-1-84588-025-5Hester Lynch PiozziIntimate Letters of Piozzi and Pennington
  ''978-1-84588-026-2HawksCommodore Perry and the Opening of Japan: Narrative of the Expedition of an American Squadron
  ''978-1-84588-027-9Dinah CraikJohn Halifax, Gentleman: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-030-9Samuel D BroughtonLetters from Portugal, Spain and France
2006978-1-84588-031-6Isambard Kingdom BrunelLife of Isambard Kingdom Brunel, Civil Engineer
2005978-1-84588-033-0AspinallLord Brougham and the Whig Party
2004978-1-84588-034-7AnonymousMemoirs of a Sergeant: The 43rd Light Infantry During the Peninsular War: The Forty-third Light Infantry During the Peninsular War
2005978-1-84588-035-4A T MahanMajor Operations of the Navies in the War of American Independence
  ''978-1-84588-036-1Edgar Allan PoeTales: Nonsuch Classics
2005978-1-84588-041-5William Dean HowellsThe Rise of Silas Lapham: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-043-9Catherine GoreSketches of English Character, Vol. 2
  ''978-1-84588-046-0Auguste GuinnardThree Year's Slavery Among the Patagonians (Travellers, Explorers & Pioneers)
  ''978-1-84588-047-7Anthony TrollopeSouth Africa: 1
2004978-1-84588-048-4Anthony TrollopeSouth Africa: 2
2005978-1-84588-049-1Thomas Chandler HaliburtonThe Attache: Or Sam Slick in England: Nonsuch Classics (Nonsuch Classics Series)
  ''978-1-84588-050-7Thomas Chandler HaliburtonThe Clockmaker: The Sayings and Doings of Samuel Slick: Nonsuch Classics (Nonsuch Classics Series)
2004978-1-84588-051-4Honore de BalzacThe Sign of the Cat and Racket: Nonsuch Classics: The Comedy of Human Life: 2
2005978-1-84588-052-1Honore de BalzacThe Seamy Side of History: The Comedy of Human Life Volume XXXII: Nonsuch Classics: v. 32
2005978-1-84588-054-5Richard JefferiesThe Open Air
2006978-1-84588-055-2James Fenimore CooperThe Spy: Nonsuch Classics
2005978-1-84588-056-9Barbara Hammond · J.L. HammondThe Village Labourer
  ''978-1-84588-057-6Captain Robert Falcon ScottThe Voyage of the Discovery: 1
  ''978-1-84588-059-0Julian CorbettThe Campaign of Trafalgar
  ''978-1-84588-060-6William BeckfordVathek: Nonsuch Classics (Nonsuch Classics Series)
2007978-1-84588-061-3Gareth WilliamsVillages of the White Horse
2005978-1-84588-069-9William BeckfordLife at Fonthill
  ''978-1-84588-072-9William ClarkeThree Courses and A Dessert: Nonsuch Classics
2005978-1-84588-073-6Ann RadcliffeThe Romance of the Forest: Nonsuch Classics
2006978-1-84588-074-3W H RussellThe Atlantic Telegraph
2005978-1-84588-077-4Ron MossHistoric Gloucester: An Illustrated Guide: An Illustrated Guide to the City and Its Buildings (Archive Photographs)
2006978-1-84588-080-4Kazimierz WaliszewskiIvan the Terrible
2005978-1-84588-082-8Marcus ClarkeFor the Term of His Natural Life: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-085-9Brian FothergillBeckford of Fonthill
  ''978-1-84588-086-6Mrs William Noy WilkinsThe Slave Son: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-093-4Bruce ChadwickGeorge Washington's War
2007978-1-84588-095-8Benjamin DisraeliLothair: Nonsuch Classics
2004978-1-84588-096-5Bill BevanAn Englishman in the Russian Ranks
2006978-1-84588-097-2Anthony TrollopeThe Vicar of Bullhampton: Nonsuch Classics
2005978-1-84588-102-3Peter HammondChiswick (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-105-4John GalsworthyA Long-Ago Affair: Tales from Caravan: v. 2 (Nonsuch Classics)
2005978-1-84588-107-8Ralph RimmerSouth Croydon, Selsdon and Sanderstead (Archive Photographs & Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-112-2Richard EssenEpsom & Ewell (Pocket Images)
2006978-1-84588-117-7John Surtees'Plain or Ringlets?': Nonsuch Classics
2005978-1-84588-136-8Howard Boch · Nick HarrisCanning Town (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-139-9W George ShortAround Cheadle (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-140-5Stephen PewseyChingford (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-157-3Mervyn MillerLetchworth Garden City (Pocket Images)
2005978-1-84588-159-7David LloydLudlow Pocket Images
2006978-1-84588-161-0William BeckfordDreams, Waking Thoughts and Incidents
2005978-1-84588-164-1Freda MillettOldham (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-167-2Ger McCarthyPadstow (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-173-3Pam GodmanRochdale (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-177-1Ken DanielsSaundersfoot & Tenby (Pocket Images)
2006978-1-84588-192-4Daniel DefoeMemoirs of a Cavalier: Nonsuch Classics: A Military Journal of the Wars in Germany and the Wars in England
2007978-1-84588-193-1Margaret OliphantPhoebe, Junior: Nonsuch Classics: A Last Chronicle of Carlingford
2003978-1-84588-194-8William DampierA Voyage to New Holland: The English Voyage of Discovery to the South Seas in 1699
2006978-1-84588-197-9Cuthbert BedeMr Verdant Green: Adventures of an Oxford Freshman: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-203-7Fanny TrollopeJessie Phillips: Nonsuch Classics
2007978-1-84588-204-4Captain Frederick MarryatMr Midshipman Easy: Nonsuch Classics
2006978-1-84588-205-1Captain Frederick MarryatThe Pirate & the Three Cutters: Nonsuch Classics
2006978-1-84588-206-8Captain Frederick MarryatThe Phantom Ship: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-208-2Joseph Sheridan Le FanuUncle Silas: A Tale of Bartram-Haugh: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-209-9Joseph Sheridan Le FanuThe House by the Churchyard: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-211-2Robert S SurteesHillingdon Hall: Or, The Cockney Squire: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-212-9   ''Mr Sponge's Sporting Tour (Nonsuch Classics)
2006978-1-84588-213-6Fanny TrollopeDomestic Manners Of The Americans: Nonsuch Classics
2007978-1-84588-214-3   ''The Life & Adventures of Michael Armstrong: The Factory Boy: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-215-0Benjamin DisraeliConingsby: Nonsuch Classics
2016978-1-84588-216-7Nicky RossiterWexford (Britain in Old Photographs)
2006978-1-84588-217-4Jerome K JeromeDiary of a Pilgrimage: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-219-8Anthony TrollopeBarchester Towers: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-220-4   ''Doctor Thorne
2006978-1-84588-221-1Anthony TrollopeFramley Parsonage: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-222-8   ''The Small House at Allington: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-223-5   ''The Last Chronicle of Barset: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-225-9Robert S SurteesMr Facey Romford's Hounds: Nonsuch Classics
2007978-1-84588-235-8Lewis CarrollSylvie & Bruno: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-236-5Charles DickensThe Uncommercial Traveller: Nonsuch Classics
2008978-1-84588-237-2George GissingCharles Dickens: A Critical Study (Nonsuch Classics)
2006978-1-84588-242-6NietzscheThus Spake Zarathustra: Nonsuch Classics
2006978-1-84588-250-1Peter TuffreyBawtry, Tickhill & Wadworth (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-265-5John BlandAround Coleshill (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-271-6Jean M FieldDroitwich (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-284-6Ben Chapman · Maeve ChapmanKingston upon Hull
2003978-1-84588-292-1J BarkerLong Eaton (Pocket Images)
2006978-1-84588-294-5Louanne Collins · Moira StevensonMacclesfield: The Silk Industry (Pocket Images)
2019978-1-84588-303-4Bernard MitchellOswestry (Pocket Images)
2006978-1-84588-307-2John GarlingtonPreston (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-313-3Bert StrarkeyRuncorn (Pocket Images)
2006978-1-84588-315-7Richard PercyScarborough In The 70s & 80s (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-322-5Stocksbridge & District History SocietyAround Stocksbridge (Pocket Images)
  ''978-1-84588-334-8Malcolm HallWidnes: The Second Selection
  ''978-1-84588-344-7Rictor NortonMother Clap's Molly House: The Gay Subculture in England 1700-1830
  ''978-1-84588-346-1WalterMy Secret Life: Early Years Pt. 1: The Sex Diaries of a Victorian Gentleman
2006978-1-84588-347-8WalterMy Secret Life: The Sex Diaries of a Victorian Gentleman: Adventures on My Aunt's Farm Pt. 2
  ''978-1-84588-350-8Bill Tidy · Paul G. BahnAncient Obscenities: Or Things You Shouldn't Know About Mankind: Or Things You Shouldn't Know About the History of Mankind
  ''978-1-84588-351-5Adam Hart-Davis · Emily TrosciankoTaking the Piss: A Potted History of Pee
2007978-1-84588-352-2Paul Felix · Katie JarvisThe Cotswolds
  ''978-1-84588-354-6Arnold BennettThe Matador of the Five Towns: Nonsuch Classics
2008978-1-84588-361-4W H MaxwellThe Bivouac, Or Stories of the Peninsular War (Nonsuch Classics)
2007978-1-84588-362-1JacobsCovent Garden: Its Romance and History
  ''978-1-84588-365-2Sarah ThomasSecret Diary of Sarah Thomas: Life in a Cotswold Town, 1860-1865
2007978-1-84588-373-7Fanny TrollopeWidow Barnaby: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-374-4VacheeNapoleon at Work
  ''978-1-84588-375-1Anthony TrollopeRalph the Heir: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-377-5Robert Falcon ScottThe Voyage of the Discovery: Volume Two: 2
  ''978-1-84588-379-9Captain Joseph MorrisThe German Air Raids on Great Britain 1914-1918
2007978-1-84588-380-5BroadleyNapoleon and the Invasion of England
  ''978-1-84588-383-6Arnold BennettThe Ghost: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-385-0Garry HoggCannibalism and Human Sacrifice
  ''978-1-84588-393-5Merthyr Tydfil LibrariesMerthyr Tydfil
1973978-1-84588-434-5Eva B BredsdorffWelshpool (Pocket Images)
1975978-1-84588-458-1Malcolm McCarthyAround Padstow (Pocket Images)
2003978-1-84588-468-0Patrick LoobeyBalham and Tooting (Pocket Images)
2010978-1-84588-500-7Pat WalshImages of Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown (Images of Ireland)
2007978-1-84588-505-2Tom BurnellThe Anglicized Words of Irish Placenames
2005978-1-84588-510-6Eoghan RiceWe Are Rovers: An Oral History of Shamrock Rovers FC: Voices of Irish Sport
1978978-1-84588-523-6Brian J. ShowersA Literary History of Gothic Dublin
2005978-1-84588-526-7Joe O'LoughlinVoices of Donegal Corridor
  ''978-1-84588-528-1Nicky RossiterWexford: A History, A Tour and a Miscellany
2005978-1-84588-534-2Katherine O'SheaParnell: The Uncrowned King of Ireland: His Love Story and Political Life
1980978-1-84588-540-3Jenny Webb · Anne DonaldsonBallincollig Royal Gunpowder Mills: A Hidden History
1975978-1-84588-545-8Augusta GregoryGods & Fighting Men
  ''978-1-84588-554-0Tom O'NiellThe Battle of Clonmult: The IRA's Worst Defeat
  ''978-1-84588-556-4Nicky RossiterMy Wexford
2007978-1-84588-557-1Kieran MacCarthyIn the Steps of St Finbarre: Voices and Memories of the Lee Valley
1976978-1-84588-571-7Kerstin Mierke · Brigett RowlandWould You Like to Be Buried with My People?: Irish Wedding Traditions
1977978-1-84588-573-1Jennifer FausBefore Sunday: The Life Stories of the Bloody Sunday Victims
1978978-1-84588-574-8Nicholas LeachLifeboats of Rosslare & Wexford
1977978-1-84588-575-5Sabine Baring-GouldThe Book of Werewolves
1976978-1-84588-577-9Michael MullenThe Road Taken: A Guide to the Roads and Scenery of Mayo
2007978-1-84588-582-3Ryan BrendanTheatre in Galway Since 1975: Theatre of Dreams or Graveyard of Ambition?
  ''978-1-84588-586-1Dan WalshIt Happened in Wexford
2008978-1-84588-587-8Leo Coy · John BoyceRosslare Harbour (Images of Ireland)
2007978-1-84588-589-2BakerHaunted Belfast
  ''978-1-84588-593-9Liam ClareBray and Enniskerry Railway: And Other Abortive Enterprices
2010978-1-84588-602-8A. BarbeauLife & Letters at Bath in the Eighteenth Century
2008978-1-84588-603-5H G Hawker · K Mackenzie GroveOur Atlantic Attempt
2007978-1-84588-604-2WashingtonThe Story of the Negro
2008978-1-84588-608-0William BeckfordModern Novel Writing: Or The Elegant Enthusiast
2008978-1-84588-609-7Adam Hart-DavisThunder, Flush and Thomas Crapper: An Encycloopedia: An Encyclopoodia
  ''978-1-84588-619-6Harry PeckhamHarry Peckham's Tour
  ''978-1-84588-624-0H Rider HaggardThe People of the Mist: Nonsuch Classics
  ''978-1-84588-628-8Maurice LeonardKathleen: The Life of Kathleen Ferrier 1912-1953
  ''978-1-84588-637-0Maurice LeonardPeople from the Other Side: A History of Spiritualism
2008978-1-84588-638-7Jeanne Louise Henriette CampanThe Private Life of Marie Antoinette
2011978-1-84588-698-1Jane StanfordThat Irishman: The Life And Times Of John O'connor Power
  ''978-1-84588-699-8Michael SeeryEnniskerry: A History
  ''978-1-84588-707-0Richard RobinsonValentia Lifeboats: A History
  ''978-1-84588-718-6Stephen KellyThe FCA: An Illustrated History
2012978-1-84588-727-8Robert WiddersThe Emperor's Irish Slaves: Prisoners Of The Japanese During The Second World War
  ''978-1-84588-730-8Gillian McDadeThe Standing Man
2013978-1-84588-758-2Steve LallyDown Folk Tales (Folk Tales (Folk Tales: United Kingdom)
2013978-1-84588-759-9Susie MintoLeitrim Folk Tales (Folk Tales: Ireland)
  ''978-1-84588-761-2Ruth MarshallClare Folk Tales (Folk Tales: Ireland)
978-1-84588-765-0A 1950s Irish Childhood
2013978-1-84588-769-8Beatrice M. DoranDonnybrook
  ''978-1-84588-774-2Derek StanleyNorth Dublin (Ireland in Old Photographs)
  ''978-1-84588-780-3Nicky RossiterThe Little Book of Wexford
  ''978-1-84588-785-8Brendan NolanWicklow Folk Tales (Folk Tales (Folk Tales (Paperback))
2014978-1-84588-792-6WalshKnowing Their Place
2013978-1-84588-793-3Sharon SlaterThe Little Book of Limerick
2015978-1-84588-865-7Philip LecaneBeneath a Turkish Sky: The Royal Dublin Fusiliers And The Assault On Gallipoli
2018978-1-84588-894-7Tony Farmar · Conor KostickThe History of Irish Book Publishing
2016978-1-84588-908-1History PressThe Ireland Colouring Book: Past and Present (Colouring Books)
2008978-1-84588-912-8Patrick FergusonTroubled Waters: Shipwreck and Heartache on the Irish Sea
2007978-1-84588-913-5TempletonSouth Belfast: Images of Ireland
2007978-1-84588-914-2HainesEast Belfast: Images of Ireland
  ''978-1-84588-915-9WeirNorth Belfast (Images of Ireland)
2008978-1-84588-920-3Kieran MacCarthyRepublican Cobh: 1913-2006
  ''978-1-84588-926-5Captain Donal BuckleyThe Battle of Tourmakeady: Fact or Fiction: A Study of the IRA Ambush and its Aftermath
  ''978-1-84588-929-6Norman WeatherallSouth Belfast: History & Guide: History and Guide (History & Guide (History Press))
  ''978-1-84588-932-6WalshHaunted Dublin
2008978-1-84588-942-5Pat NolanSea Change: The Rise of the BIM 50-footer and Its Impact on Coastal Ireland
2009978-1-84588-946-3Barry FlynnPolitical Football: The Life and Death of Belfast Celtic
2017978-1-84588-947-0Rory O'DwyerThe Bastille of Ireland: Kilmainham Gaol - From Ruin to Restoration
2010978-1-84588-959-3Nicky RossiterThe Streets of Wexford
  ''978-1-84588-971-5Lucy Costigan · Michael CullenStrangest Genius: The Stained Glass of Harry Clarke
  ''978-1-84588-977-7Kelli Ann MaloneDiscovering Ancient Ireland
  ''978-1-84588-982-1Michael LaubscherWho is Roger Casement?
  ''978-1-84588-984-5Henry JefferiesNew History of Cork
2010978-1-84588-989-0Adrian HendroffFrom High Places: A Journey through Ireland's Great Mountains
  ''978-1-84588-990-6Pat NolanFollowing the Shoals: Cornerstones of Modern Irish Fishing