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2014978-1-84550-013-9C. H. SpurgeonMorning And Evening - Matt Black (Daily Readings)
  ''978-1-84550-014-6C. H. SpurgeonMorning And Evening - Matt Burgundy (Daily Readings)
2015978-1-84550-016-0David Short · David SearlePastoral Visitation: A Pocket Manual
2009978-1-84550-026-9Noel DueCreated for Worship: From Genesis to Revelation to You
2008978-1-84550-027-6Erik ThoennesGodly Jealousy: A Theology of Intolerant Love
2005978-1-84550-028-3Gaius DaviesStress: Sources and Solutions
2012978-1-84550-030-6Joseph A. Pipa Jr.The Westminster Confession of Faith Study Book: A Study Guide for Churches
2015978-1-84550-035-1Irene HowatTen Boys Who Didn't Give in: Inspiring stories of martyrs (Lightkeepers)
2014978-1-84550-036-8Irene HowatTen Girls Who Didn't Give in: Inspiring stories of martyrs (Lightkeepers)
2007978-1-84550-043-6Greg ScharfPrepared to Preach: God's Work and Ours in Proclaiming His Word (Christian Focus)
2005978-1-84550-045-0Robert L. ReymondContending for the Faith: Lines in the sand that strengthen the Church
  ''978-1-84550-046-7John Benton · Ann BentonDon't they make a Lovely Couple?: Six important questions you need to face about your marriage
  ''978-1-84550-048-1Baker / FreemanThe Love of God in the Classroom: The story of new Christian Schools
2013978-1-84550-049-8Robert Duncan CulverSystematic Theology: Biblical and Historical
2005978-1-84550-055-9VariousThe Worship of God: Reformed Concepts of Biblical Worship
2012978-1-84550-056-6T. F. TorranceMystery of the Lord's Supper: Sermons by Robert Bruce
2007978-1-84550-057-3David JackmanSpirit of Truth: Unlocking the Bible's Teaching on the Holy Spirit (Proclamation Trust)
2012978-1-84550-058-0Helen RoseveareDigging Ditches: The Latest Chapter of an Inspirational Life (Biography)
  ''978-1-84550-059-7John A. KitchenProverbs: A Mentor Commentary
2005978-1-84550-061-0T M MooreGod's Prayer Program: Passionately Using the Psalms in Prayer
2005978-1-84550-063-4John PollockGordon of Khartoum: An Extraordinary Soldier (History Maker)
2006978-1-84550-065-8Donna VannWild West Adventures (Adventure Series)
2005978-1-84550-068-9Jim CromartyGreat Barrier Reef Adventures (Adventure Series)
2014978-1-84550-070-2C. H. SpurgeonChequebook of the Bank of Faith – Tan/Green (Daily Readings)
  ''978-1-84550-071-9   ''Chequebook of the Bank of Faith Tan/Burg
2009978-1-84550-073-3Tom J. NettlesThe Baptists: Beginnings in America - Vol 2: v. 2 (Baptists: Key People Involved in Forming a Baptist Identity)
2014978-1-84550-074-0Richard P. Belcher Jr.The Messiah and the Psalms: Preaching Christ from all the Psalms
2005978-1-84550-080-1Penny ReeveHimalayan Adventures (Adventure Series)
2014978-1-84550-082-5Mindy Withrow · Brandon WithrowPeril and Peace: Chronicles of the Ancient Church (History Lives)
2005978-1-84550-083-2   ''Monks and Mystics: Volume 2: Chronicles of the Medieval Church (History Lives)
2015978-1-84550-085-6Carine MacKenzieFamous Bible Stories Naaman the Soldier (Board Books Famous Bible Stories)
  ''978-1-84550-086-3Carine MacKenzieFamous Bible Stories Ruth's Journey (Board Books Famous Bible Stories)
  ''978-1-84550-088-7   ''Famous Bible Stories Samuel's Surprise (Board Books Famous Bible Stories)
2005978-1-84550-094-8R.C. SproulWalk With God: An Exposition of Luke's Gospel
2012978-1-84550-095-5Catherine MacKenzieBilly Graham: Just get up out of your Seat (Trail Blazers)
2011978-1-84550-096-2Dale Ralph Davis2 Kings: The Power and the Fury (Focus on the Bible)
2013978-1-84550-102-0John BunyanPilgrim's Progress
2005978-1-84550-106-8William Chad NewsomTalking of Dragons: The children's books of J. R. R. Tolkien and C. S. Lewis
2011978-1-84550-108-2Catherine MackenzieAmy Carmichael: Can Brown Eyes be Made Blue? The true story of Amy Carmichael and her looking glass (Little Lights)
  ''978-1-84550-109-9Catherine MacKenzieCorrie Ten Boom: Are all of the watches safe? (Little Lights)
2012978-1-84550-110-5Catherine MackenzieGeorge Müller: Does Money Grow on Trees? The True Story of George Müller and the Hidden Coins (Little Lights)
2012978-1-84550-111-2Catherine MacKenzieHudson Taylor: Could somebody pass the salt? (Little Lights)
2006978-1-84550-118-1Paul WellsCross Words: The Biblical Doctrine of the Atonement
  ''978-1-84550-119-8Patrick SookhdeoA Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam
2015978-1-84550-120-4Roger SteerGeorge Müller: Delighted in God (History Maker)
2012978-1-84550-124-2Alex Chediak · Marni ChediakWith One Voice: Singleness, dating and marriage - to the glory of God
2014978-1-84550-126-6Lorna EglinA Boy of Two Worlds (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2013978-1-84550-134-1Myrna GrantIvan and the Informer (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2012978-1-84550-137-2Dale Ralph DavisJoshua: No Falling Words (Focus on the Bible)
2015978-1-84550-138-9   ''Judges: Such a Great Salvation (Focus on the Bible)
2012978-1-84550-142-6Bob FyallTeaching Amos: From text to message (Proclamation Trust)
  ''978-1-84550-146-4Irene HowatTen Boys Who Used Their Talents (Lightkeepers)
2014978-1-84550-147-1Irene HowatTen Girls Who Used Their Talents (Lightkeepers)
2006978-1-84550-155-6Christian GeorgeCharles Spurgeon: Prince of Preachers (Trailblazers)
2013978-1-84550-163-1Carine MacKenzieHannah: The Mother who Prayed (Bible Time)
  ''978-1-84550-164-8   ''John: The Baptist (Bible Time)
  ''978-1-84550-165-5   ''Jonah: The Runaway Preacher (Bible Time)
2012978-1-84550-166-2   ''Joshua: The Brave Leader (Bible Time)
2014978-1-84550-167-9   ''Martha & Mary: Friends of Jesus (Bible Time)
2012978-1-84550-168-6Carine MacKenzieMary: Mother of Jesus (Bible Time)
2014978-1-84550-171-6   ''Peter: The Fisherman (Bible Time)
2012978-1-84550-172-3   ''Rebekah: The Mother of Twins (Bible Time)
  ''978-1-84550-173-0   ''Ruth: The Harvest Girl (Bible Time)
2014978-1-84550-174-7   ''Simon Peter: The Disciple (Bible Time)
2006978-1-84550-175-4Brian MorleyGod In The Shadows: Evil In God's World
2012978-1-84550-177-8John PollockThe Cambridge Seven: The True Story of Ordinary Men Used in no Ordinary way (History Maker)
2006978-1-84550-180-8Eric LanePsalms 1-89: The Lord Saves (Focus on the Bible)
2014978-1-84550-183-9C. H. SpurgeonMorning and Evening - Matt Tan/Blue (Daily Readings)
2012978-1-84550-189-1Helen RoseveareGive Me This Mountain
2006978-1-84550-190-7Helen RoseveareHe Gave Us A Valley
  ''978-1-84550-191-4Richard Bewes OBETop 100 Questions Remix: Spiritual Answers to Real Questions
2012978-1-84550-192-1Dale Ralph DavisThe Word Became Fresh: How to Preach from Old Testament Narrative Texts
2008978-1-84550-195-2Carine MacKenzieEsther: The Brave Queen (Bible Time)
2014978-1-84550-196-9   ''Gideon: Soldier of God (Bible Time)
2012978-1-84550-209-6John OwenCommunion With God: Fellowship with the Father, Son and Holy Spirit
2007978-1-84550-211-9Tom J. NettlesThe Baptists: The Modern Era - Vol 3: v. 3 (Baptists: Key People Involved in Forming a Baptist Identity)
2006978-1-84550-212-6John CurridCalvin and the Biblical Languages
2009978-1-84550-222-5Brandon Withrow · Mindy WithrowCourage and Conviction: Chronicles of the Reformation Church (History Lives series)
2007978-1-84550-226-3Dale Ralph DavisThe House That Jesus Built: A Welcome To Christianity
  ''978-1-84550-229-4J. V. FeskoLast Things First: Unlocking Genesis with the Christ of Eschatology
2015978-1-84550-230-0Robert I. VasholzBenedictions: A Pocket Resource
2013978-1-84550-232-4Jean WatsonThe Family Pilgrim's Progress: Adapted from John Bunyan's Classic
  ''978-1-84550-233-1John BunyanPilgrim's Progress 2: Christiana's Story
2007978-1-84550-246-1K. Scott OliphintJustified in Christ: God's Plan for us in Justification
2010978-1-84550-247-8Robert LethamThrough Western Eyes: Eastern Orthodoxy: A Reformed Perspective
2008978-1-84550-251-5Dale Ralph Davis1 Kings: The Wisdom And the Folly (Focus on the Bible)
  ''978-1-84550-253-9Robert ShawThe Reformed Faith: An Exposition of the Westminster Confession of Faith
2007978-1-84550-254-6Josh McDowell · Paul LewisGivers, Takers And Other Kinds of Lovers
2014978-1-84550-255-3David CookTeaching Acts: Unlocking the book of Acts for the Bible Teacher (Proclamation Trust)
2008978-1-84550-256-0James J Scott Jr.New Testament Theology: A New Study of the Thematic Structure of the New Testament
2008978-1-84550-259-1Irene HowatHelen Roseveare: On His Majesty's Service (Trail Blazers)
2007978-1-84550-261-4David RobertsonThe Dawkins Letters: Challenging Atheist Myths
2008978-1-84550-262-1Carine MacKenzieMy First Book of Christian Values (My First Books)
2007978-1-84550-264-5Paul GardnerEphesians: Encouragement and Joy in Christ (Focus on the Bible)
  ''978-1-84550-267-6Eric LaneProverbs: Everyday Wisdom for Everyone (Focus on the Bible)
2014978-1-84550-269-0Paul BarnettRomans: Revelation of God’s Righteousness (Focus on the Bible)
2013978-1-84550-270-6Dale Ralph Davis2 Samuel: Out of Every Adversity (Focus on the Bible)
2010978-1-84550-275-1Timothy A. Sisemore · Ruth SisemoreWorld-proof Your Kids: Raising Children Unstained by the World
2007978-1-84550-281-2Catherine MacKenzieScottish Highland Adventures (Adventure Series)
  ''978-1-84550-282-9Bartha HillKiwi Adventures (Adventure Series)
2009978-1-84550-284-3Martin DownesRisking the Truth: Handling Error in the Church
2007978-1-84550-287-4David Calhoun · F B MeyerDaily Prayers (Daily Readings)
  ''978-1-84550-288-1Brandon Withrow · Mindy WithrowHearts and Hands: Volume 4: Chronicles of the Awakening Church (History Lives)
  ''978-1-84550-289-8Carine MacKenzieJonathan: The Faithful Friend (Bible Wise)
2010978-1-84550-292-8Terry L. JohnsonThe Parables of Jesus: Entering, Growing, Living and Finishing in God's Kingdom
2007978-1-84550-294-2Helen RoseveareLiving Sacrifice: Willing to be Whittled as an Arrow
2007978-1-84550-295-9Helen RoseveareLiving Faith: Willing to be Stirred as a Pot of Paint
2015978-1-84550-296-6Paul WhiteJungle Doctor And the Whirlwind (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
  ''978-1-84550-297-3Paul WhiteJungle Doctor on the Hop
2011978-1-84550-298-0   ''Jungle Doctor in Slippery Places (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
  ''978-1-84550-299-7   ''Jungle Doctor's Crooked Dealings (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
  ''978-1-84550-300-0   ''Jungle Doctor's Enemies (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2008978-1-84550-301-7Paul WhiteJungle Doctor Spots a Leopard (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2007978-1-84550-302-4Ann BentonIf It's Not Too Much Trouble
  ''978-1-84550-310-9Timothy K. BeougherRichard Baxter And Conversion
2015978-1-84550-312-3Dale Ralph DavisThe House that Jesus Built: A Welcome to the Church
2008978-1-84550-317-8Carl R. TruemanMinority Report: Unpopular Thoughts on Everything from Ancient Christianity to Zen Calvinism (Sent to Save)
2016978-1-84550-319-2Irene HowatLightkeepers Girls Box Set: Ten Girls: Girls Complete Box Set
2008978-1-84550-338-3Robert I. VasholzCalls to Worship: A Pocket Resource
  ''978-1-84550-339-0Carine MacKenzieLittle Hands Life of Jesus
  ''978-1-84550-346-8John PollockA Fistful of Heroes: Christians at the forefront of Change (History Maker)
2014978-1-84550-347-5Angus MacLeayTeaching 1 Peter: Unlocking the book of 1 Peter for the Bible Teacher (Proclamation Trust)
2008978-1-84550-350-5Timothy A. SisemoreOur Covenant With Kids: Biblical Nurture in Home and Church
  ''978-1-84550-351-2Helen RoseveareLiving Fellowship: Willing to be the Third Side of the Triangle
2008978-1-84550-352-9Helen RoseveareLiving Holiness: Willing to be the Legs of a Galloping Horse
2010978-1-84550-358-1Ligon Duncan · J Nicholas ReidFear Not!: Death and the Afterlife from a Christian Perspective
2011978-1-84550-360-4Christopher AshBible Delight: Heartbeat of the Word of God: Psalm 119 for the Bible Teacher and Hearer (Proclamation Trust)
2013978-1-84550-361-1St. St. Helen"sRead Mark Learn: John: A Small Group Bible Study
  ''978-1-84550-362-8St. Helen's BishopsgateRead Mark Learn: Romans: A Small Group Bible Study
2008978-1-84550-366-6James Montgomery BoiceThe King has Come: The Real Message of Christmas
2014978-1-84550-367-3Jim CromartyIt Is Not Death to Die: A New Biography of Hudson Taylor
2011978-1-84550-368-0Liam GoligherJoseph: The Hidden Hand of God
2012978-1-84550-371-0Sinclair B. FergusonBig Book of Bible Truths 1
2008978-1-84550-372-7Sinclair B. FergusonBig Book of Bible Truths 2
  ''978-1-84550-375-8Martyn Lloyd-JonesFaith on Trial: Psalm 73
2015978-1-84550-378-9Steve Levy · Paul BlackhamBible Overview
2013978-1-84550-381-9Carine MacKenzieMoses: Man of God (Bible Time)
2014978-1-84550-382-6   ''Paul: The Wise Preacher (Bible Time)
2012978-1-84550-383-3Catherine MacKenzieHelen Roseveare: What's in the parcel? (Little Lights)
  ''978-1-84550-384-0   ''David Livingstone: Who is the bravest? (Little Lights)
2008978-1-84550-386-4Douglas F. KellySystematic Theology (Volume 1): Grounded in Holy Scripture and understood in light of the Church: v. 1 (Systematic Theology (Mentor))
  ''978-1-84550-387-1Eric RussellJ.C. Ryle: That Man of Granite with the Heart of a Child (History Maker)
2011978-1-84550-388-8Paul WhiteJungle Doctor's Africa (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2008978-1-84550-389-5   ''Jungle Doctor Pulls a Leg (Jungle Doctor)
2008978-1-84550-390-1Paul WhiteJungle Doctor Stings a Scorpion (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2011978-1-84550-391-8   ''Jungle Doctor on Safari (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2011978-1-84550-392-5Paul WhiteJungle Doctor Meets a Lion (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2013978-1-84550-394-9John BunyanThe Holy War
2014978-1-84550-395-6Patricia St. JohnTwice Freed (Freestyle Fiction 12+)
2008978-1-84550-406-9C. H. SpurgeonMorning and Evening - Grey (Daily Readings)
2009978-1-84550-421-2John PiperFinally Alive
2014978-1-84550-422-9R. T. KendallA Man After God's Own Heart: God's relationship with David and with you
  ''978-1-84550-433-5Mindy Withrow · Brandon WithrowRescue and Redeem: Volume 5: Chronicles of the Modern Church (History Lives)
2009978-1-84550-435-9Carine MacKenzieLittle Hands Story Bible
  ''978-1-84550-439-7Martyn Lloyd-JonesThe Plight of Man And the Power of God: Romans 1
  ''978-1-84550-453-3James PatonJohn G. Paton: Missionary to the New Hebrides (History Maker)
  ''978-1-84550-454-0John PollockGeorge Whitefield: The Evangelist (History Maker)
2014978-1-84550-455-7Christopher AshTeaching Romans: Volume 1: Unlocking Romans 1-8 for the Bible Teacher (Proclamation Trust)
2015978-1-84550-456-4   ''Teaching Romans: Volume 2: Unlocking Romans 9-16 for the Bible Teacher (Proclamation Trust)
2014978-1-84550-463-2Carine MacKenzieMy First Book About Jesus (My First Books)
2009978-1-84550-464-9Christopher AshThe Priority of Preaching (Proclamation Trust)
2012978-1-84550-465-6Richard BewesThe Goodnight Book (Daily Readings)
2010978-1-84550-467-0Brian Rosner · Andrew CameronThe Trials of Theology: Becoming a ‘proven worker’ in a dangerous business
2009978-1-84550-469-4Hugh MartinThe Abiding Presence
2009978-1-84550-474-8Donna VannCambodian Adventures (Adventure Series)
2015978-1-84550-479-3Edward FisherThe Marrow of Modern Divinity
2014978-1-84550-481-6R. C. SproulThe Mystery of the Holy Spirit
2009978-1-84550-499-1Paul WhiteJungle Doctor Looks for Trouble (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
  ''978-1-84550-500-4   ''Jungle Doctor Operates (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2010978-1-84550-501-1   ''Jungle Doctor Sees Red (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
  ''978-1-84550-502-8   ''Jungle Doctor's Case Book (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2014978-1-84550-506-6Alec MotyerRoots: Let the Old Testament Speak
2010978-1-84550-509-7Matthew Henry · Randall J. PedersonDaily Readings - Matthew Henry
2014978-1-84550-511-0Don CormackKilling Fields Living Fields: Faith in Cambodia (Biography)
2009978-1-84550-516-5Paul WhiteJungle Doctor to the Rescue (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2009978-1-84550-517-2Paul WhiteJungle Doctor Attacks Witchcraft (Flamingo Fiction 9-13s)
2010978-1-84550-544-8John BunyanThe Intercession of Christ: Christ, A Complete Saviour
  ''978-1-84550-546-2Donna VannNew York City Adventures
  ''978-1-84550-558-5Joseph A. Pipa Jr.Galatians: God's Proclamation of Liberty (Focus on the Bible)
2013978-1-84550-561-5Catherine MacKenzieMartin Luther: What should I do? (Little Lights)
2015978-1-84550-564-6Betty SwinfordMissionary Stories From Around the World (Biography)
2014978-1-84550-565-3David JackmanTeaching Isaiah: Unlocking Isaiah for the Bible Teacher (Proclamation Trust)
2010978-1-84550-570-7Carine MacKenzieMy First Book About the Church (My First Books)
2013978-1-84550-572-1Patrick SookhdeoA Christian's Pocket Guide to Islam: Revised Edition
2015978-1-84550-575-2Orlando SaerIron Sharpens Iron: Leading Bible-Oriented Small Groups that Thrive
  ''978-1-84550-577-6D. A. CarsonFrom the Resurrection to His Return: Living Faithfully in the Last Days
  ''978-1-84550-579-0F. B. MeyerOur Daily Walk: Daily Readings
2010978-1-84550-580-6George Whitefield · Randall J. PedersonDaily Readings - George Whitefield
2010978-1-84550-581-3Dale Ralph DavisThe Way of the Righteous in the Muck of Life: Psalms 1-12
  ''978-1-84550-586-8David McIntyreThe Hidden Life of Prayer: The life-blood of the Christian
2014978-1-84550-590-5John KeddieEric Liddell: Finish the Race (Trail Blazers)
2013978-1-84550-597-4David RobertsonThe Dawkins Letters: Revised Edition - Challenging Atheist Myths
2010978-1-84550-599-8John OwenThe Priesthood of Christ: Its Necessity and Nature
2011978-1-84550-600-1Michael LefebvreSinging the Songs of Jesus: Revisiting the Psalms
2010978-1-84550-601-8Philip S. RossFrom the Finger of God: The Biblical and Theological Basis for the Threefold Division of the Law
  ''978-1-84550-606-3David W. HeggThe Obedience Option: Because God knows what's good for us
2014978-1-84550-608-7Paul WhiteJungle Doctor's Fables (Jungle Doctor Animal Stories)
2010978-1-84550-613-1   ''Jungle Doctor Meets Mongoose: 6 (Jungle Doctor Animal Stories)
  ''978-1-84550-619-3David W. HeggAppointed to Preach: Assessing a Call to Ministry
2011978-1-84550-632-2John WoodhouseColossians & Philemon: So Walk In Him (Focus on the Bible)
  ''978-1-84550-636-0Graham BeynonPlanting for the Gospel: A hands-on guide to church planting
2012978-1-84550-641-4Robert PlantTitanic: The Ship of Dreams (Torchbearers)
2015978-1-84550-658-2Catherine MacKenzieGod Made Weather (Board Books God Made)
2015978-1-84550-659-9Catherine MacKenzieGod Made Food (Board Books God Made)
2011978-1-84550-682-7R. C. SproulUnseen Realities: Heaven, Hell, Angels and Demons
  ''978-1-84550-701-5Carl R. TruemanReformation: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow
2015978-1-84550-725-1Christopher AshHearing the Spirit: Knowing the Father through the Son. (Proclamation Trust)
2011978-1-84550-727-5T. J. BettsAmos: An Ordinary Man with an Extraordinary Message (Focus on the Bible)
2015978-1-84550-751-0Helen RoseveareEnough
2011978-1-84550-754-1Martyn Lloyd-JonesMagnify the Lord: Luke 1:46-55
2012978-1-84550-775-6Melissa B. KrugerThe Envy of Eve: Finding Contentment in a Covetous World (Focus for Women)
2014978-1-84550-782-4Carrie SandomDifferent By Design: God's blueprint for men and women
2012978-1-84550-783-1Allan HarmanMatthew Henry: His Life and Influence (Biography)
  ''978-1-84550-790-9Catherine MacKenzieEric Liddell: Are you ready? (Little Lights)
  ''978-1-84550-808-1Angus MacLeayTeaching 1 Timothy: From text to message (Proclamation Trust)
  ''978-1-84550-811-1Jean StapletonGod's Special Tent: The Story of the Tabernacle and What Came After (Activity)
2012978-1-84550-923-1Thabiti AnyabwileThe Life of God in the Soul of the Church: The Root and Fruit of Spiritual Fellowship

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